A.M. Links: Assange Gets Asylum, Obama Still Hearts Biden, Curiosity Snapped Its Own Backpack


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  1. FIST

    1. FISTing is better than firsting anythread.

  2. I’m perfectly happy with Joe Biden as my running mate, says Obama.

    Does Obama ever tell the truth?

    1. of course not, but in a remarkably delicious bit of irony, Biden’s gaffe has forced Obama to stick with Joe. Any thoughts of replacing him are gone.

      1. u mean he’s chained to biden?

        1. metaphorically, yes. And congrats on making a funny.

        2. See, there is the 1 in 100 worthwhile comments.

        3. (slow clap for o3)

  3. Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum

    I’m sure Ecuadorian women are delighted

    1. South American women can easily hold their own, and they’re not of the touchy feely feminist variety.

      1. Plus, he’ll be free to piss standing.

      2. They also don’t care if you have AIDS.

    2. The UK government had better think twice about the long term consequences of pissing on embassies and political asylum.

    1. maybe I missed it, but is it a boy or girl?

      1. We haven’t told anybody yet…

        It’s a girl! 4 Months to go…

        1. very cool. Congratulations to the both of you.

        2. Niiiiiiice, congrats!

        3. Thanks, you guys. We’re pretty excited, to say the least.

          1. Congrats! We just had a boy 6 weeks ago. It is non stop excitement at the RBS household. Just some advice though, don’t leave your wife alone with the baby and the internet. Just trust me on this. I’m sure Banjos is perfectly reasonable, I thought my wife was too.

            1. She tried to sell him on Craigslist?!
              J/K, J/K…

              My son actually just “turned” 6 weeks on Tuesday.

              1. My son actually just “turned” 6 weeks on Tuesday.

                Hey! Mine too. More like “OMG! He his face is red! This one woman on this forum said…”

        4. It’s a girl!

          My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

          But seriously, congrats!

          1. Yeah, I’d have to agree with this.

          2. Agreed. My youngest girl has moved out and is off to college. It has been a very rough 18 years compared to my boys.

            Tequila has gotten me through it.

            I do love her dearly though and I am glad for the experience.

        5. It’s a girl!

          So she’s gonna have Banjos’ boobages and your hideous, vulture-like noggin. Poor girl.

        6. It’s a girl!

          That makes your job much easier according to the Chris Rock school of parenting. Your only responsibility now is to keep her off the pole. Everything else is up to mama.

        7. Congratulations to Banjos and the father!

    2. Jobs come with perks. Cooks eat cheap, pilots can fly their families around, retail workers get discounts, and law enforcement can commit crimes that would put anyone else in prison while facing no consequences.

      1. And never have to use turn signals again.

    3. A Seattle police officer caught on video kicking a handcuffed suspect in the head has been suspended for 10-days, but he won’t have to serve the suspension as long as he stays out of trouble.

      Yep, I would certainly get no worse than that if I was caught on video kicking a handcuffed person in the head.


      1. You don’t understand. Law enforcement isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.
        There is no greater punishment for a cop than being taken off the street. Think about it. His self worth is defined by the respect people give to the uniform. He has power. He is feared. He is obeyed.
        Take that away and he is nothing.
        Nothing at all.

        Even paid leave is torture, because the officer can no longer order people around and do violence to those who disobey.

        Take that power away and you might as well kill the poor guy.

        1. Ah, so making him actually serve the 10-day suspension would be cruel and unusual punishment. Now I understand!

    4. Why didn’t they just call more police to handle the situation? That seems to be the preferred solution of this writer.

      If a police officer just ran your kid over, you should simply call more police to help you otherwise you really deserve to get shot.

      Of course, Sloopy, you probably will get all cynical and doubt this good woman’s story because you don’t trust the good hearts of the police.

      1. The first line in your link, Pope:

        It wasn’t that long ago that people were “cheering” the “hero dad” in Texas who beat off his daughter’s alleged child molester, killing him in the process.

        That was one hell of a handjob!

        1. caused an aneurism apparently.

  4. A horse is a horse of course of course….

    1. When I read “horse” I immediately though of Parker before clicking the link. Weird.

      1. thought*

          1. Thorough?

    2. Without knowing anything about the link I’m guessing this is about SJP?

      1. You guys need to stop this shit about saying SJP every time someone mentions a horse.

        Tori Spelling is gonna get jealous she’s not getting any attention.

        1. At the risk of sparking a Pony/Brony bitchfight, aren’t you forgetting Fiona Apple?

          1. How. Dare. You.

          2. I remember one of her videos being pretty hot.

        2. Don’t worry, she gets attention. I watch Craft Wars when I’m flipping channels. Crafts against humanity is always comical to me, and the fact it’s hosted by her makes it even funnier.

          Of course, I never thought of her as horsey. She’s too bug-eyed for that.

        3. somehow, I find Tori Spelling less offensive. Maybe it’s because she knows she is a rich kid who was handed a golden ticket. SJP believes she’s really talented and awesome.

          1. SJP believes she’s really talented and awesome.

            Then somebody needs to break out the Square Pegs DVD collection and set her dumb ass straight.

            1. Square Pegs is a totally different head. Totally.

              1. You’re right, of course. I wonder the name of the vet who floated her teeth before Sex y The City. Our mare will be due soon, and I’d like to get her some Hollywood exposure.

              2. Some people are just cursed with not aging well. SJP was a fairly attractive young woman in the 1980s (I thought she was actually pretty cute in Footloose), but you could tell, starting with Honeymoon in Vegas, that she was going to begin losing that pretty quick.

        4. Tori Spelling is more like a mule.

        5. And queen of the horses, Julia Roberts, will send a raiding party for your head.

    3. “Effortlessly gorgeous”…?

      Maybe to Mr Ed.

      1. Yes, her posture is terrible, and she is far from gracious.

    4. OMG

      She’s hideous.

  5. These links suck.

    1. I agree. Too much Daily Fail, not enough of The Sun’s Page 3.* (NSFW)

      *The British rag with unBritish-looking women, thank God.

      1. (Page 3 girls) Keeley Hazel and Rosie Jones alone should have destroyed the myth that UK women are all homely.

        1. I assume that they keep all the hot ones in a setup pretty much like the village in The Prisoner, because I’ve never seen any actually walking around the streets. They’re like the Loch Ness monster. Lots of people claim to have seen one, some even have pictures, but they can’t take you to see one.

    1. But this hasn’t stopped many major retailers from carrying, and almost selling out of Nike’s “Gold Digger” t-shirt.

      Why are you not sufficiently outraged?

