Embassy Assault Fallout, Illegal Drink Names, Chicago Strike Ultimatums: P.M. Links


  • So who is the guy behind the Ed Wood-esque anti-Muslim movie that led to the deadly assault on America's embassy in Libya? His name is allegedly Sam Bacile, but now there's questions about who he actually is.

  • A Libyan doctor who attempted to treat U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens following the attack on the embassy said he died of severe asphyxiation.
  • Protests against the movie and America have spread to the Gaza Strip.
  • As Washington, D.C., politicians denounce the way some Middle Easterners have responded to speech they deem offensive, officials ordered a bar in the very same city to stop serving a drink with a satirically offensive name meant to mock Marion Barry's comments about immigrants.
  • Mitt Romney has criticized the way Barack Obama's administration has handled the response to rioting and violence in Libya and Cairo. White House officials responded that Romney's attacks were out of bounds in the midst of a diplomatic crisis. Hey, remember when everybody mocked Sen. John McCain when he suggested that the campaigning for the 2008 election should temporarily stop to hammer out our economic problems?
  • Chicago is allegedly throwing down the gauntlet in front of the striking teachers unions and will not back down on its teacher evaluation plans.
  • A poll shows 90 percent of all fliers giving the Transportation Security Administration fair or low marks. Presumably the other 10 percent enjoy being fondled in public.

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