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  1. The 10 oddest items in the GOP platform

    1) Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment! Maybe? “In any restructuring of federal taxation, to guard against hypertaxation of the American people, any value added tax or national sales tax must be tied to the simultaneous repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which established the federal income tax.”…

    1. I dont see that as odd.

      The only way the FAIR tax or some equivalent is even remotely acceptable is if the 16th amendment is overturned. Otherwise, we will end up with both a national sales tax and an income tax.

      1. And state sales tax, in almost all states. Even the most crazy-headed democrats would be butting heads with each if there were two separate sales taxes.

        1. I dont think that causes a problem, necessarily. If there is a 19% national sales tax and a 6% state, then the retailer collects 25% sales tax.

          Disclaimers abound of course, my standard one being that the only morally defensible tax is the Single Land Tax.

          1. *Eyes robc askance, starts parsing old comments for other signs of Georgism*

            1. If admitted to having Georgist tendencies in this one particular instance.

              George has a better grasp on land than any of the Lockean land ownership theories.

              Mixing labor with…bullshit. George said fruits of labor belong entirely to the laborer.

          2. The only morally defensible tax is voluntary contributions through a telethon. An Americathon, if you will.

            1. Anarchy starting to look pretty good now.

            2. That isnt a tax.

              I dont see how the SLT isnt defensible. It depends, of course, on which theory of land ownership you accept. The Georgist one is very close to the Mises one.

              1. Now you understand. No taxes, just voluntary contributions.

          3. While that’s my personal favorite, I think the best solution at the federal level is federalism.

            Eliminate individual federal taxes, and pass a fee to the states, prorating the percentage that each owes based on its representation in Congress/the Electoral College.

            The states can then experiment to find the best way to raise the necessary funds.

            1. Im okay with that.

              But I would be pushing my state to use an SLT.

              Of course, to do your solution, we have to overturn the 16th and 17th amendments, which I fully support.

              1. I’m with you. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a more organized political effort (a la FairTax) to replace the national tax code and the 16th Amendment with the SLT. It’s not only the least offensive form of taxation, it’s also the only tax with zero deadweight loss and would be naturally progressive.

                1. I think we’re reaching the point where serious tax reform will be part of the national slapfight.

                  1. I think we’re reaching the point where serious tax reform will be part of the national slapfight.

                    It’s inevitable, because there’s no way to sustain both the entitlement programs and defense spending.

                2. The “problem” with the SLT, is there is a limit to how much you can collect with it.

                  Which is why there hasnt been an organized effort behind it. Notice that the FairTax people always talk about a revenue neutral approach. I dont think that is remotely feasible with the SLT. The SLT cant exceed the “rents” from owning the property.

                  1. Problem is in quotes because I think its a feature, not a bug, but it does make selling it harder.

                  2. It’s true that revenue neutrality will be difficult with solely land taxation. One solution would be to fix the land taxes at whatever ridiculously high rate is necessary for revenue neutrality, and give citizen dividends with 90% of all future budget surpluses (use the other 10% to pay off debt principal). Suddenly surpluses will be in demand, as the more government spending is cut, the bigger the check the government returns.

                    The problem with the tax code is that the taxes are spread so thin over so many things, we don’t really see the full impact of the government spending. This is totally by design. Taxes should be extremely painful so nobody in their right mind wants to advocate for more of them.

  2. The monetary Maginot of the Gold Standard

    Quite why gold bugs think that the Gold Standard prevents asset bubbles and excess debt is beyond me. The 1920s saw US debt levels surge to around 300pc to 350pc of GDP. It is very similar to what occurred in our own Noughties up to 2008.

    This credit creation happened under the post-WWI Gold Standard. The massive build-up in Germany’s external debt in the late 1920s ? so like the Spanish build-up under the D-mark Standard (ie euro) in our own era ? was directly caused by the perverse mechanisms of the interwar gold system.

    France and the US (both undervalued on 1920s gold) had to flood the deficit countries with loans to offset their trade surpluses. When they cut off those loans ? as Germany has cut off loans to Spain today ? the result was violent economic contraction in Germany.

    1. there isnt enough physical gold in the world to back our currency in circulation. quaint yet quirky

      1. There doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you don’t know how the gold standard worked.

        1. oh look randian, over there at the docks. just look at the chinese freighters unloading our paper and reloading w our gold. a capital idea if there evah was 11!1!!!11!

          1. Did you just “Yellow Peril” the thread?


            1. You haven’t noticed the high percentage of the Democrat’s economic policies which is rooted in Yellow Peril?

      2. “there isnt enough physical gold in the world to back our currency in circulation”

        And what does this say about our currency?

        1. there isnt enough physical gold in the world to back our currency in circulation.

          Sure there is. At a different gold price, at least.

      3. There’s plenty – at $200,000 per an ounce.
        Oh you meant at some fantasy $35 range. Sure. We’ll call those Goldbacks versus our present Unicorn-backed dollars.

        1. Last figure I saw was $10,000.00/oz But that was just for US dollars not the rest of the world’s money and your point still stands.

          1. Fort Knox has 147 million ounces, or about $235 billion at $1600 an ounce. At $6,793 an ounce, it would be worth a trillion dollars, about the pre-Obama monetary base. Given that a lot of people would sell their gold at a much lower price, I don’t think it would even get that high.

  3. Anyone else suspect a false flag op?

    THE bodies of two women killed in central Russia have been found beneath a scrawled message demanding freedom for jailed members of Pussy Riot.


    1. Does anyone know where Madonna was that evening?

      1. If her body is one of the dead, what will that do to Putin’s reputation/approval?

        1. Madonna is one of the undead.

    2. That is crude enough to have Putin’s fingerprints on it – more for Russian domestic consumption, I think, than anything else.

    3. What’s this?

      THE Federal Coalition is calling for changes to existing laws – or for new tougher laws – that would better protect people from cyber-bullying and harassment.
      It follows TV host Charlotte Dawson’s hospitalisation after she was attacked by Twitter “trolls” for naming and shaming a user in News Ltd publications who had told her to hang herself.
      News Limited want members of the public to help us identify trolls who threatened and harassed Dawson and other victims of harassment online.

