A.M. Links: Cairo Clashes Continue, Nigerian ex-President Blames Local Insurgency on Qaddafi Ouster, U.S. General in Afghanistan Denies Shilling for President Obama

News from Colorado to Cairo


  • trying to stay warm for the coming arab winter?

    The Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, urged Egyptians to protect the U.S. embassy in Cairo, calling it an Islamic duty to protect guests. Nevertheless clashes outside the embassy continue and U.S. embassies around the world are on high alert.

  • Russia says "I told you so" about the West's 2011 intervention in Libya, pointing out that you can't be surprised by lawlessness when you assist insurgents in extra judicially killing the authoritarian leaders of their country, while a former Nigerian president says the ouster of Col. Qaddafi fueled the Boko Haram insurgency there because his death caused a flood of extremists and weapons across North and West Africa.
  • On the campaign trail President Obama vows to get the killers of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. Meanwhile Libya says it arrested four men on charges of inciting the violence they say led to the assassination.
  • Lt. General William Caldwell denied to Congress he was a shill for President Obama amid allegations he delayed an investigation into "Auschwitz-like" conditions at Dawood National Hospital.
  • Minnesota's former governor, the wrestler Jesse Ventura, endorsed Gary Johnson for president. No word if he told the Libertarian presidential candidate to "win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."
  • The French magazine Closer published topless photo's of Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife.

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  1. US was warned 48 hrs in advance of Benghazi attacks; did not inform diplomats or their security details.


    In the meantime, a Marine Corps Fast Antiterrorisn Reaction Team has already arrived in the country from a base in Spain and other personnel are believed to be on their way


    Plus, Marine Corps FART?

    1. If true, holy shit. Obama came back pretty fast with the denial.

    2. Lots of sources saying the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt forbade the embassy Marines from carrying live ammo. The Pentagon trying to deny it.

      1. Think those rumors are not correct

        1. I bet they are true. Been in similar ludicrous situations myself.


        2. I have no idea whether they are true in this instant, but in general the military keeps a tight leash on live ammunition.

          For example, a bus full of Soldiers in Kuwait gets all of one magazine of ammunition…for the entire bus.

          1. That’s one more than… I can’t post it, but damn I’ve seen some stupid shit.

          2. Yeah, I remember being on the bus there – they would get some Air Force guy all hyped up because he was actually give a mag and was in a desert country!!!! Heh heh. I used to peek out the blackout curtains, shame on me.

            1. I once was the lone guard of an ammo dump in Saudi desert – armed with an empty M16 and a bayonet.

              1. After 9/11, we were stopping cars, randomly, on Fort Benning, with unloaded (not even a magazine in it) M16s.

                1. That’s just insane. Going through Grand Central Terminal and Times Square the last couple of days I’ve seen fat fuck NYPD SWAT with MP5’s, and I’ll bet anything they aren’t lcoked with empty magazines.

                  1. The difference: The Marines would actually have to worry about consequences for accidentally executing random civilians.

      2. If we’re talking about the embassy in Egypt, that was the right call.

        No sense shooting the crowd up and creating martyrs to protect us from the horror of having a flag taken down. None of our people were hurt in Egypt at all, so even putting what happened in Egypt in the same category as what happened in Libya is idiotic.

        1. And no people would be hurt if we let an invading army take over about 75% of Alaska’s land mass. Would you be OK with that?

          Seriously, Fluffy, they attacked and ransacked American soil. Does that not bother you?

          /no snark

          1. I’d say that even if you are justified in doing something, you ought to consider the consequences of doing that thing before you do it. IN this case, I would tend to agree with Fluffy that shooting some people would have just made things much worse.

          2. I’d be angrier, frankly, if the mob had burned down a McDonald’s or something.

            Seriously, we’re all sitting here clucking about Arab mob rage and how the Middle East is a powder keg. If after all the hysteria about the scary Egyptian rioters, what actually ends up happening is some guys climb a fence and switch flags and then go home, that’s a fucking frat prank compared to what happened in Libya.

            Calling it a “scandal” that Marines weren’t allowed to fire on the protestors is straight-up dumb. If you think you can score political points using the fact that we didn’t turn this shit into the Amritsar massacre to protect a fence and a piece of cloth, that’s pretty sad.

            If a mob of angry Egyptians land on uninhabited Alaskan coastline using rafts and proceed to dance around and burn American flags, I would laugh in their faces. “Oh, no, dudes – you SO TOTALLY GOT US there.”

            1. I guess I see your point. I have confused the two somewhat. I thought they ransacked the Egyptian embassy as well.

            2. They went after a KFC in Lebanon.


              Are you angry yet?

              1. Also fried chicken?

        2. No sense shooting the crowd up and creating martyrs to protect us from the horror of having a flag taken down. None of our people were hurt in Egypt at all, so even putting what happened in Egypt in the same category as what happened in Libya is idiotic.

          In hindsight you are right. But when they were climbing over the walls you would have no way of knowing what their intentions were. It could have ended as Libya did as well. Should you shoot them off the walls, maybe not, but you should have the ability and the intestinal fortitude to do so if you are in immediate danger.

          If someone breaks into your house, you have to assume they mean you harm, and take appropriate actions.

          1. Yes – It could have ended up like Libya or Iran 1979. At some point, it’s time to let the Marines fight. If, when that time comes, their ammo is in a locker, they are fucked.

            I care far more about those Marines than I do the Ambassadress and her bureaucrats.

    3. US was warned 48 hrs in advance of Benghazi attacks; did not inform diplomats or their security details.

      Obama was probably too busy talking to the “pimp with the limp” to give a shit.

    4. “FART”? did they get their primary repaorting from “The Duffle Blog”?

  2. The French magazine Closer published topless photos of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife.

    That’s what she gets for partying Vegas-style with her brother-in-law.

    1. Yes and this: the French and Brits are such friends!They should all hold hands.

    2. Is it a revelation that the woman has breasts? I dont get the excitement from the public or the phony outrage from the palace.

      1. When you go topless on a beach, you seem to have given up your right to boob privacy.

        1. This was kind of my reaction. If you don’t want people taking pics of your boobs, don’t go topless in public view.

        2. She wasn’t in public

          1. She wasn’t in public

            Then how did they get the pictures? /sarc

            It was a shitty thing to do.

      2. I seriously don’t get the big deal. Nipples aren’t offensive because on a close enough shot, you couldn’t easily tell if it were a man’s or womans in most cases. It strange to me when Daily Mail or somebody shows everything but the nips.

        Sideboob, underboob and top cleavage obviously aren’t too offensive for publication. So why are all these things in composite considered taboo?

        Top freedom now!

    3. Pix or it didn’t happen. Naa, who gives a damn?

    4. Now if we could convince her sister…

  3. Cop gives $50 fine to mom after her toddler pees in public. She says “I want a place that feels friendly to me where my children feel safe and have positive experiences with police officers.” Really? Positive experiences with police officers? Lady, you’re a dumbass.

