Police Chief in China to be Charged in Murder Case

Is accused of helping cover up Neil Heywood's murder by wife of Chinese party official


Wang Lijun, 52, has been charged with "bending the law for selfish ends, defection, abuse of power and bribe-taking," according to Xinhua, the state news agency.

His lawyer, Wang Yuncai (no relation), said she expected to receive the notice of his trial next week. Mr Wang is almost certain to be found guilty: over 98 per cent of criminal cases in China end with a conviction.

Xinhua noted that the "facts related to Wang Lijun's crimes were clear" and that "the evidence was concrete and abundant".

Mr Wang's trial will pave the way for the Communist party to reach a resolution on Bo Xilai, the former Party secretary of Chongqing and the police chief's former boss.