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For a good chunk of the day the hash tag #IAmLibertarian was trending on Twitter. It's still garnering several tweets per minute as tweeters give their reasons (some real, some joking, because it's Twitter).


Jump in and join the party, if you haven't.


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  1. I’ll be happy when this fucking twitter fad passes.

    1. And this internet thing, too. So old.

      1. Prince knows its a fad.

  2. Broca’s is the best one out of the litter.

  3. Aye aye aye will this twitter bs ever end?

  4. #IAmLibertarian because fuck you that’s why.

  5. David Austin ?@DaveAustin53

    #IAmLibertarian because you can’t have access to a safe, legal abortion but I still want my dope.


  6. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because I want my police forces run by giant mega corps.

    1. ^This is what idiots actually believe libertarians believe^

      1. I disagree, heller. I think all these completely off base “believe what libertarians believe” are intentional misrepresentations. There’s no way they can get from libertarian point A to their point Z without specifically ignoring everything libertarians say. So even if it’s just them ignoring, then they’re parroting someone else’s deliberate misrepresentations, which is probably worse.

      2. I’d much rather have the police forces run by giant mega corps that were legally liable for their actions and had to compete for customers, than the way it’s done now.

    2. You sir, clearly don’t know much ’bout libertarianism.

  7. #IAMLIBERTARIAN Because I believe liberty is having your surplus labor value exploited by the plutocracy. (Yes, a few people actually tweeted something to that effect).

    1. eviscerate the proletariat!

    2. HAHAHA. “Surplus labor valuer”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.





      1. I was laugfhing so hard, I mispelled it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


        1. I wonder if that jackass thinks that he’s stealing the surplus labor value of everyone that he deals with.

      2. #IAMLIBERTARIAN Because I believe liberty is having your surplus labor value exploited by the plutocracy.’
        Why do so many intelligent people still subscribe to the labor theory of value?

    3. Try getting or keeping a job if you don’t create surplus labor value for your employer to exploit. Hint — we can’t all work for the government.

  8. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because free enterprise is the best way to steal money

    1. ^This is what idiots actually believe libertarians believe^

    2. FALSE. Government is the best way to steal money!

      1. Archimedes is a troll. Don’t respond to trolls.

  9. The reason I am a Voluntaryist is reason.

    – Michael Matalucci

    (and Reason).

  10. because I barely know what’s right for me, let alone other people

    Can we elect/appoint this guy to 647 simultaneous positions across all three branches?

    1. I get 535 (Congress) + 9 (scotus) + 2 (pres and VP)… where are the other 101 coming from?

      1. where are the other 101 coming from?

        my ignorance on how many parasite fuckwads there are spending my money to ruin my world. (I added the Senate twice, not sure about the remaining 1 though…)

        1. Just fill the various and sundry cabinet ministries that remain. Except for the newly minted Department of Taste, which of which Epi will serve as Commissar.

          1. My first acts will be to ban deep dish pizza, juggalos, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Hugh. If sloopy bribes me sufficiently I will also ban artisanal mayonnaise.

            1. Jebus man, don’t I get a bone thrown in for not only nominating you to be head of the agency but also creating the fucking agency out of thin air?

              I want two things: exemption from the deep dish ban once every three months, and a public hanging of Katy Perry. We got a deal?

              1. Sudden, I did throw you a bone: I didn’t ban you. Be thankful for the pittances I throw your way.


              2. Hanging Katy Perry?

                How bout we just ban her from singing and assign her to porn?

            2. Great, so I’ll still be a multiple felon in the new world order. I give up.

              (C’mon. Scott. Bakula. that he was able to get another job at all should get the show an exemption.)

            3. I thought the Hugh episode was subpar for TNG, but hardly worth banning.

            4. Episiarch is so full of shit. He only wants to ban Juggalos to keep his mom from going to the Gathering every year.

              And for the record, I taste just fine, thank you.

              1. “Taste” refers to more than just flavor, Hugh. So of course I will ban the guy–you–who wears socks with sandals.

            5. Why do you hate deep dish pizza so much? Is it the name? Is it a “traditional pizza” versus the rebranding of pizza that gets under your skin? I’m in favor of government getting out of the pizza business altogether. Let crusts and cheeses and consenting toppings form their own relationships, whether you call them thin crust, deep dish, or even calzones. Yes, I said it! I support calzones having the same rights as thin and original crust pizzas.