      1. the church of the aggrieved and offended is always in need of congregants. Seriously, where else but America could a product fly off the shelves while, at the same time, the army of outrage is mounting an assault. How dare those people voluntarily buy something like that?????

  6. Controversy over assisted suicide in the Netherlands
    Published on : 15 August 2012 – 1:16pm | By Wim Jansen (Photo: ANP)

    A special website has been launched in the Netherlands for people who assist family or friends to commit suicide and want to tell their stories anonymously, or simply ask questions. Assisted suicide carried out by lay people is currently punishable by law.

    In the Netherlands, only doctors can carry out assisted suicides, and they can do so only if they follow strict protocols. According to Right-to-Die-Netherlands (NVVE), physicians frequently refuse requests for assisted suicide, leaving patients unable to carry out their wishes in a humane way. One case recently made headlines: a man who helped his 99-year-old mother to die by giving her the lethal medication she requested. The Ministry of Justice is considering bringing charges against the man.

    The NVVE says people are often unwilling to help their friends and loved ones because they fear prosecution. So they’re left witnessing their loved ones dying or committing suicide and have to live with those memories. The organisation hopes that the anonymous testimonies will provoke discussion in the Netherlands and ultimately to the scrapping of the law against lay people helping in cases of assisted suicide.

    1. You have to draw the line somewhere. You simply can’t grant general Assisted Suicide privileges to the population without some manner of oversight.

    2. They have an easier time living with the memory of killing a loved one than of that loved one committing suicide?

      1. in the lucid moments my mom had toward the end, the one thing she was clear on was that if an end of life pill existed, she would take it. It would have been easier to put the pill on the dresser and tell her “here it is” than it was to watch the slow and steady deterioration of a loved one changing into someone else.

        1. no kidding. my bed-ridden dad (God rest him) asked me to smother him before the dementia took his mind. i politely declined but thought about placing a pistol on his nightstand…which i couldnt bring myself to do either. several months later he no longer knew who i was.

          1. there is nothing quite as surreal as that day when it, after a visit, you realize that a parent did not know who the hell you were.

            1. One of the last times I saw my dad anywhere close to lucid, he simply refused to believe I was his son. Why? My wife had gone and dyed her hair black. Dad told my sister that while we were perfectly nice people we couldn’t possibly be his son and daughter-in-law because his son was married to a pretty blond lady.

              So he couldn’t remember me for certain, but he could remember the pretty blond lady. Way to play to male stereotype, even with Alzheimer’s, Dad.

          2. It would be nice if end-of-life procedures on things such as alzheimer’s could be inserted into power of attorney papers. I know for damn sure if I came down with that, I’d just as soon end it right away than deal with the slow deterioration of my mind.

  7. I’m perfectly happy with Joe Biden as my running mate, says Obama. I wouldn’t consider replacing him. Really?

    Really. Biden’s primary purpose is to be such a idiot that Obama looks brilliant by comparison. Think of him as assassination insurance.

    1. He’s like the Usain Bolt of Vice Presidents then.

      1. Exactly. Only with a lot less real talent.

      2. Joe Biden is to the office of the Vice President what Usain Bolt is to the office of the Vice President.

        1. Biden is the Captain Peachfuzz of the administration.

  8. It turns out the Mars rover snapped its own rocket-powered backpack.

    What planet does a guy have to land on to get a jetpack around here?

    1. Mars, obviously. Plus the 1/3 Earth gravity would make jetpacks way more feasible.

  9. Scouts stone rabid beaver to death after attack

    So many jokes that could be made…

    1. I misread that as “SCOTUS stone rabid beaver to death”

      I was very confused

  10. ACORN workers can sue James O’Keefe for exposing them and getting them fired, says a judge.

    So…does this mean they can sue successfully? Either way, it’s a load of Water Buffalo shit.

    1. Exhibit A of why a loser pays scenario can be beneficial. How much of the intent is genuine grievance and how much is a back-door means of trying to bankrupt O’Keefe?

      1. I’m actually surprised they couldn’t somehow get O’Keefe’s name on a terrorist list and let their lord and master blow him up with a robot, sans warrant/trial/anything resembling rights. If it happens, look for my own obituary shortly, because, thoughts are a crime now.

        1. how do you know that he’s not on a watch list? Oh, it won’t be something as obvious as a drone but would a “car accident” surprise you. Or maybe a heart attack like Breitbart. Or whatever killed the coroner doing the Breitbart autopsy.

          I never thought shit like that before but this administration forces you to consider everything, including the once impossible.

          1. Not to hate on Bush, but there might many examples of this coincidental shit against the administration’s enemies going back that far, if not further. Isn’t that what Whitewater was about or something? Waco? Marilyn Monroe? (Disclaimer: Too lazy to google)

            1. someone put the Clinton body count on paper one time. It is a long list and includes at least one person connected to Whitewater.

          2. Uhhhhh….yeah I thought I was the only one thinking that. So I am not crazy after all….or…we both are.

            Obama and co. really are just third world dictator thug types and I wouldnt put anything past them.

      2. Loser pays is a horrible idea.

        Basically it would be the effective end of the tort system because no one could ever afford to file a claim unless it was a slam dunk victory and the defendant in that case with loser pays it is 99% likely the defendant will settle out of court and so arbuitration would have been a more effective course of action.

        What we need is some sort of situation where rather than there being 2 possible outcomes to a trial there are 4 possible outcomes

        Currently you have
        Judgement for the Defendant
        Judgement for the Plaintiff

        We need to change it to
        Frivilous Suite
        Judgement for the Defendant
        Judgement for the Plaintiff
        Frivilous Defense

        Only in the first and last case would the loser have to pay the legal costs of the other side. The reason for this is simple, you can have a valid suit but still lose the case in court and so you should not be penalized for bringing the case to trial, only if you lose so badly that the judge (or Jury) deems your case to be frivilous should you have to compensate the other side for their effort.

        1. This also needs to be paired with a law that prevents the plantiff from benefitting from punitive damages. Basically all you can get out of a legal case is the actual economic harm you have suffered (Pain and suffering would still be a valid claim but it’s value would be severele limited), any punitive damages that arise against the defendant as a result of this case will not go to the plantiff or his lawyer but rather be directed to some charity (potentially chosen by the plaintiff).
          This would go a long way towards ending lawsuit abuse

        2. The other big problem in lawsuits right now is that in situations where one of the parties has a lot more resources than the other, it’s too easy to draw out the trial until the other side has been bankrupted due to the litigation costs. I’m not sure what the solution for this problm is though.

  11. Gay activist opens fire!


      Only right-wing nutjobs shoot people, and they only kill people because guns are legal. Maddow told me so.

      1. it’s okay when liberals do it because the FRC is a hate group. The Southern Poverty Law Center says so.