      A woman goes to the hospital after assault by malicious Tweets? Just what kind of country are you people running down there?

      1. Wow. This is just terrible.

        Also: if all the tweets are telling her to hang herself, are they really “threatening”? Lawyers?

        And, I cannot for the life of me figure out what word they censored here: “@MsCharlotteD Kill yourself and save us the trouble of getting you taken off the air, you worthless w***e.”

          1. Oh. I guess that makes sense. I just never thought they’d censor that…

          2. “Wookie”

        1. Some kinda made-up Australian “word”.

          1. Wombat?

          2. our best made-up word starting with W is wowser:

            The term wowser – surely one of the most impressive and expressive of Australian coinages – is used to express healthy contempt for those who attempt to force their own morality on everyone. The person who abstains from alcohol (for whatever reason) is not thereby a wowser: s/he’s just probably very fit. But when s/he tries to force everyone else to do as s/he does, then s/he is a wowser. Or as C.J. Dennis defines the term: ‘Wowser: an ineffably pious person who mistakes this world for a penitentiary and himself for a warder’.


            1. That’s a useful neologism. God knows we have enough wowsers here.

            2. I say we embrace this term up here.

            3. Wowser: Australian for douchebag.

              1. wowser . . . wanker . . pretty much covers it all

            4. Michelle Obama: Wowser Wookie

      2. Trolls on Trial

        Nice band name.

      3. A country with no commitment to free speech.

        Our Federal Government in five years has attempted or is considering:
        to create a national firewall and secret list of blocked websites
        the creation of a national regulator of the press to punish the press (and bloggers) who are not fair and reasonable
        supported section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which penalises speech which causes hurt or offence to members of a racial or ethnic group; and
        appointed a Race Discrimination Commissioner who yesterday called for such speech to be a criminal offence

        That’s just off the top of my head.

        And don’t expect the press to out up much of a fight. Here’s what one of our leading political journalists said about that troll story

        1. sorry my grammar got a bit fucked up there

          1. It’s okay. We know American isn’t your first language.

          2. Still qualifies you to write for any Newspaper in America.

        2. Wow. So how did you end up with the political views that you have?
          Is there a fairly strong political counter-culture in Australia?

          1. Where did I get my views from? Dunno. Probably just a combination of my bloody-minded personality and analytical mind. There’s definitely an older Australian streak of distrusting the Government, get on with your own business, and help out others who are doing it tough out of your own pocket. See my post above for “wowser”. My mother for example is like this – she is uninterested in politics, rarely talks about them, but seems basically libertarianish.

            There are a few self-described libertarians around, but there’s the same problem with the Liberals you have with the GOP – they mouth the right words but rarely put them into practice. The great macroeconomic reforms of the 80s which deregulated a lot of the economy were introduced by the Labor Party!

      4. Maybe they were actual trolls that used Twitter, who hunted her down and attacked her. Viral marketing for these new Shadowrun games.

    4. Well the Pussy Riot supporters did publicly cut down a cross in Ukraine. They were so stupid and crazy that they cut down a Catholic cross put up to commemorate the death of Stalin victims. This is even though the Pussy Riot claim is that they are not anti-Christian but are against Putin becoming a dictator.

      1. Becoming?

      2. I believe their bitch is that the Russian Orthodox Church has become an arm of the state being used to supress dissent. Not keeping up with internal Russian politics, I have no idea if that’s correct. But they have stated that publically.

        1. Given the fact that Russian politics is hopelessly mired in the 15th century, I have little doubt that the First Estate actively enables oppression.

  4. EBay’s Old Black Magic Will Become a Thing of the Past
    Seers Didn’t Anticipate That the Site Would Cast This Hex on Them

    Since 2010, the 50-year-old resident of Santa Clarita, Calif., has made 80% of her annual income selling as many as 60 psychic readings a month on eBay Inc., typically for about $15 each. Earlier this month, eBay said it will shut down sales of “metaphysical” goods such as spells, potions and other magical services on its namesake website. (snip)

    The San Jose, Calif., company says handling complaints was a problem when, for example, customers didn’t win the lottery after buying a spell that promised them they would, or didn’t turn into werewolves after imbibing a potion that guaranteed a transformation.

    1. Well, the only reason it didn’t work was they obviously didn’t have enough of the potion, just like the only reason the stimulus didn’t work is because we didn’t make it even bigger. I thought everyone knew how these things work.

      1. Also, they have to really believe. Any doubt causes it to fail, like Obama.

        1. So, it was Rethuglican “massive resistance” that made them fail?

    2. Doesn’t eBay know that vaginas are powerful magical devices able to, among other things, give a human being its soul?

    3. Since 2010, the 50-year-old resident of Santa Clarita, Calif., has made 80% of her annual income selling as many as 60 psychic readings a month on eBay Inc., typically for about $15 each.

      This lady survives in Santa Clarita, CA off of $1100 a month? Clearly, there’s some sort of witchcraft involved.

      1. Very real possibility: she lives in a converted school bus in the desert. No water or electricity.

        You know where Kirk battled the Gorn? Vasquez Rocks, Santa Clarita, CA. There are plenty of tar paper shacks, cinderblock bunkers, and hippie ratholes out there.

        We were filming a music video out at Vasquez Rocks (L’il Zane!), and my crew spent about 3 hours running around, doing double hand chops on each other, jumping off the rocks. It was all Kirk vs. Gorn.

        1. I lived on Zane Avenue when I was young. A friend of mine brought his Israeli bride to my house. She was blushing. He later told me that was because the word Zane sounds like a word in Hebrew that means fuck.

          1. 50 Shades of Zane Grey for the folks in Tel Aviv?

            1. Western porn. Hmmmmmm… intriguing.

        2. Does she have dial up or high speed out there?

    1. Broken levees!

    2. Right there. That is weapons-grade stupid.

      1. and yet, it passes as reasoned discourse from the left and is accepted by many as totally logical.

