Hurricane Isaac, Arizona Primaries, Dangerous Deaf Children: P.M. Links


  • Hurricane coverage laws mandate at least one photo of a palm tree being blown in heavy winds.

    Tropical Storm Isaac is now officially Hurricane Isaac. New Orleans preps to get drenched. We're not the only ones though – a typhoon in South Korea has killed nine.

  • Republican voters choose their Senate candidate in today's Arizona primaries. Rep. Jeff Flake is the front-runner.
  • A deaf 3-year-old named Hunter in Grand Island, Neb., has been told by school officials that he needs to change the gesture he uses for his own name because it looks like a weapon. If you are stupid.
  • Proposed pension reform for California public employees will raise retirement ages and cap the salary level used to determine benefits, but will not shift to a 401(k) program.
  • The U.S. military wants the whole world to know about its l33t hacking skills. Does anybody still use "l33t" anymore or has the "Get on my level!" raging supplanted it?
  • Britain's press watchdog received thousands of complaints from citizens that publishing naked photos of Prince Harry violated his privacy. Also, his abs needed a touch more tone. Really, the Olympics have made them all body-conscious.

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  1. …has been told by school officials that he needs to change the gesture he uses for his own name because it looks like a weapon. If you are stupid.

    You mean dumb.

    1. Nice, but that’s actually the case in which it doesn’t.

      1. They would have to ban the ASL word for hunt too, because it uses “H” hands like a rifle as chest level, and that’s sort of what they are doing with “R” hands for Hunter’s name sign. (Looks more like they’re calling him “Gunslinger” to me!)

        Let’s make this about his spoken name and have the school board tell the parents he can’t be called “Hunter.” Doesn’t “Hunter” sound violent to them? Does that make his First Amendment rights go away?

      2. seriously, they can hear his name just fine.

  2. Jon Voight thinks Barack Obama is a Marxist…..rxist.html

    1. To be fair, it’s not like the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. There are times I wonder about that myself.

    2. Re: Archduke PantsFan,

      Jon Voight thinks Barack Obama is a Marxist

      Shit. Who isn’t?

    3. Jon Voight the actor or Jon Voight the dentist?

      1. Or the Jon Voight who is Angelina Jolie’s estranged father?

        1. Are they wholly estranged? Partially estranged? Or just strange?

          1. well, she is damn strange.

            Have I ever mentioned that I like strange?

  3. Republican Party vows crackdown on porn – Aug 27.

    (Reuters) – The Republican Party is calling for a crackdown on pornography in a move that could pit social conservatives against hotel operators, television providers and other businesses that profit from the sale of sexually explicit material.

    “It’s a growing problem for men in their 20s,” Trueman said. “It’s changed the way their brain maps have developed. This is the way they get sexually excited.”

    According to Trueman’s group, Romney promised earlier this year that he would push for “strict enforcement” of obscenity laws, as well as the broader use of blocking software to screen out Internet porn.

    1. Considering that you are probably too stupid to find your porn on the internet, I could see where you would be concerned about that.

    2. Dammit, forgot the link.…..A620120827

      “John” says that only Betty Friedan wants to end porn and that Republicans are fully in favor of it.

      1. yeah Shreek. I am sure porn will be totally unavailable the day after Mitt takes office. I am not sure who is more stupid you or them.

        1. There was a whole thread on this yesterday complete with what may be the greatest bill board of all time.

          1. Right, I was there. I was hoping this was new material in the same vein.

    3. “”strict enforcement” of obscenity laws”

      Hey stool sucker, porn isn’t “obscene”.

    4. Who is this Trueman everyone keeps talking about?

  4. Study: smoking weed during teenage years lowers intelligence.

    I was going to post a rejoinder recounciling this medical evidence with the libertarian position that people should be free to put whatever they want into their bodies, but….

    1. …you couldn’t think of the words needed?

    2. Study: smoking weed during teenage years lowers intelligence.

      “Or was it the other way around? Uh, where are my papers, again?”

    3. I was gonna smoke weed, but then I got high

    4. lol, I think I can spare eight points.

