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Abortion Rights Protester, Using Pass Obtained From Ron Paul Delegate, Disrupted Paul Ryan's RNC Speech


Tampa – A lone abortion rights protester interrupted Congressman Paul Ryan during his vice-presidential nomination speech at the Republican National Convention last night. 

"My body, my choice! My body, my choice!" shouted Laura Mills, a Code Pink activist. 

Dressed in a purple tank top and black skirt, Mills unfurled a homemade pink banner with the words "Vagina: Can't Say It? Don't Legislate It!" printed in large front.

In an interview on the way out Mills, 21, said the reason for her protest was Ryan's opposition to abortion in the cases of rape and incest. Ryan has sponsored a variety of anti-abortion bills during his time as a member of Congress, earning a 100% rating from the National Right-To-Life Committee. Controversial comments by Missouri Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin have increased the spotlight on Republican positions on abortion rights.

"I do not stand for that," she said.

Mills said she obtained her convention credential from "an angry Ron Paul supporter."

"There are a lot of those," she noted. 

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  1. Kill fetuses not terrorists – code pink

    1. Funny, I’ve always assumed they were one in the same.

      1. Yeah, Code Pink would consider terrorists and fetuses to be interchangeable.

  2. Mills said she obtained her convention credential from “an angry Ron Paul supporter.”

    “There are a lot of those,” she noted.

    I don’t blame the alleged delegate in the slightest for giving his or her pass to this crazy chick, after all the GOP has done to silence said delegate’s viewpoint.

    1. At this point, I wouldn’t care if a Ron Paul supporter gave his/her credential to a grandstanding leftist buffoon like Bill Maher. As bad as they got fucked over by the GOP with the rulemaking shenanigans and the voting process, they’re entitled to react any way they see fit.

      I’ve not voted GOP in a long time. The way they treated the libertarian-leaning members of their own party this week ensured that I never, ever will. They do not want those people in their party, and the sooner the Paulites realize that the better libertarianism will be for it.

      Fuck the GOP.

      1. GOP to Paulites: “You’ll never golf in this country again!”

    2. No doubt Ron Paul is thrilled his delegate gave the pass to an abortion advocate.

  3. This kind of stuff does not reflect great credit on Paul fans. This is just more ammo for the “see, Luap Nor, the Ronulan Commander and his weirdos are nothing but trouble!11!1!” types.
    Save the cheap dramatics and work on getting more Rand Pauls into a position to shove TEAM RED toward a more sane path.

    1. “The party” is never, fucking EVER going to cave, listen or otherwise give any shrift to any faction. So petulant and absurdist displays (or facilitating them in this case) are par for the course, and really the only outlet (other than extreme violence, which most aren’t really into, unfortunately).

      1. Yeah, I think the tar and feathers era has passed.

    2. They’ll adopt a more sane path when the only people voting for them are 25% of the country that are evangelical christians, and therefore they have no power in congress. They want votes. If you give your vote to them, they win.

  4. Funny that they protest against something that’s perfectly legal, rather than equivalent things that are not.

    I guess you go where you get attention.

    1. The left has decided that this issue will get votes out and will rage about it righteously until November.

      1. What else do they have? Obama’s record? Abortion whips up the apathetic base. The GOP could shut up about it until after the election and defuse the situation to a degree, but they can’t do that, again because of their base.

        One side wants to kill little bitty babies and the other wants to force a woman to give birth to the filth a rapist left in her. The only thing both sides agree on is using fetuses as bloody, slippery tug-of-war ropes in the on-going battle to make sure this country continues to go down the fiscal drain.

        1. using fetuses as bloody, slippery tug-of-war ropes

          We call that “Weekend at Warty’s”

        2. he other wants to force a woman to give birth to the filth a rapist left in her.

          How about rewording that to say “the other side wants to force a woman to give birth to the person the filthy rapist left inside her.” It’s more accurate, unless you want to call any person “filth” because of the sins of their father.

          Father robs a bank? Go in the uterus and cut off the fetus’s hand.
          Father gets caught selling meth? Go in the uterus and cut off the fetus’s foot.
          Father murders? Go in the uterus and cut off all the fetus’s limbs.
          Father rapes? Pull out the electrolux.

          By the way, what if the rape conviction doesn’t come down until after the baby is born? Can the mother retroactively have the baby killed in its crib? Is it still “filth” in your book?

          1. sloppy, I was parodying the most unreasonable extremes.

            I, of course, don’t care about the parameters of the rape exception, because I support abortion on demand up to viability.

            1. I’ll recalibrate my sarcasmoter when I get home tonight.

            2. We do need a fiscal rape exception, though.

  5. “My body, my choice! My body, my choice!”

    What about the fetus’ choice? Won’t somebody think of the children?

    1. Where does it say that fetuses can’t get abortions? Well, parental consent is required in some states, I guess.

    2. They’re not children until they exit through the vagina.

      Until then they are the equivalent of a cyst. Just a useless blob of cells to be cut away and discarded if the woman so chooses.

      1. So, if the exit was via C-section they aren’t really human? I know the vagina is a magical place but I had no idea it gives you a soul!

        1. if the exit was via C-section they aren’t really human

          Behold the wisdom in the “natural born citizen” constraint.

          1. LOL SO TRUE!

            I wonder if birthers realized that in making the mother’s physical location and citizenship status at the moment of birth the basis for constitutional protections, they were accidentally making the case that conception itself doesn’t inherently construe those protections. Otherwise, the location of conception would be the more accurate basis for American citizenship.

            Of course, babies conceived on their parents’ international honeymoons can go pound sand.

        2. That’s the other vagina.

          I mean the other other vagina.

