Political Motive for FRC Shooting, Ranks of Independents Grow, Mind-Reading Drones?: P.M. Links


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  1. Interfacing your brain with a thought-responsive machine could reveal sensitive stuff! So … umm … be careful?

    Administrator: And what are your reasons for wanting a Little Brother?
    Homer’s Brain: Don’t say revenge! Don’t say revenge!
    Homer: Uh, revenge?
    Homer’s Brain: That’s it, I’m gettin’ outta here. [footsteps, and a door slam]

    1. Anyone else see Unisex the first time they looked at Usenix?

    2. /Lady checks off “Revenge” on the form

      That’s one of the few good episodes of The Simpsons not written by libertarian recluse John Swartzwelder.

  2. …even as the ranks of independents grow.

    Independents are only voters who haven’t figured out which candidate has the haircut they like best yet.

    1. “Well, listen here, missy. Computers may be twice as fast as they were in 1973, but the average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever. The only one who’s changed is me. I’ve become more bitter and, let’s face it, crazy over the years. And when I’m swept into office, I’ll sell our children’s organs to zoos for meat, and I’ll go into people’s houses at night and wreck up the place!”

      1. Careful, Mike M maym think you were attempting to be Dennis Miller.

        1. “Joan Rivers telling Lauren Bacall her dress is all wrong is like Carrot Top telling Lenny Bruce he needs to get an edge.”

          1. Or fat-assed Michelle Obama telling an Olympic gold medal winner what to eat.

        2. http://wiki.joshuajamesslone.n…..age=Dennis Miller Reference Generator

          A Dennis Miller joke generator – you don’t have to listen to that asshole anymore. Just click ‘next’.

          1. “Alfonso Ribeiro makes Jules Verne look like Alfonso Ribeiro”

            That is some deep shit, man.

          2. Only you would think he is an asshole. Miller has always been hilarious. He was on your team until 9/11, you know. No doubt you liked him up till then.

      2. May death come quickly to his enemies!

  3. “I wish my mother had aborted me”: or, how feminists will make philosophically incoherent arguments to justify their beliefs.

    1. So much navel-gazing stupid, not just the original article, but the Slate Retard-O-Justifyer. Notice these choice nuggets:

      Liberals tend to believe that all it takes to win a political argument is to coolly distribute facts and statistics, like a caterer with a tray of champagne glasses at a wedding.

      Followed by:

      Facts are necessary, of course, but they’re watered-down Budweiser compared to stories like Beisner’s.


    2. BTW, I wish their mothers had aborted both those morons, too. Like the world needs more self-worshipping feminists polluting the gene pool.

    3. I wish their mothers had aborted them, too.

      1. I’m pro-life, so can we go with wishing they were born in the ally behind a Bangkok whorehouse?

        1. I’m good with that. They would have been far more interesting people.

          1. “Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.”–Tyrion Lannister.

            1. While I claim to be an Eddard fan I find myself liking Tyrion more and more. And the actor who plays him in the series is phenomenal.

    4. I just find the all things being equal attitude of the premise bizarre. If you’re an atheist or a humanist it would seem that life is preferable to death or nonexistence.

      You’d have to have a Borg-like perspective on humanity to think that any other individual is interchangeable with you.

      1. It does show how emotionally broken these people are. Hopefully they’ve done the world a small favor and haven’t reproduced, but I doubt very many people will be persuaded by such nihilistic worldviews. Their very outlook is repulsive in every way.

    5. A liberal acquaintance once offered this as an ultimate argument winner:

      “Well I guess we’re just going to disagree. See I was an unplanned pregnancy, I never knew my birth mother. My parents adopted me. So that’s why I want abortion to be legal.”

      I literally laughed out loud and asked him if he would really rather be dead then adopted. Apparently no one had ever asked him that.

    6. I like this:
      Two years before I was concieved, my mother had an abortion. My life as an eldest child to a professionally employed father is probably different than the alternate, 2 year older kid of a graduate student. My mom’s life is probably different also as she could be a stay-at-home mom instead of attempting to balance a baby and a waitressing job.

      I’ve been dying to run into a street protestor game enough try the “what if your mother had an abortion?” line on me, since my anecdata show if she *didn’t* have an abortion, I wouldn’t be here.

      Yeah, that totally proves something. Also, anecdata? You want to be taken seriously and you use made up words like that?

    7. From the comments:

      If Lynn hadn’t been born, I wouldn’t be here wasting time mocking her self-hatred.

      I’m down with teh feminism though. Anything that makes women pro sex, anti-marriage, is alright in my book. Used to be mommies taught there daughters about free milk and the cow, now they teach them they’re oppressed if the cow isn’t standing in the drive through window handing some milk to everybody who comes by. Total win for the patrimony.

      OK, which one of you guys posts as “Joe Blow” at slate? C’mon that had to be one of us.

  4. Drones are getting smaller, deadlier and more autonomous. You know where this is going.

    Starts with a sky and ends with a net.

        1. eww, bestiality with pet soldiers.

        2. You are forgiven, my son.

      1. “Very funny, Mr. Snoid!”

    1. I’d be perfectly fine with Skynet if we eventually get cyborgs that look like Kristanna Loken and Summer Glau.

  5. The Dark Knight Rises is stupid and for kids says director to MTV.

    1. I like Cronenberg a lot as a director and particular his movies with Viggo Mortensen (“A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises”), but to call Batman, which is loaded with Jungian archetypes and, when handled smartly, psychologically deep and enthralling, juvenile is stupid.

      And what’s with the link in the article that says Rob Pattinson is going to play Lawerence of Arabia? They think he can do a role played by Peter O’Toole?

      1. The Cronenberg of today, who still makes good movies, is not the same Cronenberg who did Videodrome, The Brood, Dead Ringers, The Fly, Scanners, The Dead Zone, Rabid. Somewhere he utterly lost the body mutation fetish that made his work so interesting. It’s sort of a shame, but I guess everybody gets old.



        2. Odd to see him of all people go in the direction of a mainstream that no longer exist in any manner that resembles a sustained culture. Updike is dead and compared to other dead authors, Philip Dick, Tolkien, William Burroughs etc. who were not taken seriously by the 20th Century literary elite, he inspires absolutely no one.

          1. Rabbit Run is a document of its time. The protagonist is pretty much like 5,000,000 other losers in this country today. No one thinks they are unique any longer, and they only serve as bad examples.

      2. Somebody pointed out the Lawerence of Arabia thing yesterday and the general consensus was: terrible.

      3. O’Toole was born to play that role, like a Heston in “The Ten Commandments.” Pattinson will be another Russell Brand as “Arthur.”

        1. Hugh Laurie would have been a decent choice, if they had to remake it.

          1. I can see that, but I might not get over the thought of Bertie Wooster in a burnoose.

    2. Needs more asploding heads and car wreck sex, I guess.

  6. Mitt Romney, somehow, is pulling 41 percent of the youth vote that previously embraced Obamania. Don’t ask us to explain.

    It’s because the kids think they only have two choices and they don’t want the team they’ve had the last 4 years.

    1. Maybe it’s some hipster thing that, by defintion, defies defintion. Like, “I was with Romney before it was kool.”

      1. Lol, They’re voting for Romney ironically.

        1. If you wear clear wayfarers and no-one’s there to see them, is it still ironic?

        2. “This Republican sign? I made it myself.”

    2. I would like to think that it has something to do with the fact that Barry has managed to screw over everyone under 30 time and again, whether it’s in the employment market, student loans, being forced into actuarial pools with grandma and grandpa, but I honestly couldn’t say.

  7. Mitt Romney, somehow, is pulling 41 percent of the youth vote that previously embraced Obamania. Don’t ask us to explain.

    I’ll explain it. He’s the other candidate, the one not in office when they graduated to no job market.

    1. what? I thought it was cause he’s hip, groovy, and totally far out?!

      1. It’s the New Mormon vibe: golden tablets change.

        1. * golden tablets AND change.

