Tattoos Protected Speech, Privatizing Rail, Obama's Latest Overreach: P.M. Links


  • Free speech and the right to bare arms.

    An Arizona court has ruled that tattoos are protected by the First Amendment. The ruling is connected to a city denying a tattoo parlor a business permit.

  • Republicans have called for a privatization of rail and an end to subsidies to Amtrak.
  • The wife of a former German president is suing Google over the search engine's autocomplete feature in connection with rumors of prostitution. Just imagine what will happen if every single celebrity ever finds out about this.
  • Italy's economy shrank a little bit more than previously estimated.
  • A third camper has died from the Hantovirus due to exposure at Yosemite National Park. Eight people have been stricken by the rodent-borne virus.
  • Protests in Hong Kong may have stopped the implementation of "patriotism" classes, but pro-Beijing parties cleaned up in local elections due to a divided democratic movement.
  • The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 may have stalled, but President Barack Obama is preparing to implement it anyway.

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  1. The ruling is connected to a city denying a tattoo parlor a business permit.

    We need a Tramp Stamp Act.

    1. Do we tax the giver or receiver of the Tramp Stamp?

      1. Taxing the ink would be like a Stupid Tax for both parties. No tattoo ever helped a chick look hot.

          1. That is nasty.

            I was imprinted by 70’s Playboy and Penthouse and this shit has gotten ridiculous.

            1. That is nasty.

              Well, we finally agree on something.

              Why ruin beautiful female flesh with a fucking ink stain? I just don’t get it.

            2. I was imprinted by 70’s Playboy and Penthouse …

              So you like big bushes, pointy breasts, and feathered hair?

              1. OK, I spit on my keyboard a little bit at that comment. Nicely done.

        1. It still baffles me that people think being tatted up like a prison thug is “attractive.”

        2. Oh god, I agree with buttplug on something.

          This must be what going mad feels like.

    2. Careful, that will lead to a revolution, and they’ll have all the badasses.

    3. Those two actually work at the Reason Foundation…

      1. Now you understand why the jacket.

    4. Hmm. I might have a serious question. When is the first lawsuit for wrongful termination for getting a swastika and penis tattoo on your face.

      1. Dude, we used a Sharpie and that’s supposed to teach you not to pass out drunk at a party.

  2. An Arizona court has ruled that tattoos are protected by the First Amendment. The ruling is connected to a city denying a tattoo parlor a business permit

    But… but… But Kommerce Klaus!

  3. I just got back from vacation, so I don’t know if this was already posted on Hit and Run:…..ty-workers

    Fucking unbelievable.

    1. Nothing is remotely unbelievable about that.

      1. Plus, it’s Rochester.

    2. That’s actually not surprising at all.

      The thing about automated ticketing systems, like the one described in Rochester, is that they send the traffic violation to the register owner of the vehicle. Which raises obvious problems and (in CA anyway) was made the tickets unenforceable.

      Furthermore, if the offending vehicle is registered to an incorporated entity there is literally no cost effective way to send the ticket, the infraction, to the actual driver. You could enforce the ticket against the vehicle registrant. However, that is nothing more than a circle jerk when the registrant is the entity that collects the fines for the infraction.

  4. Italy’s economy shrank a little bit more than previously estimated.

    Like-a the fusilli bucati in the boiling a-water. Aaaee!

  5. A third camper has died from the Hantovirus due to exposure at Yosemite National Park.

    They should sue the park’s owner.

    1. Consider yourself served.

  6. The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 may have stalled, but President Barack Obama is preparing to implement it anyway.

    Because, just in case your elected representatives who I’m bypassing with this move haven’t already told you, Fuck You, That’s Why.

    1. You must be mistaken. He pledged to end signing statements.

    2. Smithers! Release the drones.

    3. Hey, if you can do it for the Dream Act, you can do it for other shit too.

  7. The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 may have stalled, but President Barack Obama is preparing to implement it anyway.

    At least he’s against signing statements!