    1. If you want positive experiences with police officers, teach your child to be meek and submit to authority rather than commit felonies like public urination.

      1. I’m pretty sure that public urination qualifies someone as a sex offender.

        But the ticket was given to the mom.

        Which one will have to register?

    2. This is a situation where neither of the parties is deserving of sympathy–the cop for dickishly fining the mother, and the mother for letting her daughter act like she’s in New Delhi.

      1. 1) it was a boy child
        2) Have you ever had a 2 year old? When they are just out of diapers, you have a five minute maximum window to get them to the bathroom from the time they say they have to go.

  4. Cop manhandles 77yr old woman! What a man! Drops her right to the ground! Gotta respect a man like that! I bet he’ll be bragging to his buddies about that one for a long time! Oh yeah! Go cops!

    1. It’s scary how many people commented on that article saying that she got what she deserved.

      1. We’re all getting what we deserve – good and hard.

    2. “In a statement, Keene Police Chief Rocky Alberti stood by the officer’s actions.

      ‘This incident has been reviewed thoroughly by the Keene Police Department and the City of Keene Administration,’ said Chief Alberti in a written statement.

      ‘All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification.'”


      1. ‘All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification.'”

        Does that “all parties” cover the lady who got dragged out of her car, or the general public that will ultimately be forced to pay the civil judgement in this case? Or does it just include his boss, his co-workers and the city attorney that works closely with him?

    3. I’ve seen the tape. Its a miracle she didn’t break a hip.

      What a goon. Pumped to the gills with “respect mah authoritah!”

      She explains that she has a bladder infection. If its so all-fired important that she get the fucking speeding ticket, follow her to a convenience store and wait while she pees, then write her up.

      “Protect and serve”, my ass.

      1. He asked her several times for her ID. He told her she was going to jail if she didn’t produce it. She agreed with him taking to jail. He did it. She pissed her pants. End of story.

        1. “She agreed with him taking to jail.”

          insert a “her” after taking

          1. “Ihre Papieren, bitte!”

            Yeah, that thing required to drive a car.

            1. Oh, well, that clears all that up then.

        2. I love reasonable

      2. The “public” that they “protect and serve” is everyone except any individual who is unfortunate enough to come into contact with them.

      3. Reminds me of when an old boss of mine had a cop pull a gun on her.
        She was pulled over for swerving a bit while having a sneezing fit. The cop comes up and finds her rummaging for a tissue and orders her to put her hands on the wheel. Snot is streaming down her face. She tells him she wants to wipe off her face and he screams at her to keep her hands on the wheel. She ignores him and grabs a tissue only to find herself looking down the barrel of a shaking gun.

        Why do these people become cops if they’re terrified of a woman with snot running down her face?


        1. Why do these people become cops

          There are very few jobs where the idiot high school bully can get to carry a gun, continue to be a bully, not have to use his brain, and PENSION BABY OH YEAH!!!

        2. What other profession allows people who like pulling a gun on terrified women with snot running down their faces to actually do so? None, as far as I know.

  5. Dude pays off fine with 137 one dollar bills folded into origami pigs! Good thing he didn’t bring his dog with him.

    1. I’m surprised he wasn’t found in contempt.

      Also, three hours to UNfold them??

    2. You forgot that he put the dollar bills in doughnut boxes.

    3. And delivered them in Dunkin Donuts boxes…Fucking awesome. I’m stealing this idea.

    4. That’s not smart. See, the IRS could now designate those bills as art.

  6. Plus-size pron for John!

    1. If that’s “plus-size”, I’m morbidly obese.

      (Note: I am not obese, morbidly or otherwise.)

      1. That is “just-right” size in my book.

        1. I think that is a very attractive woman.

        2. I vote fuckable. Very fuckable.

      2. Honestly. That looks like about the right size to me.

      3. Too big for me but I think I prefer more petite women since I am barely 150 lbs soaking wet.

        1. 150? Fatty.

          1. I know, I know…I need to lay off the suds.

    2. That’s what passe for plus size in Vogue? She looks like she could still use a good meal.

      1. When Vogue says plus size, it means in the mathematical sense — her size is a positive number.

      2. When you remember that fashion models are basically walking clothes hangers, then a 6’2″ model with 36 D’s being plus-sized makes sense. If you want to see real plus-sized models, this show in Sydney might fit the bill.

        Can’t track down her exact weight, but if she’s 6’2″ and a 16, I’m guessing about 175 or more? Like many of the commenters have stated, she’s closer to my preference than many of the teenage boys with tits that sarcasmic usually links to.

      3. She is a size 16. But is also 6’2.

      1. Dammit, I was waiting to find the right place to post that very link/comment, and I missed out.


      2. May you get pulled over tonight and find yourself unable to find your license.

        1. Man, that is harsh! Why do you wish death on sloopy?

          1. Did you follow his link?

            1. Some things are not meant to be known. *Shudder*

            2. OK, it was fairly H.P. Lovecraftian…but, still.

    3. “Plus-size”? Dude, there is something seriously wrong with you. Is it possible that you’re gay and just don’t realize it yet?

  7. Victoria’s Secret has a new model, and believe it or not she’s hot!

    1. That dimple on the chick in the penultimate picture is going to make her ass look like the Death Star when she turn 40.

  8. Emma Watson shows off some sideboob!

    1. Incendio!

      1. I think ‘Engorgio’ is the spell she needs.

        1. I think they are just fine.

    2. imo wreck dat ass, yo

  9. Megan Fox is still preggo!

    1. Jesus, are you finished?

      1. Don’t stop him, he’s on a roll! I want to see what pron for T o n y looks like, next.

        1. That’s easy, Chevy Volts being driven by hipsters

        2. Porn for Tony is seeing anyone who disagrees with his happy face fascism deported to camps for re-education.

  10. The Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, urged Egyptians to protect the U.S. embassy in Cairo…

    Because Allah knows the Americans aren’t going to do it apparently.

    1. Not while O’Bummer is in charge.

    2. “””Urged”””

      I thought since he was President he might consider ordering the Egyptian police and army to do it.

      1. That would be so authoritarian of him, though.

    3. allah ain’t cutting billion-dollar checks, either. But, what the fuck ever; where was this guy before the attacks?

      1. where was this guy before the attacks?

        My guess is filling bottles for Molotov cocktails.

        1. and handing-out those black alQaeda flags

  11. Russia says “I told you so” about the West’s 2011 intervention in Libya, pointing out that you can’t be surprised by lawlessness when you assist insurgents in extra judicially killing the authoritarian leaders of their country…

    Like they would know.

    1. there should be no surprise at all. It’s like another commenter here says: foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

      Careful what you wish for applied in both Libya and Egypt. In the latter, this administration knew the Muslim Brotherhood would step in; in the former, it should have been equally apparent that something other than Jeffersonian democracy would follow Qaddafi.