      2. Disaster economics is a subject worthy of more study.

        Perhaps Mr. Yglesias would volunteer his house for an experiment.

        Help the economy *and* expand our knowledge!

        1. Matty Y. has magical ‘insurance’, so no loss* there, of course.

          * well, except for all the capital that the insurance company has to shell out instead of investing. But Matty Y. clearly hasn’t read Bastiat, so *shrug*

        2. My crowbar and I would like to help.

          1. I bet we could rent a bulldozer from contractor – would leave enough time to demolish his cars too.

            1. He talks about the joys of biking to work. Probably doesn’t have a car. Having a car is just like raping Mother Gaia’s butthole with a baseball bat made out of compressed denial.

              1. Probably doesn’t have a car.

                You would be correct

                1. You would be correct

                  75 fucking MPH is too fast? The fuck? This guys is the douchiest douche to ever douche a douche. I was agape as I read that nonsense.

              2. or he doesnt have the fat

        3. I’ll go a step further and say Mr. Yglesias should volunteer his feeble body for a severe ass whooping. An economic stimulus to the health care industry!

    3. So according to Matt Yglesias, we just need to flood the homes more black people in order to fix the economy. Makes sense to me.

      1. Don’t worry though. Its not racist, because he has good intentions.

    4. Just think of the economic boom we could have if we dropped a few nukes on some large American cities.

      1. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play

        1. Zod, I love that line. Can apply it to almost anything the government does.

    5. It’s only a matter of time before some jackass like yglesias implements a stimulatory destruction plan.

      1. You mean like cash for clunkers?

        And fuck, I am looking for a winter-beater car and there is nothing out there.

    6. From the Comments:

      MY was sooooooo close to flirting with the unmentionable truth there. It is absolutely true that natural disasters are always followed by a surge in economic activities (and repatriation of foreign moneys, as seen in the japanese post-tsunami economy). What logically follows is that we should artificially sow some destruction every so often. The key is to do it entirely randomly so that nobody could foresee it or game it. So for example- one day, the army could just sweep through every starbucks and smash every laptop and Iphones in sight. This would immediately spur a huge spike in laptop/ Ipad demands. The next year, the army could destroy a bunch of foreclosed, vacant houses. This would spark a construction boom. So on and so forth.

      If you don’t think this works- just look back at the Cash-for-Clunkers program. The whole key to that program was not just retiring old cars. They sabotaged the old cars so that they could’nt even be salvaged for parts. The program pretty much destroyed a bunch of running used cars. As a result, demand surged. Used car prices went way up, and the entire domestic auto industry has been turned around. In the last 2 years, the auto sector has been a bright light in the american economy.


      1. I will never, ever understand people who think that destroying perfectly functioning goods and infrastructure is a good thing.

        1. … who simultaneously fret about the death of outdated industries, inefficient but quaint businesses, etc etc

          1. Excellent add-on. “American industry is dying…let’s nuke a random industrial park!”

            1. “Oh, Lord, we beseech you. Smite our dying industrial parks with the full force of your wrath!”

        2. Because they mistake increasing GDP which really measures economic activity with increasing wealth. So there probably will be an local increase in GDP, but it won’t add up to increasing wealth since more wealth was destroyed then created.

        3. The US did this with war production following WWII. They were afraid everyone would just layabout eating C-rats, wearing fatigues and racing P-51 Mustangs for kicks.

          1. I’d do that.

      2. In the last 2 years, the auto sector has been a bright light in the american economy.

        this clearly explains why GM remains as financially shaky as ever and is not likely to ever repay the taxpayer. And once again, these folks never bother to consider that the money consumers would be forced to spend to replace perfectly functional things could have and likely would have been used to buy new stuff.

        1. In the last 2 years, the auto sector has been a bright light in the american economy.


          Ford, $12.00/share two years ago, almost hit $19.00 share 18 months ago, trading below $10.00 now.

          GM, $34/share two years ago, almost hit $39.00 18 months ago, trading at around $22.00 now.

          I get declines of 25 – 50% over the last two years. If that’s the bright light, the rest of the economy must be a radioactive wasteland.

          1. Well they damn well better have had a spike after receiving a shitload of unearned money.

            Of course they didn’t fix the endemic problems within their companies. Huh, I wonder why they are again on the verge of bankruptcy?

          2. Meanwhile, AAPL has nearly doubled in the last year (Yay!), and GOOG has appreciated 30% over the same period. I wouldn’t poke an auto stock with a 10 foot pole.

            1. Gotta admit, picking stock is not my forte, but does the growth in Apple stock seem justified/natural to you? Anything that moves like that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

              1. Yeah, the growth in AAPL is totally fundamental. I do not trade on technicals, I invest based on fundamentals. I split the product lines up (AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, Laptops, etc.) and conservatively projected the Free Cash Flow to Equity for each product line out to 5 years. I then figured the Net Present Value of each line and recombined that to come up with the equity valuation. The share price I came up with was @ $750. So, trading at $667 today, it is still a great value (15% undervalued). AAPL hasn’t done a stock split since 2005, but I think if shares get above $700, they will have to consider it. Although they did just start paying a dividend, so maybe not. But there really is no other company out there like Apple. Great products, no debt. Pretty awesome.

                1. Although they did just start paying a dividend, so maybe not. But there really is no other company out there like Apple. Great products, no debt. Pretty awesome.

                  We’ll have to see if they can sustain it without Jobs there to whip them along. Nearly every electronic product out there right now has his stamp on it in some way, due in large part to Apple’s product innovations that he signed off on.

                  When a company whose fortunes rose and fell and rose again based on its association with one person, loses that person, it can be very difficult to sustain that momentum over the long haul. Apple might very well end up doing fine (I think they are single-handedly keeping the SP afloat right now), but they could just as easily be bankrupt in less than a decade.

                  1. True. I figure the lead time for development of their products to be at least 36 months. So there are products that Jobs signed off on that are still 24 months or longer from coming to market. I will certainly keep an eye on every new product launch, however. But I figure his influence on Apple is still good through 2014.

