Ron Paul on Gary Johnson: He Certainly Has A Lot Of Libertarian Views


CHANTILLY, VA – Ron Paul doesn't plan to endorse anyone for president.

"I like people to make up their own minds," said Paul in a very short interview with Reason after speaking at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly, Virginia.

When asked if he planned on voting for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney he said he wasn't sure who he plans to vote for this fall. Paul struck a conciliatory tone when asked if Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson was an acceptable choice for his fans.

"Might be, I tell people to look at his record and he certainly has a lot of libertarian views. They should make up their own mind," he said.

Paul is still unhappy with what happened at the Republican National Convention but he wasn't surprised

"Politcs as usual," he said.

"I think that we weren't treated fairly. The Republican Party doesn't look real good and they alienated a lot (of people) and they were trying to win over some of our voters," he said

Paul was disappointed that his delegates were "messed around with" by the Republican establishment. "We should have had more delegates," he said.

Still, he sees a bright future for his libertarian movement.

"It was a lot better than the way I was treated four years ago, so we're making inroads. We did get some respect," he laughed.