        1. Exactly.

          His attempt to murder people was actually a show of tolerance, because tolerant people do not tolerate intolerance.

          He’s one of the good guys!

          1. It was self-defence!

            Fun quote:

            Mariner described Corkins as ‘kind, gentle and unassuming.’

            Well, that’s OK then

      2. I’m eagerly awaiting the NYTimes and WaPo editorials cautioning liberals to tone down their rhetoric because it may lead to violence.

    2. He only fired LBTG approved rainbow bullets, right? Loving, tolerant bullets.

      1. No, they were sapphire.

        1. Bullets of pure love, no less.

    3. Ineffectively, to boot.

      1. I wonder if it’s like men and women on suicide, i.e. when conservatives commit terrorism, they’re trying to kill people, when liberals do it, they’re trying to get attention.

        1. It was a cry for help.

          1. A 9mm shout for assistance? I like. Run with it!

            1. Fire draws fire?

    4. A gay activist carrying a bag of Chick-fil-A items opened fire in the headquarters of a conservative lobbying unit, wounding a security guard, police said.

      So did he purchase the Chick-Fil-A stuff or steal it? Because if he purchased it that means he just “supported” Chick-Fil-A. The lack of self awareness, or anything resembling a rational brain, is strong with this one.

      1. I’m sure it all made sense in his twisty little mind.

    5. God damn, I hate people like this. It’s like in the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. The boycott would have turned out much better if the politicians hadn’t stuck their noses into it and turned it free speech issue. And it’s hard enough fighting groups like the FRC without guys like the shooter giving them the moral high ground.

  12. It turns out that New Yorkers who are less likely to be stopped and frisked are more likely to support the practice, and vice versa.

    People generally lack empathy, and that’s why civil liberties in this country are where they are. Unless state abuse happens directly to them or whatever group where their identity politics puts them, not interested.

    1. I would also add that if the abuse happens to someone they otherwise respect or care about. That can often have the same effect as if it happened to them.

      1. I dunno. My ‘progressive’ father-in-law was raked over the coals by the IRS over a clerical error and I was actually pretty siked about it.

        1. A large dairy animal approached Zaphod Beeblebrox’s table, a large fat meaty quadruped of the bovine type with large watery eyes, small horns and what might almost have been an ingratiating smile on its lips.

          “Good evening,” it lowed and sat back heavily on its haunches, “I am the main Dish of the Day. May I interest you in the parts of my body?”

          It harrumphed and gurgled a bit, wriggled its hind quarters in to a more comfortable position and gazed peacefully at them.

          Its gaze was met by looks of startled bewilderment from Arthur and Trillian, a resigned shrug from Ford Prefect and naked hunger from Zaphod Beeblebrox.

          “Something off the shoulder perhaps?” suggested the animal, “braised in a white wine sauce?”

          “Er, your shoulder?” said Arthur in a horrified whisper.

          “But naturally my shoulder, sir,” mooed the animal contentedly, “nobody else’s is mine to offer.”

          Zaphod leapt to his feet and started prodding and feeling the animal’s shoulder appreciatively.

          “Or the rump is very good,” murmured the animal. “I’ve been exercising it and eating plenty of grain, so there’s a lot of good meat there.”

    2. I would agree with you, but the largest and most consistent complaint about this sort of stuff comes from libertarians, who as a generalization, are not the empathetic type.

      I would say that instead, people can’t see past their own tribal affiliations.

      1. And this is why I think empathy is one of the most overrated traits.

      2. I would say that instead, people can’t see past their own tribal affiliations.

        Or 5 seconds into the future.

        1. I think it’s just that libertarians don’t require empathy to understand when something is unfair or oppressive. For those that think collectives can best solve problems, being able to relate to those completely different from themselves as they’re being railroaded might temper that opinion of the state and its use of power.

      3. I disagree. I think our empathy has a grander scope. Several here piped up the other day about being brought to tears over holocaust memorials. That is empathy at its core. Feeling compassion for those who were unable to defend themselves that were subjected to evil. That is worthy of empathy.

        When people do stupid stuff, not so much.

        Schadenfreude is delicious when the people receiving the misfortune deserve it because of their stupidity. This is not a lack of empathy but a thinking man realizing that life is comedy.

  13. It turns out that New Yorkers who are less likely to be stopped and frisked are more likely to support the practice, and vice versa. That’s social science for you!

    What next; a study which shows people favor high tax rates as long as those rates do not apply to themselves?

    1. Why, that is so radical it might be worth checking!

    2. that study has already been done. Lots of breathless reporting on how polls show a vast majority favors raising taxes on the rich. Like that is supposed to mean something.

  14. Teacher caught on film banging four students!

    1. But she pled not guilty.

      Im not sure how competent her lawyer is.

      1. However, if she agreed to go on film having sex with 4 underage kids, I think we can safely assess her competence.

        1. Article says they were over 18, fwiw.

          1. Then why is it an issue?

            Ah, never mind, I don’t care.

            1. Because we have to find those buys to give them their medals.

              1. Maybe she can give them some of her husband’s?

            2. Because a lot of people who believe that sex is almost always bad and is always bad for anyone under the age of 23 have decided that no young adult can make any decisions on their own but rather are completely in the thrall of their teachers ergo if a teacher ever has a relationship with a student or even a former student then it is defacto proof that the teacher has somehow abused their position of authority to coerce those students into sex.

              The fact that the average 18 year old will screw anything with a hole does not ever seem to have occurred to these people.

          2. Ah, that would explain the not guilty plea then.

    2. Though the students were over 18 at the time and considered adults, the law protects students from a relationship with someone in a superior position.

      That’s a very strange use of the word “protects.”

      1. Maybe the law hands the a box of jimmie hats?

      2. Also, what’s a “superior” position. Cowgirl?

        1. I think you are right, if the film didn;t show her face, but only a “distinctive tattoo”. Tramp stamp on the lower back?

          1. So… what were the other 3 boys doing?

            1. If you have to ask, you need to get out on the internet more.

    3. I actually would have turned down a hot teacher when I was in high school if the request was for MMMMF sex.

      Unless she was Emma Stone or something.

    4. Every cop is told, either the first day on the job, or in academy, to deny. Here is how it was told to me;

      If you are accused, deny.
      If they have evidence, deny.
      If they have witnesses, deny.
      If they have you on fucking film, deny.
      No matter what, always deny.

  15. More info on NYC cop killing dog.

    1. We need more cop killing dogs in this country, maybe then the fuckers wouldn’t be so quick to shoot first.

      1. I wonder what breed would be best for that task?

          1. thundercats

  16. Politicians are politicians.

  17. ACORN workers can sue James O’Keefe for exposing them and getting them fired, says a judge.

    Hard to believe ACORN workers would feel entitled to their jobs.