    2. Putin said “ur doin’ it wrong” – you need to do it Chechnya style… have your Air Force carpet bomb cities, then go around and shoot anyone who looks at you cross eyed.

      1. Works for me…..

        1. Or should we be doing it SWAT style?

          “The Libyan suspect made furtive gesture”

          “The Marines thought the old woman carrying a loaf of bread was actually carrying a bomb, so they had to empty their magazines into her!”

      2. I don’t think we should lower ourselves to that. But we could probably look the other way while Putin did it.

  12. On the campaign trail President Obama vows to get the killers of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. Meanwhile Libya says it arrested four men on charges of inciting the violence they say led to the assassination.

    How likely is it that we can just prosecute these guys and then call it a day? Less than 5%? I really don’t want another war…

    1. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure

    2. it’s like OJ all over again: I’m going to scour every golf course on the planet to find the real killers.

      1. This is how humor is done.

    3. Which four guys did they arrest? The first four they found in the street? Since this has the marks of being a somewhat well planned operation I am pretty confident that whoever they arrested had nothing to do with the attacks. Not too mention that the security forces are probably significantly less competent than the terrorist organization responsible.

      Oh, and don’t worry, there won’t be another war.

      1. Which four guys did they arrest?

        4 guys that looked like Arab versions Richard Jewell.

      2. Which four guys did they arrest?

        Probably the only 4 guys that didn’t help build the bonfire that burned the place down.

      3. Libya says it arrested four men on charges of inciting the violence they say led to the assassination.

        Acceptable scapegoats have been identified and will be made to confess.

        1. In honor of your dead Ambassador, we have rounded up twice the usual suspects!

          1. sub-thread winner.

  13. People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices – Adam Smith

    And here’s proof

    New sex trade union targets price cutting

    1. Adam Smith knew about public sector unions?

      1. He was a pretty damned foresighted guy!

  14. It’s amazing a surly French hotel employee got sacked in the first place

    Scowling French hotel boss wins payout over sacking

    1. Jesus, I thought they got raises for that.

  15. The French magazine Closer published topless photo’s of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife.

    And yet you give us pictures of a burning car? WTF

    1. burning car = Islamic porn.

  16. Lt. General William Caldwell denied to Congress he was a shill for President Obama…

    He was shilling for the commander-in-chief, who this time around just happens to be Obama.

    1. Somebody wants a fourth star, doesn’t he. I haven’t seen a suck-up this bad since Wesley Clark.

      1. John, you may be able to confirm or refute something for me. My dad has a very good friend that is a retired 3-star general (if you want, you can e-mail me and I’ll give you his name) that said Wesley Clark might be the worst human being in the entire world. Is that true?

        1. I’ll relink to this story about Wesley Clark, James Blunt, and the Kosovo war. FTA:

          Blunt said: “I was given the direct command to overpower the 200 or so Russians who were there. I was the lead officer, with my troop of men behind us… The soldiers directly behind me were from the Parachute Regiment, so they’re obviously game for the fight.

          “The direct command [that] came in from General Wesley Clark was to overpower them,” he said. “Various words were used that seemed unusual to us. Words such as ‘destroy’ came down the radio. We had 200 Russians lined up pointing their weapons at us aggressively … and we’d been told to reach the airfield and take a hold of it. That’s why we were querying our instruction.”

          The end result was a victory for British common sense. “Fortunately,” Blunt recalled, “up on the radio came General Sir Mike Jackson [commander of the British forces], whose words were, ‘I’m not going to have my soldiers start World War Three.’ He told us, ‘Why don’t we encircle the airfield instead?’

          I’ve not seen anything since that says Blunt was wrong in his account.

        2. I know you mean the other John. But I don’t know him personally. But I have heard the same thing from people who worked for him. He is generally hated in Army circles.

          1. Either of you know a Lt Gen (Ret) David Weisman?

  17. Apparently the Kate Middleton pics are outdoors.

    This leads me to conclude that she wanted to be photographed topless.

    Sorry, I know that sounds like blaming the victim, but still.

    I chatted with my wife about this, this morning.

    “Honey, would you ever sunbathe topless? Anywhere?”


    “Have you ever?”


    The simplest way to avoid being photographed topless outdoors is to not go topless outdoors.

    It’s not hard. It’s literally equal in non-difficulty to me avoiding being photographed bottomless outdoors. In other words, it is zero effort. You think if I was famous there would be bottomless sunbathing pictures of me out there? Nope.

    Harry was indoors, so Harry’s actually better than Kate here.

    “But we thought we were so remote that no one could photograph me!”

    Sorry, don’t care. When I’m in a remote location, I don’t immediately say, “Sweet, no one’s around. I have enough privacy now to take off my pants and sunbathe my scrote!” It literally doesn’t occur to me.

    1. sunbathe my scrote


      1. Did he ask you to help put on some SPF 30?

        1. That’s bringing back repressed memories of Black’s Beach in San Diego. I thought it was going to be nude beach, instead it was a nude aging gay man beach, NTTAWWT.

          1. Ugh – no aging anything nude beach should be allowed!

      2. Nice band name.

        Also, it apparently *does* occur to Fluffy.

    2. Still, though, it is rather low class to stalk and surreptitiously photograph someone.

      1. Because the royals have no reason to anticipate being staked out by paparazzi.

        1. Irrelevant. Whatever their expectations are, you should comport yourself with some dignity. Getting out an extended range telephoto lens to creep on someone is gutter trash low.

          1. Getting out an extended range telephoto lens to creep on someone is gutter trash low.

            I agree completely, but since the royals know this is the case, they ought to take a little responsibility in how they expose themselves to it.

            1. I see what you did there…

            2. Or on the other hand…

              Who cares? Royal titties.

          2. What about the millions of people who watch TMZ and buy the shit that is peddled by the people who get out extended range telephoto lenses? How much blame do they get?

      2. Doesn’t the very fact that they’re “royals” mean that everyone in comparison is “low class”, so fuck ’em?

        1. I hope that made sense in your own head, because it doesn’t in print.

    3. “But we thought we were so remote that no one could photograph me!”

      Right, because no one would ever stalk or follow a member of the royal family in the hopes of getting compromising photos.

  18. Russia says “I told you so” about the West’s 2011 intervention in Libya, pointing out that you can’t be surprised by lawlessness when you assist insurgents in extra judicially killing the authoritarian leaders of their country

    I guess Putin doesn’t consider his arbitrary use of power lawless, somehow, so long as he justifies it as being against lawlessness.

    1. That’s domestic lawlessness, though. Totally different game.

      1. Great, I had a clever Russian comment and the HampersandR squirrels sez “Your comment does not appear to be written in an English script. Please comment in English.”