  5. BERLIN ? Police in the German city of Cologne say they have arrested a 52-year-old man on suspicion of blowing up his daughter’s boyfriend.
    The man had previously threatened the boyfriend because he was unhappy about the relationship with his daughter.…..boyfriend/

    1. Man, the word “up” is really key in that sentence. I need to slow down and quit skimming when I read.

  6. JETPACK!…

    1. It’s a jetpack, Michael. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. I think it says something that my brain automatically read that comment the first time in Will Arnett’s voice.

        1. It says that you are not an idiot with crappy taste.

  7. Britain’s press watchdog received thousands of complaints from citizens that publishing naked photos of Prince Harry violated his privacy.

    Nobody wants to see a naked ginger. And they have a press watchdog?

    1. Nobody wants to see a naked ginger dude.

      1. Here here. I’ll see naked lady gingers any day.

        1. Go to the Ron Paul is still alive thread.

          1. On a work machine. I’ll check with my personal desktop later.

            1. I always say I’ll do that then I forget when I get home. Maybe I should start setting up reminders in my phone?

              1. I did it. It was awesome, particularly the later ones where it’s just the redhead posing.

                1. I did it. It was awesome, particularly the later ones where it’s just the redhead posing.

                  “Spectacular” comes to mind.

                  … Hobbit

              2. We dinosaurs email a link from our work machine to our home machine.

                … Hobbit

        2. Mmmmm…. vampire Jessica…..

            1. I mean, it goes without saying. Also, Laura Prepon.

              1. Oh, it’s being said regardless.

        3. Here here. I’ll see naked lady gingers any day.

          Here you go:


        4. I get to see a naked ginger lady everyday. πŸ™‚

          1. And your wife is cool with that? That’s awesome!

  8. …he needs to change the gesture he uses for his own name because it looks like a weapon…

    I have a suggestion for the new gesture for him to use at school.

  9. Tyrion is only still alive because he serves Little Finger’s interest. LF is the true mastermind and he has Tyrion dancing like a puppet on the string at every turn of events.

    Scot Bakula in terms of effectiveness was by far the best Captain.

    Titty fucking is highly overrated.

    1. See, by going so far past the offensive right into ridiculous, you took all the strength out of your attempts to start a flamewar.

      Well, except the last one. That’s spot on.

      1. We’ll see. There is still a chance. The crowd is still mostly sober.

      2. Well, except the last one. That’s spot on.

        As a boob guy, few things have disappointed me in life as much as that horrific realization.

        1. Like so many things in life, it does have that “looks better on TV than in real life” factor.

          1. Isn’t that really dependent on your expectations prior to going in for that?

          2. ^This. And fucking in the shower, especially when you have a tub/shower.

            1. I’m going to have to call a penalty on that one. Showers are quite fun.

              1. Yeah, but if you fuck for a while your lungs get raped from heavy breathing in the steam.

              2. You need a decent sized walk-in shower I think. The standard bathtub/shower combo is not good for a 6’2″ man and 5’7″ girl.

              3. Perhaps it is because my husband is so much taller than me (6’4″ vs. 5’2″). We actually have to take our kid’s plastic step stool in there. And our showerhead only has one setting–laser beam.

                1. We actually have to take our kid’s plastic step stool in there.

                  Broken shower fittings have happened for that reason more than once in my crappy apartment.

                2. 6’9″ and 4’11”.

                  I was much younger at the time; I’d almost certainly hurt my back at this point.

                  Time and gravity are both starting to piss me off.

                3. Love the Cure song about you

                  1. Me, too, Anacreon πŸ˜‰

              4. I still suffer from a 30-year-old groin pull from slipping while fucking standing up in the shower.

                So be careful.

    2. Scot Bakula in terms of effectiveness was by far the best Captain.

      Gotta go with Janeway here

      1. With the harmonics of that nasal New England accent, it was like a one woman production of On Golden Pond. Hard to get past that.