              1. calzone and stromboli should get separate, but equal, rights.

              2. Never! Deep dish isn’t even pizza! Why should it be granted the rights and privileges of a real pizza?

                THIN POWER! THIN POWER!

                1. Deep dish isn’t even pizza!

                  It’s the pan. Once you NEED a pan to contain the thing while it cooks, you have deviated from making pizza.

                  You can still make use of a pan, as long as your construction could cook on its own without shit falling off of it.

                  Any assemblage of dough, sauce, cheese, and meat that requires a pan is a casserole.

                2. also, get another slogan for your movement.

                  I already trademarked “THIN POWER!” for my organization dedicated to protecting thin people from being crushed by fatties on buses, trains, and airplanes.

            6. Can you ban tape delayed athletic events?

        2. (oh the extra 1 was just poor arithmetic. added the 9 for scotus last, and well, I fail at simple math as expertly as I fail at my knowledge of Congress.)

      2. where are the other 101 coming from?

        Cabinet secretaries, agency directors department heads.

      3. Cabinet positions, federal courts.

  11. #IAmNotLibertarian because a lot of people don’t know what’s right for them and we can get together and help them out.

    1. #IamArchimedes but I honestly didn’t even know he was a famous mathematician and only chose this name because I

      1. stupid squirrels…. cont’d:

        #IamArchimedes but I honestly didn’t even know he was a famous mathematician and only chose this name because I love Disney’s Sword in the Stone.

        1. OK wart.

    2. …and we can get together and help them out.

      Through voluntary cooperation, or forced compliance?

      There’s a difference, you know?

      1. Through voluntary cooperation, or forced compliance?

        There’s a difference, you know?

        #IAMALIBERALDOUCHE I don’t follow.

  12. Something tells me that the twitter handle “conservativechick” who tweets that “#iamalibertarian but I’m still voting for Romney because another four years of Obama will destroy this country” and rocking the “Love It or Leave It” Sarah Palin avatar probably isn’t a libertarian.

    Just a thought…

    1. “Love It or Leave It” clinches the not-libertarian verdict IMO.

      “Do shit my way or get the fuck out” is essentially the same as the liberal’s “Do shit my way or I will penalize the shit out of you.”

    2. She’s a “libertarian”, but dang it, she just has to vote for the TEAM RED candidate! Amazing how that seems to always work out that way for some people.

      1. well, when the battle lines are drawn, you can either pick a side or get trampled by both.

        Or try to get as far away from the battle as possible before shit goes down.

      2. If only there were a third option, a well-qualified candidate on the ballot in enough states to win with a solid record of being for smaller government and individual liberty!

        # Who is Gary Johnson?

        1. Vote Gary Johnson ’12

    3. Something tells me that the twitter handle “conservativechick” who tweets that “#iamalibertarian but I’m still voting for Romney because another four years of Obama will destroy this country” and rocking the “Love It or Leave It” Sarah Palin avatar probably isn’t a libertarian.
      That’s the impression I got as well.

  13. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because I only think about myself.

    1. #IAMALIBERALDOUCHE because other people are too stupid to think about themselves and need ME to do it for them.

    2. Amazing how not wanting to take other people’s money from them at gun point makes one selfish. Really, it’s an amazing feat, or failure, of logic.

      1. You can’t Give if you don’t Take…which means you aren’t Giving, you greedy’mc’selfish bastard.

        The logic is blindingly simple.

        1. And gunz are teh eVIL…

          Unless they’re used for taking GIVING!

          /lefty logic

          1. You gotta crack a few heads to plant a single Giving Tree.

            (did I get the wrong message from that book?)

            1. And we’ll GIVE those cracked skulls “FREE” healthcare!


      2. It’s kind of like the “libertarian dictatorship” that some leftists bitch about.

  14. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because if poor people tried harder, they too could have been born to rich white families.

    1. #IAMALIBERALDOUCHE because I want to keep poor people poor by giving them handouts and making them reliant on me, so that will be relieved of personal responsibility.

      1. #IAMALIBERALDOUCHE because I claim to be a tolerant, multi-culturalist, but I hate the thought of “US jobs” going overseas to Asia and South America where they will help truly poor people.

        1. #IAMALIBERALDOUCHE because I talk about freedom, civil liberties and peace. But all I really want is some free shit from uncle sam.

