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What Ever Happened to the Hutaree Militia?

Another radical decides to work within the system.


Another radical decides to work within the system:

Someone should start a militia called Red River.

A former militia member who was acquitted of plotting to rebel against the U.S. government hopes to have a new gig: township constable.

Michael Meeks got 120 votes in the Republican primary Tuesday in Washtenaw County's Bridgewater Township. He now advances to the fall election. It's unclear if there will be a Democratic opponent, although there were a few write-in votes.

Meeks says the job of constable is an unpaid position in Bridgewater. He's unsure what his duties will be but says he's eager to serve the community near Manchester.

The 42-year-old is a former Marine. Meeks was among members of the Hutaree (hoo-TAR'-ee) militia charged with conspiring to attack the government. In March, a federal judge acquitted him and others, saying prosecutors failed to prove their case.

Via J.M. Berger. More on the Hutaree here.

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  1. For some reason I thought hatari meant “class.”

  2. prosecutors failed to prove their case.

    par for the course.

    1. In a rare stroke of justice, it worked this time.

  3. US Marine and former-POW is a pretty solid resume for starting a political career.

    1. If he can’t raise his hands above his shoulders, he might go almost all the way!

  4. Weekly Standard is convinced that Romney is announcing Paul Ryan as VP @ 9am Sat 8/11…..49727.html

    1. the Romney team could be engaging in some last minute misdirection

      “Surprise! It’s Sarah Palin after all!”

      1. With all this buildup and hype it is going to be a huge letdown if T-Paw gets the nod. I don’t see any elements of “the base” hootin’ hollerin’ and high-fivin’ “YEAH, we got T-Paw, Obummer better start packin’ NOW to go home to Kenya”

  5. He’s unsure what his duties will be but says he’s eager to serve the community

    “It’s a cookbook!”

  6. Hatari!, a movie with The Duke and Elsa Martinelli. You can’t go wrong with that.

    1. Directed by Howard Hawks. In Africa. Can’t beat it.

  7. Really Walker? Your first inclination was to change Hutaree to Hatari!? Really?

    An normal man would have gone for “Huttese

  8. So a man who was part of an anti-government paramilitary movement is looking to be elected town constable – a position where you get to do all the shitty government work like serving papers and evictions.

    The best part is how he’s seeking election but isn’t sure what his duties will be. That’s like job-hunting 101 – find out what they’re going to pay you to do.

    1. Apparently you missed the part about it being unpaid. Admittedly easy to do when trying to slog through those 100 or so words.

  9. I wonder what the chances are of the media covering their acquittals with the way they did when these guys were first charged.

    1. Well the acquittals were back in March…so te chances of getting the same attention were clearly nil since you never got that memo…..ation.html

  10. What Ever Happened to the Hutaree Militia?

    The same thing that happened to Baby Jane? Or Aunt Alice?

  11. An alleged anti-fed militia member elected to local office? This is how it begins, people, this is how it begins! We should be breaking out the champagne and celebrating the fact that we are witnessing the beginning of the end.

  12. In Kentucky, constables are elected pay per service Peace Officers. They get paid for various duties like (actually mentioned in the statute) shooting rabid dogs and distempered mules. They do have the power to pull people over and issue tickets, serve papers, transport prisoners for the sheriff, assist on warrants. One of our local business men always runs and wins, seemily for the purpose of stopping attractive females on flimsy traffic offenses.

    1. The only constable in KY that I ever had any dealings with was sure to do everything possible to avoid his duties (which were to evict the fuckers in my rental house).

  13. The HM were never anything more than an informal gun club who drank beer and shot off their mouths. I lived near some of them and never felt they were anything but harmless.

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