  19. A fantasy proposal for dealing with our troubled embassies.

    Evacuate all personnel and sensitive stuff.
    Wait until swarming thugs are trashing the grounds.
    Use our territory for cruise missile practice.

    1. I’ve been thinking that very same thing the past couple of days.

  20. Minnesota’s former governor, the wrestler Jesse Ventura, endorsed Gary Johnson for president

    1/3 of the Enigma Force Five is on board. I can only assume the Ice T and Huell Howser endorsements will be coming soon.

  21. it’s not just US embassies under attack:

    Protesters angered by a film mocking Islam have attacked the German and British embassies in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

    In the Lebanese city of Tripoli, one person was killed as demonstrators set fire to a KFC fast-food restaurant.


    1. “FOOD FIGHT!!”

    2. Have you been to KFC lately? Last time I went I asked them to substitute breasts for thighs. I’m a legs man when it comes to women, but when it comes to chicken I’m all about the breasts. I got four thighs in the box. They’re lucky I didn’t burn the shop down!

      1. I occasionally got to Popeye’s and used to ask for all legs in the three piece meal – they stopped that and insisted I could only have two legs with the three piece meal and had to order a breast or a thigh.

      2. *Sigh*

        When you go to a fast food restaurant, order what you want, then just eat whatever you get. There is no point bitching because you will never get what you ordered. As long as there are no bugs, spit, or hair in the food, just eat it.

        That is your punishment for choosing fast food.

    3. set fire to a KFC fast-food restaurant.

      That one is going to burn for a while.

    4. Protesters angered by a film mocking Islam have attacked the German and British embassies in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

      Nice work implying the only thing motivating these actions is a youtube video.

      1. And do they really want to motivate the Germans and Brits back into the middle east?

        1. Things were better then.

          1. Certainly quieter.

      2. Just so, Bee. I am saddened to see that the meme blaming Americans for attacks by Middle Eastern nutters has apparently swept the board.

      3. Yeah, I was looking to make this point. The spin on this is getting crazy from the media.

  22. “Jimmy Carter Corrects Obama”
    “Former President Jimmy Carter spoke to students at Drake University in Des Moines today and was asked if he agreed with what Obama said about Egypt:

    Carter: ‘Egypt is an ally of the US, we know Egypt well.'”


    1. in fact, we know Egypt so well that we know when they’re going to attack our embassy. It’s just not polite to do anything about it, which goes a long way to explaining why I was a one-term POTUS.

      1. I will mildly defend Obama here. Would you guys have called Egypt an ally before the gaffe?

        I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have either. The President was commenting on a situation in flux because of the new government of Egypt. The State Department is relying on a formal status of law.

        1. under Mubarak, Egypt was an ally in the broad sense, keeping a peace with Israel and preventing the Muslim crazies from taking over. Then again, this administration knew — hell, people here knew — the Mubarak’s ouster would lead to the Brotherhood gaining power. The administration is seeing the totally foreseeable consequence of the action it was pushing, to wit the ouster of Mubarak.

        2. He accidentally told the truth. Egypt is not an ally. Of course the reason it is not is that the Muslim Brotherhood now runs the place. And that is a subject he really doesn’t want to talk about either.

          1. no Dem wants to talk about it, because teh Oval knew the MB was the most likely outcome of any election, yet it pretended that ‘arab spring’ meant the same as prague spring. What happened was the expected, if not intended, outcome.

        3. Would you guys have called Egypt an ally before the gaffe?

          If I knew they were on the very short offical list of “major non-NATO allies” (and as President, I would be responsible for knowing that), of course I would.

          Aside from that, we have paid billions of dollars to them, and continue doing so. If they aren’t an ally, I guess that’s tribute, which makes us their vassal. So, yeah, I’d go with “ally”.

  23. A former Nigerian president says the ouster of Col. Qaddafi fueled the Boko Haram insurgency there because his death caused a flood of extremists and weapons across North and West Africa.

    I hope this isn’t supposed to be further evidence that the people of Libya shouldn’t have overthrown the vicious dictator that was oppressing them.

    1. it’s mostly evidence that the US should have had no role whatsoever in the matter and that our repetition of “Arab Spring” is, by any definition, among the hollowest of hollow phrases.

      1. Well, just for the record, then, if we ever need to depose a vicious dictator here in the United States, I won’t regret having done so because it creates problems for our neighbors or gets an ambassador assassinated somewhere.

        Furthermore, it seems to me that providing air cover for the rebels was in our interest (or not) regardless of how it affected the Boko Haram insurgency.

      2. Well, we didn’t have any role in the matter in Egypt, but you’re still pissed off, so…fuck you.

        In fact, the source of your anger in Egypt appears to be that we didn’t interfere to STOP Mubarak from falling. So fuck you twice.

      3. Out of curiosity, when the capital city of a dictatorship is filled with thousands upon thousands of people calling for an end to the dictatorship, what exactly do you think the US should do? Bomb them? Tell them to accept dictatorship because they’re too Muslim?

        1. Out of curiosity, when the capital city of a dictatorship is filled with thousands upon thousands of people calling for a dictatorship of their own, what exactly do you think the US should do? Bomb them? Tell them to accept dictatorship because they’re too Muslim?


  24. “U.S. State Department corrects Barack Obama: Egypt IS an American ally, Mr President”

    “The U.S. State Department has directly contradicted Barack Obama, insisting that Egypt is an ally of America, despite the president’s statement public statement that ‘I don’t think that we would consider them an ally’.”


    1. The President should have had Smilin’ Joe unleash this gaffe.

    2. Yeah, I think Obama was speaking from the heart again, when he was supposed to keep his mouth shut. He always gets himself in trouble when he says what he’s really thinking.

      But we should have stopped foreign aid to Egypt:

      1) After the Berlin Wall came down
      2) After Mubarak fired on unarmed protestors
      3) After the junta (effectively) dissolved the parliament

      1. 4) Before we sent them M-1 Abrams tanks.

  25. Arizona police chief fired for persistently breaking the law.

    But of course, he was not charged with breaking the law.

    No word how much this will effect his pension.

  26. Press briefing discussing an attack on the Benghazi Consulate in June. A month before the “offensive movie trailer”:

    “QUESTION: I’ve got a lot of stuff on Israel, but I want to start with ? just assuming you don’t have a whole hell of a lot to say about the bombing in Libya, maybe you could get through that first. Is there ? was there any damage done? And do you expect ? or do you think that this was in any way retaliation for al-Libi’s death?

    MR. TONER: Sure.

    QUESTION: Did ? have you asked for security to be tightened? And if you have done that, when did you do it? Did you do it before this bombing, after the confirmation of al-Libi’s death?”


    1. “MR. TONER: Okay. Let me start, and if you have any follow-up questions, I’ll try to endeavor to answer them.

