"Start Shooting," Says Joe the Plumber

When it comes to border policy, the political almost-celeb is a bit of a whack job


An Ohio plumber thrust into national politics during the 2008 presidential campaign says the United States needs to build a fence at the Mexico border and "start shooting" at suspected illegal immigrants.

Samuel Wurzelbacher made the comment during a Friday night fundraising appearance in Arizona for state Sen. Lori Klein.

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  1. He forgot to add that the guns need to be turned in the other direction when the supply of Mexicans runs out.

  2. Shoot at them with tranquilizer darts. Maybe we can secure the border with a game like paint-ball, but with a new breed of tranquilizer guns. Illegals will wind up back in a Mexican bar with a bad hangover, wondering …. “what the $h!+ just happened to me.”

    Actually, there are much kinder, gentler plans that are more effective. Temporarily secure the boarder with troops and register all illegal aliens during that brief period. Then, remove the troops from the boarder, put those registered on a probationary path to citizenship, and arrest and deport forever anyone found illegally here thereafter, including all felons, registered or otherwise. This is not rocket science, folks!

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