          1. The first version is the old Mormon vibe.

            1. Brilliant!

    2. And when it comes time to vote, they won’t, so who gives a shit what the polls say? Come to think of it, who gives a shit what any poll says?

      1. YOU DO AND YOU KNOW IT. I dare you to never comment on poll results again. I dare you.

        1. Hmm. I was considering taking the dare, but I’m going to choose truth instead. And the truth is: I like the first Star Trek movie. A lot.

          1. The joke’s on you, because timeling-wise the Abrams movie is the first. A lot.

            1. No, the joke’s on you, because the Abrams one is the one I was talking about. Come on: Zoe Saldana as Uhura? That’s all win right there. Plus, red stuff! And that dude who once played the Hulk! And Stingrays off cliffs with “Sabotage”!

              I can’t wait for the next one.

              1. The next movie will be Star Trekker: The Wrath of Enrique. Or maybe of Fez from That 70’s Show. Or likely of this guy.

                1. “I have been, and always will be, your gardener.”

              2. Truthfully, the JJ Abrams Star Trek was pretty good for what it was: a brainless action movie with people who vaguely resemble Star Trek caricatures.

                It’s all been downhill since Star Trek: The One With The Whales, anyways.


                  1. I stayed up to 2am watching Star Trek Nemesis on Showtime, and you know what? I still don’t understand why that movie got such a bad rep. It wasn’t “Wrath of Khan” good, but it wasn’t terrible. It could have been much better if Frakes or Nicolas Meyer directed.

                    1. Bad characterisation, nonsensical script that shoved in random crap for the non-Picard and Data characters to do, and justified hatred of Rick Berman for ruining a franchise that had overstayed its welcome. I agree that Frakes would have been a good director for the project, but they also would have been better served by a less lax script.

                    2. Nemesis was a bad 2-hour episode. Probably the worst of the franchise I’ve seen.

                      Say, when are they going to get around to the DS9 movies? Rene’s not getting any younger.

                    3. I’d go to a fucking movie theater for a DS9 movie.

                  2. Only if you’ll admit that you were turned on by Nemesis’ mind rape scene.

                    1. I’m going to be honest: I think I fell asleep during Nemesis. Now, that could mean I missed some really good stuff. But I think we all know it probably means the other thing.

                    2. My impression of all of the ST:TNG movies was that they could have been episodes of the show.

                      I remember liking the show when it first came out. Re-watching it recently, I’ve been struggling to remember why.

                    3. TNG suffers from being compared to modern television, which has better characterization and more arc-based storytelling. It also suffers from the chains that Roddenberry put on his writers (both in terms of political baggage and just plain lousy narrative conventions).

                      Its flaws are more apparent when you realize that Enterprise and Voyager were both effectively repeats with a more unlikeable cast.

                      That said, “Best of Both Worlds” would have been a fucking awesome movie.

                    4. You can definitely sense the creative freedom in DS9 when Ron Moore and his writing team were no longer weighted down by Roddenberry’s mandate on the Federation being a liberal utopia. It allowed them to explore the darker and more authoritarian aspects of the Federation.

                      Even the last season of TNG showed that the Federation had a problematic approach to dealing with the Marquis.

                    5. Voyager was just pathetic in that respect.

                      “Let’s put a ship in a hostile environment, so that we can do nothing different, re-hash the same stories as TNG, and hit the reset button at the end of each episode so that in-series continuity and stakes are reduced to zero. Just so that we can avoid any tension whatsoever, let’s also avoid any character development whatsoever.”

                      Then they figured that strategy went so swimmingly, that they’d try it again for Enterprise.

                    6. I think the premise was pretty solid with the Shinzon character and B4 raising questions about nature vs nurture, identity, and fate, all concepts that good Star Trek material can deliver on.

                      The problem was the stilted dialogue, unimpressive sets, and the first act that drags on–all of which could have been fixed with a better director and maybe a script rewrite. So basically I think it’s disappointing but much better than the Star Wars prequels.

                2. Well, double dumbass on you!

          2. Wrath of Kahn. That is all.

            1. I’m laughing at your superior intellect.

              1. ….the thread….out of danger?

      2. ^THIS^
        Pollatorials, we call ’em.

        1. That comment was for Epi, not FoE.

          1. Too late, you agreed with me. Everyone saw it.

      3. And when it comes time to vote, they won’t…

        As compared to 2008, that’s a pretty big advantage for Romney.

  8. 300lb 7th grader barred from Pee-Wee football in Texas. Not to worry, Mack Brown will have that kid a GED and a scholarship by this time next year.

    1. I was looking at the team high school rosters in the local rag, and it’s amazing how big some of these kids are now.

      When I played, we had one guy on our team that was 300 pounds, but he could barely move and might as well have been a blocking dummy. The ones today, though, are just explosive.

    2. He needs to be playing 7th grade football, anyway.

    3. He could be a 7th grader who got held back a few times. I went to school with a kid like that. Basically a ninth grade kid in with a bunch of 12 year olds.

      1. According to the article he’s 12, but over 6’0″ tall. My question is, why doesn’t he just go play in an older division against kids that are a little bit closer to his size? Also according to the article he could still play on his middle school team. I’m sure they’d love to have him play, even if he is just a disgusting fatbody.

  9. Don’t ask us to explain.

    Hint: This is the same demographic with the oral sex myth.

  10. Detroit, where the weak are killed and eatenthrown in the sewer.

    STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — Authorities investigating the discovery of more than a dozen chunks of human flesh and body parts in a suburban Detroit sewer have released photos of tattoos featured on some of them.

    1. Fuck you squirrels, give me fucking preview or accept that I did too close that fucking strike tag.

      1. Why don’t you people have preview? What browser are you using? Good old fashioned tried and true Internet Explorer lets me preview. Look, I’m previewing right now. Here’s a youtube video of me previewing this very comment and everything is working perfectly. Fool proof.

        1. Great link, FoE. Backs up your claims and everything

            1. And we’re all thankful for that.

        2. Yeah, well FF14 and Win7 and no fucking preview. So stop rubbing your ability to preview in my face. Do you go up to crippled people dancing too?

          1. cripple people can dance now? God I love technology!

          2. Err…I’m running FF14, and I have a preview.

    2. God, another psycho inspired by Batman.

  11. Does the DHS know something we don’t?

    “Some Northwest gun rights activists are wondering whether the Department of Homeland Security is quietly preparing for a civil war, following this week’s revelation about a plan to purchase 750 million rounds of ammunition.”



    Oh shit. I still don’t have a fallout bunker.

    1. It’s not just DHS:

      “First the Department of Homeland Security ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition, then the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) submitted an order for 46,000 rounds of high powered ammo, and now Business Insider reports that the Social Security Administration is asking to purchase 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point bullets.”


      1. And me with only a thousand rounds of .223 and a few hundrew .40 sw and 9mm. Sigh.

      2. Okay, seriously, what does Social Security need ammunition for? Doesn’t GSA provide their security, if not a private contractor (probably private via GSA)? They’ve no need for ammunition.

        1. Okay, seriously, what does Social Security need ammunition for?

          Those old people and cripples are starting to get uppity when they show up for their checks.

          Serious answer: After “Barry’s Big Beef Buyout” yesterday, it’s pretty clear that the executive branch is more than willing to use the public treasury to screw with prices.

          1. “Today the Department of Agriculture announced that it will buy up to $100 million worth of pork products, $50 million worth of chicken, and $20 million worth of lamb and farm-raised catfish,” Obama explained to reporters in front of a drought-stricken cornfield.

            “Prices are low, farmers and ranchers need help, so it makes sense,”

            Jeebus Fucking Crist, we’re re living the fucking great depression.

            So, in the late spring of 1933, the federal government carried out “emergency livestock reductions.” In Nebraska, the government bought about 470,000 cattle and 438,000 pigs. Nationwide, six million hogs were purchased from desperate farmers. In the South, one million farmers were paid to plow under 10.4 million acres of cotton.
            The hogs and cattle were simply killed. In Nebraska, thousands were shot and buried in deep pits. Farmers hated to sell their herds, but they had no choice. The federal buy-out saved many farmers from bankruptcy, and AAA payments became the chief source of income for many that year.