      As Matt mentioned, we deplore the attack on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attack. And we’ve also requested the Libyan Ministry of Interior to increase its security around U.S. facilities. In answer to your specific question, Matt, I’m not sure of the timing. I believe it was following the attack. If that’s different, I’ll let you guys know.”

  27. Drunk police officer head butts state trooper and scratches his arm pleads guilty to DUI. Inexplicably has all other charges against her dropped (as a professional courtesy is my guess).

    With there being no double standard, anyone that now resists arrest with force can expect those charges against them to be dropped, I guess. Right?

    1. Absolutley! I wouldn’t recommend trying it out though, unless you are David Banner.

    2. Except, that’s not what happens apparently.

      FTA: Oddo allegedly threw a tray of food at one of the officers and scratched his left forearm, causing him to bleed. Police eventually restrained the woman and took her into custody.

      Oddo was charged with a felony because the assault was directed at a police officer. She was arraigned and released to appear in New Rochelle city court at a later date.

      A double-double standard.

    3. Its possible that the other charges were dropped as part of the agreement to plead guilty.

      Even us proles can sometimes get that perk.

    4. At least they pepper sprayed her.

  28. “Kids Question Michelle Obama: Unsure Where President Is, and Where Obamas Will Move If President Loses”


    1. Mommy, does this mean we have to move to ghetto?

      1. No, honey, but we’ll have to get NASA to take us to Kashyyyk.

        1. I just googled ‘Kashyyyk’ and snorted coffee, you bastard!

    2. Something tells me it won’t be Anacostia

    3. Another kid wondered if she’s the president.

      “No, Honey, you’re confusing me with Valerie Jarrett.”

  29. http://www.thegatewaypundit.co…..eir-death/

    Bloody Hand Prints at Consulate Reveal Americans Were Dragged From Building Before Their Death

    Fuck anyone who votes to re-elect this miserable bastard.

    1. Possibly iconic photos.

    2. OK, now I am pissed.

    3. The media need to cover this fairly. Everything I’ve seen from the US news services seems to be whitewash, while the international sources have more detail.

    4. Because he did it?

      I’m not generally one to defend Obama, but it seems like conclusions are being jumped to here.

      1. Weren’t the pictures of Ambassador Stevens from him being taken to a hospital for (ultimately, failed) attempts at resuscitation? And while the bloody hand prints might mean the consular inhabitants were being dragged off to their doom, I can think of a few other explanations for them.

        More troubling for me, than those photos—we already knew the people were dead—are the reports that some of the Libyan security forces guided the attackers to the Ambassador’s second hideout. I also think that the arrests in Libya are awfully fucking convenient, and unbelievable at this point. So, these attackers have their shit together enough to start a diversionary protest on 9/11, exacerbated by that stupid movie that may have been shown next door on Egyptian television, show up with rockets, “armored vehicles” and automatic weapons, but are so much on the radar of the Libyan Government that they get arrested the next day?


  30. Shorter Moarning Lynx: “And the stupid continues.”

    1. “…plus, BOOBS!”

      1. There’s always room for boobs.

  31. DOJ joins the ranks of the bigoratti for a Friday morning nut punch!


    The report is chock full of goodies: pattern of excessive force against the mentally ill, unnecesssarily escalating situations, poor decision making, unequal treatment of cops in OIS investigations vs what civilians would face, lack of effective supervison, lack of effective and timely discipline…. It’s like a HyR thread but from thr Feds.

    Several choice anecdotes in the report itself. Cop checking on a man ends up punching him in the face multiple times. Another pepper sprays and tazes a man spitting on a car who does not actively resist arrest. Have at it!

    (can I get my troll meter reading?)

    1. Mayor Sam Adams, who also attended the news conference along with Police Chief Mike Reese, said, “Without defensiveness or finger-pointing, we all need to absorb the seriousness of this critique.”

      He said the police bureau already has begun making changes, citing the creation of a new training center and police training advisory council.

      See they just forgot to train the cops. So the cops didn’t know you can’t just beat the shit out of people for no reason.

      1. What do you mean “no reason”?

        Those fuckers didn’t give the officer the proper respect, and they paid the fucking price!

        Fuck them!

        They got what they deserved!


        1. Not the planned response doesn’t include firing or disciplining anyone responsible.

          1. Not to mention charging them for the felonies they (allegedely!) committed.

            1. I have long stopped even hoping for that.

    2. And nothing else happened.

      1. Let the pension checks flow!

  32. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..ead_module

    Dogs are so much better than people.

    1. Yep. I have 5 – it takes that many to neutralize the people scum I suffer on a deaily basis.


      1. I was talking to a colleague of mine a few days ago. And she was saying how she would like to get her kids a dog but her husband doesn’t like animals. All I could think was, “why haven’t you divorced him?”. Depriving a child of a dog is child abuse.

        1. This is another reason I’d like to not be married. Wife doesn’t like dogs. Kids are begging for one but since everything is all about her, no go.

          1. My wife’s brother in law is like that. His five year daughter old worships our cat. He won’t have one even though no one is allergic and cats are cheap low maintenance pets. It astounds and appalls me you could tell you kid no to something like that.

            1. My dad was the one who put the kibosh on us having pets when I was a kid, because he thought it was too sad when they died. He’s super sentimental. My mom wasn’t a fan either, because she didn’t want to be the one who ended up taking care of my pet (or my brother’s, or sister’s), but she was open to it at least.

              Somewhat ironically, this meant we only ever had goldfish, which of course die super easily and frequently.

              1. I can understand that. It is hard to own them for that reason. But that is not his reason.

                And yeah, fish die if you look at them funny. Same with birds.

            2. I am definitely pro-cat. (Hence my username here and elsewhere.)

              But cats definitely aren’t low maintenance.

              They throw up every two seconds. And they scratch, and good luck getting one declawed these days.

              If you’re going to have cats, make up your mind that you’ll get new couches and new carpets every three years. Or that you don’t mind living among stains and shredded fabric.

              And that’s if you don’t have a male that gets a urinary tract infection. Then he’ll piss on everything, too, and not only does the smell never get out of whatever he pissed on, pet stores will be more than happy to charge you $50 for shit that will supposedly get the smell out but doesn’t.

              Dogs are high maintenance in the sense that you have to walk them. But even with the period of time where they require pottytraining, dogs will do less damage to your house and your shit than cats, in the long run.

              1. I have never had those problems with my cats. Mine old one liked to scratch the wool rugs. But when we got silk ones, she didn’t touch them anymore. And she never touched the furniture.

                But then again, she was pretty much the greatest cat who ever lived. So my sample may be unreliable.

              2. And this is why I no longer have cats, and just have dogs now.

              3. They are not so bad if they go outside. I like cats, but I don’t like them in the house all the time.

              4. And that’s if you don’t have a male that gets a urinary tract infection. Then he’ll piss on everything, too, and not only does the smell never get out of whatever he pissed on, pet stores will be more than happy to charge you $50 for shit that will supposedly get the smell out but doesn’t.

