A.M. Links: Afghan Government Employees Kill Six U.S. Soldiers, Attacks on Paul Ryan Begin, Trump Camp Says Trump to Play Role in Tampa


  • only one says they'll play a role at the GOP convention

    Six U.S. soldiers were killed in two separate attacks by Afghan government employees over the weekend.

  • Florida seniors are the latest stars in a new Obama ad aimed at Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan. Because his budget included reforms of Medicare for people under 55, it will now be used to scare seniors into voting for the president. A group of Irish Democrats, meanwhile, is attacking Ryan for not having Chicago values the values he grew up with, because partisan organizations are the best judges of religious values. Less than three more month of this nonsense!
  • Donald Trump confirms that Donald Trump will be playing a "memorable" role at the Republican National Convention in Tampa though Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee says he doesn't know what role that will be. "But I do know that he's important to us and that he's somebody that we appreciate, because he's telling us the truth as far as where we're at in this economy," Preibus said.
  • Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was approached by the Obama administration about a cabinet position in 2010. Might he be one of the Republicans Politico reports as possibly speaking at the Democratic National Convention?
  • It probably won't be Sarah Palin, who isn't scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this year, either.
  • The House Oversight Committee will file a civil contempt lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder,  though the president's invocation of executive privilege means there won't be any prosecution as a result.
  • Egypt's president has sacked his army chief and several other generals as well as revoking a rule limiting his power. The moves come after a militant attack on a border checkpoint that embarrassed the military, which continues to hunt Islamists in the Sinai following the attack.


NEXT: GOP Convention Speaker List Does Not Include Sarah Palin

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  1. Ashley Greene buys Chick-fil-A! Boycot Twilight!

    1. Am I supposed to give up my boycott because of what Kristin Stewart did to Robert Pattinson so that I can boycott for this reason now?

    2. The girl obviously needs a few Big Macs not chicken sandwiches.

      1. beat you to it

          1. I know the feeling, beleive me…

    3. Yeah but Ashley Greene is one of the only things that made Twilight tolerable in the first place so I’ma gonna just join her and eat a chicken sandwich

    4. sarcasmic| 8.13.12 @ 9:04AM |#

      Do you bloody work for the Daily Mail, or is it just the most fertile source of Bullshit-Non-News in the world today? You seem to reference it exclusively.

  2. Christina Hendricks still has a fat ass!

    1. I keep saying that. I think Hendricks is fat. I could never understand how someone like you who thinks any women over a size zero and an A cup is a whale could like her. She is pretty but she is a cow. Even on Firefly you could tell there was a fat woman dying to get out of that thin body.

      1. I prefer to think of her as “big boned”.

        1. “No kitty this is MY pot pie!”

        2. With big meat and fat on them.

        3. Have you ever seen a fat skeleton?

      2. Well here’s a fat guy dying to get into it.

      3. Yep, it’s only a matter of time before she balloons to about 250.

  3. Katy Perry does not!

    1. She actually looks a bit blubbery there.

      Not very flattering shots.

      1. Few women over the age of 20 can pull off a bikini without the help of photo shop.

        1. I would gladly help many women over 20 pull off a bikini.

          1. Is John getting paid to serve up these slow pitch softballs to the rest of the commenters?

            1. I think it’s his court-mandated community service.

              1. Does that mean Mary Stack is ours?

    2. I wonder if she looks like lobster now. That skin does not look like it takes well to natural light.

    3. Looks like she got a case of the vapors.

  4. 9AM on the dot. In the Eastern Time Zone, the greatest time zone in the world!

    1. 9AM 11pm on the dot. In the Eastern Time Zone, the greatest time zone in the world!


    2. You’re a Great American.

      1. A Great American what?

        1. Patriot, duh doy.

  5. What is the big fucking deal with Victoria Beckham? I seriously don’t get it.

    1. Me either. And why with all of the great British recording artists, the closing ceremonies couldn’t do any better than The Spice Girls and some boy band that made Beiber look kind of macho.

      1. …the closing ceremonies couldn’t do any better than The Spice Girls and some boy band that made Beiber look kind of macho.

        Duran Duran would have been less effeminate.

        1. don’t be deceived. One of those boy band members is a legendary cougar hunter

          Agree on the music, though. They should have gone, fuck it, let’s get in the real best of British: The Fall. Millions of people bewildered as they belt out Pat-Trip Dispenser, or highlights from Hex Induction Hour

          1. That would be freakin’ awesome!

          2. I vote for “The Classical”. 😉

      2. Most of the really great British recording artists are pushing like 70 now.

        1. True. But they are still better than what they put on. I would have taken a dusted off Pink Floyd Reunion and maybe Oasis with a Gallagher brother brawl at the end over what they had.

        2. The UK did trot out 76-year-old Englebert Humperdinck for Eurovision this year.

      3. We could not figure that program out. A disjointed hodge podge of really mediocre singers and dancers.

        1. So what did they play? Elgar? Handel? Purcell?

          1. No. They did have some nice fireworks though.

        2. A disjointed hodge podge of really mediocre singers and dancers.

          Yeah, the SuperBowl Halftime Show vibe really isn’t appropriate for the Olympics…

      4. Bowie’s retired.

      5. Iron Maiden….

        They could have done “Coming Home” which would actually have been topical.

      6. Some announcer at some point said that those 5 twats are the best selling girl band of all time, so I guess that’s the deal.

        With all the non-talent and the digging up of the festering corpses, I wondered why Elton John was conspicuously absent. I mean love him or hate him, the guy has had an enduring career.

        1. I was hoping the Kaiser Chiefs would beat up One Direction.

      7. And why would Queen play We Will Rock You instead of We Are the Champions?

        It’s da limpics.

        1. Because that skinny chick didn’t know the words to “We Are the Champions?”

        2. They should have done hologram Freddie Mercury like they did with 2Pac.

      8. “Take That” without Robbie Williams isn’t even a thing.

    2. I love how Liam Gallagher butchered “Wonderwall”, a song Noel wrote and won’t even sing anymore.

  6. Ryan Attacked By Irish Catholics

    What kind of Irishman uses his words to attack someone?

    1. Catholic Democrats know a little something about going against the teachings of the Church.

      1. When I think “Irish Catholic Democrat” the first name that comes to mind is Jim Moran. Probably not what they’re going for. Or maybe it is.

        1. I always think of Ted Kennedy. With that in mind, if Irish Catholic Democrats are against it-I’m for it.

        2. Jim Moran.

          I really hate that man.

    2. Fist fights are pretty much exclusively reserved for family gatherings.

    3. I’d point out that the Southern Irish are the only Amreicans who routinely supported terrorist groups over the past several decades.

      But then, if there’s one ethnic group towards which I feel extreme prejudice, it would be the Southern Iriah Americans.

  7. A mother-of-five was told by a debt collection agency call operator she would be better off if she learned to keep her ‘bloody legs shut’ after she told him she was unable to meet repay a debt he was chasing.


    Well… yeah, maybe she should have

    1. I fail to see a problem with that statement. And it’s not even a matter of keeping her legs shut. There is this new-fangled thing called birth control the slutty kids keep telling me about.

      1. Yeah but paying for birth control would have cut into her cigarette budget. That’s monstrous.

        1. And let alone, as a single male lacking the wiles (read: Stupidity) to impregnate a woman as of yet, I’m apparently responsible for all the children of the world and any extra income I have should be transferred to their shitty schools, food, government, cars, bitch control, etc. It’s not like I was saving that money for my own prospective kids or anything.