            What’s next a fascistic NRA with a nifty blue eagle logo?

          2. Which is why when it comes to ammo, your best bet is to make it yourself.

            It’s easy, cheap, and the quality you get is better.

      3. Sounds like they are trying to create a civilian ammo scarcity. Wonder why.

        1. Suspiciously believable. Could we be approaching dictatorship? Left wing conspiracy that will take control supposing Obama looses in November.

          Someone, call the History Channel quick!

          1. I’d say more likely a gun control measure.

      4. Why the fuck does the social security administration need armed agents. NOAA shoulsn’t need any to enforce fishing laws, either, but the SSA? WTF?

    2. Interesting, and *humorous*: Don’t worry about it. Most of it is probably being snuck into Mexico.

    3. I had plans in middle school to build a fallout shelter. Long after the cold war ended.

  12. South African Police open fire at striking miners

    1. Video (warning: graphic).

      1. Damn. Automatic weapons take care of business quickly. 8-(

      2. I hard time seeing it in the video, but apparently, the miners were armed with clubs, etc. I AM NOT JUSTIFYING THE SLAUGHTER, but if you take a club to a machine gun fight, it’s probably going to end up looking like that video.


        1. They also have machetes and have murdered security guards, police and miners who have tried to go back to work. They were also charging the police when they opened fire. It’s a bad situation all around.

  13. Miracle drug may hold secret to curing cancer, and more importantly reversible male birth control.

    The molecule he developed, JQ1, is intended to inhibit these proteins, removing the bookmarks and basically causing cancer cells to “forget” that they’re cancerous. The results, so far, have been promising. And as it turns out, JQ1 can, by the same mechanism, inhibit the testicular protein responsible for producing sperm (identified last year by Debra Wolgemuth and her team at Columbia University).

    1. What’s the over/under on Jezebel putting out an article about it this week talking about how male birth control is kinda cool, but it’s no big deal and not really necessary.

      1. I’d expect them to take the “you can’t trust a man to tell you the truth about being on birth control”. Like you can trust women to do.

        1. Of course. It’s a myth that women lie about birth control. Those 2 or 3 friends you have that it happened to are just statistical outliers (this was an actual jezebel article).

      2. Their spin will be that this shows how cancerous sperm is.

  14. Man’s car catches fire and calls 911. And then this happened.

    1. At least the article delayed mentioning the plaintiff’s rap sheet until the final paragraphs. Generally you would expect the report to lead with “The Police Department is being sued by a man with a violent criminal history…”

      1. Not to mention that the video itself is horrible, shaky, and misses almost all of the action.

  15. …Sen. Jon Tester has turned to a crowd-pleaser in the libertarian-minded state: bashing the Patriot Act.

    He knwos all those resources wasted on abusing liberties with the Patriot Act could be used instead on abusing liberties with Obamacare.

    1. Tester is pro-gun and pro-privacy rights – neither Paul can say that.

      1. Huh?

        Oh wait, its you. Continue trolling.

        1. Ron and Rand Paul deny that a Constitutional right to privacy exists. It is that simple.

          Those EXACT words do not appear in the Constitution although all rights are not explicitly spelled out (9th Amendment).

          1. You mean a right to get abortions, right? I’m pretty sure they’re better on the 4th amendment than most other legislators.

  16. July sees 25.5% increase in firearms sales checks over same month last year; 26th straight month over month increase


    “The July 2012 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 853,355 is an increase of 25.5 percent over the NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 680,258 in July 2011. For comparison, the unadjusted July 2012 NICS figure of 1,289,585 reflects an 12.4 percent increase from the unadjusted NICS figure of 1,147,355 in July 2011.” …


    It’s the rednecks in the hills of South Carolina. They’re readying themselves for a race war!111


  17. Texas high school English teacher’s gangbang tape with five students has her facing prison time.


    1. Posted in the AM links.

      Important to note all the students were 18.

      1. No crime then. Well, except for the fact that she has a face like a bulldog chewing on a wasp. That’s a crime right there.

        1. Apparently is still a crime in Texas. There’s some law about her being in a “superior” position.

          Definitely shouldn’t be a crime.

        2. People don’t always look their best when facing 20 years in prison (20 years? What?). I can only imagine that if I were 18 and in high school, I would totally go for it.

      2. I’ll go look. There are no doubt some interesting comments.

        1. If by “interesting” you mean “infuriating” then yes, very interesting. I wasn’t aware that so many people were opposed to the god-given right of consenting adults to gangbang a hideous skank.

          1. Tough crowd. She’s not the best, but “hideous” is a bit strong.

            1. The mug-shot was hideous, but that’s not surprising. In the others she looks OK. Certainly good enough for high school senior me.

          2. yeah – I agree. There are some real rabid SoCons here.

            I would pay $5 for her tape.

      3. yea, a few states have passed laws that make it illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student, EVEN IF the student(s) is 18.

        WA passed such a law (sexual misconduct with a minor EVEN if 18 is illegal if the person is the minor’s teacher)

        in WA, the age of consent is 16 (but 14 and 15 are legal if within a certain # of months of age of the other person), but if the person is in a position of power (camp counselor , DARE officer etc.) over the minor, then it’s 18

        but in the teacher case even 18 is illegal now in some states IF the kid is a student of the teacher.

        1. Close, but it’s actually worse than that. In Texas, it’s any teacher and any student. When I was just registered as a substitute after college, for the entire year, any 17 and 18 year olds enrolled in any school would have landed me 2 years in jail, even if I wasn’t actually teaching anything.

        2. In Minnesota, a teacher had sex with a 16-year-old who had been in his class the previous year. !6 is legal here but they said he was in a position of authority (even though he was no longer her teacher) and charged him with rape.

    2. How is “having an improper relationship with a student” a criminal matter. I could see her losing her job over it, and I probably wouldn’t have any problem with that. But criminal?

      Also, where’s the link to the video? Since there are no minors involved, shouldn’t the evidence be of public record?

      1. Because, despite the rhetoric, Texas has an authoritarian streak a mile wide.

      2. Playing devil’s advocate, it could be argued that such is an abuse of an authority position where the student’s consent cannot be sensibly ascertained. I don’t think I agree with that, but I comprehend the logic.

        1. That doesn’t explain the text of the law she’s being prosecuted under. See above.

    3. I’ll be in my bunk.

    4. I missed this this morning:

      One student told WFAA that one of the teenage boys was bragging about the alleged incident and another student put the claim in her diary. A teacher at the school found the diary in a classroom and that’s when the school notified police.

      So their response to finding a student’s diary is to go through it?

  18. 26 U.S. companies pay more to CEO than in taxes

    The study, a 45-page attack on the corporate tax code, said deductions and credits are allowing companies to lavish big pay packages on executives so they can cut their tax bills while Washington gets less money in a time of trillion-plus deficits.


    1. But somehow, Congress (which larded up the tax code with all those tax breaks in the first place) will fix this if only we elect the right people!

    2. And those CEO’s pay a lot more in taxes than the CBC.

      1. *can’t tell if serious*

        In case you ARE serious, the CBC is a Crown corporation and funded to the tune of ~$900 million from the Canadian federal government (taxpayers), so yes, pretty much everyone pays more in tax than the CBC.

        1. That’s my point. And corporations aren’t created to generate tax revenue.

    3. Any “study” that calls the CEOs “kingpins” is likely very objective and honest.

    4. 26 US companies – plus all of the companies that don’t turn a profit- pay more to CEO than in taxes.

  19. Mitt Romney, somehow, is pulling 41 percent of the youth vote that previously embraced Obamania. Don’t ask us to explain.

    Easy. The economy really really really fucking sucks and they correctly blame Obama for that.

    Really is not that complicated.

    1. Blame Obama for record corporate profits too then. And an all-time high point gain in the SandP 500 index. And an all-time high in US exports.

      1. All of that can be explained with inflation.

        They really did not go up so much as the value of the dollar went down and those three things stayed the same.