                Sadly, this happens with dogs too. And I completely agree with you on the pet store shit that doesn’t work as promised.

              5. My cat doesn’t destroy the furniture. Catlax takes care of the barfing problem.

              6. But cats definitely aren’t low maintenance.

                In fact, they can be a downright pain in the ass–and I have two in the house.

                Yeah, they’re “low maintenance” in that you can leave them alone for a day or two with a full dish of food and water and not have to worry about them jumping the fence or barking at the neighbors or anything like that.

                But you still have to clean their shit up every couple days, they’re a pain in the ass when you trying to sleep and they’re crawling under the covers with you and over your face, and as you mentioned the scratching and pissing can get obnoxious. My girlfriend’s cat won’t scratch any post that isn’t covered with carpet (I had to buy double-sided tape to save the furniture and it’s worked fine), and my cat will leave random butt-nuggets on the floor because she’s not very good at cleaning herself.

                On the other hand, I’d rather deal with the cats than the girlfriend’s last dog, which was a hyper, destructive beast due to her lack of training skills. I’m not a dog person and no way in hell will I allow her to get a new one because I’d end up having to train the damn thing.

        2. Depriving a child of a dog is child abuse.

          What a stupid comment.

          1. I, for one, am quite happy never having had a dog. I think dogs are amazing and fascinating animals, but I don’t want to deal with the demands of keeping one. And I don’t think people should get a dog unless they know for sure that they can (and will want to) spend the time with it that you need to to have a good-tempered, well adjusted dog. Way too many people get dogs who can’t give them the time and attention they need. No dog should be left at home by itself all day.

        3. Anyone who doesn’t like dogs has serious mental issues. Damn right she should divorce him.

          1. Anyone who doesn’t like dogs has serious mental issues.

            Per your reply to mine a bit below, it all comes down to socialization. I live in a place with a lot of South Asians and blacks. Neither group, on the whole, is thrilled to be around a dog. The Indians and Arabs seem downright terrified of them.

            There are exceptions, of course. My black neighbor has the cutest pit/ridgeback mix. Under a year, and the dog bounces like Tigger every time I seem him being walked outside.

    2. Five rescues sleeping around my feet right now….and a symphony of dog farts. I keep the ceiling fan on.
      I will take a dog over 99% of the people I know any day.

      1. “a symphony of dog farts”

        Man, that has to be used more – “Congressional debate began, sounding like a sympnony of dog farts…”

        “Sir, your argument made as much sense as a symphony of dog farts!”


      2. I will take a dog over 99% of the people I know any day.


    3. Fortunately (I guess), in my house I’m the one saying “No more dogs! Jeebus, a rescued pit bull and two barbarian English Staffs aren’t enough?”

      1. Pitt Bulls are great dogs. They were the all American dog for a lot of the 20th Century. Then the fucking media went on a “pit bull” scare in the early 80s. And it became a self fulfilling prophecy. Every scumbag in America saw the reports and went out and got one because he wanted to make them mean. It is just a tragedy. God I hate reporters.

        1. I read an article awhile back where somebody tracked down the “pit bulls” named in news reports as having attacked someone.

          Turned out none of them were actually pits. One was a German Shepherd, if I recall. The reporters just throw “pit bull” out there because it sounds better.

          If I don’t see a pic of an actual pit bull, I assume that the malefactor isn’t one.

          1. The idea that there are “agressive breeds” is just complete bullshit. There are aggressive dogs. There are labs out there that will take your arm off and German Shepherds and Pitt Bulls that would be luck to lick you to death.

            1. The idea that there are “agressive breeds” is just complete bullshit.

              Oh, I don’t know. Looking at a breed as a whole, I think you can make statements that one breed is more aggressive (or skittish, or energetic) than another. While you’re right that individuals within any breed can be aggressive—the most aggressive dog in my GF’s dog-showing household growing up was a mostly-Lab mix—on the whole, I’d trust a random Lab more than a random Fila Brasileiro Or Chows. Or seemingly any dog under 10 pounds. Christ, if my Weim behaved like most Chihuahuas, I’d have to put her down.

              Pits, though, are just about the friendliest dogs out there. To people at least. To other dogs, not so much. The Pit owners I’ve talked to are happy when other people recognize that Pits are friendly, as opposed to people recoiling in horror when they see it.

              1. To other dogs, not so much.

                Depends on if they’re properly socialized or not. The dog park I take my German Shepherd to is often filled with pits/pit mixes, other German Shepherds, Rotties, etc., as well as big mutts. The pits are lively, active, and friendly with the other dogs, and play tirelessly. It all depends on socialization.

                1. Yes, a dog is what the owner makes him. I can look at someone’s dog and tell you EXACTLY how his children behave.

                  You put in the time, by and large, you get a good product.

                  1. Francisco hits the nail on the head.

            2. I don’t know. Aren’t there some breeds that were developed specifically for aggressiveness?

              I do agree that pit bulls tend to be very friendly and sweet. Like any dog, they can be absolutely horrible when they are not treated well or properly trained. But I don’t think they are any more dangerous than any other large, highly active breed.

              1. Pits are genrally less dangerous to humans than German Shepherds, Rotties, and Dobies, as guard dog types were obviously not bred to have any intinctive inhibition about biting humans as pitbulls originally were. That being said, it’s really all about proper socialization, and even with Rotties, Dobies, etc., you have to train them to be aggressive.

            3. We have a cane corso puppy. The little thing is only 9 months old and pushing 90 pounds. Their history is that they were bred as Roman war hounds. He loves to play with people and visiting dogs but if you are a stranger (workers re-doing roof, etc) then you are on the radar and will be killed with one wrong move. We have socialized him well and have people coming to our home all the time as my wife does hair out of our home. It is interesting to see who he decides is a possible threat.

              I’ve never been a dog person. We have 3 cats…and a chocolate lab. But I am really enjoying my war dog. Also, I am not so worried about my wife working from home alone during the day anymore.

          2. As an accurate description, pit bull=assault rifle, so far as the media is concerned.

            1. This.

              Any time I see *anything* specialized described in the news, I just presume that the idiot reporter doesn’t have the first clue about it and inserts the boilerplate ID and descriptor.

              Contemporary editors, whose predecessors at least would force reporters to *think* about what they were writing, don’t seem to be any brighter.

              1. Related image.

                They aren’t much better on guns.

      2. I got to that point too, but not until my wife took in the ninth dog. I am down to five and hopefully over the next few years just two or three.

    4. I’ve been shooting down the wife’s request for a dog for 2-3 years now.

      I know I’ll end up doing all the work, plus we already have 2.5 cats.

      * .5 cat is a complete non-entity who we see maybe once or twice a month. The rest of the time she is hiding behind the sofa.

