Paul Stops Short of Endorsing Johnson, Pot Ads During DNC, Drone Strike Goes Awry: P.M. Links


  • Friends 4ever!

    Ron Paul has warm words for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson but stops short of an endorsement.

  • Advertisements in support of marijuana legalization in Colorado will run on CNN and MSNBC during the Democratic National Convention. Any bets on the likelihood of the issue being brought up in the actual convention?
  • Bulgaria has postponed its plans to join the euro because of the obvious issues.
  • A U.S. drone strike in Yemen missed its target and killed 13 civilians. Yeah, that's definitely not going to be brought up at the Democratic National Convention.
  • AntiSec hackers claim they've got 12 million unique Apple IDs they've gotten from breaching the FBI and have released a million of them. But they won't answer questions unless some guy at Gawker dresses up in a tutu.
  • Statehood for the District of Columbia is another issue that won't be brought up at the Democratic National Convention.

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