Election 2012

Gary Johnson, Other Libertarians, Make Montana Races Squeakers

Voters seem to be open to candidates who will leave them the hell alone


PPP's newest poll of the Montana Senate race finds Jon Tester with a small lead over Denny Rehberg, 45-43. Libertarian Dan Cox is polling at 8%, and 3% of voters remain undecided.  This is the second survey in a row where we have found Tester with the lead. In late April he was up 48-43. …

Montana's a state where Gary Johnson may have a bigger impact than other places. When he's included he polls at 7% and since he pulls more from Romney than Obama he pushes Mitt's lead down to a 46-43 margin. Montana hasn't received the kind of attention it did in 2008 as a state that Obama could possibly win, but it looks like he's at least headed for a competitive loss there again this time around.