Pot Legal by 2016, Your Government's Odd Ideas About Religious Oppression, the All-Important Jenna Jameson Vote: P.M. Links


  • But what about strip poker? When will it be legal?

    Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson thinks marijuana will be legal by 2016 and that pot initiatives on the ballots in Washington State and Colorado are likely to pass in November.

  • Maryland House speaker wants Internet gambling on the table for discussion at next week's special legislative session. The state's governor also isn't ruling it out as part of a casino expansion bill.
  • Negative rights: How do they work? The Justice Department is arguing that companies refusing to pay for employees' birth control are somehow forcing their religious beliefs onto their workers.
  • Detroit is even more dead than it appears. The city's abandoned areas are becoming dumping grounds for murder victims.
  • Porn star Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt Romney for president while at a San Francisco strip club. Are there still speaking spots open at the convention?
  • News that a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado had warned about James Holmes' behavior a month before the Aurora massacre has inevitably led to families of the victims considering suing the school.
  • Ladies protest topless at the Olympics over Islamic nations' treatment of their female athletes.

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  1. The Justice Department is arguing that companies refusing to pay for employees’ birth control are somehow forcing their religious beliefs onto their workers.

    That’s practically rape when you think about it!

    1. Are you forcing me to think about it against my will?

    2. The Justice Department is arguing that companies refusing to pay for employees’ birth control marijuana are somehow forcing their religious beliefs onto their workers.

      I suppose we’ll see this in some 2016 PM Links.

    3. You know, my employer refuses to pay for my guns and ammo…

      1. it’s an outrage…guns are even a right, not just a choice folks want to turn into a right.

        1. “That’s practically rape when you think about it!”

          but it’s not “rape rape”

    4. A Carter-appointed judge has ruled that the contraceptive mandate, as applied to a private business, likely violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act:


      1. Judge Kane bio:


  2. Porn star Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt Romney for president while at a San Francisco strip club. Are there still speaking spots open at the convention?

    C’mon, Scott. Spots instead of slots?

  3. Detroit is even more dead than it appears. The city’s abandoned areas are becoming dumping grounds for murder victims.

    Maybe people got some ideas after watching Chris and Snoop do their work.

    1. IF ANIMAL TRAPPED CALL 410-844-6286

      1. What is that number, Ravens corporate HQ?

          1. I like to think my answer is right, despite your well-documented refutation.

            1. I was going to go with the Browns, until I saw the area code.

              1. 410 is Maryland. I thought the Browns were in Maryland.

                1. that’s the old Browns. The new and, well, opposite of improved, Browns remain Cleveland. But they had a strong draft, despite Jim Brown’s hyperventilating.

                  1. I bet Jim Brown could still play.

                    1. If by “play”, you mean “beat the shit out of women”, then yes. He’s great at that still.

                    2. Isn’t it illegal to insult Jim Brown in Ohio?

                    3. If by “play”, you mean “beat the shit out of women”, then yes.

                      Of course that’s what I meant. Isn’t that how everyone expresses those sentiments?

                    4. Seriously. What do you call beating women other than play?

                  2. Aren’t the new Browns moving to Pittsburgh?

      2. BTW, Warty, your Browns are sold but the guy hasn’t fired the entire staff yet. Does that make you feel better or worse?

        1. He should just strip the organization down and sell it for parts.

          1. I’m gonna need a liver or two here soon.

        2. Give him time. The sale isn’t even final yet. He’ll have plenty of time to ruin everything.

          1. Warty… it’s a Cleveland team, no matter how good they play, in the end they will choke. Cleveland is the city that has gone the longest without winning it all, which also has three major sports teams.

    2. The zombie apocalypse has to start somewhere.

  4. Seeing how Tampa is world famous for strip clubs, I figure this is not the last we’ll hear of stripper endorsements.

    1. Honest strippers are like honest politicians, they stay bought.

      1. Well, someone’s buying them here. I heard even the Palin knock-off is coming in town for the convention. I bet she goes to the DNC convention, too.

