What Ever Happened to the Hutaree Militia?

Another radical decides to work within the system.


Another radical decides to work within the system:

Someone should start a militia called Red River.

A former militia member who was acquitted of plotting to rebel against the U.S. government hopes to have a new gig: township constable.

Michael Meeks got 120 votes in the Republican primary Tuesday in Washtenaw County's Bridgewater Township. He now advances to the fall election. It's unclear if there will be a Democratic opponent, although there were a few write-in votes.

Meeks says the job of constable is an unpaid position in Bridgewater. He's unsure what his duties will be but says he's eager to serve the community near Manchester.

The 42-year-old is a former Marine. Meeks was among members of the Hutaree (hoo-TAR'-ee) militia charged with conspiring to attack the government. In March, a federal judge acquitted him and others, saying prosecutors failed to prove their case.

Via J.M. Berger. More on the Hutaree here.