U.S. Debt Worries Everybody, Thomas Szasz Dead at 92, Krugman Plays the Zombie Card: P.M. Links


  • Dear America: If you don't get a handle on this debt thing, we are so going to ding your credit rating. Love, Moody's.

  • The German government isn't happy about U.S. debt, either.
  • Thomas Szasz, who challenged the concept of mental illness without a physical cause, and warned that such diagnoses could be abused for coercive purposes, is dead at 92.
  • Paul Krugman accused Rand Paul of being brainwashed by zombies for asserting, quite correctly, that federal government employment is up under Obama. One of these days, we'll discover that Krugman is a performance artist …
  • Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his country will blow up Iran if it wants to and there's nothing the U.S. can do about it. Now just you wait a minute, young man …
  • Money from Medicare fraud was being laundered through Cuba's state bank.
  • Is that a monkey in your underwear, or are you just happy— Oh. So it is a monkey.

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