Democratic Party

National Democrats Disavow Tennessee Senate Nominee

Mark Clayton's stance on gays questioned, received twice as many votes as nearest competitor, state dems say he won because was at top of ballot


The party of Cordell Hull, Estes Kefauver and Al Gore Sr. and Jr. won't have a standard-bearer — or at least not one it can stomach — in Tennessee's next U.S. Senate race.

Less than 24 hours after a man espousing conservative and libertarian views surprised the state's political scene by winning the Democratic nomination, the Tennessee Democratic Party disavowed him, saying he's part of an anti-gay hate group.


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  1. Interesting comments on that article. Mostly ‘Our team YAY! Your team BOO!’ crap.
    I am endlessly amazed at how out of touch the major party establishments are with the voters, they simply cant read the writing on the wall. Corker is a constitutionalist, so I guess that does put him at odds with the Dem establishment. With the Repubs too for that matter.

  2. saying he’s part of an anti-gay hate group

    They should probably go organize a kiss in at his campaign headquarters.

  3. Does anybody give a shit about what the Democrats think nowadays? Fuck them all.

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