      3. Wow just wow. The same people who suppOrt rent control and every othe fair this or that think driving up the price of cars by destroying them is great.

      4. I dont read comment sections at other places, but hopefully the very first comment was a link to Bastiat?

        1. you’re expecting that at Slate?

          1. Not expecting, but hoping.

            1. you may have to lead the way on that front. This is the same magazine that calls Matt is biz correspondent and readers are apparently taking that designation seriously. Go on; spoil their fantasy.

              1. I refuse to enter slate comments, so I cant be the leader on this one.

                I did post on G+ that Bastiat should be required reading in high schools.

                1. Does this count?

                  Que libertarian knee-jerk citation of the oft-cited but never proven ‘broken window fallacy’

                  1. It doesn’t even need proven. It is so obvious that it challenges people to disprove it.

                    1. Actually, the math is fucking proven in one paragraph in the original Bastiat piece.

                      It was proven 162 years ago.

                      The math is fucking simple.

                      Here are initial conditions:
                      Guy A has 6 francs and a window he values at 7 francs.
                      Guy B has shoes he values at 5 francs.
                      Guy C has window he values at 5 francs.
                      Total value of economy: 23 francs.

                      Scenario one – no broken window:
                      Guy A buys shoes he values at 7 francs from B for 6 francs.
                      Guy A has a window he values at 7 francs and shoes he values at 7 francs.
                      Guy B has 6 francs.
                      Guy C has window he values at 5 francs.
                      Total value of economy: 25 francs (+2 due to trade!!!)

                      Scenario two – broken window:
                      Guy A buys window from C for 6 francs.
                      Guy A has window he values at 7 francs.
                      Guy B has shoes he values at 5 francs.
                      Guy C has 6 francs.
                      Total value to economy: 18 francs, even with the +2 on the trade, the value of the economy dropped by 5.

                    2. Note that the numbers dont matter. The difference between scenario 1 and scenario 2 will always be the amount guy A values the window.

                      The total net worth of the economy is always reduced by the value of the broken item. Always.

                    3. Seems like a truism doesn’t. Take something of value, destroy it, that value is gone.

                    4. Seems like a truism doesn’t.

                      Not only seems like, it is a truism.

                      Or, just true.

                    5. I had forgotten about that.

                      It’s also worth noting that there’s a very simple proof of comparative advantage and disproof of the labor theory value in Mises’s Socialism.

                    6. Hey, you’re off 2 francs. Guy B breaks window (causing demand) by throwing shoe. Guy A now has new window plus shoe which he vales more.

                  2. Never proven? A simple thought experiment proves it.

              2. One of the earlier comments did say “I am pounding my old Bastiat book on the table right now”

    7. BARF

      What about the tens of thousands of barrels of oil per day that aren’t getting produced? Do you think that’s good, Matt? You douche.

    8. Matthew Yglesias is Slate’s business and economics correspondent.

      Job requirements: no working knowledge of finance or economics.

      1. Requirement, say outlandish and stupid things so you get lots of page views and the company can charge higher advertising rates

    9. Is he calling for Obama to nuke New York now?

    10. Just think of the boom to the professional surrogate mother industry when we put rat poison in Sadbeard’s twinkie!

    11. Note that it was only a week ago that Bryan Caplan at EconLog started chiding Yglesias for not respecting Bastiat’s significance. Yglesias insisted that Bastiat’s work is useless for modern economic discussions.

  5. NM inmate uses Popsicle sticks in escape attempt

    New Mexico corrections officers say an inmate escaped his jail cell by breaking a window bar with a razor blade and a Popsicle stick but changed his mind once he got outside.

    Carlos Garcia told police it took about five months to break the bar on his cell window at the Lea County jail with those materials. He also used plastic, newspaper and more Popsicle sticks to fashion a fake window.

    1. He should have armed himself if he is going? to decorate his saloon with my friend.

      1. Deserves got nuthin’ to do with it.

        1. All right, I’m coming out. Any man I see out there, I’m gonna shoot him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I’m not only gonna kill him, but I’m gonna kill his wife, all his friends, and burn his damn house down.

          1. Just because we’re holding hands doesn’t mean we’re gonna take warm showers to the wee hours of the morning, you hear me?

    2. He really looks more and more like a Pharaonic mummy

      Out of curiosity, how did he rate on the Libertarian Purity Scale as mayor? Is he broadly a west-of-the-Rockies libertarianish guy?

      1. Not sure on his record, but he loosely self-identifies as libertarian.

        Surprised he’s shilling for Team Red.

        1. I was surprised about that too, considering how liberal California Republicans tend to be.

  6. Update on the man who stuck a firecracker up his arse and lit it:

    Acting Senior Sergeant Crispin Gargan yesterday confirmed to The NT News that Mr Bowden was not fined the usual $282 [for having fireworks unlawfully].

    “`We believe he has suffered enough in relation to firecrackers,” Sen Sgt Gargan said.


    1. That is very unlike the police to refrain from adding insult to injury.

      1. Maybe the wallopers in Oz are a different breed of cat than here in Thin Blue Line of Heroes!!! Land?

        1. They’re the usual mix of the good, the bad, and the easily bribed

    2. Alex Bowden, 23, of Wagaman, spent several days in hospital after burning his buttocks with a winged spinning “flying bee” on July 28.

  7. Tokyo robot revue drawing crowds at cabaret

    The lower half of each robot resembles the iconic Japanese character Gundam on wheels, while its curvaceous human-like upper body is clad in a futuristic gladiator outfit. They have blonde, brown or red hair with blue or green eyes.

    Each is controlled by two bikini-clad women, who perch in a high seat attached to the robot’s stomach and control the facial features and legs using joysticks attached to the seats for the hour-long “Fighting Females” performance.

    “The concept behind this restaurant is fighting, feisty females, and the robots are part of that theme,” said the club’s spokesman, who goes only by his last name, Watanabe.

  8. LA PD defend themselves against dangerous cellphone wielding woman!

    1. ‘If anyone on the street attacked an innocent woman, they would be in jail. We expect the LAPD officers to be held to the same standard.’


