Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Ponders Shift in TV Ad Strategy

Some Democrats don't think she's doing enough


Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — amid growing unrest from party activists and leaders — is facing pressure to make a major shift in her television advertising with a new series of commercials that seek to soften her image, while focusing more directly on her GOP rival, Senator Scott Brown.

According to top Democratic leaders in Massachusetts, Warren campaign advisers are considering a new strategy that will be aimed at toning down what those leaders call the preachy tone that has dominated her ads until now. Instead, some of the spots would rely more on the voices of voters from all walks of life describing what Warren's supporters say is the warm personality of a popular university professor. They would also zero in on Brown, acknowledging that while he is a likable public figure, he is not the moderate Republican that he makes himself out to be.

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  1. Wow, even “party leaders” have noticed the preachy tone of every word that comes out of her mouth? “I’m from the government, so I know better than you. Vote for me, so I can force you to do what I know is best.”

    What I want to hear her clarify is: what is her position on roads? Are they important? Can only the government build them? Given the current state of the roads, is it really wise to hold them up as the shining example of what the Government can do if we only turn over enough of our money to them?

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