        1. She’d clean up doing a domme act at the DNC. I’d guess she could seriously make $20k in a 7 day convention.

          1. Oh, I think she could do better than that. They have weird feelings about Mrs. Palin.

            1. Even Dems won’t pay more than that without sex… will they? I mean profligate is one thing, but no fucking way is anyone paying more than $500 to not get screwed… right?

              1. Silly person, they don’t pay. They have other people pay.

                1. I am offended by this wastefulness. You could get a 19 year old who doesn’t look like Palin to go on a weekend sex and coke bender for $1500 tops. Tops.

                  1. Does that include the coke?

                    1. It used to. I have no idea what the going rate on coke or strippers is anymore. I’ve lived in a dry, desert land bereft of the institutions by which young women used to put themselves through nursing school for the last eight years.

                  2. You forget, everything is about politics with these people.

                    1. Funny how they all claim the Republicans have a “strong father complex” but then they spend their lives obsessing over Palin.

                    2. Here is the only problem with your business model Pro, Andrew Sullivan would go into massive debt taking every single available appointment.

                    3. I could just see him showing up with his own speculum and flashlight.

                  3. You could get a 19 year old who doesn’t look like Palin to go on a weekend sex and coke bender for $1500 tops.

                    I think I just figured out what I’m going to do with my remaining vacation days this year.

                  4. Sure, but doing it that way there’s no multiplier

              2. They will pay and pay and pay. The problem is that it will be mostly your money. But Pro is right a Palin look alike domme would be irresistible to those people.

                1. And some of the rest of us as well.

        2. I bet she never stops talking the entire time too. It’s painful when they cross that line into thinking people care about what they have to say, since most of these girls are egomaniacs at heart anyway.

      2. If only we could get better performance out of pols by slipping them a few bills.


  5. Ladies protest topless at the Olympics

    The ghost of Avery Brundage DOES NOT LIKE.

    1. seeing as how the next Olympics are going to be in Rio, shouldn’t this be introduced there as a demo event?

    1. Social media immediately lit up in protest with one Twitter user posting, “Anybody else notice that NBC just went racist?”

      joe uses Twitter?

      1. Was it under the hashtag @Derider?

        1. Probably. Or @ApparentlyStatist.

          1. I think The Hammer might be MNG.

            He posted a “citation please” with no other comment today. That is classic MNG.

            1. I don’t know, The Hammer kind of follows SIV around (which is like following my dog outside to take a dump), did MNG do that?

            2. I wouldn’t be surprised. They both have perfect personalities for being drawn to being anonypussies.

              1. Who? Me and MNG?

    2. Another person Tweeted, “NBC is not racist. They are just careless. And Lazy.”

      I hope a social media firestorm erupted calling this person a racist for using “lazy”

    3. For real? That’s not The Onion, or something, is it?


      Now random offended people on twitter are “some critics”? Fuck.

      1. They quoted someone, anonymously, saying “unbelievable.”

        That’s it. “Unbelievable.”

        1. I wish they’d cite HampersandR comments as “some critics”.

          “Some critics say that they’re glad when politicians are shot.”

          “Critics say that officers that shoot dogs should die in a fire…”

          1. “There are some who say ….”

          2. Look, we’re already on enough watch lists. Don’t encourage people to make it worse.

        2. if journalism was not already dead, the laziness that comes from using Twitter as a quotable source surely turns reporters into stenographers.

      2. I swear to god that the worst thing about this country is the Manufactured Grievance Industry.

    4. NBC is just terrible. I was watching US v. China women’s water polo and the commentator had to remind us that the US was blue and the ChiComs red.

      1. How does anyone play that sport? I can’t imagine tredding water for an hour. And check out this goalie. So much for fat people not being in shape. How can she play a sport that if you are not in shape you drown?


        1. I’ve played it. It’s a bitch.

          1. It’s also really, really fun. My swim coach used to let us play instead of having regular practice every once in a while, and it was a fucking blast.

