Apple Sues Again After Losing to Samsung in Tokyo Patent Trial

A California court, meanwhile, ruled for Apple last week


These foreigners can be ever so insubordinate. Samsung has just won a patent case against Apple in Japan… 

When South Korean courts ruled on a slightly different matter, both Samsung and Apple were found in breach of each others' patents. Japan sides with Samsung here, Australia and the UK largely with Samsung. Why there are even some who mutter that the US case so recently decided was influenced by a home court advantage. It could be that the general outcome of all these cases is a fragmentation of the global marketplace: with all the losses through inefficiency that would bring.

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  1. I have no love for either google or apple, but I’m inclined to prefer google after this silly fiasco. The only thing I think apple accomplished for anyone but apple is to limit choice for consumers. How the heck do you manage to patent a rectangle with rounded corners? If apple is destined to become the ma bell monopoly of the future I’m gonna invest in a tin can and string. Reception won’t be so great, but I have no intention of sinking my money into a money leech. Industry exists to create wealth and I love capitalism, but I intensely dislike bad capitalists and apple is showing it’s colors here.

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