        1. Or am I thinking of the villain from System Shock 2? Easy to confuse the two.

  10. Some guy named Charles Cooke at National Review writes Gawker writers asking them how they felt about working for a company whose Cayman Islands?based finances are, as John Cassidy of The New Yorker put it, “organized like an international money-laundering operation” when they are nonetheless content to run a piece knocking Mitt Romney for tax avoidance.

    Hilarity ensues.…..-c-w-cooke

    1. The funniest part is that John Cook apparently thinks it should go without saying that a “gay Hungarian Jew” would have low ethical standards.

      Doesn’t anybody else read that sentence and perceive that Cook is basically saying that there’s something about gayness, Hungarian-itude, or Judaism that’s inherently disreputable?

      1. I just skimmed the article to confirm that the Gawker writers responded in the most juvenile way possible.

      2. establishing ethical parity between the nominee of the Republican Party and a gay Hungarian Jew who makes his money in part by publishing photographs of celebrity penises

        What is wrong with being a gay Hungarian Jew who publishes photos of celebrity penises? Sounds like an honest enough living to me.

        1. More honest than career politician, anyway.

    2. Oh damn it… I followed the link in that to the CNN/Fortune blog post about the Bain files… and then started reading the comments. I don’t want to believe that people can be so stupid.

      There’s one guy pestering another commenter about his claim that the IRS has already looked over Romney’s tax returns. “Still waiting for you to post anything validating your claim that the IRS ‘has Romney’s returns and has validated them’.”

      My whole day is ruined now.

  11. That deaf kid story stuns me.

    I expect bureaucracies to be stupid, venal and brutal. But I also expect them to engage in basic self-preservation.

    If you’re a school administrator in the middle of nowhere, it’s a nice gig. You’re not in the classroom, so you can stumble along, making decent money, until you reach retirement. What would possess you to go out and call attention to yourself by stomping on a deaf 3 year old, in a way that couldn’t be better calculated to make you look incompetent? All you had to do was run out the clock and make NO decisions at all and you were fine.

    1. But if you can’t stomp on deaf three year old kids and push around their parents, what is the point of having the job?

      1. That’s what I was thinking. It’s not the cushiness of the job that attracts people, it’s the control over others.

        1. I would have to go with the cushiness.

          I guess they just get used to the cushiness and start taking it for granted.

          “Show me a cushy job and I’ll show you a bureaucrat that’s getting bored with exploiting it.”

          1. I have to wonder if this will lead to the outlawing of violent names like Hunter.

            1. I have a cousin-once-removed named Hunter. I knew he was a threat that needed to be outlawed.

      2. You’ve got to be smart and just stomp on the three year old kids that don’t have sympathetic disabilities.

    2. Any school administrator worth his or her salt should know you just don’t fuck with the ADA.

  12. “Queeb tax”: Why French-speaking Canadians pay more in Vermont
    According to ABC News, some restaurants in Burlington, Vt., are tacking on at least 18 per cent to the food bills of diners who speak a foreign language ? and by foreign language, they mean French.…..le4505335/

    1. Burlington is somewhere left of Elizabeth Warren. They honestly think Bernie Sanders is a sellout moderate. Who knew socialists were such xenophobes?

      1. It has nothing to do with that, it has to do with them being Vermonters. You can’t believe the WHO IS THE STRANGER looks you get if you go into non-tourist towns in Vermont, even if you’re a fellow New Englander.

        1. are you saying “Newhart” was a dream?

          1. I’m not saying it, Bob Hartley is.

            1. Technically, The Bob Newhart Show ran for fourteen seasons, not six. Actually, not technically. The series lasted for fourteen seasons.

              1. ProL, you are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

                1. If only BSG had ended the same way.

                  1. If only BSG had ended the same way.


            2. And still the best series finale ever. In fact, I don’t think it could be topped.

              1. Second. That was brilliant.

              2. You should try The Shield. The leadup and final episode were…fuck.

                1. No, nothing equals the last episode of The Bob Newhart Show.

                2. I saw it, but I have no memory of how The Shield ended.

                  1. You don’t remember what Shane did? And then how they utterly fucked Vic (which he obviously deserved)?

                    1. Nope. I remember Shane dumping the grenade in the Curtis’ lap, but that was the previous season.

                  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Breaking Bad ends. If they don’t mess it up, this is still a contender for best TV show ever imo.