    1. Oh, FoE. You got so very PWN’D. Does it sting?

      1. You can’t talk to me like that. I got first comment. Anything that happens after that is meaningless. FIRST. COMMENT. I’m King Cheese on this post.

        1. get over yourself. you aint king here. you don’t speak for anybody, and you can go back to your stupid pop culture references, contentless posts, and meaningless, uninspired sad little life, ok?


          1. It’s not POWERLIFTING, you dope, it’s weightlifting. You are such a sad little insecure man.

            1. I’m just going to keep posting grammatically retarded walls of text in a dead or dying thread to prove to you I have a super life, OK?

              Just a few dozen more posts…

              1. I’m beginning to suspect you two are using my comment as a springboard to attack someone else. This is supposed to be a safe place, free of judgment, where all viewpoints are equal.

                1. all viewpoints are equal


                2. wow . star trek. that’s so cool

                  foe … continuing his teenage years for all to see

                3. This is supposed to be a safe place, free of judgment, where all viewpoints are equal.

                  All viewpoints are equally subject to mockery, perhaps.

                  1. “And some are just natural jumpers.”

  8. Wingnuts cancel Birther Gala

    Not even the promise of crooner Pat Boone singing oldies from a spinning stage could save what was intended to be the premier birther event of the year later this month in Arizona.

    Organizers of the gala, which would have featured Boone alongside Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and some of the nation’s other prominent conspiracy theorists, broke the news online Friday that it was canceled “due to inadequate ticket sales.”


    1. “due to inadequate ticket sales.”

      This is obviously proof that the birthers are everywhere.

    2. I thought that said Birther Gaia, which I was really enjoying imagining. Too bad.

  9. I thought the tattoo issue was already settled on a federal level.
    Johnny Anderson v City of Hermosa Beach…..-56914.pdf

  10. Is there a commissioner of a sports league with a more punchable face than Goodell? God, I hate that prick. Sanctimonious while at the same time sweeping under the rug the fact that for all his piety, he and the media (which never criticize the NFL as much as they should and always tow the party line so they don’t lose TV contracts) were all for glorifying NFL violence until a few years ago when suddenly it was, “Oh, shit, these guys have severe brain damage.”

    And I think Gooddell is going to end up causing a massive labor stoppage by the players. And, seriously, I don’t blame them. The guy is insanely arbitrary in his handling of suspensions and fines, and creates new rules whenever it satisfies him to do so. I think eventually, he’s just going to piss the players off so badly that they don’t care about a few missed paychecks.

    Seriously, such a douchenozzle.

    1. That’s all well and good, but the Seahawks almost didn’t choke yesterday. Now that’s news.

      1. They fucked me in the pick’em. Along with both Manning brothers and RGIII. Seriously? The Redskins might be relevant?

    2. Meanwhile the NCAA is penalizing innocent kids who were in grade school when some douchebag assistant coach was showering with young boys after hours in the team locker room.

      1. No, the NCAA gave those kids the opportunity to transfer to a decent, non-pedophile-supporting school without penalty. The NCAA is punishing the institution that prioritized a child-rapist over his victims.

        1. Does the school where they transfer have to PROVE they’re non-pedophile-supporting? That could be difficult. The Penn State culture of coverup is not unique. The fact that they covered up pedophilia was sick and it was shocking, but the general approach is SOP.

    3. Is there a commissioner of a sports league with a more punchable face than Goodell?

      Jesus, I was sweating after the first few words. Especially after putting a peat down on you in Week 1 of the JsubD.

      1. Going in, I was really hopeful that the Vikings weren’t lying when they said they’d use Gerhart a lot. But apparently, Toby Gerhart is too white to be a featured RB.

        That’s right, sloop- I lost to you because of racism!

      2. I may not win fantasy this year. But Graham Gano is sure as hell gonna avenge it.

        1. I may not win week 1, but I’ll win some other week

          1. That was actually a reference to my Pick ‘Em team name.

        2. What, are the Violent Femmes going to play at your “I lost Fantasy football” party?

          1. That’s harsh.

    4. I submit to you Gary Bettman

    5. Is there a commissioner of a sports league with a more punchable face than Goodell?


      1. oh my god, yes, Stern. The NBA channel is ate up with cause ads of late, begging money for one left-wing activist group after another.

