Election 2012

After Obama Visit, Pizza Reviews Get Political

C'mon, folks. Is it good pie or not?


If you're looking for pizza in Fort Pierce, Fla., Yelp (YELP) reviewers offer up Frank and Al's (whose sole reviewer calls it "the best in Fl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") and Votino's Pizza Kitchen (both Yelpers give five stars and recommend a sandwich called "the gondola"). Then there's the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant, which this morning had 2,500 reviews and counting—and the least helpful Yelp profile in history.

Big Apple had just two reviews on Yelp (both five stars and more than two years old) before President Obama made an unannounced campaign stop there Sunday. Big Apple owner Scott Van Duzer, a registered Republican who supports Obama, landed in the spotlight after his enthusiastic presidential bear hug. It didn't take long for partisans to turn Big Apple's Yelp profile into the kind of morass familiar to, um, anyone who has ever read Internet comments.