      1. My sister had one of those cats. She had this cat for years that no one ever saw. I finally accused her of having an imaginary cat so much she got a flash light and showed me the cat under a couch in the farthest part of the basement.

      2. The right dog will solve your cat problem, you know.

        1. I will never own a dog that kills things other than snakes or maybe rats. If it will kill a cat, it will kill livestock or anything else. Nothing worse than a dog that kills shit.

        2. The right dog will solve your cat problem, you know.

          You assume the dog will win. I have a Dogue de Bordeaux that goes about 140 lbs. Two cats, 8 lbs y 7 lbs. Want to guess who rules who?

          Just do not mess with the cats.

          1. You assume the dog will win. I have a Dogue de Bordeaux that goes about 140 lbs. Two cats, 8 lbs y 7 lbs. Want to guess who rules who?

            In an actual fight?

            The dog wins. Period. And even attempting to suggest otherwise is moronic.

        3. Had a friend with an Irish setter that liked to hug cats with his teeth and was super put out when they quit playing with him.

        4. Many dogs will worry livestock. I’d probably amend that statement to, “most dogs will worry livestock, if given a chance and if they’re around another dog that starts it.” Sporting breeds/Hounds with high prey drive often can’t direct it away from other small furry things, like squirrels or cats, or tennis balls. It’s just something you have to keep an eye on, not anything malignant in the breed per se. It does mean that you probably shouldn’t have a cat if you own one of those breeds. I wouldn’t let my dog be around a cat unsupervised.

          It is really cute though when you see a Molosser being crawled on by a bunch of cats.

      3. Be careful. That 0.5 cat is secretly watching all your moves and will probably attempt a coup d’etat the next time you are fully engaged on this board.

      4. * .5 cat is a complete non-entity who we see maybe once or twice a month. The rest of the time she is hiding behind the sofa.

        I know what you mean. We’ve got a rescue cat from Friends of Feral Felines, and we might see it a couple times a week. It just hangs out in the basement waiting for stray rodents to sneak into the house.

  33. Jesus, you guys made the derpfee signal a fucking BONFIRE this morning.

    “Derfee! Ohhhh derpfeee! Where are you? Come play the Cops versus Reality game with the Reasonoids….”

  34. http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com…..iased.html

    Joe Scarborough “Sure we are biased. But it is all Mitt Romney’s fault”.

    1. That damn Mitt Romney is just so hard not to talk about!

      He really said that the reason the press focused on what Romney said is because Romney said something.

      1. Yes he did.

        . If Mitt Romney had kept his mouth shut, if he had not acted like a rank amateur, if he had not embarrassed himself–and by the way internally the campaign understands they screwed up, he’s moved on, they know that. So no conservative can say “oh, the mainstream media, blah, blah.” They know how badly they screwed up, and they were having the fight internally before he even went out and did it. But Romney got in the way of the media looking at the president, going, wha-, wha-, what happened here? How did this happen? Now, those questions are going to be asked in the coming weeks. But they weren’t asked in the first 24 hours because Romney was holding this horrific, irresponsible, press conference.

        That is straight out of The Onion.

        1. Isn’t that pretty much a straight up admission that the apparatchik press will walk right past the questions that matter to try and put a bruise on a Republican?

          1. Yup. It is saying a perceived Romney gaffe is necessarily a more important story than what is actually happening.

          2. the press did that. There is an audio tape circulating of reporters, before the news conference, coordinating their questions. As an ex-journo, that NEVER happened at any mass event I covered. Not ever.

            1. Actually, it should happen at every event.

              Every press conference should be a fucking crucifixion.

              1. I would give anything to see them do that to Obama. It is not so much that they did it. It is that they only do it to one side.

              2. That’s what really gets me. it’s supposed to be adversarial. if you’re not got to ask tough (but fair) questions, send the intern to play scribe.

    2. “Banjo Boy” (courtesy of Don Imus) might be my favorite nickname of all time.

    3. I used to regret somewhat not pursuing journalism. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

      1. They are pretty much destroying the profession. Every year people pay less attention to them and there are fewer and fewer jobs. Jill Abramson had a fit a few weeks ago when the outgoing NYT ombudsman said they were biased. She sounded like one of those people on Kitchen Nightmares telling Gordon Ramsey the food is great even though they are losing $20K a month and Ramsey just told them it tasted like cat food.

      2. in a different time, it was a hell of a lot of fun. This is not that time. You have chosen well.

      3. I have a bachelors in journalism. I’ve never regretted not pursuing this career path. Not. Once.

        I did toy with being a photojournalist for a while, and even freelanced for a couple years, but the thought of eating over my sink for the next decade or 2 until you “made it” didn’t appeal to me. Granted this was in the dark, dark times of film and stop bath, so it might be a much, much easier go today.

  35. Louisiana Asst Police Chief found to have arrested people illegally and confiscated phones without a warrant suspended with pay instead of being charged with the crimes. Bonus points for one of the people he illegally arrested still not being released.

    I guess kidnapping and larceny aren’t crimes if you do them in the state’s name, are they?

    1. That whole habeaus thing is so 18th Century. I mean Ezra Klein told me, the Constitution is really old and written in some foreign language or something.

    2. Giant clusterfuck in Duson, Louisiana. What a shocker.

  36. The French magazine Closer published topless photo’s of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife.

    What is the point of the link if it doesn’t give you a link to the pic? I could give a fat rats ass about a story about Kate’s tits. I would run over old people to get a peep at Kate’s hooters, though.

    1. Pics aren’t available yet because Closer wants you to buy the magazine


      1. I am sure someone is scanning them right now.

      2. GIS says otherwise.

    2. I have the feeling people are going to be disappointed. She is built to wear clothes; clothes and her make each other look fabulous.

  37. I went to the beer distributor the other day to return an empty 1/6 barrel and pick up a new one. The hipster at the counter couldn’t get it through his head that I wasn’t buying two 1/6 barrels, but returning one for the deposit and picking up a new one. He asked me at least three times “ok, so, two 1/6 barrels of Hop Devil and what now?” When ge finally figured out what I was trying to do, he didn’t know how to do the return transaction in the register and had to call another guy over. This guy was the virtual physical twin of Hipster #1 but at least knew how to run the register. Thus, a transaction that should have been cleared in 3 minutes tops took nearly ten. Grr. Plus, the guy at first didn’t know the difference between a quarter and a sixth barrel.

    1. so what was Hipster One’s degree in?

      1. Social Perspectives in Minority Apiological Populations with a minor in Self-Buggery

    2. you’ve got 23 million unemployed and this muppet has a job. Anyone care to explain that?

      1. Brother-in-law. Its like getting on with the state in the South.

      2. Its called 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

    3. Maths are hard. They don’t teach addition where he got his creative puppetry degree.

      1. I’m pretty sure you are supposed to learn basic arithmetic in elementary school. It’s amazing the shit a lot of people don’t know going into (and coming out of) college. Even people who get degrees in more useful subjects.