            1. I agree. Of course, the hardcore stuff involves opponents trying to injure you underwater.

              1. That’s what makes it fun!

                1. word. i roomed with a bunch of swimmers/water polo players. it’s also way more of a contact sport than it appears. there is a lot of kicking and shit going on underwater


                    1. sm00ches, pip! 🙂

                      (spreading love, not hate. the best response to bigotry is loooooooooooooove)

        2. Being fat would be an advantage in that you are more buoyant…

          1. well, and a larger person’s legs are probably still pretty powerful.

    5. “Peak Retard?”

      No. Comedy gold.

    6. I love how people who see a monkey and immediately think of African-Americans, think other people are racist.

    7. As soon as I saw this commercial I knew the perpetually offended would have a fit.

  6. pot initiatives on the ballots in Washington State and Colorado are likely to pass in November

    I am anxious to see whether it’s Romney or Obama that crushes these states’ laws under his heel.

    1. yet another reason why…


      (way less police power, way more privacy, over the counter needles, less draconian punishments in criminal law, no drunk in public laws, etc. etc.)

      comparing to california of course, the epicenter of (political ) suckitude

      1. Yeah WA is pretty dope for a blue state, I’ve had way better luck with cops not being douchebags here than in UT or ID. My biggest gripe with the state is really just the cigarette taxes, which are rendered a non-issue by my close proximity to the great state of Idaho.

        1. cheers. WA state’s blue legislature is often stymied by our very libertarian constitution (we have a right to privacy)

          for example, seattle has tried OVER AND OVER to pass bullshit restrictions on gun carry. their mayor tried an ‘executive order’ that everybody including the state attorney general said was ILLEGAL to ban guns from city parks. a smart lawyer showed up with a gun and called police himself to report that he was there with a gun. he promptly got a trespass notice (don’t come back with a gun) and had his lawsuit. seattle rescinded the law

          having a liberal legislature AND a libertarian constitution works pretty well

          we also have no income tax

          i can’t search a vehicle “incident to arrest” like in most states, a constitutional fiction that is a justified fishing expedition. war on drugs crap

          our miranda law is good (not too restrictive on cops, since miranda warnings are an invented thang) search and seizure is excellent (very restrictive on cops), and we have a great balance between good accountability for bad cops AND due process rights so we have redress if bogus accusations are made

          i love reading case law out of california. the shit that the cops can LEGALLY do down there is fucking insane.

          my favorite is that in cali, it’s not a seizure if a cop yells “stop” and a guy runs. it’s only a seizure if and when he STOPS for the cop./ thus, a cop can just say “stop” and if the guy runs and dumps drugs, THEN he has pc. it’s insane

          1. And the SPD makes up for these libertarian constitutional deficiencies by being one of the most corrupt police forces in America.

            But don’t worry, guys! There is a libertarian constitution.

            1. lol. complete rubbish

              and before you cite the doj report, have you actuall read it?

              because of course you believe the DOJ’s subjective analysis about terrorism, militia threats, and all the other stuff they blow out of proportion right?

              i’ve seen zero evidence the SPD has a problem with corruption

              the DOJ claims they have a problem with uses of force, which MAY be true. although, as i have quoted stats before, they have a LOWER per capita UOF rate than other similarly sized agencies in similarly sized cities

              i believe that SPD is a MEDIOCRE police agency. i know they have taken rejects from our field training program (more rigorous) and those guys have done fine at SPD

              SPD *may* have a UOF problem, but the only two examples from the DOJ report i have ever seen cited were ridiculous.

              even seattle’s liberal extremist mayor thought the report problematic

              and of course a federal agency like the DOJ would never bias a report that would give them substantially more power over local law enforcement

              nope. i mean reason peeps have never opined that federal law enforcement agencies tend to want to increase their power.

    2. They won’t pass. They never do. The old ladies that vote mostly don’t smoke it.

  7. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/l…..Q2obDz9P4M

    People on the upper west side of Manhattan are every bit as stupid and narrow minded as you think they are.

    1. This was the last way to get to my house without passing some sugar haven,” said Cory Nangle, 41, who lives on West 77th Street, walking with her two children.

      Then don’t go in.

      1. But that would mean telling the little snowflakes “no”. And that causes a meltdown and damages their self esteem. Don’t you understand?