        3. Judging by the protester’s sign, I’d say so.

      2. Much like VP nominees.

      3. Does that mean that we can kill the Caesarean birthed at will?

        1. The eponym does give precedent.

  6. Have to:

    Maude Lebowski: Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?
    The Dude: Uh, is that what this is a picture of?
    Maude Lebowski: In a sense, yes. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Vagina.
    The Dude: Oh yeah?
    Maude Lebowski: Yes, they don’t like hearing it and find it difficult to say whereas without batting an eye a man will refer to his dick or his rod or his Johnson.
    The Dude: Johnson?

  7. Well, she’s not nearly as ugly as the average code pinker. The vagina in question may not be as dry and desolate as the Gobi desert

    1. Definitely just as sandy though.

  8. At least she’s cute.

    1. Yes, but I have a feeling her attitudes toward gettin’ freaky are somewhat – staid.

  9. Too bad the Paul supporter didn’t give his/her pass to someone that would have interrupted Raul Ryan’s speech for a reason like fiscal restraint or ending our foreign adventurism that is leading to so many deaths of Americans and foreigners alike. Instead, her argument has to be about allowing one person to destroy the personhood of another at her leisure.

    Pretty sick when you think about it…that she clamors for a more indiscriminate murder policy for American civilians instead of a more restrictive one for our government.

  10. Dressed in a purple tank top and black skirt

    “Her banner was subsequently grabbed rather rudely by a gentleman in a white polo shirt and ill-fitting khakis.” Or not. No other sartorial commentary? I can see if it was “dressed in a chicken suit”, but purple tank top and black skirt is pretty standard kit.

    1. Footwear wasn’t mentioned, was she wearing workboots?

      1. Whatever the choice, I’m sure it was comfortable.

        1. Sensible, Restoras. The word is sensible.

    2. Black and purple, the secret code colors of the GOP false flag operation.

  11. If I were a Paul delegate who just got treated the way they did, I’d probably run out to the protests, find the angriest loudmouth Che Guevera-tshirt-wearing socialist wacko, giive him my pass and tell him to make himself useful for once in his life.

    1. But baby, next time it won’t be like this. I’m just under a lot of stress right now, with my job and everything. I’ll get better. I’ll change, I promise.

      1. “Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson!”

  12. For serious, I so wouldn’t be surprised if this was fake. Look at how perfect it is. They get to bring up abortion, make it look like the other side is the ill-mannered and unreasonable ones, and they get to discredit the pro-choice movement, the anti-war movement, and the Paulians in one fell swoop.

    Like the peanuts and the lone black camerawoman, this is all a little too on message.

    1. I almost feel like Dr. Falken.

      “They’re learning…”

  13. I think all of this is bound to make the Republicans more tolerant of dissent within their party, eventually, and, ultimately, I’d expect the dissent of Ron Paul people and Tea Party people to make the GOP a more diverse party.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


    So, according to Gandhi, Paulites and Tea Party people should be looking at Stage 3 right about now.

    Meanwhile, we shouldn’t lose site of the fact that the Republicans are much more tolerant of dissent within their ranks than the Democrats.

    One of the reasons the Tea Party broke for the Republicans (instead of the Democrats) was because the Democrats were so intolerant of dissent within their ranks.

    Show me a group of people whose principles are in opposition to the Democratic Party line, and I’ll show you a group of people who had to abandon their principles to have influence in the Democratic Party. The Republicans may be resistant to dissent within their party, but at least with the Republicans, dissent and change are real possibilities.

  14. “My body, my choice! My body, my choice!” shouted Laura Mills, a Code Pink activist.

    This is funny given that statists staunchly oppose the concept of self-ownership. She needs to have Tony explain to her that “…no, it’s not your body or your choice–those belong to the Glorious Collective”.

    1. It’s even sadder when you remember that both Teams think “our” bodies belong to the Glorious Collective.

  15. “My body, my choice but you have to pay for it!”

    1. This reveals the stupidity of the Paul supporter.

      1. Wow, you sure told me! Just explain to me what Ron Paul has to do with the comment.

  16. Sounds like a pretty worthy plan to me dude.

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  18. I’ve come up with my “final” answer to the abortion question after years of thinking about it:

    From birth to the start of fetal brain function/pain reception, abortion is freely permitted. Find a rational science-based average period of time to determine the legal end to this period.

    Between the point of brain function/pain reception and the point of viability outside the womb, the mother can still choose abortion, but must first attend an educational session and be told her alternative options. I’m ok with the government actively discouraging this choice because I consider the fetus as beginning to develop rights. However, the fetus’s existence is still completely dependent on the mother’s body, as a patient of life-support is completely dependent on artificial replacements of their bodily functions.

    At the point of viability, the fetus is considered a human with almost complete rights. However, since they are still within another human’s body, abortions where the life of the mother is at risk are still legal.

    That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it. I have no problem with trying to fix unwanted pregnancies, nor do I have a problem with actively encouraging those to occur as early as possible. Women keep their choice, viable humans keep their rights to life.

    1. Make that “from conception to the start of fetal brain function/pain reception”

  19. I think the woman fails to appreciate that indeed, most people not only support a Code Pink female in having *the right* to kill her offspring… I would think they’d consider it *an obligation*…. hell, they’d probably *do it for her* if given the chance, whether she likes it or not.

    I also support finding this strange species of male that finds these Code Pink ladies not only sufferable, but actually goes so far as to engage in *intercourse* with them. I suspect none are allowed to live long after the moment of issue, and are promptly eviscerated preying-mantis style, for they now serve no purpose at all.

  20. Ironic that this protestor is also a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul is also very pro-life.

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