  9. Is this the Country Kitchen Buffet?

    1. You just got me to laugh at an old person mowing down some kids with their car. I hope you’re happy.

      1. ha ha

  10. Kate Moss is still hot!

    1. Well yeah I guess, if you want to fuck an open sewer.

      1. No way I’d dip my wick in that, but she is nice to look at.

  11. Would sex with conjoined twins be considered a threesome?

    1. If they had a kid, who would be considered the Mom?

      1. More importantly, could one veto the other’s choice for an abortion?

        1. Damn. It’s a bioethicist’s nightmare!

    2. Only if they have 2 vaginas and at least 3 tits.

      1. Your dream woman?

        1. Just answering the question….but now that you mention it…

        2. 2 mouths to work tho…

      2. one for everyday use, the other for sunday’s best.

    3. So in Iowa, can they marry each other?

    4. Those aren’t co-joined twins, that’s a two-headed person.

      1. looking forward to the ground-breaking 4-way pr0n video.

      2. Maybe they’re the Knights who say Ni.

      3. Zaphod Beeblebrox is a two-headed person.

        That’s two heads, two persons, on one body.

        Conjoined twins.

  12. “automatic assault weapon thingy”

    *Really*, J.D.?

    1. I believed him…for a minute.

      1. This kinda hyperbole can not stand. Alert the Welch!

    2. It might have even had the shoulder thing that goes up.

      1. +1 barrel shroud

    3. Was it a “black Vietnam rifle with the handle on top”?

  13. “Initial claims for state unemployment benefits were a seasonally adjusted 374,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The prior week’s figure was revised up to show 2,000 more applications than previously reported.”


    1. Unexpectedly?

  14. Americans look down on public schools

    Only 32 percent of Americans believe public schools deliver a good education, and just five percent of people surveyed believe students at public schools will receive an excellent education. Sixty-one percent of Americans think public schools will give only a fair education at best, including 18 percent who rate the education as poor.

    The public school system’s disapproval rating is higher than the approval rating of charter school systems. Sixty percent of Americans think charter schools will provide at least a good (43 percent) or excellent (17 percent). Church schools have a higher approval rating, with 69 percent thinking that the education provided will be.

    1. but… but… state schools are great schools!

      1. Well, as long as taxes aren’t going to support religious indoctrination, it’s all good.

    2. Why do they hate the chilrens.

  15. ‘We’re Not Going to Let Our Campaign Be Dictated by Fact-Checkers’
    What happens if the press takes a stand on the truth — and no one cares?

    As Ben Smith of BuzzFeed has pointed out, the Romney campaign is simply swatting aside the media’s objections to its welfare ad: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” said Neil Newhouse, a Romney pollster.

    Watch this exchange, from a panel here this morning. On one side is my colleague Ron Fournier, the editor-in-chief of National Journal, together with John Dickerson of CBS and Slate; on the other, Ron Kaufman of the Romney campaign. Both journalists call the ad false; Kaufman rejects their view — both of the details of the ad, and of its political thrust, that it is, as Fournier argues, “playing the race card.”
    The result is a stalemate — or, actually, a kind of mind-blowing media-political meta-vortex that might be better fodder for students of epistemology or semiotics, and certainly of American Studies, than for journalists, though they should probably watch it, too.
    ok then perhaps an ad declaring that romney must PROVE he didnt take [CHILD BRIDES] in the mormon church!!11!!11

    1. True or false: States have requested waivers of work requirements under the relaxed guidlines.

      True or false: There are no minorities presented or referred to in the welfare add.

      True or false: Normal people cannot hear dog whistles. Dogs can hear them easily, and often make a lot of noise when they do.

    2. maybe the Repubs saw that fact-checking did not deter the Obama campaign in ’08, or this year, and figured they might as well join in the game.

      1. your illogic is the fun !

        1. if you are going to make nonsensical points, then illogic is the only appropriate response. Obama wants to yank the ‘work’ requirement out of welfare reform. It’s that simple.

          1. no the governors (including gop) requested blockgrants.

            any “yanking” is at state level.

            it triez moar harder

            1. no, they didn’t. The administration claims they did but the govs themselves say otherwise. Perhaps you should triez moar harder.

    3. Journalists have believed their own propaganda about being the arbiters of truth for so long that they can’t believe it when someone calls bullshit on them.

    4. I can’t blame them. My retard progressive friend on Facebook (everyone on FB has or had one of those, right?) linked some Factcheck article by the AP about Paul Ryan’s speech, and I made the mistake of reading the first few paragraphs.

      There was almost no fact checking in it. Nearly every point was an accusation of hypocrisy and even a lot of that was weaksauce.

  16. If you hire a rapist, expect him to rape again.

    Why do cities keep making the mistake of hiring cops with dirty pasts? Aren’t there plenty of 80 IQ’d Forrest Gump’s out there?

    1. What I find curious is that a person who had had similar charges against them before applying to the police force would be refused. But once they’ve been accepted there doesn’t appear to be any limit to what crimes they can commit and still get hired by some police force.

      For example around here if you’ve got a DUI on your record there is absolutely no way the State Police will hire you, yet just recently a state trooper was busted for driving double the legal limit and managed to keep his job.

      1. Once you’re a made man, the rules are different.

        1. Contract!! Due Process!!

      2. Unions.

    2. Aren’t there plenty of 80 IQ’d Forrest Gump’s out there?

      Not violent ones.

  17. What Is It About a Stable Dollar That Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand?

    During the 180 years that we had one form or another of “a fixed value for the dollar” (1790 ? 1970), the U.S. economy grew at an average annual real rate of 3.94%. During the past 41 years of fiat money (1970 ? 2011), our real GDP grew at 2.81%.

    The difference between these two growth rates is staggering.

    If the U.S. economy had continued to expand at 3.94% real over the past 41 years, 2011 GDP would have been $23.6 trillion, 56% higher than it actually was. Our economy would have been more than three times as big as China’s, rather than just over twice as large. And, at the same level of spending, the federal government would have run a $0.5 trillion budget surplus, instead of a $1.3 trillion deficit.

