Democratic Convention 2012

DNC Chair Villaraigosa Declares Super-Majority Supports Party Platform Amendment Minutes After Failing To Actually Get Super-Majority


Although Democrats adopted a plank supporting the constitutional overturning of Citizens United for the sake of democracy, they managed to ignore their own party rules and delegate voices this afternoon when amending the party platform. DNC Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa announced the party required a two-thirds vote to amend the party platform. However, minutes after failing to reach the threshold after three separate votes, he awkwardly moved forward and declared the two-thirds threshold had been reached.

The party got itself into an earlier controversy when pundits learned the Democratic platform had changed in two significant ways from 2008. As CNN reports: 

"Democrats omitted the word "God" from their 2012 platform, a change from the party's 2008 document and a noticeable split from Republicans, who mention God ten times in their official party stance…The party also removed a 2008 reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a diplomatic flashpoint that Republicans decried as a slight to the Jewish state."

As a result of the controversy, the Democratic Party aimed to amend their platform this evening, both to include a mention of God and affirming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

DNC Chair Villaraigosa read the two amendments to the Democratic delegates and led the vote.

Amendment 1

Page 32, Line 48: We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.

Amendment 2

Page 63, Line 26: Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.

Villaraigosa announced that the matter required a two-thirds vote in the affirmative to be adopted into the platform, but was perplexed by the response.

"The matter requires a two-thirds vote in the affirmative. All those delegates in favor say 'aye' all those delegates opposed say 'no.'"

Far from the two-thirds required, perhaps half the room yelled 'aye' while another half yelled 'no.' Villaraigosa didn't notice at first and began to announce the motion carried…

"In the opinion of the– … let me do that again. All of those delegates in favor say 'aye' all those delegate opposed say 'no.'"

Again, clearly half the room said no. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments of the convention, Villaraigosa awkwardly smiled, and paused for what seemed like too long.

"um…I guess…I'll do that one more time. All those delegates in favor say 'aye' all those delegates opposed say 'no.'"

Again, the vote fell short of two-thirds, but this time a party leader came up to Villaraigosa to encourage him and he then announced:

"In the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative; the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen."

It's ironic that a party which professes such fervent dedication to democracy blatantly ignored considerable dissent within its own ranks, even on national television. 

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  1. Spineless Democrats yield to the nutty Fox News evangelical base on Israel and “Gawd”.

    Really, that is why Dems get bowled over by flag-waving Bishpig types.

    1. hah! they can’t even follow their own rules and you blame fox. Grow up child.

      1. You have to remember the Democrat motto is “it’s somebody else’s fault.”

    2. Bush’s fault.


      I’m impressed; after four years it’s still going strong.

  2. it was Antonio Ochocinco’s understanding there would be no math or legal questions.

    1. SNL, Autumn 1976, Right?

  3. This should be the final nail in Obama’s re-election coffin.
    The Fact-Checkers will deem the vote to reinstate God in the party platform near unanimous.

  4. Why is naming the capital city of a foreign country part of the platform of an American political party? Don’t we have enough problems over here?

    1. I think it has something to do with…I actually really have no idea. Jews?

      Charlie: (to Ari) Look man, I don’t know how you guys do things in wh?what was it?

      Mac: Israel!

      Charlie: Israel, or whatever, but this is America! You can’t just come in here and steal our land from us.

      Ari: I’m pretty sure that’s how this country was founded in the first place.

      (they all stare at him in silence)

      Charlie: What are you saying?

      Mac: OK, I don’t even?I don’t know what that means. Does anybody know what that?OK, if you’re talking shit about America, man, we are gonna kick your ass.

      1. What if the Israelis say, in a few weeks, “Fuck it! We’ll just move the government out to Haifa. We’d all rather be at the beach, and Jerusalem is a PITA anyway.”

        Will the Democratic Party invade, Bay of Pigs style, to stop them?

  5. Why would the DNC have the douchebag mayor of a city that has gone from “where everyone wants to be” to “from where even illegal immigrants have fled”, as chairman?


    1. Because Sandra Fluke just doesn’t sound ethnic enough.

      1. Randian enough, you mean.

  6. RNC did the same thing last week. And I’m pretty sure that this trick has a long and noble tradition in party conventions.

  7. Worst mayor in America. I’m so proud of my city.

    1. Where was Bllomberg mentioned?

      1. Typical Northeastern bias, to think that Bloomberg is worse than Villaraigosa.

        1. Seriously. I’d become a Yankees fan if NY took Villaraigosa off our hands.

  8. Last night Reason had this on the liveblog rather than @emilyekins

  9. Just a reminder: Villaraigosa failed to pass the bar 4 times, and attended a non-accredited Marxist law school with a plumber on its seal, and a 10% rate of students passing the CA bar.

    1. Also, “People’s College of Law” has prison bars on its windows to keep thieves out.

  10. One of the most blatant examples of “Fuck you, that’s why” ever caught on film and no one calls it before now?

    1. Well this one is not just “Fuck you, that’s why,” but also just plain incompetent. Chairs steal voice votes all the time; just look at the RNC last week. But to actually call for a couple revotes, then steal it?

      It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder.

      1. Maybe there were some hanging chads that were causing confusion, I’ve heard that recounting votes isn’t really the left’s strong suit.

  11. Fuck you, because Jesus.

  12. Were I a Republican, I’d be itching to put together a clip of the voting with a “They don’t listen to the votes of their own delegates, do you think they care what you have to say?” line of text/voiceover and stick it up on the web.

    I’d also be tempted to also do a “This is what Democrats think of mentioning God in their platform” video.

    Apparently the delegates don’t quite get that the reason there’s a convention in the modern era is to promote the party, not actually listen to the opinions of delegates. Maybe the DNC can include that sort of thing in the next convention’s orientation packet.

    1. The parties would save a lot of money and hassles if they’d just use WebEx. Not that they are interested in spending less money.

      I can’t believe anyone actually watches these things that isn’t paid to watch them.

  13. Antonio Villaraigosa

    Adam Carolla has an interesting take on the guy, here:

    Functionally retarded guy running the city

  14. I think they could easily have gotten 2/3 to add the G-word. It’s the Jerusalem-as-capital-of-Israel thing which, in my view, posed the problem.

    But having linked the two issues, the leadership couldn’t back down, or else it would be all “dems refuse to add God to platform.”

    So just steal some votes – an enterprise in which I am sure they are virtual Vestal Virgins.

  15. A Masonic-Zionist plot was afoot tonight me thinks. God, Jerusalem… come on, it’s so clear.

    Ironically, more God fearing Muslims are needed to occupy the Democratic Party so that Jerusalem as capitol of Israel can be taken off the platform. Ha!

  16. Heard on the radio this morning the Fox n Friends had a shot of the teleprompter Villaraigosa was using that had the ‘right’ answer already on it before the vote was cast–anyone know anything about this?

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