        1. snowflakes


        2. Parents that refuse to say no piss me off.

          I won’t lie though, my son could easily talk me in to making a stop at the candy store on the way home.

          1. Yesterday on the bus ride home, there as a girl eleven, who had one of those foot-long rainbow suckers that look like this:


            Anyway, she’s right in front of me licking the thing like it was a johnson. I am absolutely certain that was not on her mind whatsoever, but seeing her lick that thing, starting at the base and slowly licking up to the tip in one long stroke was so funny, that it took all I had not to laugh.

            1. My friends daughter does that too, I think it’s hilarious. Good luck with that when she gets to be about 16.

            2. Why don’t you have a seat over there.

              1. Damn, Chris, I was wondering when you were going to find Pip.

      2. Sugar Haven would be an awesome name for a candy store, a bakery, or a strip club.

        1. An adult bakery/candy store?

    2. RBS says ‘peak retard?’; John says, ‘it gets worse’.

      Dude, who the fuck are these people? Why won’t their own worry and concern just swallow them whole already and leave the sane people the Earth to do as we please?

      And to the vandals of the store: Die. No, really, die. Not even kidding. Kill yourself now, you vicious cunts. If you really really want to make the world a better place… Kill yourself.

      Fuck, now I’m all fuzzed up.

      1. No pearls left unclutched. No couches unfainted upon.

        These people have a mission in life.

        1. Well I have a mission too, dammit.

          It’s to become the Jim Jones to the concerned class. I’m gonna convince them that the only true wayvto be worry-free is to drink this magic kool aid. The kool aid will have cyanide in it.

          …and piss, cause I’m gonna piss in it when nobody’s lookin’.


          1. Do you honestly think you get these upper-crust twits to drink anything as pedestrian, something so…middle class…as KoolAid? Are you daft, man!?

            Now, maybe some nice Italian sparkling water or some colonic cleansing tea, and we’re suddenly talking genocide.

            1. How about just the piss, with the cyanide of course. Piss drinking sounds like a trend that concern-scum could be convinced to partake in. We’ll say it cures autism and celiac disease. ‘Cause every one of those fucks thinks them or their spawn has one or the other.

              Open up for some alternative medicine, bitches.

              1. “Organic Uric Foliating Skin Cleanser”

                1. “That’s right, soak it up with that sponge. Oops, you missed a drop, here’s a straw. Trust me, I learned this in India.”

        2. No pearls left unclutched. No couches unfainted upon.

          No panties left unbunched. No vaginas unsandy.

    3. Someone should open a Hardee’s next door so that these pricks spontaneously combust.

      1. But a Ben and Jerry’s could open without a peep. Peak retard.

  8. Another person Tweeted, “NBC is not racist. They are just careless. And Lazy.”

    I hope a social media firestorm erupted calling this person a racist for using “lazy”

    1. Crap. Re-posting under RBS

    2. This is the same network that ran a Today show promo about Missy Williams’ winning her first gold medal, in the break before they rebroadcast the race.

      1. Anybody see the CNN.com screencap where they link you to ‘how to avoid Olympic spoilers’… under the results?

    3. Too bad this didn’t happen Monday.

  9. Lawyers say the answer is maybe, maybe not.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    On one side of the argument are those who say the main responsibility of the university is to protect its students, faculty, and administrators. Since Holmes dropped out of the university before the BETA group could meet, the argument goes, they had very little responsibility for him.

    Emphasis added. Is anyone arguing that the university was supposed to protect *him*?

    1. I thought the main responsibility of the university was education, but what do I know.

      1. Good point, T.

        It always irks me when some entity claims “Your safety is our main concern” or some such.

        1. My sister in law recently became a public school teacher professional parasite. One day when the discussion of age of consent laws came up she assured me that she knew the law because “our first job it to protect the children”. Hmm, they don’t protect the children from the other children or from the teachers. The parents are from who they are “protecting the children”.

          I just quit. Asking about educating the children, or whom you were protecting them from might have resulted in a murder.