          1. Bitch = birth. Somehow it still works as a typo though. Weird.

          2. Drax, you’re responsible for everyone but yourself.

            1. No no, he’s responsible for everyone AND himself. That’s the rub.

            2. As long as we have that covered.

      2. I would have thought prostitution would be a good way to make money to pay off the debts.

  8. over the weekend, my wife and I were driving to do some grocery shopping.

    her: Romney picked his VP candidate
    me: (driving) hmmm…. who is it?
    her: Rand Paul
    me: WHAT? *visions of craziness dancing through my head* Really? Our most libertarian senator?
    her: oops, I meant Paul Ryan
    me: oh.

    1. But I heard on the radio this morning that Paul Ryan is a radical!
      Radical I tell you!
      I mean, he plans to balance the budget in twenty fucking years!
      And it will take that long because he has no plans to raise taxes on the rich!
      Radical I tell you!

      1. I, along with a lot of people, enjoy watching the left have a full-scale mental breakdown trying to comprehend being attacked over Obama’s medicare cuts, but as delightful as that is, it’s mighty depressing to see that this is where the modern GOP (with supposed Tea Party influence) finds themselves.

      2. Funniest and most true thing I read all weekend was the observation that the liberal pundits and Dems sound like the brain washed soldiers in the Manchurian Candidate.

        “(Insert Republican VP pick here) is the most racist, homophobic, misogynistic radical right wing God worshiping nihilist I have ever known in my life.”

        1. I heard a criticism of him giving Atlas Shrugged as gifts on “Jesus’ birthday”.

          They didnt say “for Christmas presents”.

          Was amused somehow.

          Even funnier is the pedant in me noted that it wasnt his birthday (almost assuredly), but was Christmas — so by trying to make it sound worse, they made an error.

          1. It is so scripted and pathetic. Had he chosen someone else, the line would have been “Romney didn’t have the guts to choose a serious candidate like Paul Ryan”.

        2. The best part is they don’t even have to make shit up to attack him, just use his actual record and convince a bunch of republicans to stay home. On the other hand that would require them to point out how similar the parties are.

          1. They don’t want to do that. Republicans love Ryan. And Ryan is the one of the only one person in politics willing to admit the truth about entitlements.

            It is pretty hard to paint the guy as the “king of the big spending Republicans” that Libertarians have convinced themselves that he is. But Libertarians love nothing better than hating anyone who even starts to come over to their side. It is how they roll.

            1. It is pretty hard to paint the guy as the “king of the big spending Republicans”

              King? Yeah. But an enabler of excessive spending? Pathetically easy.

              1. With the voices in Libertarians’ heads, sure. But with everyone else not so much. It is also a bit hard to do that while claiming he plans to murder old people.

                1. Voting for TARP makes you an enabler of excessive spending, John. You can spin that any way you want, but that’s a hard vote to walk back if you’re trying to claim fiscal discipline as a selling point.

                  1. Fine, kill him then. Whatever you do, don’t admit that he is making any good points about entitlements and do nothing to encourage other politicians to make good choices. Make it clear that once you cross libertarians being right on anything else just makes you more hated. That ought to help the cause a lot

                    1. Come now John, it’s perfection or nothing! Libertarians have never subscribed to the notion that it’s easier to tear down walls from the inside. It’s more fun just to batter our heads on the outside!

                    2. Whatever you do, don’t admit that he is making any good points about entitlements and do nothing to encourage other politicians to make good choices.

                      He talks the talk, but his voting record is what matters.

                      Make it clear that once you cross libertarians being right on anything else just makes you more hated.

                      Gotcha. So pointing out that someone’s voting record and their rhetoric don’t match up is equivalent to hatred?

                      Your team cheerleading is pathetic.

                    3. Your team cheerleading is pathetic

                      Go read some of the weekend threads.

                    4. Gotta come down on John’s side on this. The pick could have been significantly worse. While perhaps not the purest of libertarians, he’s at least read Atlas Shrugged.

                      Libertopia will not happen overnight. I’ll take it a little bit at a time. If it means a slow take-over of the GOP…so be it!

            2. But Libertarians love nothing better than hating anyone who even starts to come over to their side. It is how they roll.

              We’re just being “Fashion Forward.” As soon as our views start becoming trendy and widely acceptable, we must denounce them and talk about how those things are “so yesterday” and move on to something new. Didn’t you learn this in high school?

              1. What if the hipsters suddenly started embracing libertarian ideology? My head would assplode.

                1. What if the hipsters suddenly started embracing libertarian ideology?

                  I’m sort of surprised that more don’t. Who decided that leftists were cool?

                2. The big question is “why haven’t hipsters embraced libertarian ideology?” Consider the attractions:

                  * unusual dress code (top hat and monocle)
                  * deeply unfashionable music (Rush)
                  * artisanal food and beverage (all the home brewers around here)
                  * ironic, unusual t-shirts (“Milton Friedman is my homeboy”)

                3. Don’t be too surprised. Hipsters tend to be young and childless. Young and childless people have the most to gain from libertarianism. It could happen… maybe.

            3. Well, he is certainly one of the better nationally prominent Republicans on fiscal issues, but still, a plan to balance the budget and get rid of debt in 20 years I can’t take much more seriously than the claims about Obamacare saving money in the long term. It’s good that Ryan talks about this stuff, but his plan is really not terribly radical and radical changes seem to be what is needed.

              1. It’s hard to be a libertarian when your grandma pays most of your rent. Hipsterdom is a hand-out culture, for the most part. And it’s easy to support the welfare state when you don’t pay for it and in all likelihood will desperately need it at some point.

                Besides, you have to look at the roots of hipsterdom. Do you think they want to live in Brooklyn and get lead poisoning from the rainbow-hued Gowanus Canal? No, they moved to NYC, found out they couldn’t afford Manhattan, and took over Brooklyn instead. The beating heart of hipsterdom–it’s sunbeam-dozing epicenter–is built on the most complete expression of sour grapes ever.

              2. It’s not even getting rid of the debt in 20 years, it’s whittling down the deficit in 20. The debt? Kick that can waaaayyy down the road.

        3. Democrats attacking Ryan as this uberconservative candidate is funny as hell. Too bad it will make Romney look electable in comparison, which was the GOP’s goal I guess.

      3. But I heard on the radio this morning that Paul Ryan is a radical!
        Radical I tell you!

        Is “radical” 2012’s version of “maverick”?

        1. Is “radical” 2012’s version of “maverick”?

          No, radical is always radical. You can’t spin it into a good thing. “Maverick” sounds like you’re doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

          1. But what about Master Splinter? He’s a Radical Rat, and he totally spins that in to a good thing.

            1. That was the late 80s, a period during which the dictionary definition of “radical” was temporarily suspended.

          2. lesson learned

    2. How long did she have to spend in the punishment box for that gaffe?

      1. I made her ride in the bed of my pickup so the peasants could pelt her with filth.

        1. If “pelting with filth” were still acceptable as punishment I predict our political system would be a hell of a lot cleaner, and that’s accepting the filth part on the balance sheet. There is almost NOBODY in government that I wouldn’t enjoy seeing pelted with filth.

          1. There is almost NOBODY in government that I wouldn’t enjoy seeing pelted with filth.

            Why isn’t pelting politicians with rotten eggs to show our disapproval of their policies and performance an acceptable form of free speech?

    3. Hey it coulda been worse, he could have picked Rubio.

      1. A GOP friend of mine:

        “He isnt a small government conservative, but at least he can do math.”

      2. Or Shittorum.

    4. Just so I’ve got it straight in my head, the ‘phants picked the prez candidate who can’t really attack Obamacare and and a veep candidate who voted for the GM bailout and TARP. Not how I, personally, would have differentiated the brand.