    4. I have this happen about 50% of the time when I exchange CO2 bottles.

      I can talk the cashiers thru the process if they would let me.

    5. not sure if this is a urban legend, but there’s the story about the restaurant trying to sell a 1/3 pound burger and people thought it was less than a 1/4.

    6. what did he think you wanted to do with the empty?

      1. I’m guessing db wanted to bounce it off of his empty little skull.

        1. I was going to suggest rectal insertion.

    7. Hipster #1 no doubt has a BA in gender studies and is working on his master now.

  38. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..ening.html

    More British boobs. Emma Watson flashes the side boob.

    1. Sideboob? Didnt I recently see a homemade sex tape of her getting her brains banged out?

      1. Did you? And if so where can said tape be found?

      2. No, that was Emma Thompson, you perv.

        1. Really? I always kind of liked her too.

    2. Beat you to it at 9:05, loser.

  39. Working from home, suckers! Which means beer and bellicosity!

    On the home selling news: closing at the end of the month. Will have to pay $1.5k ish to get out of this house, which isn’t bad considering the market.

    Renting a new house in a posh area – the smallest/cheapest home on the block – but the school district is the best in the area.

    1. Renting makes sense in a lot of markets. I rent and get to live in an area I could never afford to buy in. I am seriously considering buying some farm land and or a vacation home as a tax write off and just renting forever.

      1. that’s what I’m leaning towards too – looking to expand my northern empire a few more acres. Ideally an old farm or 10-20 (or more!!!) acres of woods to build on.

      2. Renting makes sense in a lot of markets. I rent

        Word. And me too – after owning for many years. But, don’t you miss having to do maintenance every freakin’ weekend and getting to pay through the nose every time something breaks down?

    2. I would be very reluctant to buy in this market, for this reason:

      Home prices move inversely to mortgage rates. Many people buy a monthly payment, and when rates go up, the monthly goes up, so the price has to go down.

      Rates have nowhere to go from here but up. That means prices have nowhere to go but down. Now, Bernank’s latest round of money printing is targeted at keeping mortgage rates down, but how long can that work? Not long enough, given the long time frames for home ownership.

      People buying now are likely to get sucked into the next downdraft when mortgage rates rise.

      1. Yep. I can’t think of a better way to lose big bucks right now.

      2. True. Of course if you plan to stay in the same place, buying now locks in your interest rate and your cost of rent, which isn’t such a bad thing if inflation hits.

        You shouldn’t buy a house as an investment or if you want the freedom to sell it and move. But if you plan to stay put, now isn’t a bad time to buy and lock in a big part of your cost of living against inflation.

        1. Very true, John.

        2. I just bought my one and only house at an interest rate of 3%. When the inflations take off, I am going to be in pretty good shape.

      3. I bought my current house just before the bubble burst. At the time I was feeling apprehensive about the deal and was leaning towards renting instead. Bah, I should have listened to myself.

        Ah well, at least the last house I sold gave me a nice profit. I’m sure the buyer is still underwater. As will the next buyer be…

        but there is still this mentality out there that “This is a great time to buy” – our buyers are a married couple living in an apartment – as so many old folks think that homes will just appreciate in value.

        1. Why does everybody look at their home as an investment? It’s a place to live. If you need to be mobile, don’t do it. If you plan on living in it for 10-20 years, now is a great time to buy, for all the reasons John mentions.

          Haven’t people learned that flipping isn’t exactly a sound investment strategy? The future value will be driven by countless unforeseen circumstances. It’s like buying and holding one single stock and not diversifying.

          1. Its not about the investment, so much as that I have a $20k opportunity cost of moving anywhere else right now. I did want to make money on my house, but this sucks.

      4. Why would it keep rates down when banks lose money with inflation on the principal.

        1. Bernank is buying MBS’s, basically pumping liquidity into the mortgage market for the purpose of suppressing rates.

          It will work, for awhile. But yeah, when all the liquidity he has created starts moving around, inflation is going to be a problem.

          And all those people whose fixed income portfolios are being hammered with low rates? The value of their portfolios is going to crash when inflation shows up and rates go up.

          Fuck you, Bernank. Fuck you very much.

  40. OK, so we’re inside of 90 days on the baby being born. She’s doing well, according to the doc. We’re going to meet the pediatric surgeon and the folks at the NICU in 3 weeks. Their expectation is she’s gonna be with them for a month after she’s born. The good news is that we’ll be able to see her as much as we want. No word on whether or not Banjos will be able to feed her or if they’ll have to put her on a tube to feed her faster in an attempt to increase the size of her abdomen. They probably won’t know any of that for a while, if before the birth at all.

    The middle name auction is also a go. We have a few details to iron out, but details will be coming very soon.

    1. Don’t know the whole back story but good luck, hope it turns out as well as possible.

    2. excellent news sloopy. Re middle names, Bristol Palin’s babydaddy has just used Beretta for his new daughter, if that’s any use

      1. Oh, we’re auctioning off her middle name to the highest bidder. It’s being set up currently. Probably have it all laid out in the next couple of weeks.

    3. Uh, “SugarFree” of course. Is anything else even in the running? If her middle name is Episiarch or Warty, she’s destined for a life of crime.

      1. I nominate “Bastiat”.

        1. That’s nice. How much (tax-deductible) money is it worth?

    4. NICUs can do amazing things these days, but I’m sorry to hear that it sounds like you are going to need one.

      Best of luck. Seriously. We’re pulling for all three of you.

    5. Maybe you could do the reverse, have a fundraising drive. “Let’s collect $500 or else the baby’s middle will be Mary.”

      1. I can’t, in good conscience, ever let my baby be named Mary. In fact, I’d name her Honey Boo Boo before naming her Mary.

        1. Well duh, but you didn’t have to say that out loud. There goes your 500 bucks.

        2. Wow,, careful now – next you’ll start thinking Jamie Oliver’s kids have sane names and then it’s all over:

          Mrs Oliver, whose other three children are Poppy Honey Rosie, ten, Daisy Boo Pamela, nine, and Buddy Bear Maurice, two, told Gurgle magazine: “They all have more than one name because I couldn’t decide.

          “I’m not sure where Petal Rainbow came from – apparently it’s a My Little Pony! I wanted to call her Rainbow but Jamie told me to calm down.

    6. Our first was 6 wks early and in the NICU for about 3+ weeks. Fortunately everything turned out OK for him. My prayers are with you guys.

    7. I recommend “the”

  41. this entire thread gets a troll-o-meter=.001

    hth, bigorati

  42. Attention: Kate’s tits. NSFW


    1. Great body.

    2. Is he putting lotion on her sphincter?

      1. It puts the lotion on its sphincter…

    1. At least he’s dead now, and hopefully has a grave to piss on. Bud Adams hasn’t done me even that courtesy yet.

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