          1. ime, teachers are woefully ignorant of even these laws (age of consent) and child stuff in general

            several have told me it’s illegal for them to physically discipline a child (it’s not. under the RCW, they have those rights. it’s against SCHOOL district policy)

            i also had one call because a 16 yr old was getting #$(#$(ed by a 40 yr old. sorry, that’s within the age of consent and not a crime

            they also send kids home with the belief that if a parent hits them, it’s “child abuse”. i’ve had tons of kids call to report their parent for “child abuse”.

            like the girl who called her mom a cunt and got a slap in the face

            i told her “don’t call your mom a cunt”


    2. Lawyers say the answer is maybe, maybe not.

      Eh, we get paid the same either way.

      1. *** rising intonation ***

        What about “If we don’t win, you don’t pay”?

        1. Works on contingency? No, money down!

      2. My favorite way to respond to questions from my wife is “well, that depends…”

    3. Because unbalanced, disgruntled ex-students and fired employees never return once they leave the school/office….

  10. http://www.utsandiego.com/news…..er-plants/

    Yes the Greens want you to live in the dark

    The new natural gas plants, they say, would tie San Diego residents and businesses to additional fossil fuel resources for another 20 years, diverting customer resources from potential investments making the local grid more efficient, clean and responsive.

    God I fucking hate these people. Don’t build the nice efficient gas plant because that would cause people not to use our retarded and expensive alternatives.

    1. What’s this all aboot?

        1. Oout with now!

  11. The new natural gas plants, they say, would tie San Diego residents and businesses to additional fossil fuel resources for another 20 years, diverting customer resources from potential investments making the local grid more efficient, clean and responsive.


    God I fucking hate these people. Don’t build the nice gas plant because that means people won’t use our retarded and expensive alternatives.

  12. I don’t think the endorsement helps the image issue conservatives have. Since she said she wants to vote republican because she’s rich, that’s all that will stick in people’s minds (republicans only care about the wealthy, blah blah blah).

    1. This is correct. Which is why she’ll re-endorse during the convention, only this time, she’ll endorse in the nude.

      1. She should deliver the keynote.

        1. Isn’t she a little old and plastic and rundown at this point?

          1. Like the GOP


          2. Episiarch is right. They should go with Katie Perry, or, if they want the coveted anarchist vote, Alison Brie.

            1. You just made me love Alison Brie even more.

              Where you see she has anarchist leanings?

              1. Also, Annie’s Boobs were in an Olympic commercial.

                1. Still not enough of a reason to watch the NBC coverage.

              2. I didn’t. I know an anarchist who covets her.

          3. She was old and rundown and plastic five years ago. She’s the most frightening part of Zombie Strippers.

            1. Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with her when she was young. All her shit was boring as hell.

              1. She was never that enthuastic. But she got better at the acting as she aged. Kinda like a reverse Briana Banks.

    2. Eh. I’d go with, “its a great country where a good figure, fake boobs, and the ability to pretend to enjoy getting fucked by four dudes at once can make you rich.”

      1. it’s like she’s a Kardashian or something.

    3. When was the last time you paid attention to what a porn star said?

      1. I’m waiting to see who Mandingo endorses. I’m guessing Obama.

      2. Well, I liked what Donna D’Errico said about Ron Paul. Does that count?

      3. It’s just not the same without the sound on.

    4. Was it really intended as an endorsement?

    5. Charles Barkley told his mom he was a Republican, and his mom said “but they only care about rich people”, to which he replied, “but Mom, I’m rich now.” Of course, that was BO (Before Obama).

    6. But she didn’t build that wealth. Somebody else did that.

    7. She’s so rich that the last time I saw a news story about her it was because her car was getting repossessed… you know, “rich”

  13. In response to a proposed new gas power plant, the Greens say

    The new natural gas plants, they say, would tie San Diego residents and businesses to additional fossil fuel resources for another 20 years, diverting customer resources from potential investments making the local grid more efficient, clean and responsive.

    Don’t build the nice gas plant because it might stop people from using our retarded and expensive alternatives. God I hate these people.

    Sorry, the link can’t get through the spam filter.

