Gay Marriage

London Mayor Advocates Gay Marriage

Boris Johnson, tagged as next Conservative leader, says everybody deserves a chance at getting hitched


Same-sex couples should not be denied the "happy state" of marriage, Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, has said.

Mr Johnson, who is a favourite to be the next Conservative leader, said he supports more marriage in society regardless of people's sexual orientation.

He made the remarks in a new video for the Out4Marriage campaign, as David Cameron faces a revolt from within his party over whether to bring in new laws legalising gay marriage.


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  1. Its about time that the right wing churches, mostly southern baptist and catholic, wake up. they are all but dead in Europe, and dying in latin America.

    Much of the reason is that their stance against marriage equality is seen as what it is – religious bigotry against another part of Gods wondrous creation.

    In time these churches will be seen as a disgrace upon religion, but its hard for them to see through their own propaganda

    1. It is more likely that EU churches have fallen into unpopularity because they are state religions, and just as people want forbidden items, they dislike required items.

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