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Ron Paulers March Around The RNC In Protest


Tampa  – Over 100 Ron Paul supporters marched around the main concourse of the Tampa Bay Times Forum after the conclusion of Senator Rand Paul's speech. The purpose of the march was to protest the failure of the Republican National Committee to sit the Maine delegation yesterday.

The marchers chanted "So goes Maine, so goes the nation!"

Security did not appear to make an attempt to stop the marchers before they concluded their fast march around the arena.

One Paul delegate that declined to give his name told me, "We just wanted to make a quick point."

Conventiongoers and Romney Mitt Romney delegates looked on with bemusement. Some even asked security why they weren't arresting or removing the marchers. 

Video of the march below. 

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  1. First…again!

  2. How considerate of you to withhold the delegate’s name at his request then show video of him and his colleagues marching. Your respect for anonymity is a blessing.

    1. Thank for being so concerned!!

      BTW which one was he?

      1. Given the benign quote (“we were just trying to make a point”) it is reasonable to assume that the person didn’t want to be identified as one of the delegates in the protest, not just for what he said.

        So why go to the trouble of indicating that the person didn’t want to be identified, then plastering his picture on the intertubes for all to see?

  3. Some even asked security why they weren’t arresting or removing the marchers.

    Because as bad as the Republicans are, I guess they just aren’t as intolerant of dissent within their ranks as the Democrats.

    If this were happening at the Democratic convention, they’d have treated this protest like Oakland and Davis treated occupiers, I’m sure.

  4. “asked security why they weren’t arresting or removing the marchers.”

    Do these jokers have any idea of how conventions used to be?

    Anyway, good plan to arrest them – if you’re a third-party recruiter, that is. Otherwise, what the flying fuck are they thinking?

  5. Looks like an LP convention…awesome.

    1. HAHAHA


  7. Just look at his Ron Paul’s son. So much better looking than his old man, and would probably enjoy significant support from the satanic GOP base that’s necessary to win elections at the national level.

    What is a “Maine”. Why should I care. As much as things in California annoys me, I’ll never leave the place to go live in these states where fish tacos are a rarity and Ron Paul supporters rule the day.

    Ron Paul – the social conservative who was too libertarian.

    1. Incidentally, when I talk about my fellow Californians being so obsessed with what’s going on east of the Sierras, that they’re completely oblivious to what’s going on in Sacramento and why?

      This is the sort of people I’m talking about.

  8. For some reason I have the image of Christopher Robin leading Pooh and friends through the Hundred Acre Wood.

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