    1. It’s cleaner than coal, but still dirtier than living in a cave.

    2. What, you don’t like paying for solar plants that have a break even ROI of 100 years? What can possibly be wrong with that?

      1. And they all loved gas plants until someone actually tried to build one.

        1. Is your gas plant powered by RAINBOWS? Huh? Well, is it?

        2. I have a gas plant for them already built. In my ass.

  14. Birth control should not need to be covered by insurance, because the shit should be sold over the counter and cheap enough to buy out of pocket.

    1. I demand a low co-pay for my Magnums.

      1. “I would have gone in and bought a box of Magnum condoms, thus demonstrating I have a monster dong.”

        1. Dennis: “Wait, you come in and bang her after Mac?”
          Mac: “You should see him feast, Dennis, it’s breathtaking.”

      2. That you, Kenneth Pinyan?

    2. Birth control should not need to be covered by insurance, because

      Its an elective, lifestyle drug. Just like boner pills.

      1. Aren’t boner pills covered by insurance?

        1. the difference (that feminists gloss over) is that those pills correct a medical disorder. birth control pills (when not prescribed for certain conditions, but just for birth control) do not

          1. Feminists consider unplanned pregnancy a medical disorder.

      2. This whole problem started because insurance companies were happy to cover the ridiculously low costs of birth control, under the theory that it prevented ‘x’ number of pregnancies that were more expensive. I’m guessing most insurance companies still feel this way.

        But, people being people, once folks got used to getting something essentially for nothing, they fight like hell if someone wants to roll it back and make them pay again.

    3. Even as a prescription, generic birth control pills are $8-9 a month.

      1. That’s a damned lie. They’re $3,000/year, just like that nice girl said.

        1. Someone should have told her her ass can’t get pregnant.

          1. I’m sure some nice male law students have already made the suggestion.

            1. and run afoul of unconstitutional campus speech codes and are currently subject to extensive discipline and reeducation indoctrination with no due process whatsoever.

              GO FIRE

  15. Well here’s something that will be an interesting First Amendment court case: Congress passes law restricting right to protest at military funerals. Law is, of course, targeted at the Westeboro Baptist Church.

    1. Interesting only in the foofaraw that will surround it. Its plainly unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.

      Lots of military funerals have what could fairly be termed as pro-military demonstrations – you know, lots of people who didn’t know the deceased lining the route and attending the funeral in order to express their opinions. Letting those continue while cracking down on other demonstrations with a different viewpoint is a black-letter no-no.

      1. It terrifies me that Congress can’t even get its own warped version of constitutionality right.

        And what is their authority for this anyway?

        1. The Donation of Constantine.

          1. First time I’ve laughed out loud all day.

            1. Here’s the text. I’m sure whatever Congress needs is in there or can be added.

  16. Rest assured, America, according to a White House economic adviser the unemployment rate is really 8.254%, not 8.3%.

    1. so the figure announced today is a rounding error.

      1. No, that’s the correct way to round 8.254 to the nearest tenth.

    2. The household survey showed … more precisely, the rate rose from 8.217% in June to 8.254% in July”

      Emphasis added. Is getting it to the thousandth of a percent *really* the best the White House can do?

      1. Yes…especially as long as the Donk Party Spokesboobs (a.k.a. the “Press”) agrees to not even glance at the U6 number.

    3. The private sector is doing fine.

    1. This already had its own reason post today, dude. LINK FAIL. Report to Linkmaster NutraSweet for punishment.

      1. Damnit, because Reason runs on East Coast time I always miss the morning links and posts.

        1. Dude, it wasn’t even an AM link, it was around 11 PST or something. Your link failure is even greater than I suspected. I will recommend to NutraSweet that your punishment be severe.

          1. I just checked and I count 9 different HR posts between the tractor post and the PM links. I just logged on at 1:30 and so I got busy linking and didn’t scroll all the way down to read all the other posts before it.

            All of this could be fixed with an edit button.

            1. But then your link fail wouldn’t be here to be exposed. No, no edit button, I say.

              Besides, after NutraSweet gets through with you, you won’t be pushing buttons with anything but a straw.