  18. a href=”http://wny.cc/RXOlz6″Opinion: Hey Family Research Council, Hate Crime Laws are for Christians, Too

    A lot of stupid in this piece. The author assumes that, much as Democrats turn into Republicans when they get mugged, Republicans must turn into Democrats once they get hate-crimed.

    The comments are also worth their weight in gold, arguing that the shooter should be punished extra harshly because he was motivated by the FRC’s beliefs. Ignoring the fact that they are advocating for harsher penalties based not on the crime he commited but on his beliefs.

    1. Erm. Forgot to close my link tag, I guess.
      Here it is

    2. That is a steaming pile of dunce, right there.

  19. Victoria’s Secret models are hot!

    1. Confirmed.

  20. http://www.thedailybeast.com/a…..-ryan.html

    A short unremarkable article in the Daily Beast explaining that maybe young people might like Paul Ryan. Hilarity ensues in the comments. Apparently young people should not want to do anything about entitlements because the 1% need to be taxed or something.

    1. Tina’s site is a cauldron of stupid. You can almost see Obama’s dog being washed by some of the commentors. Fun place to stir things up for a bit.

    2. Wait…so the real point of entitlements is not to protect people from reality anymore but just to vindictively steal the wealth of those able/lucky enough to get it? Things are starting to make more sense.

    3. obama lost my sister-in-law this weekend. 26 year old progressive art teacher. the base of the base. and it was entitlements that did it. couldn’t believe it. maybe my sermons finally struck a cord.

      1. Has she declared for RomneyRyan, or is she voting Green?

        1. Without knowing, I’d say Green or not voting.

        2. she’s says she’s not voting.

          1. That’s where my wife, a congenital Democrat, is. She understands why people might still have an Obama/Biden sticker from 2008, but when it’s new and shiny, she says “Really? Why?”

            1. Rest assured that something like 80 to 90 percent of the people with the “Obama 2012” bumper stickers are government employees.

              1. I don’t know. The town where I lived voted 80% Obama in 2008.

                1. The town where I lived voted 80% Obama in 2008.

                  A whole bunch of Obama signs showed up along the highway in my town Monday (along with Dem Governor and Senate candidates)

                  They all pretty much have already been destroyed.

                  I still have not seen one Romney sign.

          2. Good enough. As we know from the endless “Don’t throw your vote away on a third party” screeds, not voting for a major party candidate is the same as voting against them.

            1. Which, truthfully, only encourages me to vote third party. I can vote against Obama and Romney at the same time? WOOT!

              1. Indeed – I can haz vote against both?!

              2. Right? Don’t waste your vote on a major party.

            2. My wife and I are kicking the Repubs to the curb this year. It’s LP all the way, baby!

              1. “None of the above” here, otherwise known as not wasting my time voting.

      2. 26 year old progressive art teacher.

        So in 2000 she would have been 14.

        Young progressives were too young to have “Nader is the anti-christ” drilled into them.

    4. A Zogby/JZ Analytics poll Tuesday showed increased support among voters 18-29 for the Romney ticket, which pollster John Zogby attributed to the Ryan pick.

      Or maybe some of them aren’t full retards afterall and have realized that Obama is full of shit.

  21. Problem cop keeps getting sued for excessive force.

    FTA: Included is a memo filed by supervisors when Flack was employed by the Branson West Police Department.
    It said officials “have had several conversations with Officer Flack about his demeanor in dealing with people on the street. Officer Flack has been overbearing and forceful with people when it is not called for.”
    It goes on to describe an incident from November 2009, during which Flack reportedly continued to a call in Kimberling City after he was instructed to discontinue.
    It states other officers heard the call to discontinue and called Flack to attempt to get him to discontinue.
    “Office Flack still responded,” the memo states. “On scene, he became very forceful with the victim. This was reported to me from the Kimberling City (Police Department).
    “I advised him that his demeanor in talking and handling people has to change,” the memo reads. “We had already had several conversations about this…I advised Officer Flack that this behavior will not be tolerated.”
    The complaint references other situations during Flack’s employment with the county, alleging excessive force was common, and “there exists a significantly disproportionate number of citizens charged with resisting arrest which have included the use of force/unnecessary force when compared to other Stone County officers.”

    1. Did anything else happen?

      1. Actually, yes. He has filed a defamation claim against people that have posted video of him online using excessive force and letters they wrote to a local paper. Of course, he also had them charged with assaulting an officer and those charges were tossed by the judge as well.

    2. other situations during Flack’s employment with the county, alleging excessive force was common

      So he kept using excessive force, and they kept giving him a paycheck and putting him on the street.

      1. He’s union. What are they going to do, discipline him?

  22. Maybe India’s probe can check.

    NASA called tech support already?

        1. Do you have the rover plugged in and turned on?

        2. You have to blow in the cartridge.

          1. That certainly perked Curiosity right up.

  23. One of the characters in the new Mad Max is called Rictus Erectus. I choke on a tear of national pride

      1. Zombie Humungus?

    1. Tom Hardy is the new Mad Max??

      Fucking horrible choice.

      Max is a thin drink of water not some buff up brawler.

  24. It turns out the Mars rover snapped its own rocket-powered backpack

    I’ve never recovered from the day I was accidentally turned on by my butt in a reflection that I didn’t realize was mine. Will the rover?

  25. http://neoneocon.com/2012/08/1…..like-that/

    Ezra Klein explains the real genius of Dear Leader. You see Obama knew Ryan’s plans were unpopular, so back in 2010 he had all these people praise them knowing it would get the Republicans to choose him as VP.

    I am not kidding. He really says that.

    1. I wonder what other calculated-Psychistory-fueled plans Ezra thinks Obamaster has been cooking for years.

    2. If the election stays close, buy stock in juicebox and blankie companies. Ezra’s gonna need some comfort.

    3. I’ve seen more believable long cons on White Collar.

  26. Speaking of “Too Connected to Fail” John Corzine apparently has been deemed to be Not a Crook.

    Monumentally incompetent, maybe, but apparently too dumb to be a criminal mastermind.

    1. Or too well connected. Laws are what happen to commoners.

      1. Wasn’t one point of SOX to ensure the guys at the top had some skin in the game and would face penalties when the corporate behacior was egregious? I could swear that was in there somewhere.

        1. Well not this guy at the top. Indictments are things that happen to commoners not former Democratic governors and certainly not Obama bundlers.

    2. Bundle enough $ for O! and you get to take a walk.

      1. Sort of like how if you sent your big-titted ‘ex’-wife over to spend a few nights at the White House, Billy Jeff would grant you a pardon?

