Junky Army Software, Christie Miffed Over Spying, Johnson Trims Obama's Lead in Colorado: P.M. Links


  • Human evolution

    The software system that serves as the backbone of U.S. Army intelligence efforts in Afghanistan is … a piece of junk, says the army itself. Oh, by the way: Fewer Afghanis are gettng dead — civilian deaths are at a five-year low.

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is carefully splitting the difference between criticizing the NYPD for spying on Muslims in his state and pointing out that the spying was pretty horrendous.
  • Gary Johnson is polling at six percent in Colorado and pulling more from voters who would otherwise support Obama than from Romney backers.
  • A gun implicated in a scheme to kill the police chief of Tijuana arrived in Mexico courtesy of the fine folks behind Fast and Furious. You know, if only there were reasonable controls on firearms sales …
  • The battle over the Republican vice-presidential nomination is being waged at … Wikipedia, where pages of possible contenders were locked after Stephen Colbert urged people to go make edits. Is it me? Or is the world getting stupider?
  • The head of the California Fish & Game Commission was replaced after he — perfectly legally — shot a cougar in Idaho.
  • Three varieties of early man co-existed two million years ago, according to new evidence. Contact among them was fueled by getting together for drinks to complain about their spouses.

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