            2. My disappointment with you knows no limits. You have shown yourself to be Half-Serious, 3/4 Serious at most.

              I now must turn my face from you.

    2. As I said on the reason thread, that man is a goddamn folk hero. And if I had musical talent I’d write the drinking song.

    3. What the hell is wrong with the police that the guy was able to destroy their cars after being arrested? Do they just work on the honor system in Vermont?

  17. Pot legal? Good one, Gary.

    It doesn’t matter which of the two prime suspects ends up getting elected, the Mighty Veto Pen will get dusted off if that somehow manages to land in the Presidential lap.

    1. Meh, Gary’s high.

    2. State laws aren’t usually subject to presidential vetoes. The President just sends in the DEA anyway.

    1. Oh nooess….KOCHTOPUS.

    2. Because god knows governments and political parties can’t get anyone to do that, right?

    1. they want it both ways. they want to mainstream it and say that way more people than admit are feminists, it’s just that evul rush limpballs made it a dirty word so people are afraid to self identify

      and then in another article, they will claim that if you aren’t on board with on demand abortion up until the point the umbilical cord is cut, you are an anti-woman patriarchal fascist insect closet republican

      1. And gun control. I’ve been posting a ton of links from feminists sites supporting gun control for the last 2 weeks.

        1. i agree. imo, it HAS been getting better. i am seeing some hardcore feminists, of the feministing ilk, actually show some gleams of insight. some are willing to reconsider the antigun kneejerk and consider that few things empower women more than firepower, etc.

          it’s pretty heartening. we are getting better laws, more open and concealed carry rights, better scotus caselaw (heller mcdonald) etc. etc.

          it’s one of the few things where the arc of justice and liberty are clearly going in the right direction and with very little deviation

          as an instructor, i’ve had a # of (obviously liberal) women take instruction, and i just see it way more than i used to

          bull dykes especially reject the “i’m a victim narrative” and it’s good to know that there are PLENTY of them walking around seattle well armed and not afraid to defend themselves or others

          makes me warm and fuzzy

        2. And they spout shit like “Hate speech is not free speech!” and to prove that, they cite a 1910s Supreme Court case about “fighting words” that has never been revisited.

          And then they define “hate speech” as “Anything that makes anyone, anywhere, feel bad. I mean, unless they are white, straight, and male. Fuck them”

          1. they also spout “fire in a crowded theatre” despite the fact that schenck was superseded by brandenburg AND used to prosecute a war protester

    2. Good lord, the comments:

      ” I NEVER see people telling men that they need to more objective when they write passionately about something. I am blogger that writes in this manner and I hear this all the time no matter how valid my points are. People have even called me hysterical!”

      How about that?

      1. At least she only used one exclamation point.

      2. To be fair, alot of the comments are critisizing the article for being too condescending and snarky, and generally being useless for convincing people that dont already agree with them to agree with them. A sentiment that I agree with wholeheartedly. I do fit the description of a feminist that this article puts foreward, but after reading what little of it I could stand, i’m much less likely to self identify as such. Because now, even more than before, feminism is associated in my mind with condescending bitchiness.

        1. Wanting equal rights and access is not feminism. If it were, feminists would be against the “free shit just for women” part of the ACA.

          1. as paglia writes, modern feminists are “gender” feminists, not “equity feminists”.

            the former want special rights, constant ‘victim’ status and seek equality of condition

            the latter seek merely equal rights for women

            the latter describe most libertarians. the former are the feministing ilk

    3. “If you are not a feminist (or something blamelessly ignorant, like a baby or a ferret or a college freshman), then you are a bad person. Those are the only options.”

      Thanks for the clarification.

    4. Fuck! I knew I meant to post something in the morning links…. but then I got high.

      Not really, but possibly if CO legalizes MJ. But probably not… stupid need to have a job.

      Anyway, yeah, I kind of love that every few months or so, Jezebel feels the need to post article going “WHY WON’T MORE WOMEN IDENTIFY AS FEMINISTS?! IT MUST BE BECAUSE YOUNG WOMEN ARE BRAINWASHED BY TEH MENZ! PATRIARHY!!!”

