Election 2012

Ron Paul Eyed for Third-Party Intent

Ticked-off as he is at his treatment by the GOP, watchers speculate that he could join or endorse the Libertarian ticket


Speculation is mounting that Texas Rep. Ron Paul will mount a third party bid for the presidency as pressure from his supporters builds ahead of his appearance Tuesday night on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

According to a report, Paul's supporters were deeply upset by how the libertarian Texas Representative was treated at the Republican National Convention last week. 300 of them joined in a conference call on Sunday night planning to urge Paul to launch a last-minute independent bid for the White House.

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  1. Whatever Ron Paul decides to do the fact remains that he ran for President for the LP in the 80’s and he has done more than most politicians to get the message of Liberty out there. If he runs for president in 2016 the Libertarian Party will be more than happy to have him run for president again as a Libertarian.

    1. Isn’t Gary Johnson running as a libertarian candidate? If Obama wins reelection, his chances are dimmer in 2016, because both sides will be even more entrenched.

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