    On the other hand, if our real GDP had grown at our fiat-dollar 2.81% annual rate for all 221 years, 2011 GDP would have been only $2.1 trillion, or about a quarter of the size of China’s economy.

    1. What Is It About a Stable Dollar That Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand?

      Nothing. He’s a dishonest hack.

      1. I’m sure he understands quite well that there is nothing like a fiat currency run by public-private partnership to transfer money by the shipload to the wealthy and well-connected.

  18. Feminists deny the existence set theory in order to hold on to a ridiculous talking point.

    Also, still annoyed by Jezebel for giving an award for the most cognitive dissonance to a Ron Paul supporter. Talk about projection.

    1. Something they have in common with those silly christians

      1. Not surprising. Most irrational belief systems are easily contradicted by elementary application of set theory. It’s a real fly in the ointment.

    2. So let’s fire off a list of things and words that rape should never ever associated with:
      methods of conception

      You left out “jelly”.

    3. Rape is not sex.

      So if Rape isn’t Sex then rape victims can’t get pregnant. Kind of confirms Todd Akin’s theory doesn’t it?

  19. Astronomers discovered a simple sugar molecules floating in the gas around a star some 400 light-years away. As further evidence of life

    Michelle Obama en route to scold star, replace sugar with sauerkraut sloppy joe molecules.

    1. Even the cold depths of space hate me.

    2. I’m in favor of sending her on this trip.

  20. Cops shoot dog through gate because they think a suspected criminal might be two doors down. They needed to “access the back yard to set up a perimeter.” The cops say they were in the yard (without a warrant) and the dog charged them. Ballistics should show who is telling the truth.

    The cops did not find the suspect.

    1. Yeah, but they still got to shoot something, so it’s all good.

  21. Astronomers discovered a simple sugar molecules floating in the gas around a star some 400 light-years away.

    So now we know why the universe is expanding. Also why the space ants haven’t come to force us to toil in their underground sugar caves.

    Now, if only government can figure out how to pay that star not to produce sugar.

    1. I rather think they would subsidize the star in exchange for campaign contributions (would they accept hydorgen, or maybe some helium?)

    2. “Now, if only government can figure out how to pay that star not to produce sugar.”


  22. A member of Mitt Romney’s U.S. Secret Service detail left his gun unattended in the can on the candidate’s charter plane. It was discovered by a CBS News/National Journal reporter who promptly described it as an “automatic assault weapon thingy.”

    And then Bruce Willis boarded the plane, looking for his father’s watch. Finding the gun, he picked it up, and shot the Secret Service Agent.

    Zed’s dead, baby.

    1. “…a CBS News/National Journal reporter who promptly described it as an ‘automatic assault weapon thingy.'”

      Comedy gold there

    2. Bruce Willis then got hit in the face with a briefcase Samuel L. Jackson was carrying, because he just had it with those motherfucking snakes on a plane.

    3. And then the reporter went back to writing an “investigative report” proving that only law enforcement officers can be trusted to handle firearms responsibly.



    And no comments about how Obama would rather watch sports that help the drowning blacks in New Orleans. I am disappoint.

    1. I eagerly await Kanye West saying Obama hates blacks while some Canadian cracker stammers and smiles awkwardly next to him.

    2. There are a lot of things I will blame or put down the president for, but that isn’t one of them.

  24. A member of Mitt Romney’s U.S. Secret Service detail left his gun unattended in the can on the candidate’s charter plane.

    Well, technically his prostitute left it there.

    1. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m here in Tampa working for the RNC. Occasionally, when there’s nothing to do, I’ll chat with Secret Service agents who are standing around bored at all the venues. It’s been difficult to not bring up the prostitution thing.

    2. That’s pretty good, Fist.

  25. We are an employer of choice:

    Prostitute-orgy insurer had a sex habit

    The German insurance company that rewarded its top-sellers with a prostitute sex party in Hungary also paid for employees to visit brothels and swingers clubs in Majorca and Jamaica, according to a new report


    1. Gah! I work for a stuffy Swiss competitor. I am sad.

    2. Ya know, we’ve been struggling to find an incentive plan that might actually work for our physicians. I’m forwarding that link to HR.

  26. …three of its troops were killed by a man in an Afghan army uniform.

    Afghanistan gradually waging war on the United States, one Afghan at a time.

    1. Soon enough they can go back to shooting each other. Started in the 1970s, why stop now?

      1. Shooting each other has been the Pashtun sport of choice since the bow and arrow days. Buzkashi is a poor substitute.

        1. I guess I should have been more specific – “the latest round of shooting each other started with Doud in the 1970s…”

          My bad.

    2. Since the Afghan Army is now trained to use weapons, does this mean we can pull our troops out?

      1. No. But our troops *will* start wearing Afghan uniforms.

  27. Next week’s Democratic convention will “highlight the significant role President Obama’s strong record on national security and veterans issues,” says a spokesperson. Hint: This means wall-to-wall Osama bin Laden references.

    People aren’t voting on the War on Terror this time.

    People are voting on the economy.

    The Obama Campaign knows that. So why aren’t they making the economy the main focus of their convention?

    Because they can’t.

    They’ve done the war gaming. Obama’s record on the economy is so abysmal, any mention of the economy that lasts longer than a soundbite always crosses the gaffe line.

    1. “veteran’s issues”


      Promising more govt handouts =/= “strong record on veteran’s issues”

  28. “HOLLYWOOD PARK, Texas — A South Texas mayor has been found dead after apparently being attacked by a 500-pound donkey on his ranch.”


    1. 500 pounds is a big donkey.

      Also, north of San Antonio isn’t really South Texas.

      1. It isn’t even north of San Antonio, it’s completely surrounded by the City of San Antonio.

        And yeah, when I think of South Texas I think “south of Corpus Christi”. Maybe including Corpus. But not Del Rio.

    2. “Jackass kills jackass. Film at 11.”

  29. This means wall-to-wall Osama bin Laden references.

    It’s really too bad they claimed to have killed him and shoved his body off that ship. The DNC could have brought him out during the convention a la King Kong, in chains and roaring at the delegates.

