Speed Cameras

No Vote on Traffic Cameras

A California judge says Murrieta residents have no right to take their objections to red-light cameras to the polls


A California Superior Court judge has sided with photo enforcement vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) in denying Murrieta voters a say in whether red light cameras can be used in their community. Judge Daniel A. Ottolia issued a minute order Friday endorsing the arguments put forth by the high-powered elections law firm of Bell, McAndrews and Hiltachk LLP. ATS will not admit it hired the the Bell to sue Murrieta resident Diana Serafin.

Serafin believes the cameras are ineffective and unconstitutional. She told TheNewspaper in previous interviews that she had no trouble collecting the required number of signatures to force an election because nearly everyone in the community wants to see the cameras go. Judge Ottolia insisted the community has no right to decide this matter.