      1. Not how I, personally, would have differentiated the brand.

        There’s a difference between the parties?

        1. My partisan friends assure me there is.

  9. “But I do know that he’s important to us and that he’s somebody that we appreciate, because he’s telling us the truth as far as where we’re at in this economy,” Preibus said.

    Donald is going to tell T-Paw, Christie and Rubio that they’re fired.

    1. if only he’d tell the truth about his hair

      1. It shows he is an environmentalist. Its the only known nesting spot for the rare New York Possum.

    2. the truth as far as where we’re at in this economy

      That we’re screwed because a transparent charlatan like Trump can make more money than someone providing a valuable product or service?

      1. Hey, there is obviously a market for transparent charlatans so it is therefore obvious that someone will fill it.

  10. Peak Oil? How about Peak China?

    Caught up in the global economic crisis, the Chinese economy has never fully recovered its momentum. To be sure, Beijing’s stimulus package of 2008-2009, fueled by deficit spending and a proliferation of credit, managed to avoid a recession and produce one more year of double-digit growth in 2010. For awhile, Beijing’s ability to keep its economic growth high was lauded around the world as a sign of its strong leadership and resilience. Little did we know that China paid a huge price for a misguided and wasteful stimulus program.

    1. One time, at Dave Camp…

    2. China is in deep doodoo. Their bubble is huge.

      1. Like a really big zit.

        1. When bubbles pop the pus inside makes an awful mess. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the mess.

          1. Like those ones that erupt all the way to the mirror.

    3. A RAND study observed that the proportion of the Chinese population of working age peaked in 2011 and began slowing this year. The share of the elderly population is rising. … In short, China may face the prospect, unknown in human history, of growing old before it gets rich.

      How is this a problem for China? They just allow people to breed again and, uh, “retire” the old people. It’s not like China has any issues “solving” these “problems”.

      1. Seems like you’ve got a 25 year lag time between implementation and the, uh, final solution. /No Godwin

  11. Dave Camp: Is Tax Reform Politically Possible?
    He may be the last optimist in Washington, but the House Ways and Means chairman says the need for faster economic growth and some cultivated bipartisanship can fix the tax code.

    The surprise is that Mr. Camp remains upbeat about accomplishing both, including finally cracking the code on tax reform by the end of next year. It’s a sure thing if Mitt Romney wins, he thinks, and even possible in a second Obama term. “The next president, no matter who that is, is going to have to lead on this issue,” he insists.

    This is certainly a minority opinion?so why the optimism? “We’re facing a train wreck with the tax system in 2013. Pretty much the whole tax code expires next year?the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the Alternative Minimum Tax hitting the middle class, the estate tax, and all the rest. Given the weakness of the economy, voters are going to demand that we get this done.”

  12. Might he be one of the Republicans Politico reports as possibly speaking at the Democratic National Convention?

    It’s all a ploy to get Maria back.

  13. Even if an Afghan government employee killed 6 of our government’s employees, I’m reasonably certain we’re ahead on the total body count.

    1. If they’re scoring it Death Race 2000-style and we count civilians and children for more points, then our lead is probably insurmountable.

      1. Unless they Quidditch-style get one big score at the end.

        1. the Yorktown corollary.

        2. Obama says we won the War-On-Terror Quidditch match when our seekers took out Bin-Laden.

      2. I thought they counted for less points since they’re easier to hit. I’ll have to review the scoring guidelines.

        1. Kids areworth more than adults, and our murderdrone program has taken out quite a few of them the past three years. But the big scorers are the elderly. And since we have no elderly soldiers running around, we’re still piling up a huge advantage every time we drop a drone on a village hoping to kill some poor schlub who once said we are an evil nation, because he’s “a danger to our national security” as he sits there 12,000 miles away with a net worth of $7.83.

          1. Tried to post two links but the squirrels won’t have it. 60 year old soldier Vietnam vet killed in Iraq and a 59 year old soldier serving in Afghanistan.

            I know another Vietnam vet that was in Iraq at 59 or older. All elderly in military years if not actually.

  14. I was asked over the weekend if I’d be interested in another FFL since the J sub D Memorial filled up so quickly. So I went ahead and started the Reason HyR You Didn’t Built That Fantasy Football League.

    League ID: 457394
    Password: reason

    We got 9 people within the first couple of hours, and after this announcement, I’d expect it to fill this morning. So, if you want to get in on a relatively easygoing league, now might be your best chance.

    1. Argh you suck, you couldn’t have posted this when I actually had access to yahoo sports could you

      1. Shoot me your e-mail address and I’l send you an invite. That should save a spot for you if you want it.

              1. mauledtesticle@wrinkledrasilio.net is the mutant twin rasilio’s parents keep in the attic and feed with scraps from the table.

                1. He’s like rasilio’s Hugo then?

              2. None of those three worked.

                Oh, and ^^this^^ is why nobody takes libetarian fantasy leagues seriously.

                1. I thought no one took it seriously because you always named your team The Cunt Punters.

                  1. That’s only in my baseball leagues. In football, I usually go with “Libertarians Support Rape”. Or is that what I post under in the NYT comments section? Either way, I get my point across.

        1. Ok don’t see your e-mail addy anywhere in here but mine is Rasilio@me.com

          And for reference the Testiclemauler is not my twin, he is the mutant love child from the drunken one night stand I had with Michelle Malkin and Anderson Cooper so she named it after both of us.

          1. OK, it’s on the way.

  15. It probably won’t be Sarah Palin, who isn’t scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this year, either.

    Because they don’t want her to outshine the candidates or because they don’t want anyone reminded of McCain?

    1. Good point. They should have let Palin speak and be the lightning rod.

  16. At 77, Social Security Confronts Its Own Mortality

    Sure, the Social Security and Medicare programs worked when they were invented. But even the vaunted UK National Health Scheme on which U.S. Medicare was modeled is unable to meet the demands of an aging population. And that’s against basic reforms year after year, including a change to the once-uncontested principle that you were either “in” or “out.” Today, if you don’t like the health care you’re getting and can afford something on the outside, it’s ok.

  17. Ryan tears up at Wisconsin rally: ‘My veins run with cheese’

    And so does the entire speech, by the looks of it.

    “My veins run with cheese, bratwurst, and a little Spotted Cow and some Millers,” Ryan said, his voice cracking with emotion. “I even think ice fishing is interesting.”

    Sheesh, between trees with the optimal height and this speech, these guys choose to emote over some strange things…

    1. Anyone listen to Comedy Bang Bang? Tough not to think of this after reading the veins of cheese line:

      Mr. Brainwash (Paul F. Tompkins) is a street artist best known for his role in Banksy’s 2010 film Exit Through the Gift Shop. Prolonged exposure to the glue he works with has caused 95% of his blood to be replaced by glue, making it difficult for him to move and forcing him to retire from street art.

      1. Yeah, if he’s finding cheese, bratwurst and beer in his veins, I think he might have a problem.

        1. “Yeah, if he’s finding cheese, bratwurst and beer in his veins, I think he might have a problem with First Nanny, Michelle Obama.


    2. Miller fucking sucks. I’ve lost all respect for this fucking hack.

      Spotted cow does kick some ass though.

      1. Was in Wisconsin for the weekend, brought some New Glarus home. Didnt tough the spotted cow.

        To quote Cartman: I dont know what its doing to that ass, but it isnt kicking it.