        1. See, Stern has become to me at this point like Vince McMahon. He ate up the boos during the draft for god’s sake.

          He totally rigged the lottery in New Orlean’s favor.

          I may love watching the Bulls, and was a kid at the best time to be a Bulls fan, but the NBA is increasingly comic in its officiating and general veracity as a sport.

        2. What the fuck is an “NBA”?

          1. it’s the place where the game that used to be known as basketball has gone to die.

              1. No, Portland.

  11. Spin off the Rio Norte line, as a proof of concept.

  12. I am all for fully deregulating, privatizing, and eliminating all government involvement in passenger rail, but I am also all for fully deregulating, privatizing, and eliminating all government involvement in highways and all other transportation. Which happens first, I don’t give a fuck. You can’t use “how can you support subsidized highways and not rail” on me, because I don’t support either.

    1. amtrak is a senators toy, not a company. and god forbid you tell a senator to give up his toys.

    2. I think you came to the wrong site, if your looking for that argument. If you would like some abuse, however…


    3. There’s a difference, of course, between highways and a railroad company.

      I see no reason why one couldn’t say “I support government involvement in the building and maintenance of highways, but oppose government support for companies that use the highways.”

      1. Supporting government involvement in highways is support for subsidizing the interests that use the highways, who have an advantage over companies who construct their own infrastructure. This is the kind of argument I came here for.

  13. All that being said, Charles Pierce is still insufferable.…

    And, of course, his league opens its regular season while engaging in a massive nationwide act of consumer fraud, using scab referees in games that count in the standings, and for which people paid to attend, and, most important, in games that people (I am told) wager on, for reals.

    1. Is the parenthetical really necessary? There is this place called Caesar’s where I’ve even seen it with my own eyes.

      1. It’s this dumb, cutesy thing people have started doing with football gambling.

        “If gambling were legal, I would take the points on…”


        You know, this wasn’t an issue back in the 50s- it was assumed that you may know a guy if you wanted to put some money on a team. I don’t know if its sportswriters that have changed, or our culture, or maybe its just that the government now considers this an affront, or all three.

        I think the gov. definitely plays a role though- by gambling when it is not allowed, you are defying the great and mighty state, and depriving it of revenue.

        1. Oh, well in that case, *barf*.

          Good to know sportswriters can acknowledge that bookmaking exists, but can’t perhaps include how retarded it is that it’s mostly illegal.

          Do they still print the line on each game in newspapers? Do they write FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY underneath them?

          1. I’ve seen “Las Vegas line”. Because, of course, no one bets in Peoria.

            1. Unless you can make it down to the tavern at the corner of…oh, wait.

  14. Lastly, it has been getting really creepy the way Feministing and Jezebel have gone from, “Voting Democrat because we have spent 2 months going full on hate-mode towards Romney and now Ryan, culminating in the convention” to “We are now fully in the tank for the Democrats because they talked about abortion and Obama got hugged on stage by his family.”

    It’s really fucking creepy.

    Also, related note: Sandra Fluke should totally tithe some of her future income as a professor of something that gets regular spots on liberal talk shows to Rush, correct? I mean, that woman has a political career solely because he said some mean things about her, and she didn’t build that on her own, right?

    1. Of course it’s creepy, the TEAMs are slowly but surely morphing into cults.

      1. TEAM RED seems more like a multi-level marketing scheme, and TEAM BLUE is more like a cult.

  15. Its pretty sweet that I can start typing almost any celebrity or politician’s name in Google, and it will automatically complete the name and include ‘gay’ as a possible search term I might be interested in.

  16. Jay-Z criticizes anti-capitalist message of Occupy. I really like how he’s made money selling Occupy themed merchandise to these people.

