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ACLU May Sue School Over Mandatory Pregnancy Tests

A Louisiana charter school currently requires pregnancy tests be conducted and kicks out pregnant students.


The American Civil Liberties Union is calling out a Louisiana charter school for forcing female students to take pregnancy tests and kicking them out if they turn up pregnant.

The American Civil Liberties Union says that Delhi Charter School's policy violates constitutional rights and unfairly discriminates against female students. The advocacy group wrote a letter asking the school to change the policy and threatening legal action if it doesn't.

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  1. The school doesn’t kick them out. Even if pregnant, they still remain students there. The girls are simply required to do their schooling from home while they are pregnant, with the course work provided by the school.

    This is a charter school, meaning the parents sought the school out and specifically wanted their kids to go there. Being that this is a school that also requires uniforms and practices corporal punishment — I’m pretty sure parents that would choose a place like this actually appreciate this policy.

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