                    I just can’t believe we have to wait a year to get the second half of this season.

              3. You mean you didn’t like the ending of LOST?


                1. Sure, that should’ve ended as a Bob Hartley dream, too. In fact, Bob Newhart should offer his services to any series that can’t hack a good ending.

                  1. Too bad Suzanne Pleshette is dead.

                    1. Worst ending ever —


                    2. Did The Shield end with the Commish waking up from a dream at an opera?

                    3. How did Alf wrap up?

                    4. Have you heard they are remaking ALF?

        2. But Burlington is a college town. It is full of New York hippie transplants and such. I have been to Vermont many times. I know exactly what you are talking about. I just never got that feel in Burlington.

          1. Remember, the other aspect of this story is the “get the working stiff their due” aspect of it.

            “Rotten French tourist bourgeoisie isn’t tipping hard working wait staff enough. Let’s pragmatically FIX that! OCCUPY THE BAR TABS!”

            1. You precognitive bastard!

        3. I’ve never lived in Burlington, but I’ve visited several times since my mom and her family are from across the lake in Plattsburgh. The people there were nice enough, but one time I happened to be wearing an LA Dodgers shirt and some people did give me that “who is this stranger” look.

        4. That’s just cause you’re a flatlander.

          1. Yes, but I come from a state that has a shoreline. Even New Hampshire has about 10 miles of shoreline. Vermont? NOTHING.

            1. You failed to make a point in favor or not-Vermont. The ocean sucks. It’s salty, cold, full of whale sperm, and inhabited by dangerous sharks, poisonous jelly fish and oily guidos.

              1. Well there is that sea monster in Lake Champlain.

              2. Everything you just said about the ocean is a selling point, you mountain hillbilly. Why don’t you go soak your head in Lake Champlain?

                1. I could have forgiven your love of whale sperm, but guidos is over the line. I hope Michael Bay makes a big budget movie on deep crust pizza, starting SugarFree, just to punish you for this.

            2. There must be something right in Vermont, because it allows me to co-exist with hippies without wanting to slaughter them all.

              Maybe there’s just so much residual pot smoke in the air that it makes you want to live and let live.

              1. I am the same. I love Vermont. I don’t care if it is fully of cringe worthy hippies.

              2. Vermont is so beautiful and green that it calms even the most savage beast.

                1. Vermont is so beautiful and green that it calms even the most savage beast.

                  Well, unless it’s Oct-May, in which cause it just forces the beast into hibernation.

    2. My guess is it’s because Quebecois don’t tip. This isn’t a xenophobia thing so much as a “servers are entitled to their tips!”

      Source: Lived in Burlington for 4 years and my best friend was a waiter.

      Now that I RTFA, I see that I was proven correct.

      1. (gives Auric hard WHO IS THE STRANGER stare)

        1. Dude, I’m too authentic Vermonter for most Vermonters. I don’t even count anyone from Chittendon County, regardless of how many generations their family has been there.

  13. I somehow missed or forgot that Flake was running for Senate. What are his chances if he wins in the primary?

    1. This was a surprise to me too. That’d be a good turn of events.

      1. A handful of quasi-libertarians in the Senate could throw a nice little wrench into Leviathan’s plans.

  14. Republican voters choose their Senate candidate in today’s Arizona primaries. Rep. Jeff Flake is the front-runner.

    “Flakes for Flake.”

  15. Taiwanese government minister wants men in Taiwan to start pissing while sitting down for hygenic purposes. Is it inherently unmanly to pee sitting down? I always thought it was grosser to sit on a public toilet anyway.

    1. What is this? Some sort of new thing? Because I’m not doing it.

      1. I clean the bathroom; I pee sitting down.

        1. I have the precision aim of a trained American male.

          1. I’m torn between making a joke about you being old and a catheter, and agreeing with you the only possible reason you should miss the toilet is if you’re drunk.

            And by drunk I mean falling over.

