Reason Rewind: Wayne Root Was Saying the Same Stuff (Minus the Birther Twist) Four Years Ago


"He's a communist!"

Libertarian National Campaign Committee Chair Wayne Allyn Root's attention-grabbing guess that his Columbia University classmate Barack Obama "got a leg up by being admitted to both Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student" who neglected to "ever change his citizenship back," which was flagged here last night by Mike Riggs, is a version of what he told me four years ago at an LP fundraiser during the Democratic National Convention in 2008. From that conversation:

"A vote for Obama is four years of Karl Marx, and no one should be happy about that," he told us and a few genial young libertarian activists over cocktails. "He's a communist! I don't care what anybody says. The guy's a communist…. And his mother was a card-carrying communist, and he says she's the most important person in his entire life; he learned everything from her." […]

Root: And I'd be willing to bet every dime I have in the world, a million dollars I'll put, I'll put a million dollars cash on the fact—

Welch: This is on the record—

Root: —that my GPA was better than Barack's—

Welch: Oooooh.

Root: …and he got in based on the color of his skin.

Hey, a lot changed in three years!

Does anyone doubt that possibly Barack could have gotten into Harvard with a C average because he's black, where as I, white, couldn't get into the same school with a B-plus, A-minus average? And yet his wife says that America is a terrible nation unfair to minorities! I say, Au contraire!

I say the whole problem with America is we are racist against people because of the color of their skin. We're helping people because they're black. We're helping people because they're minority. We're helping people because they're poor. In reality only those who have the most skill and talent should get into Harvard, not because of the color of their skin.

So now I ask out loud in the press, I challenge my classmate to give his GPA against mine. And let's see if he really is the bright guy they all say he is. What if we discover he got into Harvard with a C average? Is he then the brilliant man America thinks he is? That would be a very good question, don't you think?

I spend a lot of time (and will indeed spend more time today, at noon eastern on Fox Business Network!) talking on television about how this or that micro-media scandal of the day is irrelevant to the urgent problems of both our immediate and long-term fiscal and economic picture. Barack Obama's academic record three decades ago ranks right down there with his dog-eating as reasons why normal humans are dead sick of listening to some Republicans (and some former Republicans) talk about politics.

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