        1. The USD has gained relative strength since 2008 (DXY) and inflation is nearly dead. All energy input prices are down – namely crude oil, nat gas, and coal.

          Of course lower energy prices help profits and low natural gas prices are not exportable too.

          Nevertheless companies are raking cash in and paying record low tax rates of 12.5% (WSJ).

          Corporate America is thriving.

          1. All you young people: “Corporate America is thriving.”

            Vote Obama!

          2. If corporate america is thriving then why aren’t they employing a larger percentage of the working-age population?

            1. That would cut into profits.

              1. Then why don’t they let go ALL the employees and maximize profits? Good grief. If a company can meet its goals and satisfy its customers with the number of employees it has, then they don’t need to hire more. That’s how business works.

              2. That would mean that all jobs that would add value to those companies are already filled. The only way for a new employee to cut into profits is if that position is unproductive.

              3. That would cut into profits.

                The stupid is strong with this one.

      2. I have also notice that you tend to equate stock/financial markets with the economy.

        Obama has created a system that benefits wall street while the broader economy suffers.

        Why is it so hard for you to see that right now 1.5% GDP and 8.3% unemployment is at complete odds with corporate profits and the SandP?

        1. I recognize persistently high UE but if you are one of them you probably have no marketable job skills. The market rewards skill.

          1. You have no market skills

            Vote Obama!

            1. Why does anyone engage this fucker?

              1. I know. I thought Thursdays were the anti-troll days.

                1. I am pro-free market, pro free mind (atheist), and pro-gun.

                  How am I a troll?

                  1. I am pro-free marketcentral planning, pro free mind (atheist)groupthink, and pro-gun(for properly licensed authoritahs).

                    FIFY. You’re welcome.

                    1. Translation = I don’t vote GOP.

                      That pisses you off.

                    2. Why are you embedded in Sarah Palin’s rectum, and what’s George Soros doing in there with you?

      3. “Blame Obama for record corporate profits too then. And an all-time high point gain in the SandP 500 index. And an all-time high in US exports.”

        I’ll tell my son, who has been looking for work for the last 2 months, this good news when I get home.

        1. Those record corporate profits? Obama didn’t do that. Someone else made that happen.

      4. Can we blame him for the 30-year-low labor participation rate, too?

      5. Oh and Shrike i think you have a perfect campaign strategy here.

        Tell all the 18 to 25 year olds that the SandP is up and corporate profits are up and exports are up.

        That should pull the youth vote into Obama’s camp.

        1. I graduated from college in 1981 and there were no jobs then either.

          The 2008 crisis was far worse than a blip in inflation then. Asset holders did well then – they lost $16 trillion in 2008.

          1. You mean all those over-valued assets lost money? You don’t say.

          2. Seriously Shrike what the fuck.

            Are you arguing with me that economy is not doing well?

            Are you arguing with me that young people can’t get jobs?

            Are you arguing with me that has not turned the youth vote against Obama?

            1. GDP is +2ish and productivity is up while taxes are low.

              The economy is doing fine and is stable (2008 was the opposite).

              We ARE exporting jobs to low sage countries. They are never coming back like cut’n’sew jobs will never come back.

              Nike is the perfect example. HQ here, profits here, investors here, execs here, production elsewhere.

              1. So why isn’t UE below 6% like Obama promised?

            2. Give it up, guys.

              Shrike is a master of cherry-picking his data. I’ve been through this with him before. He’s invincible in his confirmation bias.

              1. You call it “cherry picking” when you have no rebuttal.

                Data is data.

                If you run a mutual fund you are bullish on America right now.

                1. “If you run a mutual fund you are bullish on America right now.”

                  Just like in 2006!

                2. shrike you claimed that US exports were up yet claimed all the jobs went to china.

                  We really do not have rebut bullshit like that.

                  99% of the crap you post here auto-rebuts itself.

      6. Fine, Obama’s the cause of high corporate profits. And he’s also the cause of them sitting on that big pile of cash because they don’t know what insane marxoid shit he’ll impose – with or without legislative authority – in the rest of this or, God forfend, his next term.

        1. Tell Buffett that. Or Ellison, or Gates, or Brin and Page, or Apple with and without Steve J. – they make the most money of anyone and don’t listen to right-wing bullshit while they support Obama.

          Really, only you fuckstain asswipes listen to Rush and regurgitate his lies.

          1. Tell it to your pals at ThinkProgress, nancy-boy:


            1. CNBC reports that “the current members of the SP 500 are sitting on about $800 billion in cash and cash equivalents, the most ever, according to data by Birinyi Associates, even as the unemployment rate has ticked back above 9 percent.” Still, many conservatives are claiming that corporate tax cuts are the key to boosting job creation.

              Yeah? So what? Like I say times are great for US corporations.

              1. See my 5:29 post and then apologize like a good bitch for your 5:42 post.

                1. You dumbass. Successful CEO’s are not complaining about domestic tax rates.

                  Only the stragglers are.

                  Buffett is the best CEO in the country and he plans for growth – not for tax evasion.

                  1. Buffett is the best CEO in the country and he plans for growth – not for tax evasion.

                    The best at what?, rent-seeking and pushing for inheritance taxes to be so high he can get assets for pennies on the dollar?

                    Buffett is a scumbag crony capitalist that wants the free-market abolished so he and his minions can manipulate the financial markets. He should die in a fire, as should anybody that would call him “the best CEO in the country.”

                    1. No, the true rent-seekers are the Koch Bro-Hood.

                      They lobby 40-1 over Buffett in dollars.

                    2. No, the true rent-seekers are the Koch Bro-Hood. They lobby 40-1 over Buffett in dollars.

                      Right as usual:

                      $4.3 million, Berkshire-Hathaway
                      $5.4 million, Koch Industries

                      Again…stupid or liar?

                  2. Who mentioned tax rates but you, Shriek?

                    And Berkshire has, what, a dozen employees? Two dozen? How many billions does Buffett have in physical capital like machinery and sales outlets?

                    Not to put down what Buffett does, but if the companies he invests in start sinking, he can just sell the stock and be done with them. If you have a few billion in physical plant and 30,000 employees you’re paying, Obama’s mandates and rules look a lot different.

                    So apologize, cock breath. It’s your fellow southpaws that are howling about evil kkkorporashuns sitting on all that money. They want to take it away from them.

              2. You do realize that the SP is only 500 corporations right?

                And they make up less then 5% of the US economy right?

          2. And who knew that Rush was on NPR these days?


            1. If the corporate tax rate were 2% CEO’s would cry for 1%.

              1. As a “libertarian,” wouldn’t you prefer a 1% rate over 2%?

                1. Why do you waste your time with this stupid trolling assmunch, Brutus? Shrike’s only purpose on here is to get us worked up into a frenzy so we’ll say stupid shit like “I wish you would die in a fire, PB” or “Eat shit and die, you fucking slaver cocksucker.”

                  Don’t take the bait.

                  1. Shrike’s only purpose on here is to get us worked up into a frenzy so we’ll say stupid shit like “I wish you would die in a fire, PB” or “Eat shit and die, you fucking slaver cocksucker.”

                    To be fair they say stupid shit like that all on their own.

                    Seriously how hard is it to argue with the likes of shrike and not wish him bodily harm?

                    Pity the poor man instead. He has probably invested his mom’s entire savings on a stock market bubble.

                  2. Why do you waste your time with this stupid trolling assmunch, Brutus?

                    I want him to know we are aware that his statistics and contentions are baloney. Not that we just say it, but that we show it and prove it.

                    1. For people as devoid of intelligence as shrike, this is the only argument needed against the drivel they spew forth.

                2. Sure, but a CEO wants growth.

                  No great US corporation is focused mostly on tax avoidance.

                  1. Sure, but a CEO wants growth.

                    You sure don’t know much about business. A CEO wants to increase his company’s bottom line. If growth plays into that, then so be it. If he can grow it otherwise, then that’s fine as well.