            1. I’m nowhere near that old, so go with the second option.

              1. I’m nowhere near that old

                Oh Pro Lib, even in your advanced age you’ve kept your wit!

            2. Probably the most dangerous piss I ever took was on a train going about 60 MPH, in between 2 of the train cars, coming back from an Oriole’s game, standing at the edge while my equally trashed buddy held onto me by the back of my shirt, so I didn’t fall off the train.

              It worked.

              1. I pissed off a mountain once.

                1. You told it that those pines made it look fat?

                  1. That joke never gets old. That’s why I did it.

                    1. That joke never gets old.

                      Did your Alzheimer’s kick in? Why else would you make it this easy for me.

                    2. I’m not old enough to be sensitive about my age, either.

                    3. Ah, some minutes so lucid, other minutes…. This is so sad.

                      Well, at least that makes it easy for me to pocket all the Firefly spinoff money.

                    4. Auric, stop picking on ProL! Didn’t your parents teach you that beating up old people is wrong? Look at how confused he is right now!

                      ProL, your walker is over here.

                    5. I can emasculate you right here and now by revealing your true age. Would you like me to do that?

                    6. You don’t have the guts.

                    7. Episiarch is five years old. It’s true. I met him on a plane last month where he kept saying, “I’m five years old.” He also ate a salad with a dinner fork.

                    8. It was a chef salad you slandering bastard! You can use a dinner fork for a dinner salad!

                    9. Then again, I suppose it’s remarkable that a five-year old can use a grown-up fork at all. And he’s quite articulate, too, for that age.

                    10. chef salad is kitchen trickery to utilise scrap meat

                2. I pissed on the Continental divide. Half went to the Pacific, the other hand the Gulf of Mexico. America is a wonderful country.

                  1. I’m unclear on what all of these continental divides actually are. I’ve gone across several.

                    1. Yes, I speak truthfully. I was just on the Eastern Continental Divide, and I crossed one out west when in Yellowstone.

        2. I can’t stand the guys in my workplace who piss on the seat. I don’t care if there is splashing everywhere so much, but that is the reason there is a seat SEPARATE from the porcelain bowl that holds our waste! It’s the only time I feel the pain of womankind, because when I have to take a Taco Bell crap from the night before I don’t have 30 seconds to wipe down the seat.

          Sorry in reverse-advance for any visuals.

          1. Guys who piss on the seats are dicks.

            1. But dicks also fuck assholes, assholes who just want to shit all over.

              1. Put him in the shark tank, Kim.

            2. I wonder if that’s some sort of distortion of the old alpha male practice of pissing all over everything.

          2. My wife is a Filipina, and I have worked with lots of Filipinos for many years, and I must say, as much as I love Filipinos in general, the men are the worst at aiming their piss. Even my wife’s brother, who is a prissy neonatologist, pisses all over the place. It’s like they close their eyes and spin around when they piss. It’s really quite bizarre.

      2. Sweden regularly has a bill come up to mandate that in government buildings (which, it being Sweden, means most of them). It’s what happens in a country when feminism gets too powerful. I’m basically counting the days till they try it here.

        1. Here’s the thing: how could they ever possibly enforce this?

        2. It will never happen.

          1. Never be passed, or never be proposed in the legislature? Cause I agree with the first, strongly disagree with the second. Biden is thinking about running for president, after all.

            1. If it gets proposed in Congress, do you think the SC would rule that public urination is political speech?

  16. 6pack not enough
    Only now the goal posts have moved. No longer is a six-pack enough. Personal trainers are under siege as clients of both sexes clamour for a new look ? just like that increasingly sported by sports stars and celebrities. Everyone, it seems, wants a Victory V; the defining muscular lines that run from just above the hip bone at an angle in and down towards the groin, and which are tantalisingly visible above bikini bottoms or low-slung board shorts.

    1. I just took out a pack of Oreos from my desk to finish reading that article. Yeah, I’m not gonna be hitting that Victory V anytime soon.

