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Google Defies White House on Controversial Video

And soon we'll be wondering over the Anti-Search Engine Act of 2012 ...


Google said on Friday that it would not comply with a White House request to reconsider the anti-Islam video that has set off violent protests in the Arab world in light of its rules banning hate speech on YouTube, which it owns.

Google said it had already determined that the video did not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech, because it was against the Muslim religion but not Muslim people.

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  1. I was puzzled by this video. It’s SOOO awful. I had been hoping for some kind of serious documentary but this film is so bad it almost spoofs itself. If someone were looking for something critical of Islam on YouTube there are way better candidates. This make the american film industry look bad! I think we should be more offended by it than the Muslims. They should be laughing at it. The film industry is something Americans used to be good at. This film is awful.

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