    1. About 90% of Dems think OWS anti-capitalists are idiots.

      These nuts are real anti-capitalists in the strict sense of the term.

      I have to add that here – because anti-capitalism on HnR means supporting a token regulation or two.

      1. And pro-capitalism to liberals means the government owning GM, using bakruptcy laws to bail out Chrysler unions at the expense of bondholders, and generally using bute politcal force to get the results they want in all situations.

      2. Where do you meet these 90% of Dems?

        Seems like the Team Blue people I know think even the most egregious idiots in OWS are doing God’s work.

        1. I worked in high-tech for 20 years. Go to Apple, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others and they are filled with liberals earning bucks who love capitalism.

          My company’s meglomaniac CEO is a liberal (Oracle).

          Creative people are most likely liberal. Stoop into the gutter of business to find the conservatives.

          1. Larry Ellison and his ilk are the worst types of liberals. If they want govt squander their money, let them; but, when they think it should squander everyone’s, that’s a bit much.

          2. These are called limo liberals, and they are nothing new. And are you saying that creative people work for Microsoft? That’s news to anyone who has actually followed the company over the past 20 years.

          3. Creative people are most likely liberal. Stoop into the gutter of business to find the conservatives.

            And yet most engineers are libertarian. But I don’t guess you consider that a creative profession, do you?

            1. Engineers have to make stuff that actually works. “Creative people” hate being so constrained.

              1. Yup. It’s so much easier to not have constraints like reality to deal with.

                This also explains electoral success in this country, doesn’t it?

          4. In the Bay Area, “Democrat” is the default label, like “Catholic” in Italy.

            I’m talking about places where people choose their political alignments, not where they’re just born into the Democratic Party and haven’t had a conversion experience.

            1. How about Nebraska and Berkshire Hathaway then?

              The GOP disgusts rational people.

              1. I thought you said conservatives were in the gutter and then you bring up Warren Buffett as an example of the opposite? Jesus H. Christ! He’s like the worst cronyist out there in modern history.

                1. Buut, buutt but, Koch!

      3. Re: Palin’s Buttplug,

        About 90% of Dems think OWS anti-capitalists are idiots.

        And that is just your guess. Imagine how many of them are there really.

        I have to add that here – because anti-capitalism on HnR means supporting a token regulation or two.

        No, supporting a regulation or two turns you into an arrogant bastard who presumes to know better than everybody else. But not particularly anti-capitalistic.

      4. About 90% of Dems can’t distinguish between corporatism and capitalism. The rest think corporatism is awesome.

  17. I tried posting this earlier, but it looks like the squirrels not only ate it but logged me out.

    I got back from vacation. The TSA must think I’m sexy because they groped me three times; their standards must be low. Oh right, that goes without saying.

    I went through security at three airports (MHT, CVG, and AUS). I refused the porno scanner at each, and got groped. I didn’t get the twenty questions routine. I noted that unless you were of a special class, everyone that went through security without going through the porno scanner got groped. The special classes appeared to be: families with small children, military personnel in uniform, and the elderly.

    Interestingly enough, at AUS the TSA didn’t run me through the metal detector, but at MHT and CVG I had to go through the metal detector.


    Rare photo of Emily Dickinson found.

    1. She looks kind of like the Fluke chick.

    2. That glassy stare is the 19th century ducklips.

    3. Love ? is anterior to Life –
      Posterior ? to Death –
      Initial of Creation, and
      The Exponent of Earth –

      1. To think if they had just had valium back in those days all of that beautiful, tortured poetry would have likely never been written.

        1. You can sing Emily Dickinson’s ‘Death’ to the tune of Gilligan’s Island, which has to be the most useful fact I’ve ever learned from reading xkcd.

          1. A movie star…and the rest…

            Fuck, can’t stop singing it now.

            1. OMG, no. “And the rest” was deprecated in favor of “the Professor and Mary Ann.”

          2. I heard you could sing all of her poetry to the, “I’d like to buy the World a Coke, and keep it company” jingle.

            Try it. It works.