      This is funny because the real reason is Jezebel. I mean, look at the article: Do they even bother to acknowledge that one can be libertarian and feminist, like reason’s own Cathy Young or Lucy Steingerwald?

      No. And that is because, in their heart of hearts, they do not believe that “freedom” can knock down all of the oppressive systems like racism and sexism that they rail against. And that is because the third thing they hate is “classism” (followed by cis-genderism and ableism… I wish I did not know these things). They believe that capitalism is inherently evil and exploitative, and only through force can they remedy its inadequacies.

      They could acknowledge they aren’t always right. But to confront all of that would be to have to acknowledge that their view of the world isn’t always right… and instead, they created theories, like “male gaze” so that they never have to be wrong.

      They’re like retarded Jesuits, I suppose.

      1. if you want to see them froth, watch them respond to camille paglia.

  18. Fuck You Slavers, says area man.

    1. So forcing him to pay city employees to do the same job isn’t slavery, I guess.

      1. It’s slaves all the way down.

      2. To be fair, he is from SOUTH Winnipeg.

  19. Of course Jameson endorsed Romney. She’s rich.

    1. That’s what she said.

    2. If she had a single braincell in her head she would have endorsed either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. Unlike Romney and Obama, not only would they let her keep her money they won’t try to score points with Christians or feminists by calling for the criminalization of porn.

  20. Hehe. Man found with “huge cache of guns in trunk in San Francisco. You’ve got to see what they consider a “huge cache of guns”. Also:

    it was thought they may have diverted some kind of planned attack.

    Also in that vehicle was a list of names of political leaders, reportedly including President Barack Obama.

    It’s a good thing they stopped this mastermind who couldn’t remember what the president’s name was without writing it down.

    1. Also, I think one of them is a BB gun.

      1. a cache of guns in san fran speak is a 22 lr plinking rifle, 3 handloaded bullets, a holster, and a copy of guns and ammo

  21. Thank god these brave officers are out there making us safe.

    Three people were charged in an ongoing police sweep Thursday, including a man officials say was walking on Pine Street with a loaded handgun.

    Police also charged a suspected prostitute accused of turning a trick downtown and a man caught sipping liquor beneath a sign that warned: “No drinking.”

    Local, state and federal agents were back on the streets throughout the day as part of the ongoing effort known as “Operation Hot Spots.”

    1. ah yes. cops blamed for enforcing laws placed on the book for legislators.

      the problem isn’t the drinking in public laws. nope.

      it’s the fact that cops dared ENFORCE them


      and if you are going to sip liquor directly beneath a sign that warns against it, you deserve a citation just based on the “dumbass” principle

      jesus christ

      1. You don’t give up your moral agency when you sign up, Dunphy. Maybe you think it’s okay for the legislature to have made those laws. If so, own it rather than passing the blame to them. If not, resign now or refuse to enforce them.

        1. My main beef was with the large “operation hot spots” effort. But yes, for the record, I wouldn’t take a job where I was responsible for enforcing against any of those three “criminal offences”.

      2. How about I blame them for wasting money?

        Local, state and federal agents were back on the streets throughout the day as part of the ongoing effort known as “Operation Hot Spots.”

        1. There were only 3 sentences there. It wouldn’t have killed you to read them all. This wasn’t done during a regular beat patrol. This was a large, inter-agency effort.

      3. No matter how many times it’s pointed out that Superior Orders is not justifiable position when the law is unethical or irrational, Dunphy will not let up.

  22. Just like shooting a loaded gun into a crowd.

    Man gets DUI in an inflatable raft. Bail was set at $2,500.

  23. We must ban high capacity knives.

    Teen kills 8 wounds 5 in China knife attack.

    1. And Meanwhile in Utah:

      Man with gun ends stabbing spree at Utah store

      1. Is now a good time to reopen a national conversation on gun control? Oh, it’s not? Kind of a busy week? I see.

  24. Sometimes you jsut gotta throw them hands up in the air man!


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