Private Mars Missions Are Possible

The massive cost estimates tossed around by NASA are, let us say, based on the bureaucratic factor


A manned mission to Mars has been a longstanding goal of space programs worldwide: the Russian, Chinese, and American space programs all ostensibly have plans to land humans on the Red Planet.  It's a bipartisan proposal: Presidents George H. Bush, George W. Bush, and Obama have all explicitly mentioned Americans hopping around the martian surface as a goal of U.S. space policy.

Grand plans have come and gone, stagnating due to flagging political will and seemingly prohibitive price tags.  But just how difficult is it to fund a manned mission to Mars?  Is the multibillion-dollar price tag really a deal breaker?

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  1. Private Mars Missions Are Possible

  2. What Odumbo has taught us in the over all scheme of things is that we cannot trust anyone in government, especially those on the Left, or Wall Street, and that the only way to get to Mars or do anything wonderful in Science is to do it our selves.

    The other reality is, that the earth is FKed. Too many people,too much waste, too much pollution, too much government, too many rules, taxes, too many programs that reward those who bred low IQ children who grow up to who vote for more parasiticism, and on and on. Which is why there is a race by privateers to get to Mars.

    Having interviewed a physicist and a member of a Houston think tank some years ago…I learned that the computer modeling studies of “Why” certain people must leave earth as quickly as possible is of concern to the point that those who have the most to contribute to “reason” and science in the future will not be tolerated but persecuted.

    Ergo, when it becomes possible to live on Mars, ships carrying the best and brightest, those with IQs over 145, with PhDs in the necessary science fields will be the ones who create a new Earth colony. Who they are NOT taking with them, is anyone who is “religious” or political.

    Reason will be a normal, life enriching, life saving philosophy with no argument against it. I am hoping that a statue of Ayn Rand will be the first one on Mars. We owe our very future to Ayn Rand.


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