Republican Convention 2012

Utah's Mia Love's Speech at RNC


Mia Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and a GOP nominee for Congress. She's gotten a lot of energy from the Tea Party and drew yesterday's best reviews as a speaker. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Personally, the delivery is great and the optics super-strong (an African American Republican from…Utah…with immigrant parents!), but this particular speech is devoid of anything that might pass for substance, alas.

Hat tip: Instapundit.

Instapundit's strong interview with her.

CYInterview's podcast with her.

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  1. Wait, you wanted substance… at the RNC? Well, POSITIVE substance, anyway.

  2. Mister, you want substance, just walk your ass over to the Yofo franchise across the street. This is political party convention.

  3. Being black and photogenic with a nice backstory was enough for the Democrats in 2008. That she also has substance and a pop star name is a pleasing bonus

    1. “Nice backstory?” Only if you fell for the putrid bullshit the DNC was caking the media universe with. Barack’s the son of militant reds with a lazy-as-fuck personal history and not a single remarkable achievement to his name.

      To this day, I’m hoping I wake up from the fucking nightmare that this is.

      1. *,

  4. Did she use any of the “worship words” freedom, liberty, responsibility?

    What kind of substance do you expect, a call for RE-FORM?

    1. those are the worship words? Around here I was beginning to think they were “Bar Rafaeli”


      2. Bar Rafaeli….. OMMMMMMMM!


        Bar Rafaeli is still hot!

  5. Don’t worry, guys. She’s a race-traitor, a self-loathing kitchen wench, and an unintelligent puppy on a leash for the crypto-fascists in the libertarian/republican movements. Only Husseinus Barackus Obamus Imperator Augustus Americanus Caesar can be considered an upstanding African-American.

    Oops. I seem to be late for Obama Fellatio hour at the White House. Excuse me.

    /Obama staffer.

    1. hey staffer, when’s your birthday? I want to get you some new knee-pads

      1. My knees are already worn to the bone. Obamanian cocksucking takes place every day, you see, and we must all do our part to ensure the God-Emperor’s comfort and happiness.

        I think I might have been married at some point, but now that I spend all my time staring at portraits of the Dreamy Leader at campaign headquarters, that seems so very unimportant.


    2. Obama staffer? I thought you were going to sign that “shriek”

      1. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other.

      2. Shriek’s probably more into bending over a desk for the God-Emperor’s pleasure. Fellatio’s not his thing, I think.

    3. You forgot to call her an Uncle Tom house nigger.

      1. Don’t worry… MSNBC has an entire building full of people ready to call her that, and more.

  6. Really not seeing the great delivery. Adequate sure, but forced and nervous.

  7. She seems nice but this is a good example of why I can’t watch the conventions. This is nothing more than a pep-rally, without hot cheerleaders.

    I couldn’t even watch the debates last time around, although Romney will probably agree with Obama far less than McCain did.

  8. There is already a built-in reason to dismiss Mia Love… She’s the daughter of recent immigrants, so she didn’t go through the generations of racism required to be a proper American black person. It’s the same reason they used to kick Colin Powell out of the club.

    But, strangely, the same thing is never mention about Obama… hmm…

    1. Of course you also have to add in the idea that Team BLUE tards have this inane belief that racism is an American thing; that it doesn’t exist in Europe or South America, which is patent bullshit.

      You have never seen a racist until you’ve met nega meluca or seen it at soccer matches in Europe where fans chant “monkey” and throw bananas on the field when an opposing team has a prominent black player.

  9. It’s dog whistles all the way down.

    What does “dog whistle” even mean? I’ve read twice in the WashPost this morning and once on FB.

    People! Dogs can’t vote!

    1. “People! Dogs can’t vote!”

      There is this place, right next to where I live – its called “Cook County, Illinois”…

      1. Chicago is actually very progressive when it comes to voters’ rights. Chicago was the first city to allow the trans-species vote. They also pioneered voting rights for the deceased, as well as for imaginary/fictitious people.

  10. The speech from a low-level mayor is not going to put forward any substantive policy initiatives, I agree with many of my fellow commenters, the greatest commenters on the greatest blog on the greatest internet in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the United States of America!

      1. CSA?

      2. [a single manly tear]

    1. If she comes across as too serious about freedom or cutting government, they’ll run her out of there faster than you can say “Paul”. Can’t blame her for being cautious.

  11. ” but this particular speech is devoid of anything that might pass for substance”

    That wasn’t her purpose. She is a counterpoint.

    She is an Obama equivalent (1st generation black American) who rejects everything Obama.

    She also is the only speaker today who used the “We Built It”, in a creative way, not referring to small business, but referring to America itself, properly stating that “America” is created every day by Americans and their choices.

    Unfortunately, she’s a Republican, not a Libertarian, but her short speech was the most effective today.

    1. Also, I’d pay to see a Mia/Michelle cat fight.

      1. Why do you want to see the nice woman’s arms torn off by a Wookie?

        1. 2 words: Voodoo, Zombie

    2. I just Wiki’d Mia Love. Turns out she converted to Mormonism. Of course, I’m sure it was so she could marry a Mormon, but still….

      1. …what rational adult would….

      2. I like this Wiki entry:

        “In 2003, Love won a seat on the Saratoga Springs City Council, becoming the first female Haitian-American elected official in Utah County, Utah; ”

        You don’t say, the first? In Utah County? Hard to believe.

      3. Isn’t she from Haiti? Mormonism probably seems like a reasonable alternative to sacrificing animals to spirits.

  12. I don’t care if the speech “lacks substance” or whatever. I’ve only heard of her within the past month and am delighted that an actually interesting person got a bit of the the spotlight amongst a sea of typical beltway bores. Plus she’s of Haitian origin to boot, and Haitians are rad.

  13. Very cute, very feminine body language, pleasant and melodic voice. I feel soothed. Damn you RNC, you did this to me on purpose!

  14. All hat. No cattle.

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