        1. Presidental Pardon = a few Denise Rich blowjobs? I don’t think O! would go for that. Wonder what his price is/will be?

          1. I’ll bet blowjobs would piss a certain someone off. I’m sure he, like droids galaxy-wide, prefers to keep his arms firmly attached.

            1. I once read about a wife who would chain her husband (who was dressed in women’s lingerie) to the wall, pick up the skankiest ho she could find, and enjoy the sight of the ho alternately taunting her husband and blowing him until he ejaculated.

              I cannot think why that story popped into my head while reading about POTUS and his missus

              1. Uh…change that from ho to giggalo and it is more believable.

    3. Monumentally incompetence that costs people tens of millions of dollars can still be a crime.

      If you’re Little People, anyway.

  27. http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2…..s-winning/

    MAn this sucks. Gonorrhea soon to be untreatable. Gonorrhea is worse than AIDS.

    1. Heard that last week.

      Still two drugs that work against it, but they are worried those wont be effective soon.

      Simple solution — dont fuck chicks (or dudes, as the case may be) with Gonorrhea. Or AIDS.

      1. I am married. So I don’t have to worry. But if you are not, that is easier said than done.

        1. Im 43, single, and lifetime STD free.

          Its really not that hard.

          1. Its really not that hard.

            [Insert obvious comeback here]

            There, took care of that for yall.

          2. It is not hard provided you are lucky. I never got an STD either. But nothing to say I couldn’t have.

            1. I dont think luck has that much to do with it.

              Its about your vetting procedure.

              1. I bet sarcasmic would have something to say about John’s “vetting procedure.”

                1. That is right RBS because no skinny hot girl ever got an STD. It is scientific fact that only fat chicks get them. Sarcasmic told me.

              2. and vetting improves with time. When you’re 25 and some gal is offering it up, it is easy to believe it’s because you are the shit. When you’re 40 and she’s doing it, it dawns on you that she’s probably done this before.

            2. I thought I had one once, but it was just a heat rash from polyester pants in a work uniform. My genitals hate you, Pizza Hut.

              1. What other opinions do your genitals hold? And do they differ from yours? Do you argue with each other? Cos that would be a sweet sit-com

                1. Herman’s Balls: Right-wing, left-wing, and a rigid centrist.

          3. It’s easy to stay STD free if you hate paying bar prices, listen to progressive (Nerd) metal, and can’t stand most people.

            1. Or be like this guy who wrote to Dear Prudie:

              I am a 47-year-old single man. I require that before I get physically involved with anyone she get full STD testing. Can you tell me why 99 percent of women refuse immediately when I broach this subject?

              1. He could fly the danger-zone and just use a condom.

              2. I love Dear Prudie. You can’t make people like that up. I sometimes think people are trolling her. But then I realize, no people really are that fucked up.

                1. But then I realize, no people really are that fucked up.

                  If there’s anything the internet and cable TV have taught me, it’s that people are deeply fucked up in an endless variety of ways that I am not capable of understanding.

              3. I dated a girl like that. I remember making the appointment and giving the person the wrong credit card. I had my mom’s because earlier that day I had gone to pick up a present for my stepdad’s birthday. I had a great time explaining the charges for STD testing.

                1. A girl could get away with it because men will suffer any humiliation to get laid. But no way could a guy.

              4. I liked this bit from the Democrat who wrote in to complain about her Republican husband:

                He gets furious and calls me narrow-minded when I refuse to listen to him on political topics.

                1. He gets furious and calls me narrow-minded when I refuse to listen to him on political topics.

                  This is what she really means, they just happen to discuss politics more often than anything else.

            2. It’s easy to stay STD free if you hate paying bar prices, listen to progressive (Nerd) metal, and can’t stand most people.

              I can testify that this program is both safe and effective.

        2. depends on how faithful she is…

        3. I remember reading a study 20 years ago showing that some 80-90% of nursing home patients over 70 had some form of STD. The theory was that they had contracted it sometime during their life, but it was dormant or symptom free until they got old and their immune systems weakened. They had had the diseases most of their lives and just didnt know it.

          1. It could also have something to do with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. making it possible for old folks to fuck until they die.

        4. But if you are not, that is easier said than done.

          There are these new fangled things called “condoms” that greatly reduce the odds of contracting an STD. Also, this is just a thought, maybe one should get to know someonce at least a little bit, perhaps enough to know whether or not there are any “surprises” waiting for them, before sticking one’s dick in them.

      2. I thought the cure for AIDS was $100,000 (inflation adjusted) injected into the blood-stream?

  28. “Pardon me, but could you not shine your police spotlights in my back window late at night, please?”

    No, sir, but we can pepper spray you and beat you ass, then charge you with assaulting an officer and a bunch of other trumped up shit.

    Unfortunately for the pigs, this guy was a lawyer with principles* and he decided to fight back.

    *A rare breed, to be sure.

    1. Keep an eye-out for his taser-charred billy-clubbed corpse in an Ozark mine-shaft.

  29. http://www.aei.org/article/eco…..-mortgage/

    Voters need to be reminded about how this disaster came about. It began with the premeditated assault on high-quality, credit-worthy prime mortgages. The perpetrators were Fannie Mae, community groups, and Congress, each of which had the means, motive and opportunity for undertaking this assault.

    As early as 1991, community activist Gale Cincotta, was laying the path for undertaking such an assault in her testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. “Lenders will respond to the most conservative standards unless [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] are aggressive and convincing in their efforts to expand historically narrow underwriting,” she stressed.

    Using Fannie and Freddie as the means to expand underwriting standards caused an immediate problem for existing subprime lenders and insurers. In 1992, about 14% of new mortgages had impaired or subprime credit with a FICO credit score below 660. Virtually all these borrowers were already served by private subprime lenders or those using FHA insurance. As Fannie and Freddie expanded into subprime, something had to give-subprime lenders would have to abandon the field or move further out the risk curve. They chose the latter, with the result that both prime and subprime lending got into much more risky loans.

    1. meme failz – no org or reg mandated BoA nor Leman to intentionally select borrowers most likely to default, bundle those into securities w/o telling investors, shareholders, regulators, or insurers then *SHORT* their own financial products.

      1. Perhaps you could become acquanted with ACORN and Rainbow/PUSH and their CRA related “protests” of banks in the Chicago area before making such a weak assertion.

