Election 2012

Join Us Tonight as Reason Live Tweets the 2012 Democratic Convention


We'e at it again, live tweeting the prime time proceedings of the Democratic convention. We'll be here tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday, tracking all the action and serving up snark, analysis, and useful links. Join us, starting at 7 p.m.

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  1. You’d better spend half the time ripping on the republicans. I want to spar with tomb-boy.

  2. Join Us Tonight as Reason Live Tweets the 2012 Democratic Convention

    Why? Flies mating would be more impactful and worth watching. Please tell me your staffers have decided to go to the convention on a lark or because they lost a bet and are traveling on their own dime.

    If you guys are wasting foundation money on the trip, it speaks of a colossal inability to prioritize resources.

  3. Tomorrow night, I think everyone will be watching football.

    If I were Romney, I’d be trying to scratch up an invite from someone with a box–and try to drop by the broadcast booth.

    He better make sure he knows more about football than Obama did about baseball, though… I wonder if Obama can name any players on his favorite baseball team yet?

    But then Romney’s a hell of a lot smarter than Obama, so I doubt he’d bumble into a broadcast booth and make that mistake.

    And it’d be a great way to steal some of the Democrat’s convention thunder–more or less on the sly. I bet a whole lot more people will be watching football tomorrow night than will be watching the Democrats burn the American flag, or whatever it is they got planned.

    1. There’s a game tomorrow?

      1. 8:30 pm Eastern on NBC.

        Dallas vs. the New York Giants in East Rutherford.

        I’ve got Victor Cruz in one league, too!

  4. 3 nights of liveblogging for the Dems after only belatedly and reluctantly covering 2 nights for the Republican convention?

    I wouldn’t expect any less of Reason

  5. Uh, the “Click Here!” link only takes me to the Reason homepage, just with a funny url.

    1. Ok, here is the URL (found the link on the homepage): https://reason.com/blog/2012/09…..-of-the-20

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