                    The fallacy of “if you aren’t growing, you’re shrinking” is just Econ101 boilerplate, when in the real world it’s a way to tell a moron from a businessman.

                  2. No great US corporation


                    1. GE

                      I was at a GE Intelligent Platforms seminar today, and talked with a high-level tech sales manager. He’s driving one of Jeff Immelt’s Volts for a company car.

                  3. No great US corporation is focused mostly on tax avoidance.

                    No one is talking tax avoidance but you. Taxes are just a small part of the jihad Obama is waging.

                3. As a “libertarian,” wouldn’t you prefer a 1% rate over 2%?

                  Ass-clown is about as much of a libertarian as Obama and Romney are.

          3. Or maybe I’m mindlessly mouthing the facile lies of those right-wing madmen at the Guardian:


          4. Go flame this mossback creep at that redoubt of Republican orthodoxy, FireDogLake:


          5. So are you a liar or an idiot, Shriek? I report, you decide.

            1. Can’t he be both?

              1. You have to realize that each and every “principle” Shriek espouses is nothing more than a front for what he terms “secularism,” but which is in fact a white-hot religious bigotry. Even though Obama attended a “church” (loosely defined), he knows it was just a cynical move for political appearances, so he’s all-in with Comrade Barack.

                Shriek pretends to be a libertarian, but he’s happily man the shower valves if it was anyone with a shred of religious faith in them.

                1. Shreeky is a libertarian about as much as Bill Maher is. Peel off the very thin veneer and he’s a statist shit, through and through. Still, I feel sorry for special needs kids who can’t read.

                  1. Say the GOP crowd.

                    I can count the true LPers on one hand here and I don’t include myself.

                    1. OK, then name them.

                      You can start with me.*

                      *Although I’m a LP member, I still consider myself to be a small-l libertarian.

                    2. Fluffy and John Thacker are the best examples.

                      And Epi is more anarchist but that may put him as a purist in many corners.

                    3. Say the GOP crowd.

                      Say you. You talk of libertarian government only in the abstract. When the rubber hits the road, you suckle at the shabby teat of the Central State as much as any Kos douchebag.

  20. Jerome: It tastes familiar.
    Ted: Beef?
    Jerome: No.
    Linda: Chicken? We’ll take chicken.
    Ted: What does it taste like?
    Jerome: Despair.

    The Thiel Foundation has made a six-figure grant to a series of biotechnology startups, including a company that wants to 3-D-print meat.

    1. It’s not just safe, it’s 40% safe!

      1. These new episodes are leaving me underwhelmed.

        1. I’ve stopped watching altogether. They’re terrible. Anyone who still watches them (glares at Auric) is a tasteless buffoon.

          1. I watched the new one last night. Though I can’t remember what it was about….

            1. So you’re admitting you’re as terrible as Auric. Right here, in public. Well, at least you chose honesty.

              1. Does this make us worse then Hitler?

                1. No, worse than Roland Emmerich, but not worse than Michael Bay. YET.

                  1. I just wanted to BELIEVE!

            2. Last nights was OK, but I thought the recent Bender free will episode was actually quite good.

              1. There was an election one that was an abortion. “Obama’s really, really great!” Seriously. I watched about 6-10 minutes, then switched to off, which was better.

                1. That one was pretty crappy. The only good part was that he actually turned out to be faking his birth certificate.

          2. If you can bring me new episodes of the old quality I’ll watch those instead.

            1. Now you’re worse than Michael Bay.

        2. Wait, Ted is back? And it sucks? Dammit. Here’s hoping Arrested Development doesn’t go the same way.

          1. I think they went on a Futurama tangent.

            1. Ahh, ok. Wasn’t following. Glad Ted was left unsullied.

  21. http://brentwood.patch.com/art…..panel-says

    CA: Federal Assault Weapons Ban Should Be Reinstated, Panel Says

    “Congress needs to reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons, according to local elected and police officials who participated in a panel discussion Tuesday about gun violence and gun laws.”

    “Assemblyman Mike Feuer organized the discussion in response to recent gun violence in Colorado and Wisconsin. About 150 people attended the event held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.” …

    Submitter’s Note: As this piece — http://www.conservativecommune…..statistic/ — points out, in 2010 more people were beaten to death with fists than were killed with all long guns.


    More antidote for the hoplophobic pandemic.

    1. I would bet a lot that all those people thought that the ban should be reinstated before recent violence in Wisonsin and Colorado.

  22. Meanwhile, over in my neighborhood…


    Some chick runs over a Sheriff deputy’s foot and pees in his squad car.

    1. Woohoo! Let’s hear it for classy Spring chicks.

      1. I bet you miss these kind of good times in FL, don’t you, Brett?

        Wait, what am I saying? Parts of Florida make Spring look like amateur hour.

        1. Right. In FL this would have gone down pretty much the same only it would have involved some sort of exotic animal being in the girls’ car and the two drunk girls would have turned on each other. I miss TX occasionally.

          1. I got a house for sale, right down the road from where these fine ladies were arrested. You can be out trollin’ for TX skank with the best of ’em. Just cut me a check.

            1. If only I could get someone to buy mine for what I owe, we could work it out. Unfortunately it would take a suspicious fire for that to happen.

    2. If you watch the video, the little blonde is quite the hottie. Also, they have a squad car with “DUI Taxi” written on the side.

      1. Oh yeah, she’s hot. Just like the hot crazy girls I went out with back in the day. I can hear the angry, drunk, East Texas twang in my head, still. She’ll also beat you with any handy object at that stage. I mean, if my experiences were normal. But the sex made is almost worth it.

        1. Well, that’s just how the girls are down in Texas


  23. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..wake-suit/

    DC: ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface

    “The top Homeland Security official accused of cultivating a ‘frat-house’-style work environment has ‘voluntarily placed herself on leave’ amid an internal review, the department told FoxNews.com late Tuesday evening — just hours after FoxNews.com contacted the agency about new allegations against her.”

    “The official, Suzanne Barr, is chief of staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

    “Two more ICE employees came forward this week to complain about ‘lewd’ conduct inside the agency, submitting sworn affidavits that depict graphic comments made by two top officials working under DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.” …



    1. How can anyone get in the mood for workplace sex when your boss is Janet Napolitano? I presume they have pictures of her all over the office.

    2. So paid administrative leave then?

  24. “Drones are getting smaller, deadlier and more autonomous. You know where this is going.”

    sneak and peek anal probes?

    1. Oh no – they definitely want you to know they were there.

  25. “WASHINGTON – A Virginia man has been charged in federal court in the shooting of a security guard at the headquarters of a conservative Christian lobbying group.

    Federal authorities say Floyd Lee Corkins II told a guard at the Family Research Council, “I don’t like your politics” before shooting him in the arm. The guard and others helped subdue Corkins, who was taken into custody.

    He’s been charged with assault with intent to kill and with bringing a firearm across state lines.

    Authorities found a box of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack.”


    Obviously confused

  26. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08…..picks=true

    NY: In Police-Stop Data, Pockets Where Force Is Used More Often

    “The crowded neighborhoods of the West Bronx come alive at night. Residents, young and old, cluster around door stoops. Teenagers fill playground basketball courts. Police officers from the nearby 44th and 46th Precincts patrol the streets, from time to time stopping and frisking young men, mostly black and Latino. And when they do, statistics show, they use physical force far more often than they do anywhere else in the city.” …

    “… People who have been stopped say that if they show the slightest bit of resistance, even verbally, they can find themselves slammed against walls, forced to the ground and, on rarer occasions, with officers’ guns pointed at their heads.” …


    New York’s finest.

  27. Drones are getting smaller, deadlier and more autonomous. You know where this is going.

    Insect sized drones that can deliver lethal doses of untraceable poison cannot be that far away.

    President notices a rising political opponent…next day that opponent is found dead in his bed…apparent cause being a heart attack. He was only 43. But government medical records show he had a heart murmur.

  28. http://www.nydailynews.com/new…..-1.1137204

    NY: NYPD big sued for raiding B’klyn pub dumping its booze

    “He’s no Eliot Ness.”