            1. “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

          3. Amazing Grace also fits the Gilligan’s Island theme.

    4. who’s the Dog
      and Why? is she
      dressed like a Fag.

  19. Steroid use among police officers has been an issue across North America for some time. This summer, body-builder and convicted drug dealer Reiner Ruska told a Hamilton court that he had many police officers among his clients who purchased steroids and in turn provided Ruska with information about investigations and assisted him with tickets.…..69855.html

    1. Roid rage is a myth. Other than that, fuck dunphy.

      1. HUGS NOT DRUGS!

      2. I wonder if it comes from the confusion of anabolic vs. cortico steroids. Cortico steroids will definitely negatively affect your mood.

    2. He’s gonna have an accident being transferred to prison.

    3. Back in high school in the early 90s, we had an all-conference linebacker who was obviously a juice-head. The guy weighed about 240 pounds (by comparison, his brother who played center, weighed 185), possessed a voice with the same pitch as Donald Duck’s nephews, and was massively strong, but it wasn’t defined muscle.

      Fast forward 20 years, and he’s now a cop in the local police department and fat as a walrus.

    4. “troll-o-meter=.001″*

      *It does deserve the ellipses, right?

    5. When I worked for FLDOC (on contract!) we had several guards go down for running a steroid ring, in which, I believe they were buying them from prisoners.

  20. The Wall Street Journal on the disturbing case of Brandon J. Raub, who was abducted by the Virginia state police and Federal agents and forcibly committed to a psych ward.

  21. Smoking pot linked to testicular cancer?

    The men of South Park, CO had it wrong! They don’t need testicular cancer to get pot. They need pot to get testicular cancer!

    1. According to Tom Green, whacking off caused his testicular cancer.

      1. If that’s so, every man is in trouble!

        1. Even the 2% who are lying.

      2. They said that it would make my hand turn black and fall off!

  22. the executive order … would put the Department of Homeland Security in charge of conducting privacy assessments of the information that the government collects.

    Um, let me guess. The White House will be in charge of conducting privacy assessments of info collected about DHS employees.

  23. The new CNN ORC poll has Obama up on Romney 52 to 46 among likely voters. But then it has Romney ahead by 14 points among independents. WTF? No one could be ahead by 14 points among independents and still be behind. Cant’ fucking happen.…..ina-trinko

    1. CNN counts its poll results the same way the white house does its budget numbers.

    2. Gallup has Obama up by four and with a 52% favorable.

      Even right-wing Rasmussen has Obama up by four.

      Obama leads eight of the nine swing states. Will you kill yourself when Romney loses?

        1. Go back to Free Republic where they/you wanted Santorum, you dipshit.

      1. Re: Palin’s Buttplug,

        Will you kill yourself when Romney loses?

        Not me, I am all for it – he won’t be able to blame his predecessor when the shit hits the fan (that is, right after QE3 fizzles out.)

        That will put the final nail in the coffin of Keynesian interventionism once and for all – or, at least, we will come closer to that with an Obama 2nd term than with a Romney administration because, if Romney wins, the media will blame Romney seven ways to Sunday for the Greater Great Depression instead of blaming his predecessor.

        1. Nope. We’ll be told Obama didn’t adhere to “true” Keynesian ideas.

          1. That and the insidious republican conspiracy thwarted him.

    3. What’s the most ridiculous thing about all this is that a president as incompetent as Obama has been, should be polling above 30%. Seriously, any president who has been as terminally bad as this one has been would be getting his ass bounced out PDQ, but he polls ahead of his challenger? Fuck me.

      Was Carter polling this high, 2 months before the election?

      1. Yes. Carter was up all the way into October.

      2. Dumbya fell to an all-time low poll of 18% in 2008 during the financial crisis.

        The electorate knows more about bad presidents than you do – you moronic tampon eater.

        1. What do you care if the tampons he eats are smart or not? Fucking bigot.

          1. I know when a low-info wingnut shows up by his Carter comments.

            Carter did nothing as POTUS except deregulate. He should be an LP hero.