        1. Kicking, Fucking. Tomato, Tomahto.

        2. s/tough/touch/

  18. When Mitt Romney settled on Paul Ryan and how he kept it a secret

    But these were not just any woods. No, these were the woods where the Wisconsin congressman grew up. To escape his Janesville home undetected on Friday, Ryan snuck out his back door, walked through the woods behind his house and past the old tree fort he built as a boy and the driveway of his childhood home.


    1. I’m reminded of the scene in The Birdcage where Gene Hackman tries to sneak out of his bedroom window on a ladder and ends up having an impromptu press conference.

  19. though the president’s invocation of executive privilege means there won’t be any prosecution as a result.

    If the French art of Miming was made illegal, could we arrest every member of Congress?

    1. It’s not the size of the contempt charge but the going through the motions of the ocean.

  20. Trump’s got balls coming to Tampa after the Condo debacle a few years ago. He licensed his name to a developer that was building new condos downtown and they went belly up right after they broke ground. They had already sold dozens of units and most of those customers lost everything. they are still fighting Trump and the developers in court over the matter. Trump claims he had nothing to do with it and only licensed his brand to the developer. The customers all claim that both Trump and the developer promoted the project as something that Trump himself was developing, giving them the confidence that it would be a safe and profitable investment.

    1. The customers all claim that both Trump and the developer promoted the project as something that Trump himself was developing, giving them the confidence that it would be a safe and profitable investment.

      I guess they all missed how many times Trump has declared bankruptcy?

      1. People in Florida seem to think that his recovery from bankruptcy proves how good of a business man he really is. When I hear this I immediately walk away from the conversation so as not to waste another second of my life talking to an idiot.

        1. Wow. That’s some heavy duty cognitive dissonance there.

          1. I call it invincible ignorance or super stupidity. I like alliteration.

  21. To save Assad
    An alliance of demons ampersand thugs

    The Syrian crisis that started 17 months ago as a peaceful uprising against a despot has passed through several incarnations, from massacre of civilians to civil war. It is now becoming an international war, fought via proxies.

    On one side we have 78 nations, banded together as “Friends of Syria,” that have already held three conferences to coordinate policy. The 27 members of the European Union provide the bloc’s backbone, with the United States also playing a major role. It also includes 18 of the Arab League’s 22 members, plus some 33 other nations from across the globe. Although a few members have authoritarian regimes, this is largely a democratic bloc.

    1. Ampersand Thugs would be a good name for a rock band.

  22. http://dailycaller.com/2012/08…..d-furious/

    In late 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder authorized raids against marijuana dispensaries in California, where medicinal marijuana is legal, in an effort to create a distraction from the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, a new book set for release Tuesday claims.

    “Eric Holder, Obama’s embattled Attorney General, was under mounting pressure from Congress to explain the botched Fast and Furious sting operation, whereby two thousand assault rifles and other firearms were sold to suspected traffickers for the Mexican drug cartels,” Martin A. Lee writes in “Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana ? Medical, Recreational and Scientific.”

    1. “Team Obama’s decision to crack down on the medical marijuana industry wasn’t motivated by public health concerns,” Lee writes, answering his own question. “The Justice Department green-lit a scorched earth campaign against medicinal cannabis in order to placate law enforcement and control the damage from the Fast and Furious scandal by deflecting attention to other matters.”

      Makes sense. Basically law enforcement owned Obama and Holder after Fast and Furious. If Law Enforcement had turned on the administration over that, it would have been a real damaging scandal that even the media couldn’t have ignored.

      1. Just as the Praetorian Guard owned the Roman Emperor, the civil service owns the President.

        The Federal Government of the Unites States inevitably is going to collapse due to the paralysis caused by its size. The question is how long it will take, and how many people will be crushed in its fall.

        1. It’s like trying to build a solid dyson sphere/ring. At some point, the structure just becomes so large that stresses on one point cannot propagate through the rest of the structure, and it stops being a rigid, singular structure (as it crumbles to pieces).

  23. An alliance of demons ampersand thugs

    And the worst by far are the ampersands

    1. That must be why they’re banned here. We have enough image problems without consorting with ampersands.

      1. I fully expect some team blue blogger to accuse us of using ampersand as some sort of racist code word.

        1. You libertarians have already proven your racism against hispanics by not adopting the “y” as a replacement for your precious ampersand. It just proves that all you care about is your white male privilege. HyR just looks too brown to you racist teabaggers.

          /T O N Y

          1. ?Por que tu asume todo el mundo es blanco? Creo Old Mexican es hispano.

          2. HyR just looks too brown to you racist teabaggers.

            Way Off.

            “HyR” makes me think of hymens, and so I’m actually being sexist, not racist, when I reject the “y”.

            1. “HyR” makes me think of hymens, and so I’m actually being sexist, not racist, when I reject the “y”.

              Or anti-Semetic.

          3. White Male Privledge

            Is that anything like Executive Privledge and can we use it to avoid criminal contempt of congress charges?

  24. A New Turn in the South
    Northerners may hate its culture, but they at least ought to try to understand the nation’s fastest-growing region

    On the first page, the author wonders why the American electoral system must be “held hostage by a coalition of bought-and-paid-for political swamp scum from the most uneducated, morbidly obese, racist, morally indigent, xenophobic, socially stunted, and generally ass-backwards part of the country.” You expect him to let up, to turn the argument around, to look at the other side of question. But he never does. For more than 300 pages, Mr. Thompson travels through the South observing customs, outlooks and people and subjecting them to an unremitting stream of denunciations.

    “A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession,” says the subtitle. Although Mr. Thompson tries hard (often too hard) to be funny, he doesn’t seem to be joking about secession: He really does want the U.S. to be rid of the South.

    1. This guy deserves the Charles Pierce Award for Self Inflicted Irony.

      The author taunts Southerners for their suspicion of “book larnin,'” but there ain’t much evidence of book larnin’ in “Better Off Without ‘Em.” It’s not just the occasional factual error (Atlanta was not burned on Sherman’s March to the Sea, but months before it began). It’s that, while he refers repeatedly to “my research,” the vast majority of endnote citations are Web addresses. He has consulted a few books, among them W.J. Cash’s celebrated indictment of Southern culture, “The Mind of the South” (1941); James Cobb’s excellent recent book on Southern identity, “Away Down South” (2005); and Edmund Wilson’s “Patriotic Gore” (1962). But he quotes from these in ways that make you wonder if he has read or understood them. Wilson, for example, a native of Red Bank, N.J., he calls a “famed southern literary critic”; and a quotation about the South’s “illusions, fantasies, and pretensions,” drawn from C. Vann Woodward’s book “The Burden of Southern History,” means the opposite of what Mr. Thompson says it means.

    2. Maybe the South’s growth has something to do with the North’s horrendous traffic, government-assisted bloated cost-of-living, hatred of any and all businesses, and the likes of assholes only found in Newark, Baltimore, D.C., Boston, New York, Etc. etc.

      1. In response, I offer: Paula Deen.

        1. There are a lot of Paula Deens in the South. And they are annoying as hell. But they are generally nice people who are easy to avoid and generally leave you alone. The Northern breed of asshole is much more in your face.

          1. John, you hit the nail in the head about Northeastern Assholes. Worst people I’ve ever met.

        2. I’m sure if that is in favor or against the South, but…it can easily be taken either way. I’m going to melt some butter into my coffee today.

          1. I don’t mean her food. I mean her being. When special emphasis on hearing her speak.

            If there is a hell, when I die I will probably be trapped in a room while Paula Deen reads aloud Julia Roberts’ memoirs, over and over for eternity.

            1. The same could be said of Fran Drescher, and all of South Boston. If you are looking for annoying people, just find someone who is not you.