    2. Re: Archimedes,

      #IAMLIBERTARIAN because if poor people tried harder, they too could have been born to rich white families.

      Or try even harder and be born from rich black families. Like the Jacksons, for instance.

  15. So I checked out the twitter feed of it and found this gem:

    “#IAmLibertarian because the only solace in my mediocre life is watching the ruthlessness of the market wipe out those worse off than myself”

    I know this is intended as snark, but it might actually be fairly close to why I’m a libertarian.

    1. Also, checking out the twitter feed is useful because it proves there are actually wimmenz, and pretty ones at that, that claim to be libertarians.

      1. CLAIM to be, being the key distinction.

        1. check out the twitter feed. While the “conservativechick” certainly ain’t a libertarian, a lot of the ladies on the twitter feed seem to be saying very libertarian things.

        2. They seem down for ‘da cause. For example, a nice young lady tweeted this:

          #IAmLibertarian because I like my wars declared, my economy free, my liberties uninfringed, and the government on a very tight leash.

          Sounds pretty libertarian to me.

          1. IT’S A TRAP!

      2. I find that very hard to believe. I’ve always been a very outspoken libertarian, and have managed to successfully convert several friends over the years. I have NEVER been able to convince a single female of my acquaintance to even think deeply about philosophy or political and economic theory long enough for them to even begin to make the leap to libertarianism. I think, frankly, I offend them with logic and facts. If I try very hard it generally causes a rift in the friendship.

        This is not to say I don’t know any libertarian women. I met a couple(!) of such ladies who interned at Cato with my husband. And my sister is also a born-and-bred libertarian. But libertarian women are a rare breed, and attractive ones are so rare as to be worthy of adding to the endangered species list. A 10 among libertarians is like a 7 to everyone else.

        1. and attractive ones are so rare as to be worthy of adding to the endangered species list

          Where’s the endangered species list fit into libertarian ideals?

          1. LOL, I almost didn’t write that, for that very reason.

          2. If it’s just a list it’s fine, kind of like the 100 Hottest Movie Stars or whatever. It’s what is done with the list that becomes unlibertarian.

        2. My wife used to get mad at me when I would try to explain my philosophy to her, and accuse me of not caring about poor people or the environment. So I stopped trying unless she brought it up.

          Eventually she realized I was right, after hearing enough Michael Badnarik and Ron Paul speeches and interviews.

        3. I’m a classical liberal chick. Hello Reason commentarieate.

  16. O/T

    I watched The Passion of Ayn Rand last night.

    Steamy! Made me want to nail Ms Rand.

    1. More like it made you want to nail Helen Mirren, 10 years ago, dressed as Rand.

      1. When Rand was in her 20’s I am pretty sure i would want to nail her….

        But yeah I don’t think she had the boobs that Helen Mirren has at any age.

      2. Helen Mirren is a saucy old broad, ain’t she?

  17. #IAmLibertarian because I think people should be responsible for their own actions.


    1. You notice that most of the tweets attempting ‘humor’ made some mention of ROADZ!, as well?

  19. The hashtag may have been spawned by this video from GJ.

  20. If you’ve lost Jennifer, you’ve lost the cause?

    … Hobbit

    1. I usually like her stuff, but that was some weak sauce. Kinda rambly.

    2. The thing that I find disappointing about her post is that she is willing to write off fellow libertarians because of what she sees as sexist or racist ideas. Just because one doesn’t want to raise blacks and women up on a pedestal does not make that same person bigoted. She also conflated the opposition to religious institutions being forced to pay for contraceptives with ALL employers prying into the personal habits of their employees.

      As long as she still believes in smaller government and increased freedom for everyone, she is not really “lost”. But it is still a shame that she seems so ready to write off an entire segment of libertarians with the same excuses that liberals are so ready to write us off with.

      1. I don’t know who she’s referring to specifically, but in regards to the Fluke thing the libertarians here were against making others pay for someone else’s medication.

        I didn’t see anyone posting anything that suggested that birth control was evil, immoral, for loser, or should not be voluntarily covered by health insurance. Unless I actually read the writings a self-proclaimed libertarian saying something of that nature I’m going to aver that she’s fighting specters.

        You guys hear anything like that?

      2. Just because one doesn’t want to raise blacks and women up on a pedestal does not make that same person bigoted.

        Too many attitudes like this nowadays. If youre not ultra-for something, then you must be THE.WORST.SORT.OF.PERSON.EVAR.