        1. Perhaps he could become acquainted with grammar and spelling before typing his brain-burps verbatim

          1. That’s crazy and would completely ruin it.

            1. I would give him a style point or two if he added some [BRACKETS] to his maunderings.

        2. Proprietist|11.1.11 @ 11:17AM|#

          Hate to say it, but Orrin’s right about this. I don’t know what some here expect to gain from denying the existence of malfeasance in the banks. There’s no question it existed and contributed to the crash, so sticking your fingers in your ears makes it look like you are only looking at the facts you want to see, the exact same thing the Left is doing by denying or ignoring the government moral hazards, distortions of reality and overregulation that contributed to it.
          Actors within corporations are more prone to malfeasance and fraud because they know the risk is socialized. State-provided limited liability protection for business owners inherently encourages malfeasance and is just another government market distortion. It’s time that libertarians accept that corporations aren’t truly free market entities based on private contracts and personal responsibility, but instead are government protected legal fictions that shield criminals and those who profit from criminal actions while socializing the cost of damages for their actions onto victims and society.

          1. Way to miss the point, urine.

          2. On part A, sure. Banks are malfeasant. The argument around here is that banks would be less malfeasant in teh absence of government action a) pushed them towards greater risk and b) bailed them out when the bets came due. On part B, not so much. Proprietrist is simply wrong in his analysis.

          3. Every action taken by virtually every significant participant in the mortgage market from 1995-2008 can be explained by a single piece of data: the foreclosure rate.

            The foreclosure rate continuously fell because we were in a Fed-created real estate bubble. There was no market force and no regulation that could have stopped what happened in the face of that single piece of data.

            Outside of the craziest kind of small-timer mortgage fraud (identity theft, false release filing, appraisal and straw buyer scams, etc.) every act that’s pointed to as evidence of malfeasance makes perfect sense, literally perfect sense, as soon as you look at the foreclosure rate and the resulting bond default rates for the period.

            As much as I hate the banks for getting themselves bailed out, this is simply true.

            1. The foreclosure rate continuously fell because we were in a Fed-created real estate bubble.

              This is what drives me crazy when I see leftists claiming that the housing bubble didn’t ramp up until Dubya instituted the “ownership society.” Anyone doing even a bit of research can see the average price of a home go parabolic beginning in the late 1990s, and it was by design.

      2. logik failz

        That is all.

      3. If Lehman had in fact shorted their own products in a systematic way, they’d still in business. In fact, we probably would all be speaking Lehman now.

        The meme that holds that investment banks were shorting their own products stems mainly from two known facts:

        1. Goldman would connect customers who wanted to short (i.e. Paulson) with customers who wanted to go long. In other words, they performed the bedrock intermediation function that they exist to perform.

        2. Many investment banks and mortgage issuers purchased derivatives that insured their own products, protecting the bank in case of default. Naturally, this act represented basic caution, and was often called for by regulators. If you create a product and sell it in the marketplace, you might want to buy insurance protecting you if the product explodes.

        The meme persists because leftists are too fucking stupid to understand either of these pretty basic, first-day-of-finance-class facts.

  30. maybe my sermons finally struck a cord.


  31. Any of you sci fi or fantasy people ever read the book Sky Stone? I borrowed it from a friend. It is apparently a big hit in Cannuckistan but now well known here. It is a historical fiction retelling of the Arthur legend. This is the first book and takes place just as the Romans are leaving Britain and the Britains are trying to fight off the Anglos, Saxons and Picts. Anyone familiar? Is it any good?

    1. From Amazon, appears to be the first in a series of books or which there are at least 7.

      1. Yes it is. My friend swears by it. She loved it. I am interested. I like the idea of placing the Arther legend in history. Just curious for another opinion.

        1. No, but I seem to recall The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart was similar in concept. I think she did sequels.

        2. Candida Eittreim loved it:

          General Caius Brittanicus is a brilliant and highly decorated Roman man, who was born in Britain. A man of deep insight and wisdom, he forsees the collapse of the Roman Empire. When not on campaign for Rome, he lives with his wife, children and widowed sister Luceia.

          Publius Varro is General Brittanicus’ Primus Pilus, or senior aide. Their fortunes are inextricably entwined, and how the two of them grow deep in love and respect for one another, is the main thrust of the first book.

          Varro, has a blade fashioned from what his grandfather described as a skystone. This sword has a sheen, and luster ordinary iron doesn’t possess, and is much stronger than even bronze. Yet Publius has no idea where to find more of this strange metal. When he finally does find it, the answer fulfills many empty spaces left by less gifted writers.

          1. So basically Excalibur is made of meteorite?
            Brian Jacques did it first.

            1. I don’t know what it’s made of, but when we finally solve the riddle, the answer fulfills many empty spaces left by less gifted writers as Publius Varro and General Brittanicus fall deeply in love and respect, in the Roman Way.

    2. Huh. I liked Lawhead’s Arthurian books.

    3. When I was a kid, I read Bernard Cromwell’s series that was pretty much the same thing. It was good, but I can’t speak for the Canuck ripoff you’re talking about.

      1. You are such a harsh man Warty.

    4. Is this a good place to resume my rant about the rampant homosexual undertones of the Merlin TV series and its visceral hatred of women?

      Plus Katie Mcgrath is hot.

  32. LA Sheriff’s Deputy thinks it’s a good idea to have sex with a 15-year old girl. Pleads nolo contendere to Felony Sexual Acts with a Minor. Inexplicably gets no prison time and only 60 days in county jail.

    Don’t worry, though. He’s been placed on unpaid leave.

    1. Don’t worry, though. He’s been placed on unpaid leave.

      Thank god! I was so worried. How’s his wife doing?

    2. But he has to shoot his own dog, right?

    3. He’s been registered as a sex offender, right?

  33. The complaint references other situations during Flack’s employment with the county, alleging excessive force was common, and “there exists a significantly disproportionate number of citizens charged with resisting arrest which have included the use of force/unnecessary force when compared to other Stone County officers.”

    And, of course, if some civilian dared to use lethal force against Officer Flack in self defense, the rest of the baboon troop would encircle him and tear him limb from limb instead of shrugging their shoulders and saying, “The dumb fuck had it coming.”

  34. “Operation Rolling Thunder”

    Near mile marker 75, an SUV with flashing police lights pulled behind me, and I immediately pulled over. After doing so, I quickly realized that this would be no routine traffic stop because the officer, who was wearing full body armor, ordered me to exit my vehicle.

    Outside, I was informed that I had been stopped for “following too closely” and he then began asking me a series of probing questions. He did so in a very direct and generally unfriendly manner. I haven’t been spoken to in such a way since I was a recruit in boot camp years ago. Anyway, he asked more than 50 questions that ranged from where was I going to if I had LSD in my vehicle. He was then informed by dispatch that I had no prior serious criminal convictions, yet his tone never softened.