            You stupid rednecks are taught by redneck AM radio to say “Carter” without knowing how to critique his scant policy.

            1. Carter did nothing as POTUS except deregulate.

              Public Law 96-185. Yup, a libertarian hero signed that shit, setting the stage for an even bigger bailout 30 years later. Libertarian hero cred, rigght there.

              1. A minor infraction 1/700 of TARP – and Bush still worst by 700 times.

                1. And Obama voted against TARP, and used the super powers of the unitary executive that he denounced, and then embraced to circumvent it, right?

        2. bush was not running in ’08. In ’04, however, he was above 50%.

          1. I’m glad Bush won in 2004 so that we could see how bad eight years of GOP is.

            1. Oh shit, you got us good Buttplug! Those of us here at NationalReview are gonna be hurting from th…

              Wait a minute, this isn’t NationalReview? FreeRepublic? WeeklyStandard? No, then shut the fuck up and go troll those assholes.

              1. I have the right to tell some dumbass that thinks an LPish Carter the worst to fuck go himself.

                Carter was more LP than any POTUS since Coolidge as he deregulated three big swaths of our economy, didn’t start a war and didn’t raise individual tax rates.

                1. True, but you’re confusing two subthreads, retard. I never said shit about Carter but was commenting about your glee at Bush the Lesser getting a second term so you and your dumbass lefty pals could blame him for everything from the recession to the falling of the wall at Jericho.

                  Listen closely: almost none of us are Team Red cheerleaders.* We generally despise Bush and his moronic policies as much as we hate Obama’s. They are a pair of nitwits. Why you don’t seem to get that is fucking beyond my powers of reasoning.

                  *Why you would feel the need to troll a small minority on this site by making outrageous statements and applying labels to most of us incorrectly is a mystery.

                  1. He’s in it for the smug he feels erecting his straw men.

                  2. that’s just how he argues – poorly.

      3. Higher.

        Dukakis, also.

        1. So, polls are shit.

  24. The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 may have stalled, but President Barack Obama is preparing to implement it anyway.

    Didn’t the big 0 have some rather specific things to say about BOOOSH using Executive orders to circumvent congress? Apparently he’s every the lying shitbag hypocrit I always took him for.

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  25. Gay couple sues Massachusetts church after it refuses to sell them a mansion, supposedly out of concern that it may be used to host gay weddings.

    1. The gays do realize that there are more religious people than there are of them, and eventually picking fights with religion will be a losing battle?

      1. Or why can’t they just issue a statement saying that while they’re disappointed with the church’s decision, they ultimately understand that it’s a contentious issue for them and that the church, like any other property owner, should have the discretion to sell to whomever the want.

        I think that would give the gay rights crowd more popularity, wouldn’t it?

        1. Because the gay rights movement doesn’t give a shit about anyone else’s rights. Their rights trump yours, end of story.

        2. I don’t know if most gay people support this kind of suit.

          Even if 99% of gays were against such shenanigans, the law lets the remaining 1% file this sort of suit – in order to defend the dignity of gays everywhere.

          1. And the goal of such suits isn’t popularity, but forced acquiescence.

    2. That was just a cover for the true concern about hosting animal weddings.

    3. Gay couple sues Massachusetts church after it refuses to sell them a mansion,

      Private property rights – how does that work, again???

  26. Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?

    Russian Arms Legend in Trouble…..53915.html

    1. Some form of idiot wrote that article.

    2. How do you lose money making AKs? The branding on the product is incredible.

      Also, I used to work with a guy who had a signed copy of Kalashnikov’s autobiography. His wife had lived in the same Russian city.

      1. Re: BakedPenguin,

        How do you lose money making AKs?

        You make them more expensively than your competition. That’s how.

        1. That and your biggest users counterfeit them.

          What, you think the Chinese are going to start paying for licencing just because Russia turned capitalist?

