Election 2012

Obama Campaign Set For a Lucrative Sunday

The President is predicted to raise at least $6.4 million at a fundraising event in Chicago today.


CHICAGO—President Obama's five-fundraiser Sunday here will be one of the most lucrative days of his campaign, as he's set to bring in more than $6.4 million.

About 25 people are expected to attend his midday roundtable in downtown Chicago, where tickets cost $40,000, an Obama campaign official said. Tickets for the next event, a Gen44 fundraiser, start at $51 for the 850 people attending. 

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  1. Can we get a list names for those 25 people? Big donors to Romney expose themselves to attacks from the Labor Department and the IRS, get put on the whitehouse’s enemies list and are slandered by the MSM.

    Presumably this bunch would be publicly felated by the MSM, given cronyist paybacks after the election by obama and given a pass by the aforesaid departments. So…who are they?

    As I may have mentioned before, he is a third world, banana republic thug and behaves as such.

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