      1. I’m working on my 12-pack abs. It’s going pretty well.

        1. Go for the keg!

        2. I mostly just work on the 12-pack. And then when that’s done, I buy another (or 6-pack of craft beer).

    2. I have always had strong abs – back in my gym days (before becoming a daddy) there were more than a couple times I would do 500 sit-ups just to see how long it would take.

      I now do a number of cross-fit abs exercises which took a over a year to get up to speed with. But I still have a 6-pack or two covering the muscle underneath.

      Knowing that I would have to give up beer to be able to have a body that looks better than the usual underwear model – I choose to drink. My wife hardly notices anyway.

  17. Ancient underground sex club found in Louisville. Local idiots scandalized by the Goya painting.

  18. Flew into Orlando during what I thought was supposed to be the height of Hurricane Isaac yesterday… and nothing else happened. It wasn’t even raining when we landed.

    On the other hand, I went through security at Chicago O’Hare where they only appear to have the body scanners. I opted out for the “enhanced pat-down”. The agent was surprisingly professional, or about as professional as one gets when feeling up someone else. What bothered me most was that some people were waved through the traditional metal detectors and others told they had to go through the scanner (like myself). Well, to be honest, what REALLY bothered me was that we had to go through this security theatre to begin with.

    When I flew up to Chicago last Thursday, I forgot to take my belt off, I didn’t take the baggy of liquids out into a tray, and my girlfriend didn’t take off her watch. And nothing else happened. TSA is such a joke.

    1. We never got anything but the extreme outer rain bands from Isaac in Orlando.

      It was drizzling and there were some healthy gusts when I got to the office at about 0930 but from then on it tapered off. I don’t think a drop of rain fell after about 2 PM.

  19. Old sex club discovered in Louisville. Idiots are disturbed by a Goya mural.

  20. “Republican voters choose their Senate candidate in today’s Arizona primates…

    I… I mean primaries!”

  21. I don’t feel like looking through the AM links to find it so how did the circumcision debate turn out?

    1. debate was cut short?

    2. Who has fewer post pissing “wet spots”: cut or uncut?

    3. I’m guessing Randian was an obnoxious asshole on the subject, like always.

  22. FUCK
    Family of bride who drowned in ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot plead for stricter security at Quebec river…..bec-river/

    1. That’s the dumbest fad I’ve ever heard of.

      1. No, this is the dumbest fad you’ve ever heard of.

        1. FTA:

          “When you get married, you’re in the best shape of your life and why not have these memories”


          1. In other words, as soon as they get married, most people proceed immediately to letting themselves go.

    2. So I guess the upside is that this happened before she procreated.

    3. One thing we are certain about is that our Maria would have never put her life at risk.

      Then you’re certainly wrong. She got in the water herself. She might not have realized the risk, but she put herself at risk.

    4. Maria Pantazopoulos, 30, died last week when her wedding dress became heavily soaked in the Ouareau River in Rawdon, Que.,

      So, they’ll get to have a “big, fat, Greek funeral”!

      What, too soon?

  23. “School: Teacher Helps Students Cheat Because She Says They’re ‘Dumb As Hell'”…..b-as-hell/

    1. All tests proctored by Smith were allegedly marked with suspicious erasure marks, amounting to what was termed a “practically impossible frequency of changes from wrong to right [answers].

      Hmm, sounds to me like she might have been onto something if the little shitstains were wrong that often. Also, dumb kids in Atlanta? Unpossible!

      1. Sounds like the teachers are pretty dumb, too.

  24. Liberal senator’s wife no longer charged with endangering aircraft, but uttering threats charge added

    This is less about the charges than the fact she’s 23 and he’s 69.…..rge-added/

    1. Assuming she is the blond in the middle, holy shit does she look crazy in that picture.

      1. She looks like she’s walking to the courthouse for her double homicide trial.

        1. That or leaving the courthouse to commit a double homicide. She makes that college girl who got arrested in Italy look downright sane. I like crazy sexy as much as anyone. But damn.

          1. Dude, he’s 69. I think he knows the end isn’t too far away anyway. Might as well enjoy the last few minutes.

          2. There’s crazy sexy and there’s just crazy. She’s well into batshit psycho bunny boiler territory judging by that photo.