        Don’t want kids on your lawn? You hate children. Don’t donate to charity? You hate mankind. Don’t sign yourself and your eligible offspring up for military service? You want the terrorists to turn the country into 9-11-times-a-million. Don’t support a woman’s right act consequence free? You’re a rapist. Don’t support affirmative action? You’re a slave trader.

        For the record, that sort of attitude does not bring people around to your way of thinking.

        1. But we assure the socialists that we repudiate only forced organization, not natural organization. We repudiate the forms of association that are forced upon us, not free association. We repudiate forced fraternity, not true fraternity. We repudiate the artificial unity that does nothing more than deprive persons of individual responsibility. We do not repudiate the natural unity of mankind under Providence.


          Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society.

          As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all.

          We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education.

          We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all.

          We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality.

          And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.

      3. Just because one doesn’t want to raise blacks and women up on a pedestal
        Honestly, generic Brand, you really don’t know what Jenny is talking ’bout, do you? I think her complaint might have more to do with the fact that (some) libertarians don’t do enough to chastise know bigots “within our ranks”. That can (rightly or wrongly) lead to the impression that libertarianism is a hotbed for racism and sexism.

    3. I gave up on her during the “Peak Oil” threads a few years ago. Her pole dancing ability didn’t matter.

    4. Yeah. Weak sauce indeed. That’s really too bad.
      I hereby denounce ovarian cysts.

  21. @moronwatch: #IAmLibertarian – being free is fully compatible with having universal healthcare. Morons will claim otherwise

    Just…I…no. So many things wrong with this.

    1. I’m not seeing it. What are the things? Have I just had a stroke and am not processing information correctly?

      1. Do you agree that universal healthcare is compatible with being free? How can it be compatible with freedom when at the very least it forces some people to pay for others healthcare? Then there are the related effects of the ensuing government take over of medical schools, doctors, treatment options, etc.
        Also wrong with his tweet is the fact that he calls himself moron watch, spews a moronic statement (because it is so obviously false), and then attempts to shut down any debate by insultIng anyone who would disagree, a classic moron debate technique.

  22. IAmLibertarian because I believe when a hurricane leaves millions of children homeless a bake sale is the best solution…

    It’s funny that someone would use a hurricane to discredit libertarianism’s call for private, voluntary charity over big government “solutions”.

    Because when I think of disaster hurricanes, Katrina comes immediately to mind. A situation where millions of people volunteered and donated money to help those in need, but whose efforts were hampered by an incompetent government. The recent natural disasters have shown over and over again that man will voluntarily help his fellow man in need and that a centralized government responds slowly, expensively, and clumsily.

    1. my mother in law is a (pretty libertarian) nurse and her stories about the FEMA bureaucracy she had to deal with just to go to the gulf and offer people medical care are enough to make anybody a libertarian, or at least for limited federal govt.

  23. #IAMNOTALIBERTARIAN because Corporations are scarier than governments.

    1. So I guess mass murder and coercion are comforting to you, and taking those things away would be scary?

      1. Governments protect rights, corporations protect profits.

        1. They did a great job of protecting Kelly Thomas’ rights.

        2. Re: Archimedes,

          Governments protect rights, corporations protect profits.

          You’re only half right. Guess where?

        3. In theory, governments protect rights. In practice, they kill hundreds of millions of people and restrict the rights of everyone else.

          But yeah, businesses are scary!

        4. I have yet to see any corporations that match the kill count of even the smallest countries, let alone the murderous governments of the Nazis and Communists, which combined are responsible for over 200 million deaths in the 20th century alone.

        5. Governments ban vices, resulting in criminal gangs taking over the banned market, resulting in more work for government police forces.

          But sometimes they later un-ban those vices, resulting in corporations taking over the formerly banned market, resulting in cheaper and safer and higher quality and greater variety in those products, and vanishingly low levels of violence.

        6. Governments protect rights, corporations protect profits.
          You are aware that many (maybe most) corporations wouldn’t exist without government intervention, right? There I go again, breaking my own rule.

  24. Governments killed 150 million people in the 20th century. Archimedes obviously knows something I don’t about the corporate death toll.