    On the plus side, it’s going to be a hoot listening to all the speakers mixing up the terrorist’s and the president’s names.

    1. The DNC could have brought him out during the convention a la King Kong, in chains and roaring at the delegates.

      Ok, that there is Hall of Fame quality commentin’! “Infidels, I keeel you!”

    2. I think you’re on to something.

  30. Dozens of students at the Oslo International Bible College have claimed they were exposed by staff members to threats, harassment and accusations of witchcraft.


  31. Looks like the NYPD thinks Judge Dredd is an instruction manual.

    I’m anxious to see if any of the surveillance ever sees the light of day.

    1. Gonzalez’s defense attorney, Cesar Gonzalez Jr., who is not related to his client, called the police version of events an “outright fabrication” and demanded that cops release video surveillance footage of the accident, which he said police have confiscated.

      When the video conflicts with the officer’s story, delete it.

  32. I will go anywhere and interview anyone to make damn sure my biases are confirmed. Because I’m an objective reporter, dammit!

    A trio of two men and one woman at the bar asked, totally out of nowhere, how in the world I could support a President who wanted to force Catholics business owners to pay for abortions. I ate a fried pickle before answering their question with a question ? what makes them think I’m a supporter of the President?

    “Two things,” said the ringleader of the trio. “One, you were writing notes at a bar at Hooters, which means you’re probably part of the liberal media. And second, you have black fingernails and your dress looks like you stole it from Judy Jetson’s closet. A Republican would never wear that dress. A Republican would never have black fingernails.”

    1. you gotta admit, odds are slim that a Repub would have black fingernails.

      1. The black fingernails is how she stays objective. She wasn’t try to fool the poor sexist and racist rednecks, after all.

    2. I’ll be sure to inform my wife black fingernails are verboten to the party. I’m confident what the response will be: she’ll flip me off with a black painted fingernail.

      Oh, wait, it’s football season. Her nails are red right now.

    3. and your dress looks like you stole it from Judy Jetson’s closet.

      nice touch.

      1. Who knew that Republicans had such gay wit?

        1. Rick Santorum did.

          1. what’s this santorium you speak of?

        2. That was mony talking, not gay talking.

      2. I’ll admit that I’m now curious as to what her dress looked like.

        1. Ryan isn’t terrible looking. She’s one of the beards Jezebel hired after their resident hookerbot got knocked up. There’s also an ex-model too, although there’s a reason she didn’t do anything but print work.

          Feministing doesn’t even try any longer after the only half-way decent-looking one got married [gasp] to a white [gasp] heterosexual [gasp] man [gasp] and had a white [gasp] baby [gasp].

          1. They all just want a nice husband and a baby don’t they?

            1. Yes.

          2. Doesn’t Feministing have a fairly hot South Asian writer?

            1. If they got a new one maybe. Unless you are into fat and angry girls.

    4. Now I’m have some sexy thoughts about Judy Jetson in a red dress. Is she still 16?

    5. The thing is, they were right. She is a member of the liberal media and an Obama supporter.

      1. if hooters leads the story, its just another boob job

      2. But they were evil in making that (correct) deduction!

    6. “I ate a fried pickle before answering their question”

      How very Freudian.

  33. LAPD officers slam cuffed woman to ground

    LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Two Los Angeles Police Department officers are under investigation stemming from a use of force incident caught on tape showing a woman being slammed to the ground twice, once while in handcuffs.

    Michelle Jordan, 34, of Sunland was pulled over last Tuesday on Foothill Boulevard and Saluda Avenue for a cellphone violation. She drove into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot, where the incident was recorded on surveillance video.

    The married mother, who works as a registered nurse, got out of her car. Moments later, the video shows her being slammed to the pavement and handcuffed. The officers picked her up, put her against the patrol car and patted her down. Nearly two minutes later, the two officers pushed her down to the ground a second time. She was pulled back up and placed in the back seat of the cruiser. She was cited for resisting arrest.

    1. I posted that already!

      sarcasmic| 8.30.12 @ 9:06AM |#

      LA PD defend themselves against dangerous cellphone wielding woman!



    2. Page Not Found
      We are sorry, but the URL you requested could not be found. The page you are looking for may have been renamed, moved, or deleted.

      1. meh?

    3. Working links are for fags.


      A Los Angeles Police Department commanding officer has been removed amid an internal investigation into a videotaped beating in which officers tackled a handcuffed registered nurse to the ground, police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday.

  34. Does a dog-whistle have to be a whistle? How about if it’s a code no one understands but me? I HAVE BROKEN THE SECRET RACIST CODE!

    Why Ann Romney’s Dress Is a Nice Fuck-You to Michelle Obama

    1. ???

      I have a modicum more respect for Ann Romney now.

    2. interesting part is the writer’s lack of self-awareness is how she details all the designers NOT named Oscar who have dressed the fashion icon known as Michelle. If liberals did not exist, no one would believe stories likes this were actually put forth. Also, Matt Yglesias.

      1. I am still trying to imagine Michelle Obama as a fashion icon.

        1. A friend of mine who is normally level-headed is way into fashion and thinks Michelle O. is just fabulous.

          It’s an Emperor Has No Clothes thing.

          1. So she’s going out in public naked? Meh. I didn’t want to have eyes anymore anyway.

          2. Nothing says high fAshion like An overweight middle aged mom. Talk about racist condescension. Michelle Obama is an average looking woman. To pretend she is Jacki O is to treat black women like special Olympians entitled to low standards just for trying.

            1. It seems perfectly reasonable to me given that Jackie O, the last great beauty myth, was also an average looking woman.

              1. The 60s were a different time – back then woman were expected to look like beehive hags, but at least when a man got home from work, there was dinner at the table and a pitcher of Martinis.

            2. Michelle Obama is an average looking fugly woman.

        2. Some leftist magazine said she is, therefor she it.

          Appeal to authority and all that.