                1. Fran Drescher, Paula Deen and Jean-Paul Sartre. Quite a heady mix in here.

            2. special emphasis on hearing her speak.

              I could possibly tolerate it if her Southern air weren’t so forced. Her Y’alling rate alone far exceeds what is necessary or standard in the South.

              1. She’s an entertainer, and is thus a caricature of a Southern woman, down to er voice and mannerisms.

                Somebody mentioned Fran Drescher above, who I’d say is akin to Deen from a New Yorker perspective as far as voice and mannerism is concerned.

                Personally, I could go the rest of my life without hearing a thick New York or Masshole accent. They are not merely unpleasant, but actually elicit feelings of hostility in me bordering on bloodlust.

                1. They really are the worst, but I think part of it is that they’re so fucking loud and demonstrative all the time. If I heard your average southern Jethro screaming in their accent the way northeasterners do, I’d still want to break my eardrums.

            3. Paula Deen reads aloud Julia Roberts’ memoirs

              Not Eric Roberts’ memoirs?

    3. I had a frightening thought the other day:

      When we look back at the past, we generally conclude that the things that have been preserved from the past are the things that represented good taste.

      For example, the United States has many well-preserved Gilded Age mansions in major cities and former resort towns.

      And in Great Britain, there are all the Downton Abbey type great houses.

      But what’s striking to me is that, in their own time, most of these things usually represented bad taste. Parvenu taste, and excessive display.

      But over time, that bad taste is rehabilitated, to the point where we completely culturally forget that it was ever bad taste, and remember it as good taste.

      That very strongly implies that in 75 years, people will look back on 2012 and they will consider Big Rich Texas the epitome of glamour and good taste.

      It really is a “new” culture, and its values and tastes are absolutely unfathomable to me. I just can’t believe that people voluntarily spend their money that way. But once enough time passes, people will watch Big Rich Texas and say, “Look at that beautiful period home! Don’t you just love what she’s wearing!”

      I just don’t know what to do with that realization. I don’t own any doomsday devices, so I can’t do what I should do.

      1. That last statement sounds radical Fluffy. Expect the black helicopters and swat team rape in 20 minutes. They don’t care if you were joking.

      2. Not necessarily. The reason why the gilded age mansions were considered bad taste in the day is that they were considered to be bad over the top copies of the English Country homes they were imitating. In retrospect, they were not such bad copies at all.

        But not everything goes on to be considered good taste as it ages. No one looks back on leisure suits and harvest gold kitchens of the 1970s and thinks “wow those people knew how to live”.

        1. I do miss the avocado kitchenware and appliances of the 70’s though.
          That color needs to make a comeback.

        2. Not everything goes on to be considered good taste, but the stuff consumed by very affluent people has a good shot.

          Your harvest gold kitchen might be too middle class to make it, but some of the absolute atrocities I’ve seen on Million Dollar Room might.

        3. I dunno, I’ve been kind of enjoying 70s shows lately. Sure, some of the clothes could be terrible, but Kojak and company was generally well-dressed.

          And I’ll take those big-boat V8 carbed cars over the stuff today, but I’m weird that way.

          There certainly seemed to be a lot more freedom back then.

          1. I would take a late 60s early 70s car. But I wouldn’t take anything after 1973 when the EPA destroyed the auto industry.

            Overall the 70s were very bad taste compared to the 1960s. Taking cars what would you rather have, a first gen Mustang or a 1974 Ghia designed Mustang II? A 68 Camaro or a 77 Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am with its 200 HP our of a 400 CI engine? A Ferrari 250 Lusso or any of the other short wheel base 205s or a Magnum PI 308?

            I am taking the former in every case.

            1. yeah, the emissions stuff really screwed cars up in the 70s – and I won’t go into the post-1972 GM design decisions, but hey, everything is easily fixed with an engine swap and some other work.

              Sure, I would rather have a ’70 Chevelle SS over a ’76 Malibu, but I can make ’em both fast. And the RWD mid-70s up the 80s is generally cheaper than the classics.

              1. I have a first gen Mustang. I love the styling of it. There is a certain grace to it that cars now or in the 1970s don’t have.

                And as far as fast goes, if I want to go fast I will buy a modern car. For around 65K I can buy a Shelby Mustang that will go zero to sixty in under four seconds and will top out at 205 mph. That is just astounding. We are living in a golden age of muscle cars.

                1. yeah, I’m not into pretty boy muscle pony cars. I need a full-frame car for the kind of ride / drag racing potential I like.

                  1. Unless you are going with something other than gas in the gas tank, like nitros or alcohol, I don’t think you are going to have much of a chance against one of those new Shelby’s in a quarter mile.

                    To each his own. I am the opposite. I can’t stand the family truckster muscle cars of the 1960s. You couldn’t pay me to own a Chevelle. I would take a first gen Camero or a Mustang or pretty much any pre 73 Corvette. But you can keep your GTOs and Chevelles and such. For the kind of money they want for a big block Chevelle, I could buy something fun like an E Type Jag or an old MG.

                    1. Sorry Lord I can’t bring up Youtube. what is it?

                    2. Fine, I’ll take Chris Chow’s Grand National…and it’s street legal. And there are plenty of other street cars tha can eat any production car ever made – it’s just a matter of cost and owner insanity.

                    3. and yes I agree the new Mustang would keep yer average owner much happier than a troublesome older car, but modern cars seem so soulless to me. To each his own.

                    4. My Nissan Versa totally has soul! He (somewhat unintentionally) went muddin’ in Georgia, FCOL.

                    5. The problem Lord is that you might be able to tune an older car up to beat a Shelby GT 500. But a GT 500 runs an 11.5 second standing quarter mile. That is quick. And well neigh impossible to beat without going with Alcohol or nitrous. But I am sure there are people out there who can do it on gas. The problem is, I wouldn’t ever want to drive any of those cars on anything but a quarter mile. The GT 500 does and manages to be an actual car you can drive rather than a special built race car.

            2. Well, I had a 1970 Mustang Mach 1, and I would like to get another one.

          2. Savalas said in one interview that Kojack’s suits were Kojack’s vice instead of drinking, smoking or chasing women.

        4. To the extent Gilded Age mansions were considered to be in bad taste (and I don’t know that they were), I suspect it was because they were being built by the nouveau riche, and the oldeau riche, who despised them, used their position as arbiters of taste to slag them.

      3. What to do?
        Sell out:
        Move to Ukraine, get an apartment with Groovus,MD and start pitching your reality show pilot.

        1. I think I’d make a better OddCouple pairing with Groovus. Groovus, contact me for the pitch (“You-kraint do that on television!”)

    4. good timing. i got into this a bit with my sister-in-law about this over the weekend. i’ll have to ask if she read this, b/c it appears to be the extent of her argument.

    5. A man’s head has to be pretty far up his rectum to think that modern America is under the control of the uneducated hillbillies of the deep south, and not the Ivy League educated so-called geniuses in the Boston-Washington corridor and the Hollywood cultural mecca. Anyone who seriously believes that’s the case would believe anything.

      1. As for the educated geniuses of the south, we’re not in control of anything.

    6. If he doesn’t like it, why doesn’t he leave?

    7. In six essay-like chapters?on the South’s religion, politics, race relations, public education, economic policies and its obsession with, as he thinks, the region’s overrated college football teams

      So he also knows nothing about football, got it.

    8. Although Mr. Thompson tries hard (often too hard) to be funny, he doesn’t seem to be joking about secession: He really does want the U.S. to be rid of the South.