    “An NYPD commander is being sued for raiding the wrong Brooklyn speakeasy and dumping the entire stock of booze ? Prohibition-style ? down a kitchen drain, a new lawsuit charges.”

    “The bar, Coco66, has been out of business since Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson and his band of raiders from the 94th Precinct hit the Greenpoint hipster bar on July 10, 2011, according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.” …

    1. A spokeswoman for the city Law Department said Kelleran’s complaint is under review.

      Yeah, good luck with that.

      1. In other words, “Go fuck yourself, we’re the fucking cops.”

    2. Can NYPD stoop lower than putting hipsters in a sympathetic light?

      1. It’s NYPD, dude. Wait for next week’s even-worse fuck-up from them.

  29. Breaking news: Cops admit they fucked up. Cannot believe.


    CO: Caught on tape: Colorado gay man wrongfully arrested on guns charge (video available)

    “Last month, a Colorado Springs man leaving a gay pride parade calmly explained to police officers who were threatening to beat him that the his Second Amendment rights to carry a firearm were being violated.”

    “Three weeks later, the Colorado Springs Police Department has publicly agreed with J.R. Sorensen.”

    “‘He was right and we were in the wrong, definitely,’ police spokeswoman Barbara Miller told the Colorado Springs Gazette. Colorado Springs Police did not return calls from FOX31 seeking comment.” …

    1. The apology is meaningless. Police officers violated the law and received zero negative consequences.

      1. My bad, I misread the article. It wasn’t an apology from the police, it was an admission.

        1. That’s why they’re not responding to requests anymore. They’ve all hidden in a deep cave to live down the same of an admission of fault.

          1. *shame

            1. i can think of numerous cases of my own agency (i’ve worked for three) publically admitting error

              it’s hardly shocking or unusual.

              for FOE, there is a lawsuit pending. so they very well may face negative consequences.

              i also see no mention in the article one way or the other if the officers received discipline. so, i think you may be making an assumption

              as i have explained, my agency has made it clear we WILL discipline officers for violating people’s right to openly carry and we had specific roll call training (i was among those who requested such training be given so we WOULD be held accountable) addressing this.

              the case law is clear (in WA state) that open carry is a right and imo if officers interfere with same, they should be punished.

              1. Believe it or not, that time, I was kidding.

              2. Unfortunately all departments don’t appear to be as proactive with their training as is yours. Anyway, in-house discipline, in my opinion, is insufficient especially when assault was threatened. The lawsuit is a civil matter not criminal, which I consider this. I’m not blanket anti-cop, but people cannot be shielded from criminal justice on the basis of the badge. An officer enforcing a non-existent law or a law that doesn’t apply is acting outside the law.

                The great ironic statement from the offending LEO, “ignorance of the law is not an affirmative defense.”

              3. Firing results in very good discipline. More agencies should try it.

    2. Check out the Policeone comments. There’s a lot of bullshit, but, surprisingly, it’s not 99%. More like 60%.

      1. Strike that, it’s like 80% asshole.

  30. “KINZERS, Pa. ? December, 20th 2011 ? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) apparent war on Amish raw dairy farmers increased on December 6 when they filed a “motion for summary judgment,” with Pennsylvania judge Lawrence Stengler asking for a permanent injunction against dairy farmer Dan Allgyer to forbid him from selling fresh milk out of state. FDA regulation 21 CFR ?1240.61 criminalizes any selling of milk intended to cross state lines.”


  31. From Slate: Let’s nationalize Facebook.

    1. Holy fucking shit. My brain is now doomed to steady liquification. Peak Retard (r) has been reached.

      1. No. Sadly, it can still get dumber.

        1. Let’s see if there’s a thread on Kos or DU about it. That’s where bedrock retard lies.

      2. Retard is an endless, unstoppable force in the universe. More powerful than Galactus, the Endless, heat death, and Vida Guerra’s ass.

    2. Wow. Just…wow.

      1. I shit you not, I wowed out-loud reading that. There’s just no fucking way anybody could be serious in writing that. There’s just no fucking way.

        1. yea, there have been a bunch of posts at leftwing sites saying that facebook is a “place of public accomodation” and basically the argument is that it’s so popular that various anti-discrimination etc. laws should apply.

          iow, because it’s a popular PRIVATE product, the EVUL CORPORASHUN no longer has the kind of rights private corps/persons have, and it should be subject to various govt. regs

          they are serious about this shit

          1. The sheer magnitude of their moral depravity and illogic gives me headaches. That people like this exist is astounding.

            1. When you start with the premise that government is “us” and corporations are “them”, then it is easy to feel that way.

              Once you understand the distinction between government and society, and see incompetent government in action, it is easy to think differently.

              1. “It would be better to have a national privacy commissioner with real authority, some stringent privacy standards set at the federal level, and programs for making good use of some of the socially valuable data mining that firms like Facebook do. But in the United States, such sweeping innovations are probably too difficult to actually pull off, and nationalization would almost get us there. Facebook would have to rise to First Amendment standards rather than their own terms of service. The company could be regulated the way public utilities often are.”


                Oh, God in Heaven, deliver us from this hellish stupidity.

                1. It’s clear that these are the sorts who believe it would be impossible to build a rival social networking site. Facebook has always existed and always shall exist.

                  1. “Facebook has always existed and always shall exist.”

                    At less than $20/share today.

              2. yup

                it comes down to one’s derlying assumptions/”vision”

                this is what makes it so easy to argue past each other, in such circ’s

                recall those arguments used against various “men’s clubs” that argued that since so much commerce etc. took place there, that by failing to admit women, that the govt. needed to step in.

                facebook has become a meeting place, a place where business is run, sales are made, relationships are formed, employees are monitored, etc.

                without govt. regulation and oversight, it is all too easy for this corporation to limit access to wimmins and people of color, to stand by and let hate speech happen that creates a hostile environment that interfere with these people’s RIGHT to use facebook for networking and commerce.

                it may be hard for a person operating from a position of privilege to understand how sexual harassment, hate speech, and arbitrary enforcement by facebook of its rules regarding access and page content can make it unfair and excessively difficult for people of color and women to have equal access to this valuable resource.

                facebook is no longer a private company selling a product (for free no less). it is a “public space” and without govt. regulation, historically oppressed groups will not be able to stand equally in that space without fear of harassment, hate speech and arbitrarily enforced membership rules

                /lib argument

                1. I had to have a nasty argument once with a guy on my motorcycling mailing list. The list owner had banned someone who knew everything about certain older bikes but also seemed to relish telling off people for asking stupid questions. The argument with the other lister was about whether the owner had the authority to ban the guy. It was absolutely his contention that the list was “public space” now and the woman who paid the bills should have no say about what went on.

          2. ow, because it’s a popular PRIVATE product, the EVUL CORPORASHUN no longer has the kind of rights private corps/persons have, and it should be subject to various govt. regs

            they are serious about this shit

            Didn’t you make this exact same argument for guns in parking lots (and for the general case of a “public” business space)?

        2. Tony, Shrike, et al statists would be perfectly happy with this and other measures.

    3. I “Oh, wow”-ed, twice — first at the idea, and then at the laughable pretext, which was that government is a better guardian of privacy rights than the private sector.

    4. Thank God, I thought this was Phillip K. Howard at first glance, and that he’d gone off the deep end. It’s Phillip N. Howard, just a lunatic.

    5. Love that subheadline:

      “Only then will the social network protect users’ rights and share valuable data with researchers.”

      Howard’s so naive.

    6. Makes sense, if you’re concerned about protecting people’s privacy rights. I mean, if there’s any organization I trust to treat people privacy as sacred, it’s the government.

  32. “Marker placed at Hyde Park shopping center where Obamas shared first kiss”

    “A quote from President Obama, taken from an interview published in ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ in February 2007, is inscribed beneath an embedded photo of the couple.

    ‘On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.’


    1. ‘I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.’