    1. “i’m from the govt. and i’m here to help”

    2. #Iamnotalibertarian because I don’t want to give the power to kill over to corporations

      1. I am not really interested in giving anyone the power to kill (at least not in the way its exercised by governments).

      2. Question for you, “Archimedes”: Can corporations exist without government?

        1. They will soon replace governments.

          1. So you don’t actually know what a corporation is or how one is created. I thought so, moron.

          2. Re: Archimedes,

            They will soon replace governments.

            Like, how soon is “soon“?

            Like, never, right?

      3. Re: Archimedes,

        #IAMACOWARD because I tacitly and sheepishly give the power to kill, rape, maim and steal to government.

    3. By the way, I should amend that to governments murdered 150 million people in the 20th century, since that figure only includes deaths from unarmed innocents. Including the death toll from war combatants would raise it even higher.

      Now please say that libertarians want to allow businesses to murder and start wars, so we can really see the depths of your stupidity.

      1. Re: heller,

        so we can really see the depths of your stupidity.

        Don’t you see? Archimedes does not know what is good for him and so we get together to help him know. His moronic comments are an actual cry for help.

        1. Judging from the style and content of his posts, I would say we have a classic internet conspiracy nut. Not a troll, but a sincere nutcase. It’s pretty refreshing.

  25. #IAMNOTALIBERTARIAN cuz some dick at a planning commission meeting said I was a crony communist.

  26. Re: Archimedes,

    #IAMLIBERTARIAN because I only think about myself.

    Yes, I too only think about myself. That’s the reason why I am kind and civilized: I treat people the way I want them to treat ME. See? I am that self-absorbed.

  27. Re: Archimedes,

    #IAmNotLibertarian because a lot of people don’t know what’s right for them and we [sic] can get together and help them out.

    #IAmLibertarian because I am not a self-righteous, arrogant imbecile like Archimedes here.

  28. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because free enterprise is the best way to steal money

    Indeed – it is the best way if you don’t want money to be stolen from you, ever. I am a libertarian because of that. it’s so best!

    The worst way is through government, because it would be a guaranteed result that my money will be stolen. It’s so bad!

    [I am using the contrary meaning of the words the same way one uses the word “bad” to say “awesome”.]

  29. If you want to see real conspiracy about “CORPORATIONS”, do a search of “CORPORATIONS” on twitter.
    /I warned you.

    1. Also, look up racewalking. I just learned a few minutes ago that this a real thing. An Olympic thing. Sad.

      1. And people will cheat to try to win.

  30. #IAmLibertarian because FUCK OFF SLAVER.

  31. #IAmExhibitionist.

  32. #IAmLibertarian because life is short, I’m a white male with a trust fund, and fuck you!

    1. I wonder how many people on here have trust funds? I know I don’t.

      And in my own anecdotal evidence, white male trust fund babies have tended to be northeast gentry liberals.

      1. You’re right. Interesting question, are low-income libertarians noble for their putting principle over personal gain (obviously content to consider themselves lazy and unenterprising), or sad wealth fetishists doing the intellectual leg work in service of their betters for no pay?

        1. Tony which meme are you going to pick? Are libertarians monocle wearing trust fund babies or are they poor idiots who don’t realize they would be better off as wards to the state?

          Even your limited mental capacity should be able to chose one ans stick with it?

          1. I was saying why I would choose to be a libertarian if I were as excited about the idea of maximum selfishness equaling maximum virtue as libertarians are. I’ve repeatedly said I do not buy the monocled image, considering it a self-imposed stereotype by libertarians who think too highly of themselves–but I repeat myself.

            So I’ll pick sad unpaid intellectual footsoldiers of the elite class.

            1. I thought we were paid by KOCH to be libertarians?

        2. I think most libertarians start out as considerably less than wealthy, but try to work their way up with honest effort, even if they help their employers get wealthier in the process.

          I’ve never met a trust fund dude who was a libertarian, and I’ve met a lot of them.

  33. #IAmLibertarian because other people are not your property.

  34. #IAMLIBERTARIAN because I believe in power to the person

  35. Future archaeologists are going to be puzzled by all the hash tags. I predict they will report that “#” was short hand for the Deity, or perhaps the Devil, and we were afraid to spell His name out.

  36. “I will vote for Romney because I know another 4 years of Obama would be disastrous”
    No, you are not a libertarian. You are an ass-clown. #iamlibertarian because I would rather shove firecrackers up my rectum then vote for either Romney or Obama.

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