      Gee, I wonder what his REAL motivation could be?:

      “2010 Census Shows Black Population has Highest Concentration in the South”


    9. Yall can secede whenever you want to. We promise not to invade and burn down all your cities.

      1. not fallin for THAT again…

        1. No. I was talking to the Northeast. Or Michigan. Or any parts of California/Oregon that want to leave. I know the Southeast/Texas isn’t allowed to leave.

          We are just going to have to keep pumping out NASCAR and Larry-the-cable-guys to represent the USA internationally until we embarrass them out of the relationship. But we get to keep the dogs and the house and the title “USA”, sorry.

  25. “But I do know that [Trump’s] important to us and that he’s somebody that we appreciate, because he’s telling us the truth as far as where we’re at in this economy,” Preibus said.

    I think I would rather have Trump drop the whole mercantilism thing and embrace his birther and birther-related culture-war proclivities than vice versa.

    Not that I, for one second, think any of these positions are genuinely held.

  26. US Navy destroyer and Japanese tanker collide.

    Don’t worry taxpayers, I am guessing it will probably only cost 50 million to fix



      1. It’s going to create a job opening for ship captain.

    2. I want to know how badly the Japanese tanker was damaged, but the article is frustratingly silent

      1. I have read it continued on its way after the collision so I don’t think it was that bad for the tanker.

        1. The outer hull of a DDG is on half inch.

          Some of the fishing boats on Deadliest Catch have thicker hulls.

    3. Some idiot Mainer lit a fire in a submarine at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard because he was having girlfriend issues and was stressed and wanted to get out of work early.

      $400 MILLION in damages.

      1. oops…missed that the idiot was actually from NH.

        1. The USS Miami is already 22 years old, so the Navy will probably take 400 million and a couple of years to repair her and then decommission the sub because its too old.

    4. I just don’t understand how something as fast as a destroyer, with all the latest surveillance equipment, gets hit by a fucking slow-moving tanker.

      1. Stubbornness, probably.

        “No! You turn!”

        1. Right of way on the sea is like right of way everywhere else. No matter what the “rules” are, momentum isn’t just a good idea, its a law. Mass wins.

      2. Here are the people whose careers are toast:

        1) The Captain.
        2) The Officer of the Deck
        3) The Junior Officer of the Deck (I think the DDG’s have one)
        4) The Tactical Action Officer
        5) The Combat Information Center Watch Officer
        6) The OS who was supposed to be watching the surface radar
        7) The forward lookout.

        If this happened in the strait of Hormuz, they should have had Sea and Anchor detail set, which makes it even more unconscionable.

        What probably happened was that the watch standers were distracted with possibly some equipment failure thrown in.


        1) one cloudy moonless night, we were sailing through the pacific and I was standing mid-watch as the JOOD on the Lincoln. We had a commercial surface scan radar with a display on the bridge. It showed 0 traffic, which suited me just fine, until midway through our watch we get a frantic call from an ET-1 informing us that they had forgotten to put fuses in the transmitter at the end of the maintenance they had done in the afternoon.

        2) While in a simulator at Surface Warfare Officer School, I was the conning officer when we collided with another ship in our battle-group. The instructor acting as the CO of our simulated ship was grilling the OOD and me about what various NATO signals meant, and we didn’t notice the other ship turn to a collision course with us. Meantime our CIC saw the imminent collision, but had accidentally unplugged their sound powered phones so we didn’t hear the warning.

  27. Teh wimmins still aren’t being treated fair.

    “To become a true woman, you first must become a man,” he says. “In ‘Mirror Mirror,’ Snow White trains to use a sword to defeat the queen. In ‘The Huntsman’ she must become a warrior.”

    Even in the animated film “Brave,” released in June, Princess Merida splits open her dress as she relies on her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. “She uses a bow and arrow and wants to become a man, subliminally,” Zipes adds.

    See, because men were warriors first, if you want to be a warrior it means you want to be a man.

    1. So when a woman is independent and does what she wants, it is still bad because MEN are usually defined by the same activity? What the hell is she supposed to do in a Medieval society? Fuck Dragons or something?

    2. “The point I want to make is all of these productions are offensive to women. In all the ‘Snow White’ films the conflicts are between older and younger woman. Even in ‘Brave,’ the Scottish princess is fighting her mother.”

      Luke Skywalker fights his father, Oedipus fucks his mother after killing his father, Zeus kills his father… dunno, maybe intergenerational conflict is classic drama?

      1. We already know that you’ve been brainwashed to believe patriarchal bullshit. There is no place for you in the sisterhood.

      2. I guess they want the lead woman to fuck her dad after killing her mother?

        1. Given the issues often displayed, this seems like a sure winner.

    3. Well, until Merida cuts off her left tit, she’ll never be as good as the Amazons.

  28. Sarah Palin, who isn’t scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this year

    You know who else isn’t scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention this year, either?

    1. The ghost of Marcel Marceau?

    2. Trump, but that won’t stop him.

    3. Heavens, I hope it’s not me!

    4. Real Fiscal Conservatives?

      1. “Well, you can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative.”

        -Jim DeMint

    5. A decent, honest, hard-working person?

      1. Romney / RuPaul 2012!

  29. NY man recovering from attack by rabid beaver

    This is what you get for tolling Jezebel.

    1. If it was an Kentucky man, we would know it was Sugar Free.

      1. If the beaver is foaming, I think it’s best to avoid it.

        1. That’s right up there with: “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit!”

        2. perhaps it’s just a tribute to your manly puissance

          1. Alka-Seltzers are a fun–but ineffective–form of contraception.

  30. North Korea denounces my local freebie newspaper as sordid, foolish, bullying, degrading, incompetent, pitiful and rogue

    1. Who in the N Korean govt did the paper bribe for that free publicity?

      Or are the Norks just dumb as bricks? I suppose that’s the explanation.

      1. No, imagine you are in charge of counterpropaganda for the NORKS. IF you don’t respond, your boss is going to make a note in your file that you didn’t vigorously defend the revolution. So, even though it’s stupid, you have to defend the revolution against all comers, even a paper given out for free on the subway that has 20% of its pages devoted to personals ads.

    2. I’d hate to be that lone bronze medal winner. Or a non winner.

  31. My favorite Romney article of the weekend. Apparently Mittens personally polluted Gtown all by himself.

  32. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was approached by the Obama administration about a cabinet position in 2010.

    Remember when I said I would join your staff? I LIED

    1. Awesome, Warty. Awesome.

      Hey Obama! Why don’t you let off some steam!

      1. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

        1. “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of NOW.”

          1. “Fuck off, asshole.”

      2. Hey, why didn’t he ask that other Predator ex-Governor?

        “This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.”

    2. Isn’t it Carl Weathers’ turn to achieve something in political arena? I think he has waited patiently, and long enough.

  33. Sacramento men point out double-standard because asshole neighbor (who is a policeman) reached over their fence to pepper-spray their dog. No charges are filed.

    Let’s see what happens the next time a “civilian” reaches in a police cruiser and pepper-sprays a K-9 “officer” because he was barking at them.

    But Buckaroo Banzai assures us there is no double standard when it comes to criminal behavior by cops. If anything, they are treated more harshly!

  34. “CHICAGO — President Barack Obama will announce on Monday that the Department of Agriculture intends to buy up to $170 million of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish to help support farmers suffering from the drought, a White House official said.
    The food purchases will go toward ‘food nutrition assistance’ programs, like food banks.”


    1. chicken and catfish


    2. Lets drive up the price of food to help with the economy. Yeah, that will help. And I though poor people were all too fat? Are they going hungry this week instead?