      1. Everyone knows black licorice is racist because it tastes awful.

    2. You can’t make this shit up.

      1. I bet he did.

        1. It was a composite experience.

    3. Hey, that personality isn’t going to cult itself.

      1. Well, that one sure as hell isn’t. Maybe an a actual likeable personality would, though.

    4. “I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.'”

      Wrong orifice!

    5. This is the kind of shit that shithole dictators do to shore up their personality cult. It’s fucking creepy.

  33. Wow. Incongruously photogenic Syrian rebel becomes internet sensation.

    Hopefully he has sensible politics, because the last thing we want is another Che.

    1. “Nothing wrong with that poster. I think we can all agree that Planet of the Apes was a fine film.”

  34. http://www.timesfreepress.com/…..ite-evide/

    GA: Most officers in trouble weren’t charged despite evidence

    “Steve Bebb campaigned for 10th Judicial District attorney general in 2006 as a friend to the police, and many returned the regard.”

    “In the six years since his election, Bebb has proved extremely reluctant to prosecute officers accused of misbehavior, records show.”

    “His office did charge two Cleveland, Tenn., police officers after an investigation showed they were having sex with teenage girls and abusing prescription drugs. Both pleaded guilty to statutory rape and other charges in 2010, newspaper archives show.”

    “However, the Times Free Press looked at 10 other cases in which officers were investigated for misconduct and found only two in which Bebb brought charges. …” …


    No double standards evident. Equal treatment under the law.

    1. actually, the whole point here is that it is UNUSUAL that it was the case here.

      of course there are INDIVIDUAL cases of double standards. that has never been an issue.

      this appears to be one of them. big shock.

      that’s what makes it NEWSWORTHY.

      because it’s UNUSUAL

      1. Yeah, it’s unusual in that they were called on it. Usually the press act like good little lapdogs and give the police free passes.

  35. In battleground states, Republicans lose voters and Democrats lose lots of voters, even as the ranks of independents grow.

    The link says Team Blue is down 800,000, Team Red is down 79,000, but Team Independent is only up 500,000?

    Did 300,000 voters evaporate?

    1. TEAM VOTER APATHY is always growing, dude.

      1. Now there’s a TEAM I can get excited about! Sign me up!

        1. You’re out.

        2. You precognitive bastard!

      2. Now here’s a party I can get excited about. Sign me up!

        1. Not with that attitude.

          1. Aw, screw it.

            1. Welcome aboard, brother!

    2. Libertarian Party, of course!

      More seriously, though, could they have joined CPUSA or the Greens or just dropped their voter registration entirely.

      1. could they have joined CPUSA


        Don’t even fucking joke about that. The only good commie is a dead commie.

    3. They became Libertarians?



    1. I don’t know how anyone failed to predict that.

    2. Netflix fell from $300 to less than $50 a couple of years back.

      FB never had a chance to gain after the absurd valuation at IPO.

  37. Columnist may have planted a dangerous seed for anti-gunners

    Columnist may have planted a dangerous seed for anti-gunners

    Conservative columnist Jacob Sullum may have planted a dangerous seed the other day when he suggested ? one can only hope tongue-in-cheek ? that in addition to criminal and mental health background check requirements, one’s ideology must also be determined before that citizen is allowed to buy a gun.

    Sullum offered the suggestion in a column originally published by Town Hall on Aug. 8 and more recently in the Desert Dispatch on Tuesday. He notes that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is now lobbying Congress and the two mainstream presidential contenders to “do something” about guns.


    Lolololol. Sullum, you dog, you.

    1. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..ti-gunners

      I forgot to include the link. Sorry.

      1. um, if that’s the article im thinking of it was posted HERE IN REASON.

        and several people (not shocking) failed to recognize it was satire a la “a modest proposal”

        1. That’s the point.

          The Examiner columnist suspects it’s satire, but isn’t sure, so he wrote an article to address it just in case Sullum was being serious. He’s a well-intentioned writer who pens good stuff, but it’s still funny.

          1. oh, ok. now i get it

  38. I fought the law, and the law lost!

    Went to traffic court today and had the case dismissed. I wish I could say I went up there and got it dismissed on unconstitutional grounds, or the fact that the cop was flaunting the law (speeding) while trying to cite me for the same offense ignored the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, but alas, I never got to make any of those claims because he just chose not to show up.

    This was even after he had the court date reset. He must not have had such a good case, after all. Well, a man can dream for his grand My Cousin Vinny day in court, at least.

    1. I’ve posted about this before, but it’s topical:

      Had a Brooklyn cop lie to a judge at the Coney Island DMV about me running a red light (I did, but barely and he said it had been red for 30 seconds). His lie was so blatant, so “fuck you civilian”, that the judge dismissed it entirely on the spot after I turned to the cop and just said incredulously “30 seconds? Seriously?”. The courtroom literally erupted into applause. That was a fun day, except for my drive back into Manhattan where I was watching my rearview mirror for cops the whole way.

      1. I’m sure he was charged with perjury, or at the least contempt of court, right?

        Because there is no double standard, right?


      2. Almost as good as the automaton defense.

        Yes, I’m going to keep pestering you with new Futurama references until you break.

        1. Epi refuses to watch the new Futurama? I admit I haven’t seen too many of the new ones, and from what I can remember they don’t have the same pizazz as the old ones, but they are still better than post-“death of Maude Flanders and Barney turns sober” Simpsons (the turning point in my mind).

          1. He’s a libertarian. Of course he’s letting perfect be the enemy of the good.

            1. Uh, no I am not a libertarian. I am an individualist anarchist. There’s a difference.

              1. You fell right into my “prove my point for me” trap.

        2. Don’t worry, I’ve already broken and added it back to my TiVo remotely from work. There’s so little on right now, and I’m overdosing on Justified, so I’ll just violate my principles.

          1. I’m kind of looking forward to Last Resort, but only to the point that we find out why they launch the nukes.

            1. And now I am too. I will give anything Shawn Ryan does a chance.

              1. And now I am too.

                You hadn’t heard of it before?

                1. No, should I have?

                  1. I generally assume you know about every TV coming out in the next 2 years.

                    1. As the fall season approaches, I will do my due diligence research. Besides, NutraSweet is my bitch and does all the advance work for me.

      3. Yeah, I kinda feel like I am a marked car simply because it is a beatup ’96 Camry: no driver side door handle, no gas tank door, dirty, dingy, a college parking sticker still stuck to the back window.

        They see my car and figure me for an easy few bucks who won’t try to fight it; at least that’s how I see it. I’ve gone to court 3 times and had it dismissed twice. Ultimately, I would like to see if any of the arguments I research would have any merit, but I’m not gonna argue with the cop not showing up and the case being dismissed that way.

        Overall, it’s an extremely corrupt system (but what else is new in this country?): bureaucrats in Tallahassee write speed limit laws about roads which they have never driven. Cops cite you for doing the same speed they are doing (I was cited by pace clock, not radar/laser or anything that would have a readout or record). Cops come into court and it is basically a “he said/she said” scenario. So even though it falls on the state to prove their case, they could tell a complete lie and you are found guilty.

        There’s a reason “Fuck the police!” is hanging in my cubicle.

        1. I went to court for my last speeding ticket, hoping the officer wouldn’t show up, but he did.
          In the opening the DA came out and informed us that the radar is always right, even when it is wrong, because the law says so.
          Then the judge informed us that we’re all guilty and wasting our time, but he’d entertain us before pronouncing us guilty.
          They don’t even pretend that it’s not corrupt.

          1. I actually had a woman magistrate, instead of the old dude I had the last two times. Not sure if it would’ve made any difference, but I could’ve tried to play some sort of sympathy card.

    2. Especially if it involves Marisa Tomei.

      1. Only if it involves Marisa Tomei.

  39. Nobody is shocked that you would plug a book in the PM Links. It’s just that the book is so old…

    1. I’m pretty sure they’d plug a book in my video games if they could.

  40. http://news.yahoo.com/no-one-c…..tml?_esi=1

    No crimes committed at MF Global – all missing funds located. Just regular old capitalism without regs – and some stupid investments in Euro-bonds.

