Tattoos Protected Speech, Privatizing Rail, Obama's Latest Overreach: P.M. Links


  • An Arizona court has ruled that tattoos are protected by the First Amendment. The ruling is connected to a city denying a tattoo parlor a business permit.

  • Republicans have called for a privatization of rail and an end to subsidies to Amtrak.
  • The wife of a former German president is suing Google over the search engine's autocomplete feature in connection with rumors of prostitution. Just imagine what will happen if every single celebrity ever finds out about this.
  • Italy's economy shrank a little bit more than previously estimated.
  • A third camper has died from the Hantovirus due to exposure at Yosemite National Park. Eight people have been stricken by the rodent-borne virus.
  • Protests in Hong Kong may have stopped the implementation of "patriotism" classes, but pro-Beijing parties cleaned up in local elections due to a divided democratic movement.
  • The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 may have stalled, but President Barack Obama is preparing to implement it anyway.

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