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Israel Official Warns of Monthlong War Following Strike on Iran

An Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program could trigger a bloody monthlong war on multiple fronts, killing hundreds of Israelis or more, the Israeli Cabinet's civil defense chief warned in an interview published Wednesday.

It was the most explicit assessment yet of how the government sees events unfolding in the aftermath of an Israeli attack.

Matan Vilnai, who is stepping down as the "home front" Cabinet minister to become Israel's ambassador to China, described the scenarios to Israel's Maariv daily at a time of heightened debate about the Iranian nuclear threat.

Source: Fox News. Read full article. (link)

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  • rayrice||

    One month long??? It could easily lead to a thirty year war for America the defender of Israel!!ISRAEL'S NEO-CONSERVATIVES LIED TO AMERICA ABOUT WMD AND WILL LIE AGAIN.They love to send Americans to war!!

  • ||

    The quickest way to find out if a nation already has WMDs or is merely still developing them is to send your military to attack their ability to produce them.