    2. “she’s 23 and he’s 69.”

      Now that’s a war against women.

      1. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…

    3. I can’t believe I can’t come up with a joke about a Liberal senator.

      For anyone who doesn’t know, the Canadian Senate is possibly the world’s most useless legislative body snd being appointed to it is considered a punishment for anyone who aspires to continue a political career.

  25. Just so you all know, Bill Nye is not dead. Supposedly a recent video he posted denouncing creationism may have spurred the rumor churning on Twitter.

    1. Hasn’t Nye proven himself a complete douche bag concerning global warming?

      1. For Nye it was less about global warming and more about “How dare laymen question the lab-coated priesthood!”

  26. Israeli court dismisses lawsuit over death of activist Rachel Corrie. Without getting into the Israel-Palestine thing, I will say that crouching in front of a heavily armored bulldozer was not the smartest thing to do, so I find it hard to fault the bulldozer operator.

  27. A deaf 3-year-old named Hunter in Grand Island, Neb., has been told by school officials that he needs to change the gesture he uses for his own name because it looks like a weapon.

    Considering kids aren’t allowed to play “cops and robbers” or any other game that involves makeing a “gun” with their fingers and pretending to shoot, I can’t really say I’m surprised.

    If you are stupid.

    We’re talking about school administrators. The stupid is pretty much a given.

  28. The trees and lampposts surrounding every American public school should be festooned with the upside down corpses of school administrators.

  29. Why is the Socialist Canadian Ambassador to the US at the RNC?

    1. Ah, come on. New Democrats aren’t real socialists.

      Now, the old CCFers that lived by the Regina Manifesto, they were socialists. πŸ™‚

      It’s funny for years after the merger the Saskatchewan NDP kept the old CCF name because the natives were so suspicious of those godamn easterners that had taken over their party.

      1. I thought the NDP were still too busy mourning Jack Laydon to be doing anything as gauche as going to a political convention.

  30. Comedy Gold!

    Enlisting Twitter as a reporting tool, we asked our 16,000 followers (in case you’re not among them, we’re @jamestaranto) and quickly came up with 2101 W. Main St., site of “Occupy Tampa.” After lunch we rode out there and found a pitiful little encampment on a lot so small that Zuccotti is Yellowstone by comparison. OT propaganda calls the site “Voice of Freedom Park,” but the map doesn’t show a park there.

    It turns out the site is privately owned, by “adult nightclub owner Joe Redner,” as the Tampa Tribune euphemistically put it in June. It’s in a very downscale neighborhood–“You don’t want to hang around here,” our driver told us as we pondered whether to get out and have a closer look–but that doesn’t mean it’s any more welcome:

    Residents and merchants here have grown weary of the Occupy Tampa movement’s 6-month presence in their midst, and some of them aim to take action.

    1. On Thursday they plan to take a petition to the Tampa City Council. It maintains that the movement has turned a privately owned park on Main Street into an impromptu squatters’ village that is unsightly and, at times, unruly. . . . It has filled with pup tents, and has become an eyesore that is unclean, disorderly and unsafe due to people using drugs and drinking alcohol, the residents say.
      Redner said he was aware of recent complaints, but had no plans to ask Occupy Tampa to leave his property. . . . “I have heard no credible complaints,” he said Friday.
      What we have here, then, is a dispute between a rich man asserting his right to use his property in any way he sees fit and the residents of a lower- to lower-middle-class community who are suffering the externalities of his unregulated actions. The Occupy clowns, natch, are on the side of the rich guy.…..TopOpinion

  31. If there is a lockout, I think a splendid resolution would be to nullify all contracts and hold a giant dispersal draft.…..le4504860/

  32. Free Kittens…..-sidewalk/

  33. “The reason Obama is so desperate to get Romney’s tax returns is because Obama wants to show his base voters what a tax return looks like”

    – Rush Limbaugh

    1. That was actually pretty clever from Rush. (golf clap)

  34. The news you’ve been waiting for (well, maybe not from Brazil):
    Three people enter into civil union in Brazil

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