        3. She’s the most fashionable wookie on or off Kashyyyk.

        4. I am still trying to imagine Michelle Obama as a fashion icon.

          I’m still trying to get my head around people buying and reading certain books–just because Oprah told them to?

          There’s a market for everything.

          Hell, there are people out there who will pay you to pierce their nipples for them. How do you convince people that they want to give you their money AND that they want their nipples pierced?

          Hell, if people will do that, they’ll buy clothes just ’cause Michelle O. is wearing them, for sure.

          1. I’m still trying to get my head around people buying and reading certain books–just because Oprah told them to?

            I use my plumber and electrician based off of Angie’s List.

            I pick my restaurants based on Yelp reviews.

            If Oprah has a good track record for these women, she serves as the United Laboratories mark of books. That isn’t irrational.

            1. Why would Oprah know anything about what I should read again?

              And her track record is awful.

              They’d buy and read the Farmer’s Almanac if Oprah recommended it.

            2. Underwriters Laboratories.

          2. But getting your nipple pierced makes you trendy and different, and besides that everyone is doing it.

            1. Your sarcasm rings true. You are though ignoring the truly hip subset of piercees who have tramp stamps.

    3. When the dogs can’t even hear the whistle, it’s probably not there. You’re just hearing the echoes in your vacuously empty skull.

      1. The person that hears the dog whistle is the dog.

    4. Ann Romney is a thin white woman. Romney’s choice of her as a wife just others plused sized and minority women.

      I love how jezebelle bitches moans about the mAle gAze but then obsesses about fashion.

    5. The First Lady’s status as an icon of good taste has been cemented with her repeated selection of clothes made by… mass-market brands like J. Crew

      Does not compute.

      1. It shows that she’s down to Earth and approachable, like any other millionaire lawyer that’s never had a real job and does nothing but hector fat kids all day.

        1. I quibble with the notion that shopping at J. Crew somehow qualifies one to be an icon of “good taste”.

          1. Yeah, J. Crew just means you’re trying to dress as blandly and inoffensively as possible.

          2. She looked like a circus clown in those big flowery prints and was wearing a couple of years ago. A basic rule of dressing is large women can’t weAr big prints.

          3. J. Crew and Target have more up-scale brands and lines at them, although they are rarely available in non-up-market outlets.

            1. Holy shit, are we really having this debate in here?

              1. Go back to your closet filled with rags and parachute pants, old man.

                1. When parachute pants come back in style you’ll be eating those words you little whipper snapper.

        2. she’s down to Earth and approachable, like any other millionaire lawyer that’s never had a real job

          That’s because she never actually knew how to be a real lawyer, isn’t it?

          1. Judging from the lawyers here, it seems to involve spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet. How hard can it be?

    6. I apologize for calling the most stupid thing I’ve ever read to be “having MS was easier when you have money”. This is the new winner.

      1. wow

    7. How would one even find out who designed these women’s dresses?

      More importantly, how would anyone outside of the selling fancy dresses that look little different from the ones my wife sews for herself business give a fuck?

  35. Cops in IL think it’s fun to physically abuse and berate a man for going 5 MPH over the speed limit.

    Funny how the charges against these people always end up being dropped when the cops take them to the DA. Not fully is how the evidence of physical abuse never causes the DA’s to charge the officers for beating the piss out of these people.

    1. If you don’t enjoy physically abusing people, then you’re not fit to be a police officer.

    2. C’ville is a really interesting place. If you consider a mix of (a decreasing number of) illegal Mexican immigrants, sullen, blue collar whites and a thin layer of upper middle class “other” in a volatile mix of awful village government, piss poor schools and shabby policing as interesting.

      First place I saw with a municpal ordnance against “fighting” – so much mutual combat, you could never get a battery charge to stick.

      1. Was that like the law against dueling?

  36. Cop falls asleep at the wheel of his cruiser and drives into tanning salon.

    No word yet on what charges the salon’s owner will face for obstructing justice. No charges yet for the cop.

    1. Obstruction of justice. Destruction of public property. Assault on a Police Officer.

      That salon owner’s going away for a long time.

      1. It’s coming right at us!

    1. FTA: Director of StudentSservices Melvin Blackwell said the district always errs on the side of safety when it comes to students bringing weapons to school.

      “It’s difficult to determine intent when all else fails, we have to rely on what is written, the law and when we do that, we are not wrong,” replied Blackwell.

      What a fucking scumbag.

      1. I have to remember to never pull my keys from my pocket while at a school. I’ve got a little pen knife on there. That could lead to felony charges and possible prison time.

    2. he’s from Georgia and used a hunting knife as a bookmark in a Bible. If he didn’t exist Flannery O’Connor would have had to invent him

  37. Whoa I didnt know he was still laive! Amazing


    1. I hear your sister is single again. Do you think she’d be okay with me giving her a call?

    1. best comment:

      gschristopher Reply
      It’s like Dennis Miller just came all over himself.

      And then you licked it up and spat it into an article.

  38. Look at the ID requirements. I bet they would go into hysterics if someone asked for 1% of this info to vote.

    School district to fine non residents.

    1. In addition to existing documentation that verifies parentage or guardianship, home ownership or proof of renting, parents will have to show the district vehicle registration and insurance, submit a landlord affidavit form that includes the names of all school-aged children in the residence and, for those who have a month-to-month rental agreement, have to report to the district every month.

  39. Ughhhh. Tiny mites on your face may cause rosacea

    “In normal skin, the density of mites is low,” Kavanagh explains. “In rosacea there is a high density and therefore a large number of bacteria are released. We believe that the high level of bacterial toxins overwhelms the immune response and leads to the inflammation. It is interesting to note that [the mites] do not have an anus and therefore all their waste is stored until they die and then it is released in one go.”
    Skin problems only occur when mites die while in the glands during the day. At night they pop out and crawl around the surface of the skin often in search of a mate. Kavanagh notes that the mites can cover a lot of ground ? moving as much as 4 inches before heading back to the glands.

  40. Clint Eastwood is strikingly similar to The Terminator… Not Schwartzenegger… the Robot thing, after its skin has been ripped off. Give that man a gatling laser cannon!

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