  41. The question: I’m a vegetarian but my boyfriend is an avowed meat eater. The complications are both practical and philosophical. Is there a future for us?


    1. of course not…one day he will eat you.

    2. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

      1. Only if they’re free-range, organic animal crackers.

    3. Suck his cock a lot and everything will be just fine.

      1. Can’t do that. That’s eating meat.

      2. Arguably not vegetarian.

        1. So when Natalie Portman finally works up the nerve to ask you out you’re going to say no?

          1. I’m not a vegetarian. I have no problem being blown.

      3. Is that allowed for a vegetarian?

        1. I’ll allow it.

    4. An actually sensible advice column, damn. I could never be with a vegetarian though.

  42. Brave cop breaks 85-year old WWII vet’s neck because he “was belligerent and physically threatened him”.

    Witnesses and experts tell a different story than the policeman that’s gonna cost the city some serious coin.

    85 years old, man. Eighty-fucking-five!

    1. You know one thing I abhor more than a bully? A bully with a badge. How the fuck do people like this even get into LE organizations in the first place? Isn’t there some kind of process that filters out these retarded fucking troglodytes?

      1. Bullies grow up to be cops or prison guards. I think it’s a prerequisite.

        1. It’s a good thing the man was elderly and frail. If it had been me or you, he would have probably just opened fire to avoid exerting his muscles.

          What a fucking degenerate.

      2. How the fuck do people like this even get into LE organizations in the first place?

        They’re the majority of the applicants is my guess.

        Isn’t there some kind of process that filters out these retarded fucking troglodytes?

        Actually, the process funnels them all toward jobs where they can abuse people with impunity.

        1. They’re the majority of the applicants is my guess.

          People don’t seek out a job that involves using a club and a gun because they have no intention of clubbing and shooting people.

  43. A few days ago I received a call from a man I recently met named George. He was a bit flustered, and soon informed me that his young son was sick with a chest condition. He pleaded with me to send him $1,000 to cover the medical bills. Since George was at the hospital I asked him to let me speak to a nurse, and she confirmed that George’s son was indeed ill. So I agreed to send George the money through Western Union. He was profusely grateful. But before I hung up I asked George, “Why are you coming to me?” He said, “I have no one else to ask.” Then he said something that astounded me, “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

    Actually, George has a real life brother who just happens to be the president of the United States. (George Obama is the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr.) George’s brother is a multimillionaire and the most powerful man in the world. Moreover, George’s brother has framed his re-election campaign around the “fair share” theme that we owe obligations to those who are less fortunate.

    One of Obama’s favorite phrases comes right out of the Bible: “We are our brother’s keeper.” Yet he has not contributed a penny to help his own brother. And evidently George does not believe, even in times of emergency, that he can turn to his brother in the White House for help.

    So much for spreading the wealth around.


    1. Have you seen Whittle’s series on Obama’s family history, and how they were a bunch of commie miscreants?

      And this?

      This is the rat fuck we elected to the mightiest position of power in the history of the world?

      We’re all so very, thoroughly fucked.

      1. You’re a stupid fucking redneck.

        1. Does he also attend tractor pullz?

          1. I fucking love tractors, checkered shirts, hats with the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia plastered all over them, guns, guns, guns, guns, more guns, the Bible, and fucking my sister.

            Did I just about cover everything? Can Shrike eat shit and fuck off quietly now?

            1. Do you have a still in your backyard?

              Cook meth in your trailer?

              Is cock fighting your favorite sport?

              Do you play a banjo or a washboard?

              Do you consider checkers too intellectual?

        2. And 100% accurate, no?

    2. Liberals are only generous with your money, not theirs.

      You should know this by now.

    3. He pleaded with me to send him $1,000 to cover the medical bills… So I agreed to send George the money through Western Union.

      Ah, the Kenyan scam. Second oldest grift in the book (of scams).

  44. Seattle cop (dunphy’s stomping grounds!) stomps on man’s head and gets suspended 10 days but won’t have to actually serve the suspension.

    The fight that started the whole mess began when the off-duty officer unlawfully detained a woman and her friend came to her aid. There was video of the entire incident, and eyewitness testimony contradict the policeman’s claims that he identified himself as a (drunk) police officer.

    1. It took a year and a half for this to even get decided.

      1. Equality before the law. Don’t you fucking forget that, you civilian, or we’ll just have to send SWAT over.

        1. All hail the mighty union contract!

          Fucking animals.

    2. We need to seriously re-think the way we go about voir dire.

      1. What’s this “we” shit? You got a turd in your pocket?

        “We” don’t have any more say in the process than Peter Pan or the Easter Bunny does. Tthe sooner we all realize that the better.

        1. That shit in Kansas the other day would indicate that this may just be one of the few areas where liberty minded individuals could actually make an impact. Don’t like the rules, don’t play. They can’t make us play… yet anyway.

    3. I wonder if Dunphy wants to retract his post from 5:11.

  45. Your ‘Kute Kuddly Kritters’ story of the day: hungry tigers in Chinese zoo snack on a cub:


    Nom, nom, nom!

    1. In Red China. Even the tigers are commies.

    2. Awe, isn’t that sweet?

      The greens love to humanize animals to obtain their ends. Bet this won’t make the cover of Animal Times Magazine.

      1. If tigers eat cubs in the wild it’s because man has encroached on their environment. If tigers eat cubs in the zoo it’s because man has placed them in an artificial habitat. No matter what it’s all our fault.

      2. Awe, isn’t that sweet?

        I thought so too. It was posted by someone on my Facebook. Predictably, the comments expressed shock and horror that this happened. Hoping to be a voice of reason, I posted that of course they ate the cub, grown-up tiger is probably tough and stringy and gamey.

        1. This is a self preservation society!

  46. Women in Alfganistan would be worse off if we leaved.

    So let’s just keep sacrificing our men on that alter. I mean, what else are they good for, right?

    1. Sending Americans to bleed and die for barbarians whose culture won’t allow them to progress beyond wooden hamlets and virulent tribal warfare? I don’t fucking think so.

      Withdraw, and that’s it. We’re not the world’s Uber Cop. We’re not responsible for what these people do to each other.

    2. There are a whole lot of ladies in sub-Saharan Africa living in similar conditions — all over the rest of the Middle East, too (including our Saudistanian allies).

      Out of all the bullshit reasons to stay, this is the bullshittiest of them all. We didn’t create the cultural conditions which cause Afghans to treat their women like shit; we don’t have any responsibility (or ability) to fix that problem long-term.

      1. Yeah, but it’s just men we’re sacrificing here. No biggie. As Hillary Clinton, our illustrious Secretary of State once said:

        Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.

        1. Hahaha, WTF?! She actually said that?

          How self-absorbed do you have to be to think that American or European women waiting for their husbands in the relative peace of domestic live have it worse than men who are actually fighting in those wars?

          Maybe if she were talking about German or Soviet women in WWII, or women civilian casualties in the various low-intensity Third World conflicts, she’d have a point — but in the context of the developed world? What a twat.

          1. She thinks raising children is worse than dying a painful, violent death. I’m surprised that Chelsea didn’t turn out to be a serial killer.

      1. hehe, nice. And incredibly disturbing.

      2. Why do I click on the link??? Why??????

      3. Is the Unabomer’s shack still available?

      4. You missed “leaved”.

        At any rate, he’s back, in pog form.

  47. Apparently, the Fark commentariat doesn’t understand this strange thing known as a “joke”, and assumes that Rand Paul believes that the government will shoot you if you complain about the accuracy of weather forcasts.

  48. Mitt Romney, somehow, is pulling 41 percent of the youth vote that previously embraced Obamania. Don’t ask us to explain.

    Electing the first black president might have seemed like a cool idea back then. 4 years of un- or under-employment might have cooled a few of those younger voters on the notion of voting again for Obama.

  49. The job was (not) what we thought it was!

    Dennis Green sues husband of financial wizard Nancy Pelosi. If only he could have hired and not paid Jim Mora as well. The comments would have been even LULZier.

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