    After telling him I had nothing illegal in my car, he still asked if he could search it. I said yes, but I also informed him that I now thought the “situation” was getting ridiculous. I then asked whether I was going to receive a ticket or not, and he responded with, “Following too closely is now the least of your concerns” as he handcuffed me.

    1. After telling him I had nothing illegal in my car, he still asked if he could search it. I said yes

      I bet he won’t say yes next time.

      1. If you do not consent, an officer will punish you by keeping you as long as possible as he works through every possible way to get a warrant. And if he does, he will destroy your car to prove himself right. And good look suing him for damages…

        Guilty until proven innocent on the side of the freeway

        1. Section 1983 suits were made for fucking back.

        2. If you do not consent, an officer will punish you by keeping you as long as possible

          Ask this: “Am I under arrest? If so, what for?”

          When the answer comes back “No,” confirm with

          “Then I am free to leave?”

          And leave.

    2. Your requested URL has been blocked by the URL Filter database module of McAfee Web Gateway. The URL is listed in categories that are not allowed by your administrator at this time.
      URL: http://www.goupstate.com/artic…..lice-state
      URL Categories: Malicious Downloads
      Reputation: High Risk
      Media Type:

    3. Do not read the comments.

      1. As with most newspapers it seems, the online comments are atrocious.

      2. Are you kidding? The comments are by far the best part of online newspaper stories, especially podunk towns’ newspapers. This was no exception.

        1. I suppose for the train wreck value.

          “Well I for one and glad are cops are out there keeping the dope fiends and criminals off the streets. Go back to Virginia hippie!!”

          1. “Run for Sheriff or shut your hippy mouth!”

        2. Hahaha, oh Spartanburg. I lived there for four years and those comments pretty much sum it up.

          1. And it is such a beautiful state and full of beautiful women. What a shame it is so fucked up. Too small to be its own country and too big to be an insane asylum.

          2. and let’s all take bets on how these folks are at the front of “take our country back” and “there’s too much govt in our lives.”

            Second part is, who runs the liquor concession in SC? But it’s okay for the state to make money by selling booze because that’s far less dangerous than someone smoking a joint.

            1. and let’s all take bets on how these folks are at the front of “take our country back” and “there’s too much govt in our lives.”

              Yes, unfortunately this is rampant throughout the state. This is state that was supposed to be a hot bed of Tea Party activists and Gingrinch won the primary while Santorum finished 4% ahead of Ron Paul.

      3. Tonia Owens ? Management at Verizon Wireless
        Sounds like this story is a bit embellished…… you aren’t randomly searched without probable cause. When you look back on your actions/ reactions do you think you may have caused the officer to over react? In other words…. he did his job to keep our community safe. Get over yourself NO ONE is better than another! Maybe you should do a gut check and be thankful we live in a society that keeps us safe and drug away from our kids and families. YES SIR… THE WAR ON DRUGS IS RIGHT HERE IN THE UPSTATE!
        Reply ? 1 ? ? 3 hours ago

        How dare you try to deprive me of this fine idiocy, John? How fucking dare you.

    4. You’re supposed to give the link to the single-page version.

  35. he still asked if he could search it. I said yes,

    Bit clueless, isnt he?

    1. depends on how much time he had to burn, police will punish you as far as they think they can get away with if you deny them anything. You’re screwed one way or another.

  36. Man blasts through red light at 100 mph, causing a five-care pileup in which a 13 year old girl is seriously injured. Man somehow only charged with careless driving.

    Did I happen to mention that the man is a cop?

    1. In the cop’s defense, it did occur in Flint, Michigan, so he probably expected the intersection to be empty of anything other than tumbleweeds.

      1. Or Escape from New York-esque gangs.

      2. too true, they’ve got ghost stoplights everywhere in that town. I think its about time to start abandoning blocks and reducing intersections.

        1. Can’t we just detonate a tactical nuclear weapon and provide power to Ohio from the radiation?

          1. That would require wiring Ohio for electricity.

      3. True story–CMSgt Duane Hackney, an Air Force Cross awardee, was from Flint and worked as a cop there after his first term of service was over. It was such a shitty job that he went back to the Air Force and endured PJ training all over again in the mid-70s.

        1. Holy shit! How was he not awarded a MoH? That guy was a fucking stud.

          http://www.airforce-magazine.c…..10/January 2010/0110heroism.aspx

          I loved the part about his wife finding out his past while studying for a promotion test.

          1. Damn squirrels.


            And his father was awarded a Silver Star too.

  37. Sounds like a pretty crazy plan to me dude. Wow.


  38. via St Radley Balko’s Twitter

    I don’t know where to begin. Serious people think these things?

    Let’s Nationalize Facebook
    Only then will the social network protect users’ rights and share valuable data with researchers.


    1. Slate gets a little more stupid every day.

      1. Slate gets a little more stupid every day.

        What the fuck is a “Slate”?

        1. A place for readers who think the Washington Post just isn’t retarded enough.

        2. One letter away from State.

          1. Nice one.

    2. Give Mark Zuckerberg the title of Minister of Social Networking.

    3. Even the moron Slate commenters are against this.

    4. That is a fucking spoof. No one is that fucking stupid.

    5. I read the first two paragraphs of that tripe and can’t be bothered with the rest of it. Does he propose a countermeasure when nearly everyone on FB invariably jumps ship in response? Mandatory membership?

      1. Holy fuck. The guy that wrote that is a PROFESSOR at a UNIVERSITY? Are you fucking kidding me???

    6. It would be nice if someone came up with some sort of open social networking standard so that we could get multiple competing companies. e.g. like RFC 821 assures everyone can e-mail everyone else, regardless of the particular e-mail service they use.

      1. Someone already tried to do that. It didn’t take, is the problem.

        1. Open interfaces (as we require for most other forms of telecommunications) would be a better thing to for Howard to call for.

          If cellphones worked the way social networking does, so that Verizon customers could only call other Verizon customers and ATT customers could only call other ATT customers, I doubt that would be considered an improvement for the marketplace. It seems silly that someone with a Facebook account can’t interact with someone with a Google+ account and vice versa.

    7. Drudge pointed out that Soros was/is a big Facebook investor.

  39. Family Research Council shooter was volunteering at a gay-rights organization. “He always struck me as a kind, gentle and unassuming young man. I’m very surprised that he could be involved in something like this.”


    1. “Oh, so you admit that the alleged shooter struck you!”

  40. Serial prosecutorial and police misconduct in New York City (shocking, I know!). Unfortunately, none of the perpetrators are being held accountable even when their misdeeds are brought to light.

    But Barry Bonds can be tried multiple times for allegedly lying to investigators.