      1. It’s not that they are going hungry. They are just not eating the right kinds of food.

        1. Well, many live in food desserts, after all.

          1. mmm…dessert…

      1. Somewhere John Mellencamp is shedding a tear for the taxpayer

    3. Hey, Federal purchase of farm products to support farmers helped end the Great Depression, right? I see no downside.

  35. Romney, Ryan, Recovery.

    1. Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

      1. Are you Dwight Shrute or Cousin Mose?

        1. How do you know about Dwight Shrute, IFH? You’re an Aussie. Are you an Americanophile as well? Because I sure as hell couldn’t name a single character on an Australian sit-com.

          I do like many Australian punk bands, though.

          1. We get plenty of US shows here, including The Office. And I must be a bit of an Americanophile, considering the amount of time I spend here.

            Speaking of our punk bands, I once spent a summer holiday from uni temping for a doctor who’d studied medicine with Pip and Deniz from Radio Birdman. They were top of their class while being in the coolest band in the country, and were really nice too. I was impressed

            1. How cool!

        2. He’s John Krasinski as Jim Halpert as Dwight Schrute.

      2. Spinach, Salamander, Stargate: Atlantis

  36. http://www.usmagazine.com/cele…..ut-2012138

    Miley Cyrus Cuts Off Her Hair, Suddenly Proven to not Be Pretty

    1. She looks like she belongs in about 7th grade circa 1995.

      1. More evidence the 90s are en vogue again.

      2. “PIC: Miley Cyrus Chops Off Her Hair into Spunky Pixie Cut”

        Oh, I bet there’s been tons of spunk in that hair.

    2. Suddenly? she has always been homely.

      1. The Disney Distortion Field worked pretty well for her while she was still underage and the press was pretending it had some form of ethics.

    3. her transformation from topknot-sporting cutie to edgy, pixie-rocking babe


      1. Yeah, it’s just like the time Avril wore a shirt that said “Punk”. Scary stuff.

  37. Surprised, I am!

    Believing in GM’s resurgence is only possible through creative accounting. GM counts a car as “sold” when it arrives at a dealership, not when it is in the hands of a consumer. The increased “sales” the administration brags about are surplus cars sitting in dealer lots, a practice known as “channel stuffing.” In a healthy economy, dealers have approximately a two-month inventory on hand; GM now has over double that. So long as GM pumps out cars that are “bought” by dealers, Mr. Obama can continue to claim things are looking up. Of cars that are actually driven off the lot, many are being bought by the majority stockholder: the government. In June, government purchases of GM cars went up 79 percent. This is a Ponzi scheme, not an economy.

    So much for that top-to-bottom shakeup of the “GM Culture”.

    1. NEWS FLASH!!!

      This is pretty much how everyone in the industry counts it. When it’s sold to a dealership, it’s “SOLD”.

      Cause the dealership =/= the Car Company?, so that’s actually a correct financial accounting of things.

      Additionally, stong-arming dealerships into buying “excess inventory” to make the Car Company? look better is old hat. Although a lot us have gotten away from it, cause we figured out – SHOCKED FACE – it’s just bad bidness. But, again, this isn’t new news, and merits a “meh” from those who’ve been through The Horrors of the auto industry meltdown and semi-rebirth.

      Not saying it’s Right and Just and The American Way…just that it’s not new.

      s/ Non-GM Auto Company

  38. Nope, there’s no double standard here whatsoever.

    Try spraying a K9 unit in a cruiser the next time it barks at you and see how it turns out.

    It never ceases to amaze me the obvious joy police officers get when they get to use violence at their leisure.

    1. At least he didn’t shoot it.

    2. Well, I guess they’re lucky he didn’t just shoot the dog.

    3. My car got broken into last night and I needed a police report because I had a checkbook stolen. I made sure the cat was out of the yard and my neighbors had their dogs inside before calling this morning. I hope the idiots who stole that try to actually use a check or withdrawal slip somewhere with a camera. Dumbasses.

      1. I’m imagining a bunch of cops trying to shoot a cat. It doesn’t end well for the neighbors…

    4. The sheriff’s department says it has turned the case over to Animal Control to follow up on.

      Don’t be surprised to see a follow up story to this about Animal Control confiscating their “dangerous” pit bull and putting it down. For TEH CHILDRUNZ, of course.

  39. Aaaaargh, what the heck happened to your Search tool, Reason? It’s completely broken now!

    1. “I think he should be given dinner and a bottle of champagne for showing us our faults,” said … security director for counterterrorism.

      A show and dinner.

      Top. Men.

    2. Cool! Other than the “arrested the Jet Ski Guy” part. But otherwise COOL!

      1. Yeah, he should have drowned like a good peasant instead of swimming to safety and breaking security.


    In late 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder authorized raids against marijuana dispensaries in California, where medicinal marijuana is legal, in an effort to create a distraction from the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, a new book set for release Tuesday claims.

    “Eric Holder, Obama’s embattled Attorney General, was under mounting pressure from Congress to explain the botched Fast and Furious sting operation, whereby two thousand assault rifles and other firearms were sold to suspected traffickers for the Mexican drug cartels,” Martin A. Lee writes in “Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana ? Medical, Recreational and Scientific.”


  41. Police officer in Miami thinks it’s funny to beat the piss out of the elderly and pepper-spray victims of other crimes. Will actually face prosecution.

    The best part? FTA: Rome, a veteran in the department, faces felony charges of abuse of an elderly adult and false imprisonment. He also faces a misdemeanor battery charge in another incident outside the club, during which Rome is accused of pepper-spraying another man in the face and handcuffing him to a fence while an ambulance the man had called looked for him.

    In a separate incident outside the bar, Homestead Police officer Giovanni Soto was also arrested for allegedly hitting a man in the face with a nightstick, leaving the man with stitches, and later dumping him at home after he called an ambulance. Homestead Sgt. Lizanne Deegan was also arrested for allegedly not writing a report about the incident.

    By the way, all officers have been on paid administrative leave for over a year while this goes on.

    1. Giovanni Soto

      Well, that explains his poor production this season.

      1. I think you’re confused. The Gio Soto in the article can hit.

    2. Some more detailed information on the case above.

      FTA: The three police officers have reported been on paid administrative leave for the past year while an investigation was conducted into the incident. The arrests occurred on Monday, right as the Miami-Dade State Attorney is working on her re-election campaign. Her public comments pertaining to the arrests, as well as the timing, has incited a Miami-Dade police union to ask the U.S. Department of Justice to review the investigation.

      Yeah, even with video evidence showing them beat the piss out of people and with multiple eyewitnesses, the union still thinks these cops are being treated unfairly. And people wonder why we hate Police unions and their political lackeys.

      1. It’s all the result of bad training. You can’t expect the heros to no beat the crap out of people if they haven’t been trained appropriately.

        The obvious solution is a slap on the wrist and 40 hours of training, at time and a half pay.

        / Dunphy

        1. Obviously, better training in spotting video cameras is called for.


    4. Remind me to never go to Florida.

      1. sarc, never go to Florida.

        Too soon?

      2. Miami isn’t really Florida … its kinda like a better looking New Joisey.

    5. obviously some more officer training is needed /derp

  42. The tide comes in, the tide goes out – you can’t explain that didn’t make that happen.

    s/ Oh REally? BOT

  43. just that it’s not new.

    Exactly. The new GM, same as the old GM.

  44. The food purchases will go toward ‘food nutrition assistance’ programs, like food banks.

    They’re not going to just destroy it all, like FDR?

