Video: Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Countrywide's VIP Treatment for Congressmen on CNBC's Closing Bell


Reason Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward discusses the congressional Countrywide loan scandal on CNBC's Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo. Air Date: August 15, 2012.

About 3 minutes.

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  1. This will be ignored. The media are too busy establishing the Ryan – Ayn Rand linkages to deal with something as trivial as CongressCrap being utterly and completely corrupt.

    And good on Sessions for keeping his nose clean.

  2. Piss on Bartiromo. The other day she was praising the government prosecutors for deciding not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for fraud. She’s a fucking tool.

    1. Piss on Bartiromo.


      1. Mary, you’re so pathetic. It warms my heart. You’re still vainly struggling.

    2. What amazes me about the talking heads on Bloomberg and CNBC is that they are so complacent in regards to government interference. 95% of them have actual, high-level work experience in Finance, before moving to reporting/hosting. So, it’s not like they are typical J-school graduates. I figure they are highly analytical people, but they never challenge the status quo, and are quite happy to tow the government lion.

      It’s funny when one of them breaks rank. Like last year, when Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman made the bold statement that he thought insider trading was not a crime and should not be illegal, or prosecuted (I agree). The other talking heads that were hosting were completely dumbfounded. They couldn’t process that someone might hold that opinion, and tried to get Erlichman to modify, or recant his statement. Then they quickly moved on to another topic.

  3. CNBC is an ADD nightmare. I think I caught the gist of the story, someone in congress did something unethical, meanwhile Cisco stock is up, something about Michael Steele and maybe Berkshire-Hathaway SEC filings?

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