    Fucking double standards putting innocent people in jail and cops/prosecutors not being held the least bit responsible. Disgusting.

    1. And Roger Clemens should too. And Miram Jones needs to go to prison for using steroids. DOJ has to have its priorities.

  41. http://news.cincinnati.com/art…../308150032

    Teens beat guys because they were bored. And since they are minors the little bastards will get away with it. We need to go to caining like they do in Singapore.

    1. By “get away with it,” do you mean they’re fast-tracking them to the Police Academy?

      1. Cops got to look for talent.

    2. Tyree, Terrell, Lamont, Daquan, Michael….one mom named Latasha. Hmmmm. There is something missing from the article…what could it be?

      1. It’s not a hate crime if the victim is a white male, unless he happens to be gay.

  42. http://www.weeklystandard.com/…..50014.html

    Obama has 22 days to drop Biden. I starting to feel like I am being set up here. Biden is even more stupid than usual. Says a bunch of dumb shit to rile the base. Then gets replaced by Hillary so the media can go orgasmic at Obama’s genius.

    1. “they believe the vice president has knocked them off track.”

      “Off track”? Train-loving Joe?! Gotta love it.

      Seriously, John — good analysis.

  43. I had no idea that Salon had its own Jezebel section. But it’s utterly spectacular.

    How do strip clubs hurt me?

    So let’s stop saying that women are upset about porn because there is something wrong with the women. Strip clubs may treat their employees well and the employees may claim they are doing it voluntarily, but a strip club symbolizes a dark political truth of women’s lives. For you, it symbolizes what it feels like to be a woman in our society.

    1. Oh honey, it is only the pretty girls who get to feel like that. Sorry.

      1. That’s a man, baby.

        /Austin Powers

    2. For you, it symbolizes what it feels like to be a woman in our society.


      Feminists are epic when it comes to concern trolling.

      1. Furthermore,

        I’d feel worse for the guys in the strip club. Its the ultimate tease and they’re spending whore money just to look. Seems like its the women who are empowered.

        1. No shit. Who walks out broke and who walks out with a stack of cash?

        2. Well it is not all about the tease.

          Plug this ‘prostitution arrest strip joint’ in to Google and you are going to spit out multiple examples from every state. Jennifer once doubted my veracity when I mention prostitution occurring at strip joints as if I personally offended her. Okay.

          1. People don’t know about this? How do they think strippers really make their money?

            1. “Private party”

            2. My guess is most strippers are not prostitutes.

              They make plenty shaking it for tips.

          2. OMGWTFBBQ

            look over here everyone, we’ve got a concern trolololer.

          3. “Actually, I’m an escort, but stripping’s a great way to meet clients.”

          4. Jennifer once doubted my veracity when I mention prostitution occurring at strip joints as if I personally offended her.

            I think Jennifer has said she was once a stripper.

            So you unwittingly did.

    3. That guys first mistake was marrying into that level of crazy.

  44. I doubt you could point to single point in time, but there is no question in my mind that you can no longer refer to this country as being subject to the rule of law.

    There is a Master Class, comprised of the well-connected and the Cop-Industrial Complex, that is simply not subject to the law, while the rest of us are subject to their whims, regardless of what the law says.

    I really don’t see how their can be the least argument about this, given the daily drumbeat of non-prosecution of the well-connected and the uniformed, and the daily abuse of the proles by the same.

    1. Can you point to a time when this country, or any government for that matter, actually was subject to the rule of law?

      It’s always been rule of man.


      We’ve got color pictures and easy access to information, but the nature of people with power has not changed.

      And it never will.

      1. I think it has always been the rule of man. But I do see a shift nonetheless: the Master Class used to at least try to pretend that there was a “rule of law”. They’re not really bothering any more.

        1. It used to be unacceptable. People would be outraged.

          Now it is taken for granted.

          There is no morality anymore. No “right and wrong”. No shame.

          People don’t care.

    2. ah, this myth again …

      keep repeating it. it will remain false, but you will get traction… here

      1. OMG!

        A beneficiary of the double standard claiming that there is no double standard?

        I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! Shocked!

      2. Did you not read the multiple posts above detailing light, if any, punishment, for abuses and crimes by members of the Master Class?

        1. lies and propaganda put forth by anti-cop bigots…

          you’re just all butthurt about getting a ticket when you were obviously speeding, so now you take it out on all cops.


          besides, here in washington state where I work…


      3. We’re not repeating it; we’re pointing out different, multitudinous examples of it.

  45. ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Truck Rolls Through NYC, Offers Answers With DNA Tests


    1. My wife did some temp work at a firm which did paternity DNA testing. The company softball team was the Hoosier Daddies.

    2. Damn it I told you I never fucked the bitch!

      1. Like you would ever say that.

    3. New York City,

      Yep, full of bastards.

    4. Did they stop by the Maury show during their run?

  46. What was that famous smudge on the photo Curiosity sent back to Earth? It turns out the Mars rover snapped its own rocket-powered backpack. Or did it? Maybe India’s probe can check.

    Or maybe we can use MRO or Odyssey to check. They’re still in orbit around Mars too.

  47. Good news about Assange, problem is now how is he going to be able to escape from Britain ?

    1. by weather balloon…be seeing you.

      1. I shot an arrow in the air / She fell to earth near Berkeley Square

    2. problem is now how is he going to be able to escape from Britain ?

      I’m sure there are no shortage of ways for the diplomatic privilege to extend to his person once he gets asylum.

  48. given the daily drumbeat of non-prosecution of the well-connected

    We can add another expression to the list of quaintly outmoded Americanisms like “It’s a free country”:

    That’s for a jury to decide.

    1. Juries don’t decide things. They follow instructions.

    1. Well, at least they didn’t have to cancel the potluck.

  49. That photo, sadly, makes it clear that Tim Robbins is going to play Assange in the movie.

    1. Here, let me show you my shocked face.

    2. Who’s left to fuck to save the unions this time?

      1. Duh. Taxpayers. You’re off your game this morning, RC.

        1. Just lobbing softballs, T.

  50. And it seems like only days ago that our shrieking idiot sockpuppets were talking about how wildly successful the auto bailout was.

    1. Obviously it wasn’t big enough.

    2. That was pretty premature. We won’t know until November, after all. If Obama wins Michigan and Ohio, it was a success.

  51. Newsbusters analyzes network news coverage of the Family Research Council shooting:

    “Only ABC Offers Full Story on Shooting at FRC; CBS, NBC Blow It Off With Tiny Reports”


    1. What’s weird is that just a few days ago, Reason poster “Tonio” was on here calling these guys Nazis. Anyone know if he has posted here since last night?

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