Election 2012

Anderson Cooper Tangles With DNC Chair

He accuses Debbie Wasserman Schultz of overt dishonesty


Debbie Wasserman Schultz and CNN's Anderson Cooper engaged in a heated exchange Thursday night when Cooper charged that the Florida congresswoman "misquoted" the Los Angeles Times in a letter that the anchor also said misrepresented Mitt Romney's stance on the Republican Party's abortion platform plank.

The segment, which has gone viral in the conservative blogosphere, features Cooper, on his CNN show "Anderson Cooper 360," pointing to a fundraising email Wasserman Schultz signed. He said that a quote she used from the Los Angeles Times in the appeal was taken "completely out of context."

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  1. Cooper: “I don’t understand why you’d need to do that.”
    Oh, yes you do, but admitting it would be admitting that Schultz is one more sleazy politico.

  2. I’m glad that it wasn’t me doing that interview and that it wasn’t in person. If I had to deal with even one or two of those “Anderson”s in the condescending tone of a teacher talking to an unruly student, I’d have to put my foot up her ass. The prevalence of undeservedly self-regarding shitasses like her in government is what made me a libertarian.

    1. My opinion of Anderson Cooper has just improved. At least he’s got the nerve to point some of the lies of Democrats, while most lame stream journalists prefer to ignore them. But then, maybe some friend of Cooper’s is out to get Wasserman’s job.

      I look forward to seeing if Cooper continues this pointing out of lies for other Democrats.

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