  45. Chimp escape in Vegas. Because you can never have too many escaped chimp stories.

    On July 12, CJ and her mate Buddy broke free and roamed the neighborhood, pounding on vehicles and climbing in an unoccupied car. An officer shot and killed Buddy when the animal frightened bystanders.


    1. We should do a cartoon so Joe stomps off in a huff again.

  46. Pretty sad that more American soldiers being killed by Afghan soldiers/police isn’t even a top headline anymore. If Obama was a Republican I’m sure every news outlet would have statistics about how many soldiers have been killed since he took office, blah blah blah media bias.

    Whats truly disturbing is the fact Americans are dying so that Obama will not be called a pussy during his reelection campaign. At least under Bush soldiers were given the ethereal and irrational goal of making Afghanistan safe from terrorism.

    1. Yeah, I remember that some newspapers were making it a point to print the name and hometown of every member of the military killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush years along with the running “death count” total. For some amazing reason, this practice magically stopped when Obama got into office.

      1. “Grim Milestone” haven’t heard that one since, oh… 2009, January.

  47. lol, Donald Trump. Hair made in China, spray on tan courtesy of Hawaiian Tropic lol.


    1. God bless you, anonbot, and all who sail in you

  48. http://blogs.the-american-inte…..he-future/

    Iraqi oil production now exceeds that of Iran and its economic growth is over 9%. I bring this up not to start another Iraq war thread. But I bring it up to consider how overrated the effect of good government is on the economy. Iraq has by all accounts a terrible government. The Iraqi government is corrupt, oppressive and generally ineffective at doing the most basic things like providing a rule of law and security for its citizens. Yet, the Iraqi economy is booming.

    So much for the idea that we only have an economy because we have a good government. So much for the idea that government is the price we pay for civilization. The Iraq experience puts lie to all of that shit. As long as you have a government that doesn’t actively destroy wealth, your economy is going to do fine.

    1. having a shit load of high-demand oil certainly helps. If they were instead major exporters of camel dung…

      And perhaps corruption “does work” to a certain degree – since if you pay off the right people, you will get left alone to do your own business.

      1. The oil doesn’t hurt. But lots of places have natural resources. To hear liberals tell it, you can’t have a civilization much less a growing economy without a competent government. Bullshit.

        1. How do you enforce ownership of goods without being physically present in absence of government?

          How are business contracts enforced in absence of government?

          How are disputes resolved without violence in absence of government?

          There is a place for government in the economy. Not as much as liberals believe, but some is necessary.

          1. Some is necessary. And Iraq clearly does some of that. But I doubt it does it very well. It just goes to show that you really don’t need much government to succeed. Even a corrupt barely competent government in a violence prone area can do it as long as it doesn’t go out of its way to destroy wealth.

            1. I’d say that our economy is in the tank not only because of all the wealth that our government destroys, but because of the wealth that it will not allow to be created.

              1. Exactly this. We are more stiffled, than destroyed…so far.

            2. A ittle government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either.

        2. The Iraqi economy is growing because Washington, DC is no longer running it.

          1. It was growing before. But it is growing in general because the government is too corrupt and incompetent to do much damage.

    2. Eh. If we smashed the US infrastructure flat, growth would be 12% here, too.

      1. It wouldn’t if the government were there to stop it.

      2. Doubtful. Between permitting, environmental impact studies, and all the other things that must be done before getting permission to do something, if we smashed the US infrastructure flat, it would never be rebuilt.

    3. You are jumping to conclusions. Its very likely Iraq’s economic growth is simply a function of not living under Saddam’s government anymore. IE, during the 80’s Iraq’s economy was focused on its war against Iran, which would slow economic growth in other parts of the economy not involved in war. Then in the 90s, Iraq fought the US in the Gulf War, and then was under embargoes and no fly zones, ect. During the 2000s, Iraq was invaded, and much of the economy ground to a halt during the occupation/insurrection. Now that the occupation is over, and Iraq has a small measure of peace, the economy can start growing after 30 years of slow/no growth. Its fairly easy to have high growth, even with shitty government, when you are starting from very little. For examples, see China, Brazil, Russia, ect.

      In other words, you are seeing a correlation where their may not be one.

      1. You are completely missing the point. It is not that bad government causes growth. It is that good government doesn’t seem to be particularly necessary for growth. Iraq has a terrible government and yet is still managing to rebuild itself. That puts lie to the idea that good government is necessary for an economy to grow or rebuild. No, it really isn’t, otherwise Iraq would still not be recovering.

        1. Oh yeah?


        2. Are you saying the Iraqi goverment didn’t build that?

        3. You are still extrapolating limited data to come to a conclusion. All you can really conclude from the example of Iraq is that economic growth is better under a corrupt government than under a corrupt, repressive, embargoed, government. Which really is not all that surprising.

          If you wanted to prove that good government is not necessary for growth, you would need to contrast Iraq, with its corrupt government, with a country with good government coming from similar conditions(war/occupation, ect). If both countries had similar rates of growth, you would be correct that good government is not necessary for growth in the short term. You cant really say anything about long term growth since US troops only left Iraq a year ago.

          Fortunately, we do have a few countries with similar economic circumstances to Iraq, with the exception that none have significant oil resources. West Germany and Japan after WWII, and Poland after 1991. West Germany’s growth rate during the 50s was 8%. Japan’s was around 10%, and Poland’s between 1993 and 2000 around 5%. At first glance Iraqs 9.6% growth rate seems impressive, but if you discount the effect of oil on gdp(between 65%-85% of gdp) you get a much lower growth rate of between 3.7% and 1.4%.

          In other words, Iraq’s economy is growing, but if it had better government, it would likely grow faster.

          I have citations for the numbers if you are interested in going through the data.

    4. Countries that are oil producers can have their GDP move up and down a lot based on oil prices. And with Iraq they are still recovering from damaged output so they can have huge growth rates because they are starting from such low levels. This stat in itself is really meaningless re the point you are trying to make John.

  49. Florida seniors are the latest stars in a new Obama ad aimed at Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan.

    Because wanting to reform Medicare someday, maybe, in 10 years is the same as forcing seniors today to survive on cat food and die in the streets. Jesus H. Christ the Mayan Apocalypse can’t get here soon enough.

    1. Your name is Loki, shouldn’t you be wishing for Ragnarok?

      1. Either one will do as long as I don’t have to put up with any more political bullshit.

        1. I’m hoping it’s the Kali Yuga.

    2. That is the thing. The Ryan Plan lets the geezers of today get what they were promised. It just changes things for people in the future. And of course Obama cut $700 billion from medicare so that he could fund Obamacare.

      Basically Obama is ass fucking old people to pay for young people to buy insurance. But old people are supposed to vote for him.

      1. Know who else had Plans?

        1. This is pretty funny. Rich Lowry asks Rachel Maddow “do you support the $700 billion cuts to medicare passed under Obamacare?” and hilarity ensues.

          1. I’ll take your word for it. Maddow incites me to violence.

            1. Two words, Deer Headlights. At one point she says “I don’t have to answer that I am not running for anything”. It is a scream.

  50. “MSNBC host: Paul Ryan quoting Thomas Jefferson a ‘lovely thing’ for ‘a wealthy white man'”


    1. Race baiging hatred only works on committed progs.

      Hopefully O and the dems will talk that kind of nonsense for the next 3 months.

  51. This just in: I’d still bang Sarah Palin. Like, any day. No problem.

    That is all.

    1. She may dress like 17yo girl, but whoah, she’s still MILF-material.

    2. She is very pretty. And man do the liberal hags hate her guts for it.

    3. I gotta agree, I might have to get a ball gag or something to keep her from saying anything and ruining the mood but based on looks alone she’s definately do-able

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