          1. Be careful of the ones that Kalashnikov spelled incorrectly on them. You know it’s a knockoff.

            1. The ones spelled Karashnikov are obviously Chinese.

              1. The Afghan militias always gave the Chinese knockoffs to their worst troops – figured they wouldn’t lose any good weapons when they ran away or lost ’em.
                How piss poor at quality control do you have to be , to be outperformed by the Soviets?!

  27. Class warfare:
    His business empire makes some of the most iconic products in France, so when the country’s richest man announced he would take Belgian citizenship it was bound to ruffle feathers. But when set against the backdrop of a controversial new wealth tax, criticism of Bernard Arnault quickly turned toxic.
    In a jarring front page Monday, the daily newspaper Lib?ration said “Get lost, rich bastard.” It was a play on a comment by former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who said “get lost, poor bastard” at someone who refused to shake his hand.…..le4532993/

    1. So France will hold an “insult the Belgians” contest?

      1. How many times can they say that word in a serious screenplay, though?

        1. Enough to win an award! The Norwegians will counter with one for fiord design.

  28. lol, wow I never thought about it like that dude.

    1. Learn SEO best practices. Stop posting your link to “Do-Not-Follow” comment threads, they do you no good. And ditch the Tokelau domain registry, it makes you look illegitimate (which I’m convinced you are since your business address is a UPS store in Bartow, FL). To top it all off, you’re padded keyword density and poorly written content make you a pariah to Google SERPs.

      1. Since LimpoSimpo retired, the anonobots have really slid downhill.

  29. Sir Terry Pratchett: “I thought my Alzheimer’s would be a lot worse than this by now”
    With a new book just out, Britain’s highest profile Alzheimer’s sufferer and right-to-die campaigner, Sir Terry Pratchett, tells Elizabeth Grice how his diagnosis has given him a new lease of life.…..y-now.html

    1. Finish the third Moist von Lipwig book then, you bastard!

      But, seriously, love me some Terry Pratchett.

  30. This is almost as much fun as Dear Prudence.

    How do you deal with an irrational parent? I’m 30 years old and have been living back at home with my parents while I train for a new career.
    The three of us were getting on well until last weekend when I invited a girl friend (a friend who happens to be a girl) from Belgium to stay for the weekend while my parents were away. Nothing happened between us, but when I told my parents my father almost had a heart attack. He said he couldn’t believe I would invite girls to stay “unchaperoned” and that my behaviour was undignified and a disgrace.

    1. one way of dealing with such parents is having your own place. While their rules seem a bit arcane, particularly for a 30-year old, this is a 30-year old living with mommy and daddy.

      1. Or you can do what they do in countries where it is common for people to live with their family until they’re married….use a hotel.

    2. How do you deal with an irrational parent? Moving the fuck out of his house would be a good start.

  31. Republicans have called for a privatization of rail and an end to subsidies to Amtrak.

    But swear to keep the popular features under a new and improved system!

  32. Check out this shit.

    The comments are about 50% “cop should be in trouble”, 25% “I can’t tell what happened” and 25% “too bad he didn’t waste him”

    1. Threadwinning comment: Posted by lawman1214 on Thursday, September 06, 2012 01:10 AM Pacific Report Abuse
      You guys are overreacting a little, don’t you think? He just forgot to index his finger before pistol whipping the suspect. This is simply a training issue regarding pistol whipping with a three finger /thumb grip and the index finger properly placed parallel to the trigger guard along the frame. This is what happens when you take a cop’s sap gloves away! For you youngens’ those were deerskin gloves with powdered lead sewn in around the outline of the fingers. and thumb. This was a highly effective tool but far to politically incorrect in today’s law enforcement of social justice for the criminals.:”)

      dunphy would be so proud…

      1. Fuck you, sloopy. Quit ruining my evenings with this shit.

            1. That made my evening better.

    2. Did Prince George’s County hire Stasi as cop trainers after the Berlin Wall fell?

      1. Did you expect them to remain arbeitlose forever?!

  33. Are any of you big readers of the fantasy genre? If so, this might appeal to you.

    Warning: this video will not appeal to anybody.

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