Hecklers at Values Voters Summit Angry about Campaign Finance, Not Gay Marriage


So, what are lefty protesters angry about at the largest annual gathering of social conservatives?

Is it the Republican Party's hostility to marriage equality? No.

What about the GOP's efforts to limit access to abortion in the event of rape or incest? Nope.

Maybe the party's insistence that religious freedom is under attack? Nah.

Lefty protesters at the Values Voters Summit today protested corporate money in politics.

Demonstrators from Take the Money Out of Politics and Act Up Philadelphia interrupted vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan's late morning speech at the social conservative confab with shouts of "Get money out of politics!" and "Corporations aren't people!" They were quickly shouted down with the now standard chant of "U-S-A!" while being escorted out of the hall by security and Secret Service officers.

Protesters handed out a press release that said that want the Romney-Ryan ticket to throw their support behind a constitutional amendment that would declare "corporations are not people and money is not free speech."

Here's a video of the aftermath: