Junky Army Software, Christie Miffed Over Spying, Johnson Trims Obama's Lead in Colorado: P.M. Links


  • Human evolution

    The software system that serves as the backbone of U.S. Army intelligence efforts in Afghanistan is … a piece of junk, says the army itself. Oh, by the way: Fewer Afghanis are gettng dead — civilian deaths are at a five-year low.

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is carefully splitting the difference between criticizing the NYPD for spying on Muslims in his state and pointing out that the spying was pretty horrendous.
  • Gary Johnson is polling at six percent in Colorado and pulling more from voters who would otherwise support Obama than from Romney backers.
  • A gun implicated in a scheme to kill the police chief of Tijuana arrived in Mexico courtesy of the fine folks behind Fast and Furious. You know, if only there were reasonable controls on firearms sales …
  • The battle over the Republican vice-presidential nomination is being waged at … Wikipedia, where pages of possible contenders were locked after Stephen Colbert urged people to go make edits. Is it me? Or is the world getting stupider?
  • The head of the California Fish & Game Commission was replaced after he — perfectly legally — shot a cougar in Idaho.
  • Three varieties of early man co-existed two million years ago, according to new evidence. Contact among them was fueled by getting together for drinks to complain about their spouses.

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  1. The Martians are fucking with our new rover already.

    1. You Sugarfreed that link

      1. Those Martians *are* on to us!

      2. Sonofa… Trying again since preview still doesn’t work squirrels!

        1. This guy is way ahead of you.

          1. That is some epic crazy right there. I hope Spirit punches him out Buzz Aldrin style when it gets back to Earth. Oh wait…

    2. It’s a billboard for the new Total Recall movie?

      1. I hear that at no point in the new TR does anybody “get youah ahss to Mahs.”

  2. Carbon trading didn’t work out as planned. People gamed the system


    Ron Bailey owes a serious mea culpa for ever supporting this stupid idea.

    1. Australia is implementing carbon trading. Go tell your buddies at Heritage to take them off the top spot of “freest” major economies and put us back.

      1. Way to shit on the thread and completely avoid the point Shreek. I know you are retarded and probably not bright enough to read the link. But you could at least try.

        1. Seeing as it’s a sockpuppet whose entire purpose is to shit on threads, why would it read anything? All it wants to do is rile you up, and it accomplished that.

          Don’t respond to it, and you starve it. It’s the best thing you can do.

          1. By responding to a response to it, aren’t you, in a meta/cosmic sense, only furthering its purpose?

            1. Don’t confuse me!

        2. Awwww, Shreek ruined your comment.
          Oh, the humanity.

      2. Australia is implementing carbon trading. Go tell your buddies at Heritage to take them off the top spot of “freest” major economies and put us back.

        The simple fact that Australia is doing X does not mean that they should lose the spot. That does not follow.

        1. True, but we deserve it. The Aussies also have national health care (not a regulated private system like Obamacare).

          USA #1 !

          1. I will repeat: the existence of a particular non-free-market policy is not in and of itself sufficient to change a holistic approach to rankings.

          2. Corporatism isn’t really preferable to socialism (in some ways it’s much worse since when it inevitably fails, the left simply blames the “free market aspects).

    2. The best part of that article is the first sentence:

      When the United Nations wanted to help slow climate change, it established what seemed a sensible system.

      But I live in California, and sure the TOP MEN in Sacramento will do better.

      1. It just seemed so sensible. How could they know people would game the system and there would be unintended consequences?

      2. From that one sentence I can extrapolate the rest of the system. Well connected people got free or nearly so credits that they then sold to overly optimistic true believers or browbeaten companies who do business with government and who then took huge losses while the well connected got rich.

        1. Basically you could get the credits by changing your practices to produce another gas. The problem was that gas was harmful as well. So companies made millions selling the credits for producing pollution.

          1. As the United Nations became involved in efforts to curb climate change in the last 20 years, it relied on a scientific formula: Carbon dioxide, the most prevalent warming gas, released by smokestacks and vehicles, is given a value of 1. Other industrial gases are assigned values relative to that, based on their warming effect and how long they linger. Methane is valued at 21, nitrous oxide at 310. HFC-23, the waste gas produced making the world’s most common coolant ? which is known as HFC-22 ? is near the top of the list, at 11,700.

            Oh fuck me. I can’t believe they used the goddamned CO2e list (pp. 4-6 of the linked PDF) to issue credits. That’s dumber than I would have thought possible.

            [10000 word rant about the suckage of the CO2e system as it applies to the real world elided]

    3. [Insert Coase comment here]

    4. It gets much worse than simple gaming, John. Much worse.

      When gaming the system is the worst we can expect, we’d be in a good place. But unfortunately, theft of private property and murder is also on the table. And it will only get worse, especially for those who are poor and have no recourse to fight back.

    5. I thought he supported a carbon tax, and thought trading was a bad idea for just that reason?

    1. Happens to all of us.

      1. It’s the ole country music trope. Dog died, woman leaves you, you wreck your pickup truck then have a good naked run around the scene.

        Half of Travis’s own songs follow that exact formula.

  3. NY Times, and their comments, celebrate the rationing of healthcare in MA:


    1. This got 48 recommends. The NYT really is the world’s highest concentration of stupid.

      For profit medical care is an absolutely evil concept. Europe, and Canada, realize this and thus, have civilized systems for providing health care. A major component of the health care systems in European countries and Canada is price controls. The plutocrats who have all of the wealth and power in this country will never let this happen on a wide scale. Efforts to reduce health care costs in the US are always very complicated and geared towards maintaining a for profit system. As long as profit is in the system a large segment of Americans (mostly poor, and middle class) will not have medical coverage.

      1. So much stupid in one paragraph. Yeah, price controls. That’s the answer.

        1. It is almost as if Shreek and Tony combined for one giant vortex of stupid.

      2. The whole “profit=evil” seems to be more prevalent in liberal circles as of late. For all the talk of the success of the DLC, I think that in the last few years the left has doubled down on retard socialism, influenced by the financial crash.

        1. The 90’s New Democrat is dead. They have reverted back to the overt socialist impulses.

        2. No one says profit is evil. Quit listening to Rush “King of the Rednecks” Limbaugh. He is a liar or idiot.

          1. No one says profit is evil.

            He said, in a post quoting this:

            For profit medical care is an absolutely evil concept

            1. Oh, some jackass comment?

              Tomorrow that will be attributed to Obama here.

              1. To be fair, it was the top-ranked comment on that article, and was posted as evidence of the sort of post Times readers would rate up.

                If you link to the top-rated post on Reddit, the odds are that you have captured a snapshot of the sentiments of a lot of Redditors. Why would the NYT be any different?

                1. If you link to the top-rated post on Reddit, the odds are that you have captured a snapshot of the sentiments of a lot of Redditors. Why would the NYT be any different?

                  They wouldn’t–both comment sections are filled to the brim with retards.


              3. Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                Palin’s Buttplug| 8.8.12 @ 5:06PM

                No one says profit is evil.

                1. Look, I don’t quote the idiot Birthers as representative of conservatives or libertarians.

                  1. Most liberals believe that money is the root of evil or some variant thereof, shriek. Ask your buddies.

                  2. You might not but there sure as hell are a lot of progressives who do.

          2. White man’s greed in a world of need!!

            And why do health insurers have to pay out 85% of their premiums in bennies? isn’t that, like, limiting of any potential profit?

        3. For all the talk of the success of the DLC, I think that in the last few years the left has doubled down on retard socialism,

          That’s what happens when a party is built for socialist constituents. IE Public employees, welfare recipients, the educational and legal establishments.

      3. For profit food delivery is an absolutely evil concept. That is why, here in glorious Soviet Union, we have people’s government deliver food!

        For profit clothing delivery also pure evil, so glorious Soviet Union also have people’s government deliver mittens, to our Soviet comrades waiting in line for food!

        (Sorry for the micro-aggression against non-native English speakers and communist sympathizers.)

        1. If you have not received your mittens yet, they is on the way, via glorious Soviet mail delivery system!

        2. Don’t apologize to Communist sympathizers.

      4. I love this part:

        A major component of the health care systems in European countries and Canada is price controls.

        a big component of price/cost controls is deciding what courses of treatment, what meds, and what procedures to do. And not do. Remember when folks made fun of Palin’s death panels? They are part of the fabric of the socialized system, even though no one calls them something as crass as death panels.

        My folks were born in Europe and still have relatives living there. Got lots of stories of people denied certain treatments/procedures because of their age or level of health. It’s easy to keep costs down if you just say “no” to certain things. Our system is geared toward always saying yes, even if yes means a thousand dollar pill to keep grandma on the respirator for another week.

        1. I want to price control some Medicare shit to Zero but Newt said I supported death panels.

          1. from what I understand, Medicare drives the train re: reimbursements, to include for private insurance. My wife spent 15 years in billing for hospitals and private offices, so I listen to her.

            Medicare is a boondoggle and if Noot supports it, he is no different from those he claims to oppose. Medicine used to be fee for service and, somehow, it worked. People paid on the spot or over time. Problems are correlated to govt involvement.

            1. Like most here I resent Medicare. Not only do I have to pay for it but it also distorts the market for services.

              It is what Drucker calls a “pull” system. The procedures for the expensive elderly distort market rates for the rest of us.

          2. You only want to deep-six Medicare so you can replace it with a program several times its size. Not exactly a small-government approach, Shriek.

            1. Fuck you.

              I want a market based system – not Medicare. The AARP/GOP won’t allow it though. The GOP base is the over 50 crowd.

              1. uhh, don’t kid yourself the Dem’s wouldn’t allow it either.

      5. Europe, and Canada, realize this and thus, have civilized systems for providing rationing health care.


        1. and THAT is the point the left ignores. It is much easier to control costs when you simply refuse to pay for certain things.

  4. A gun implicated in a scheme to kill the police chief of Tijuana arrived in Mexico courtesy of the fine folks behind Fast and Furious.

    Enough with the Republican talking points!

    1. Plus, ixnay on eakinglay overnmentgay ecretsay!

    2. Only Obama could turn so-called libertarians against free trade and guns.

      1. I support the free flow of arms.

        That does not mean my tax dollars should be used to deliver those arms to criminal cartels.

        That isn’t “libertarian”; that’s on the level of Iran-Contra.

        1. At least in Iran-Contra, they were trying to send the guns to the good guys.

          1. Fawn Hall still says Ollie North STILL doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

            1. Ahh, Fawn Hall, when big hair was attractive.

      2. PB,
        no one is against free trade or guns, but damn near anyone with a working pulse should be against the feds funneling guns into the hands of folks likely to use them. In the civilian world, that would be called gun-running, and arrests and trials would follow. Apparently, the left has a different take.

        1. I am not the “left”. And we are (sadly) the #1 weapons dealer in the world by federal decree.

          Gun-walking is a gnat on the ass of the Weapons Industry.

          1. this thread was started by an FF story. What Justice is doing is fundamentally wrong and anyone able to breathe in and out independently knows it, to include a good many Dems. That they remain silent only engenders further distrust of the system. Repubs would likely be equally stone-faced if it made their Prez look bad.

        2. should be against the feds funneling guns into the hands of folks likely to use them in the commission of crimes.


    1. Is Andy Kaufman involved?

      1. I wish. I miss Andy.

        1. I keep telling you, he’s not dead. He’s pulling his greatest goof ever–a major politician. Really major.

              1. STOP GIVING THE GAG AWAY

                1. Andy doesn’t care. Because he’ll never admit it was a gag, even if totally busted doing it.

            1. Oh, the reveal would be COSMIC!! 😎

              1. Reveal? We’re talking about Kaufman–no reveal. However, a strong hint will come when Jerry Lawler crashes the Democratic convention during “Obama’s” acceptance speech and starts heckling him and tries to get him to wrestle.

                1. I want a president who would accept a random invitation to wrestle during a campaign speech.

                  Camacho/Sure 2012!

          1. Kim Jong Un?

          2. Fools! He’s Bloomberg.

            1. Don’t be silly. That’s John Belushi.

      1. Looks like a Wednesday night at a lesbian couple’s house.

        1. I was thinking teh inevitabel bar brawl after the Pride parade.

          1. Everybody’s dated each other at least once and then you pour liquor on it and stir in irrational female jealousy. What could possibly go wrong?

            1. That’s ractist, straight up. And I LIKE it.

              1. It’s actually sexualitist. But stereotypes are not always wrong.

                1. But stereotypes are not always wrong

                  Stereoypes are usually right, that’s how they came to be. They just aren’t universally applicable.

    2. Pic #7 is kind of scary. Pic #8 is…she’s got a face full of the Swedish.

    3. Some kiwi got clubbed in the women’s field hockey semi.

  5. Fewer Afghanis are gettng dead ? civilian deaths are at a five-year low.

    But I thought we were losing? I don’t know. Maybe killing the enemy is how you win a war.

    1. When there are not as many civilians to kill then of course the civilian death rate will decline. Or when you redefine the term.

      1. No. That statistic means just what it says, that fewer civilians are being killed. Since our enemies operate by killing and terrorizing civilians, that means our enemies are being less effective.

        1. Like weather and climate, a single data point doesn’t create a trend.

          But hey, I’ll take good news where I can get it.

          1. But hey, I’ll take a sunny day good news where I can get it.

            You dropped the analogy right at the punchline. Noob.

            1. That whooshing sound is your joke going right over my head.

    2. To win a war, you either don’t kill a lot, or you kill a shit ton.

      The former could be called “The British Strategy” while the later could be called “The Mongol Strategy”

      Unfortunately, I think if we would like to tame Afghanistan, we need to be more like the most successful conquerors, the Mongols.

      1. Um, are you unaware of the large cities entirely depopulated by the Mongols? Or were you talking about some group of professional wrestlers?

        1. No, I was saying that the Mongols got it right, from a conquest perspective.

          1. ” It is the great among you who have committed these sins. If you had not committed great sins, god would not have set a punishment such as me upon you.”

        2. are you unaware of the large cities entirely depopulated by the Mongols?

          Pre- Economic Stimulus Preparation Measures. You gotta break a few cities to make jobs.

    3. Maybe Cheney will finally get his flowers from them.

    4. Well you see John, you’re a neocon. *Waves arms*

  6. …where pages of possible contenders were locked after Stephen Colbert urged people to go make edits.

    Colbert is the free internet’s greatest enemy.

    1. Yeah, as hack-liberal as he is, I still liked Stephen Colbert for the first few years of his show. I haven’t caught a single episode since Obama was elected, or to say, when he started cheerleaders for the rulers.

      1. *cheerleading

      2. Colbert is spoofing a Fox News “host”, dude. He fellates every Republican that he mentions.

        O’Reilly + Hannity = Fake Colbert

        1. Re: Palin’s Buttplug,

          He fellates every Republican that he mentions.

          And he swallows – few can do that and not gag.

  7. Science discovers that kittehs kill for the lolz.

    a study of outdoor feline behavior found that cats kill far more prey than previously believed. Research compiled by the University of Georgia found that 30 percent of roaming house cats kill an average of two animals per week.

    My cat was definitely on the high side of average for the first five years of his life. Now he’s either become more efficient or more lazy.

    1. That has been known for a while. Cats just like to kill shit. They will kill things even if they have a nice home and full feed bowl.

      1. Don’t forget playing with the prey too, pre and post kill.

      2. They’re evil.

        1. They’re evil

          The more people I meet, the more I like my cat.

          I look at cats on critters as Darwin at work. The cats only get the slow ones.

          … Hobbit

      3. They will kill things even if they have a nice home and full feed bowl.

        Theoretically cats were domesticated to guard grains stocks from vermin.

        So killing vermin for fun, even when they are not hungry, could have been selected for early in the domestication process.

    2. Smart money says lazy. It happens when prey is either too abundant or too scarce.

      1. I don’t care. I just haven’t seen the back half of a squirrel or bloody bird feathers in my house in a year or so. Although he did bring home 2 live ducks in years 2 and 3. I suppose those were a test for me.

        1. Although he did bring home 2 live ducks in years 2 and 3. I suppose those were a test for me.

          “Wtf, he just put it in the trash, he didn’y play with it or eat any of part. Wtf. I’ll give him another try or two, maybe he didn’t understand the test. Stupid Humans.”

          1. Uh. Didn’t eat it? The first one I chased out of the house alive. The second one got down behind the drier so I shot it with a pellet gun and ate it. I guess maybe I did pass the test the second time.

            I’m still coming across duck shit in random places in my house.

    3. They only bring 25 percent of their kills home for their people. They eat another 25 percent on the spot (snacking), and leave 50 percent where they finished it off.

      1. “Buzzards’ gotta eat, same as the worm.”

      2. kitty just wants to feed the family.

    4. “more efficient or more lazy”

      Not mutually exclusive.

      1. “more efficient or more lazy”

        Not mutually exclusive.

        My efforts to improve my efficiency at life’s tasks is entirely driven by my laziness.

    1. That is a shame.

  8. The Great Bernank says student loans system isn’t a risk to the financial system… so we’re pretty much fucked when it collapses in the next six months.

    1. Waiting for one of the talking heads to suggest the return of debtor’s prisons.

    2. Aren’t they all guaranteed by the government? His precious bankster buddies aren’t exposed to default risk by borrowers, only to default risk by the government.

      And guess who runs the printing presses for the government?

      Still, it was a dumb thing for him to say. How is he going to pull out all the stops to save their sorry asses when he’s on the record as saying its not a systemic risk?

    3. “I don’t think it’s a financial stability issue to the same extent that, say, mortgage debt was in the last crisis because most of it is held not by financial institutions but by the federal government.”


      1. Student loans are not discharged in a bankruptcy filing.

        So yeah, the government is a stronger creditor than a mortgage company.

        1. He said, as the credit rating got downgraded again…

        2. Plus, the government has *guns*.

        3. So, in all honesty, what happens to people who legitimately go bankrupt through, say, getting cancer? Or who start an enterprise that fails? What makes this money different from the contractor who borrows $100k from a bank to start a business, bumps along for five years until the housing crisis comes, and goes bankrupt?

          The whole point of bankruptcy is that there is some risk of failure in even responsible people and bankruptcy is how our system unwinds it in the most fair way possible without making virtual slaves of the bankrupt. Exemption to this system is bad. So might be loaning $200k to people who will have zero assets when they finish using your money.

          1. They get all discharged except student loans and IRS debt.

            Don’t fuck with Uncle Buck.

            1. student loans and IRS debt

              Not coincidentally, both of these are money the Congress has to come up with if you don’t.

          2. Well, the way things are going, government will just lend the money directly (and with all the money it’s dumping in the system inflating tuition rates, working your way through school will not be an option). And since pretty much every decent job will require a degree, and since the time to pay off the loans will keep increasing, and since those funds are not discharged in bankruptcy, the government will basically own the bulk of the next generation as debt-slaves.

            1. Or the system implodes.

              Part of that formula requires employers to continue to place a high value on degrees. Given their continuing decrease in value, seems unlikely.

              1. This.

                At some point in the next 20 years companies will give up on finding “qualified” candidates with degrees and simply look for anyone who can do the job because there won’t be enough people with degrees, or those who are there will demand such high salaries so they can pay off their student loan debts that they cannot be competitive with non degree holders any longer

  9. Is it me? Or is the world getting stupider?


    1. Said every generation ever.

      1. Why am I not surprised you failed to get the joke.

      2. Indeed. What’s the matter with great-grandma’s kids back in the day?

      3. Plato had a problem with teenagers on his lawn. Just sayin’.

        1. Plato had a problem with teenagers on his lawn finely crafted marble veranda.

          And you would too if you saw the bill for keeping that shit polished.

    1. Cheering is not obnoxious – fat people demanding that parents whose kid just won a gold medal ‘restrain themselves’ and just sit and golf-clap, is obnoxious.

      I would have fucking set off a roman candle, blasted and air horn and gone on a USA!USA! USA!USA! USA!USA! USA!USA! USA!USA! binge

      1. Me too, I’d tell that fat bastard to shut the fuck up because my kid just won a gold medal.

  10. The Blu Cigs are awesome, btw. I am an occasional smoker, but I am laying off drinking and need a new vice, so…

    1. They’re E-Cigs, for those not in the know.

      1. Give the Ego-c tank a try. Best one I’ve found yet. Juice the batteries once a week and refill once every 3 days. No spillage either.

    2. Cocaine?

      1. As someone who’s hardest drug has been acid (deep thoughts time 1, euphoric time 2) and was a major college pothead… what is/are cocaine and heroin like?

        1. Cocaine is a pure upper. Pot I dislike intensely. MDMA is the best.

          1. Coke would be bad for me then. As a super ADD person, I like drugs that slow me down, not speed me up

            1. Coke and ritalin are pretty closely related. You never know.

            2. you never see a picture of a fat cokehead. Compare before and after photos of folks who had habits.

              1. Uh. I’ve known several fat coke heads. Or at least 1x/wk users. But they did shit like hold jobs, too. There’s a habit and there’s THE habit.

                1. I mean THE habit, far more than once/week for grins. Good for weight control, bad on the nose. Just ask Stevie Nicks.

            3. Coke makes you feel like god for like 15 minutes. Then it feels like a mule kicked you in the face for 45 minutes. At least for me. I never could understand those who were able to use it regularly.

        2. Smoking black tar opium is the best thing ever. Ever.

        3. As for heroin, it’s very similar to all the other opiates. Ever had surgery or the like?

        4. Every time I did cocaine I would ask myself, “Why have I paid so much to feel like shit?” Zombiefied and grinding teeth.

          I hate the cocaine high and haven’t done it in decades.

          … Hobbit

    3. Well, Borderlands 2 comes out next month; I plan to o.d.

      1. I’m a little worried about my schedule when it arrives.

        1. Me, too. So many weapons, so little time.

          1. Especially since I’ve grown weary of Diablo, which I hoped wouldn’t happen, but it has.

            1. It always happens, doesn’t it, and it’s such a bummer when it does. I realized Borderlands had become stale when my brother and his buddy invited me on a crawmerax run and I was watching Wheeler Dealers–I realized I’d rather see Edd China than a Tsunami. (sad face)

              1. It took me a long fucking time to find Borderlands getting stale. The DLCs helped a lot.

                1. Agreed. The DLCs were awesome. And “stale” was too harsh–I still play it as a stress reducer once in a while. Besides, I have not yet found a Nemesis with a scope . . .Curses!!

      2. I’ll still be up to my ass in FONV next month.

        I’m about to go on a White Leg killin’ rampage that will make Joshua Graham puke on his shoes.

        And I’ve barely to been to Vegas at all.

        But B2 is next on my list, no question.

      3. AC3 will be another time sink.

        1. Eh FPS are for pansies, I’m waiting on the Mechwarrior MMO that should be out this fall.

  11. Actual integrity in the academic world.

    I resign my deanship at Saint Louis University School of Law, effective immediately. For the present, I will remain a tenured full professor on the law school faculty as is my contractual right. I no longer have confidence in either of your abilities to lead this institution or in your commitment to the well-being of the School of Law.

    1. Wow. The only thing she didn’t do was go over to Biandi’s house and shit on his lawn.

      1. Can we really be sure about that?

  12. Interpol has issued an arrest notice for the Sea Shepherd Society’s Canadian founder, who skipped bail in Germany last month over fears of retribution for his ongoing clashes with Japanese whalers.
    “Costa Rica and Germany have simply been pawns in the Japanese quest to silence Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop our annual opposition of their illegal whaling activities,” he said. “This is not about justice; it is about revenge.”


  13. Three varieties of early man co-existed two million years ago in Africa.

    Truly amazing since one variety of man can’t co-exist there now.

      1. Ethnicity != species.

    1. First of all, Homo rudolfensis isn’t even a NEW species; it was more a subset that splitters like to use, much like heidelbergensis. Second of all, even as an anthropology major, I took such findings with a huge spoonful of salt. As one of my professors cleverly pointed out, what happens 10, 20, 30 thousand years from now when people then find the remains of Danny Devito nearby those of Shaquille O’Neal? Or the remains of a midget by that of Andre the Giant?

      All this “evidence” that it is a completely different species is mostly bullshit, since there is currently no way to verify it. A species exists if it is able to produce viable offspring. Without live samples, we don’t know that these things are any different species than the mom from Little People, Big World and the guy with no arms and no legs not named Bob, Matt, John, or Russel.

      1. In case my point wasn’t clear enough, we’re all human beings, Homo sapiens. (Maybe excluding Mary.)

      2. Geninely curious:

        Can they get good DNA samples from archaeological remains? Wouldn’t that settle it?

        1. No and probably would just create new arguments.

          I was an Evolutionary Biology major (and follow still as a hobby) and I generally agree with generics skepticism. That said the other possibility is that our “viable offspring” definition of species is a bit too rigid. There are several different ways speciation occurs and when the populations are not isolated there is most certainly a transition period where at least some individuals will be able to reproduce. I did a research project on two macaque species that had gene flow on the border of their ranges though interestingly enough it was only in one direction and only showed up in males.

      3. What if 30,000 years from now the only thing left from this age to be found are reruns of Mister Ed? Or those e-Trade baby commercials?

    2. Three varieties of early man co-existed two million years ago in Africa.

      Did anybody claim they co-existed peacefully?

      If you have a roach infestation, technically, you and the roaches are co-existing.

  14. Did 12 Angry Men get it wrong?


    Honestly, a cool article. When you consider that the standard is “reasonable doubt”, as much as I love the film, it does chiange the thinking. I mean, it is pretty likely that the kid killed his dad, especially when you consider the unlike-lihood of the kid losing the exact same knife as the murder weapon.

    1. Is there a reasonable explanation for the known facts that is not consistent with the accused being innocent? In that case no. And that movie always annoyed me because I felt the kid did it.

    2. 12 Angry Men was more of anti-death penalty story than anything. Henry Fonda’s juror just couldn’t bring himself to give a death sentence since he couldn’t be absolutely sure.

    3. Sounds like the Onion writer is making an argument in favor of “close enough for government work.” Anyone here actually think that’s the intent of “beyond reasonable doubt”?

      1. Sotomayor says that she used to instruct juries not to follow the film’s example. Certain things like the old lady with the glasses.

        But I thought the old lady with the glasses was the state’s witness. Also, it was part of her testimony that she witnessed the crime through the windows of a passing L-train.

        It was all part of her testimony. So, what exactly was speculative?

    4. The evidence they had was pretty shabby, once the witness testimony was discredited.

  15. You can’t shoot women in their mid 30s in any state as far as I’m concerned. Good for California.

  16. Is it me? Or is the world getting stupider?

    Well, if you have to ask…

    1. It is my understanding that the world is getting more atheistic and much hotter as more and more women have abortions while drinking Four Loko in 32-oz cups.

      1. not enough (bath) salt(s).

  17. In the early days of my exile, I was convinced that we’d enjoy a very ecological lifestyle. We do have a (stinking) compost heap, and I’ve planted squash and runner beans that would be the envy of all my manic organic friends back in London. But the truth is, I’m always in the car.


    1. but for human contact I have to learn Polish to chat to the workmen

      Jobs Brits won’t do!

      1. When I asked a German winemaker who they used for harvest and general field work, he pretty much replied, that was what the Poles were for.

        God help California agriculture if ICE ever got serious about enforcement.

    2. If your compost heap stinks, yer doin’ it wrong.

      Which I would expect from some lame urban hipster.

      1. Well, stuff rots quicker in TX than in the UK, which will help keep the stench down.

        They are excellent for anyone out there who uses worms to fish, BTW. Turn it over, and it’s like Gaia’s own bait shop.

  18. Genocidal douchebag is elected to sit on UN Human Rights Council

    Why the hell do we continue to be a member of this organization?

    1. For the lulz?

    2. To veto everything we don’t approve of.

    3. I’m pretty sure we get a tax write-off for the dues and for renting the land out.

  19. Jezebel interviews prolife activist Lila Rose. The interviewer avers herself jealous of Rose’s looks but consoles the reader that the exposes of Planned Parenthood only uncovered an “anamoly” here and there (eg, Planned Parenthood staff willing to cover up statutory rape, arrange sex-selection abortions, that sort of thing).


    1. anomaly

    2. arrange sex-selection abortions

      If abortion is legal, there’s no basis for asserting that it’s possible to have a reason for getting one that’s “not good enough”.

      If you want to get one because you received a mystic message from the man in the moon, knock yourself out.

      1. The difficulty here is that this messes with the narrative, by which Planned Parenthood and other abortionists are “for women” and their opponents are “against women.” Yet see which side got caught with its pants down willing to kill female humans because they’re female.

        To see the difficulty, imagine if the Tea Party were caught on tape avowing a willingness to kill off female babies by abortion.

        Sex-selection abortion is a problem throughout the world.

  20. Hebrew scholar fixes the Bible. That didn’t work out too well for the last rabbi who tried it.

    1. He said his ultimate goal was to “correct the past and prepare for the future.”

      Cohen for President!

    2. …Correcting all known textual errors in Jewish scripture to produce a truly definitive edition of the Old Testament.

      Turns out ‘circumcision’ was actually a typo.

        1. “Canaan” was actually “Canada.”

          1. Cain didn’t “kill” Abel… one of Eve’s Down-Low lovers filed a paternity suit and he got disinherited from the family. And he was the ‘good’ kid! They really didn’t like to talk about it.

    3. River Tam did that already.

      “Noah’s Ark is a problem.”

  21. So as man evolved intellectually, his skin got lighter. Got it.

    1. I thought that was decreasing body hair.

  22. Is it part of the “NEW AND IMPROVED” HitRun; format to not really link the AM/PM links to anything..but link to another HR page which….has a link to the link in teeny print at the bottom?


    1. The Martians.

    2. You forgot “Cancel my goddam subscription!”

  23. Judicial Watch obtains documents about last year’s Occupy Portland protests indicating that the feds winked at Occupy trespassing on federal property –


    1. “They have chained themselves to a large drum filled with concrete. GSA controls the permits and has asked FPS [Federal Protective Services] not to enforce the curfew at park and the prohibition on overnight encampments.”

  24. The head of the California Fish Game Commission was replaced after he ? perfectly legally ? shot a cougar in Idaho.

    “Never do good [legal] things that can look bad [politically prickly]”

    1. ….the commission chief should uphold the values of the state he represents…”Californians have twice voted in a resounding fashion to protect mountain lions in our state, and his flagrant flaunting of his disagreement with the electorate put him out of sync with California,”

      translation = “God forbid the head of the *Game* commission should be a fucking HUNTER!? We californians voted to restrict something that other states do not… and as a proud Californian, HE SHOULD SUBMIT TO THE MASS AND LICK OUR BOOTS RATHER THAN GO AFIELD TO DO SOMETHING ALLOWED ELSEWHERE!! STAY *IN SYNC*, BOOT LICKER!!!

      1. “Go ahead, be an individual. Now, while you’re out being an individual, here is a list of prohibited activities for individuals.”

  25. Why am I seriously skeptical about this list? Did they even take taxes, regulations and COL into account? Is this based on the author’s personal preferences? If so, he has shitty taste in cities.

    1. I’m with you. For SF he talks about HP and Apple, which haven’t been startups in over 25 years. In LA he talks about it being home to 1300 startups (while including Santa Monicans in it, so I assume the 1300 is metro-area also). Fuck this dude. His 3 runners up are all places I’d pick to start a business before his top 5.

    2. DC and LA?!? WTF?!?

      Seattle, though given a runner up mention, should be #2. The startup culture here is ridiculously strong, and there is a pool of programmers a mile deep.

      1. Well I hear DC is a great place for solar energy startups.

    3. All city “rankings” are bullshit, even the ones that point out how awesome Houston is.

  26. Sloopy made Neil Fucking Armstrong have heart surgery after he learned who destroyed his mailbox all those years ago.

    1. What? I demand justice! Warty, smash sloopy’s mailbox. Smash. . .with extreme prejudice.

  27. Enough with these links, we have something more important to worry about: a 4.5 earthquake hit Yorba Linda last night. This can only mean one thing: Richard Nixon is trying to rise from the dead and become a dark horse GOP presidential nominee for the second time.

  28. Sometimes you just gotta throw them hands up in the air!@


  29. Also, I had no idea our army was full of Junkies.

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