Angry Over Arrest, Man Crushes Cop Cars with Tractor


Sort of like this but ten times cooler.

In protest over his recent arrest, a Vermont farmer drove his 15-ton tractor over seven squad cars, the Burlington Free Press reported.

On July 3, Roger Pion was arrested for marijuana possession and resisting arrest. Just days before his arraignment, the 34-year-old drove what one cop described as "pretty much the biggest tractor you can find" over several police vehicles owned by the Orleans County Sheriff's Department, crushing multiple cruisers.

"It's more than half our fleet. We have 11 cars," said Chief Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks

Brooks said five of the damaged vehicles were marked cruisers, and two were unmarked, including a transport van. He said an eighth car, belonging to the department bookkeeper, was pushed out of the way in an effort to get at the cruisers. It had minor damage.

No word on whether the event has inspired Monster Jam to incorporate more NWA into its playlist.

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  1. He said an eighth car, belonging to the department bookkeeper, was pushed out of the way in an effort to get at the cruisers.

    If only the police were so considerate of innocent bystanders.

  2. OT, but too late for the Morning Links:

    Ian Murphy has a list of The 5 Most Awful Atheists.

    Spoiler alert: At least three of the five choices are based on political disagreements, and Joseph Stalin didn’t even make the list.

    1. Or Mao, or Brezhnev.

      1. Pol Pot…really you just list a bunch of communists and you’ve got your list.

        1. Yeah, but could really narrow it down to five?

    2. Penn Gillette?? He’s about as self-effacing and non-offensive as an atheist as you can imagine. What a dick.

      1. Actually, that surprised me less than Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

        1. It isn’t her atheism that rankles the Left, it’s that the object of her antipathy is Islam, not Christianity.

  3. Where’s my hat tip?

    1. It’s been decided that you don’t get hat tips. We don’t want them going to your head.

      1. But I want to be a linkmaster! Or at least a linkjourneyman!

        1. Sorry, guild rules state that you have to start as a linkapprentice first. Look, I don’t make the rules; Linkmaster NutraSweet does. And he’s a real stickler for paying your dues.

          1. And you don’t want to know what “paying your dues” really means.

            1. Is bribery an acceptable substitute?

            2. He’ll find out soon enough. He’ll want to look up “anal prolapse” too.

              1. I may have to take the nuclear option with him. If I kill the current linkmaster I take his title, right? Because I know his secret weakness.

                1. No you don’t. You know the weakness that he purposefully lets out so that when you try to kill him you get a big surprise.

                  Come on, dude, you should be smarter than this. You’re going to have to pay your dues like everyone else. Most of them survived it; you probably will too.

                  1. Just go ahead and take a couple of Aleve now, Auric. You’ll want to stay ahead of the pain.

                  2. He’s read the Evil Overlord List? You’re saying that Milky Ways are his mirror? That tricky bastard. I should have known no one could be a big enough wuss to be scared of candy.

      2. “”We don’t want them going to your head””

        Epi makes pun.

  4. And what’s a man got to do to get some alt-text around here?!

  5. Woo-hoo, we get to post off-topic!

    Barney Frank: “I think it’s entirely legitimate for individuals to say, ‘I don’t want to eat there.’ I don’t think government should discriminate against Chick fil A because of the views of the owner,”…..criminate/

    1. Dude, considering that we have been discussing this one for a while, off-topic would be OK, but not about the fucking CFA!

      1. There’s a CFA link right above this one…

    2. Too late. The Chicago Phoenix is reporting that CFA has had a complaint lodged against it because it bruised the feelings of the ghey:

      The Civil Rights Agenda, a local LGBT rights advocacy group, filed multiple complaints with the Illinois Department of Human Rights Thursday, alleging that the Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A restaurant chain’s “intolerant corporate culture” violates Illinois law and a provision in the state’s Human Rights Act.

      “In our current high speed media and social media environment, Chick-fil-A has announced and caused to be published, to hundreds of millions of people, that LGBT people are unacceptable and objectionable,” said Jacob Meister, Governing Board President of TCRA and the attorney who filed the complaint. “They have made it clear the lives of LGBT individuals are unacceptable to them and that same-gender families are unwelcome at Chick-fil-A…”

      “The complainants are a same-gender family with a daughter,” said Martinez. “Chick-fil-A used to be one of their favorite places to eat until Mr. Cathy’s latest statements were reported so widely. Now, they feel completely unwelcome in the establishment.”

      “Civil rights” being put to work in service of crushing human rights yet again.

      1. Damnit, that was me.

      2. Now, they feel completely unwelcome in the establishment.”

        But are they? If they didn’t notice before learning about those statements, they can’t have been treated very poorly, can they?

        1. I know, it’s like an army of robots just got their marching orders.

      3. But the Reason boards assured me that gay marriage would never be used as a way to make public disapproval of homosexuality illegal.

        This is what this is about. It has nothing to do with marriage. The gay left doesn’t give a shit about marriage. They hate marriage. They just want a way to make their political enemies into criminals.

        1. [Citation needed]

          1. For what? The citation is above. What is the point of filing the complaint if not an attempt to make their political enemies into criminals?

            This may come as a shock to your little PC mind, but gay people can be fascists too.

            1. – For your accusation that we assure you that gay marriage would never be used as a way to make public disapproval of homosexuality illegal.

              – For your assertion that their protest has nothing to do with marriage and that the gay Left in general doesn’t care and hates marriage and just want to see homophobes jailed.

              As far as I’m concerned both assertions are completely baseless hyperbole. But blanket hyperbolic assertions about “The Left” are your specialty.

              1. What Proprietist said.

          2. And you just outed yourself MNG. Why can’t douchebag liberals post under a consistent handle?

            1. I’ve been using this handle for like 3 months now, since Sloopy mentioned it as a possible middle name for the kid. And I’m not MNG. But I can actually see where Mary gets that you’re paranoid, although I still think you’re just a frustrated neocon with slight libertarian leanings.

        2. Wouldn’t hating something be giving a shit about it?
          You should have stuck with the first. I’m sure a lot don’t really care about marriage, but like it as a way to poke at their political enemies. I see no reason to believe that anyone hates it. I think that straight men, on the whole, probably hate it the most.

          1. Sorry, that was a bit disjointed and vague. I see no reason to believe that many lefty gays hate marriage.

          2. Leftists, particularly of the feminist and gay variety have long sought to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with the state.

            1. It’s cause they get tarnished, just like their brand, so name change needed. You know like communist to socialist to progressive to liberal and then back to progressive…

        3. It’s a complaint, John, not an act of law. You can file a human rights complaint if someone doesn’t say good morning to you when you pass them on the street.

      4. filed multiple complaints with the Illinois Department of Human Rights

        Why do I doubt they have anything to do with protecting actual human rights?

        1. Experience?

    3. Woah, Barney Frank. Talk about wisdom from unexpected sources.

    4. Barney Frank approves.

      This is clearly an insidious plot to make sure everyone now believes the opposite of what he says.

  6. Which of our regulars are Vermonters?

    1. Fluffy, Kristen (aka KK), me (sort of. for 22/24 years of my life).

      1. As Vermont is the Mirror Universe’s New Hampshire. Which one is me with a goatee?

        1. No facial hair here.

          1. So it’s Kristen, I knew it!

            1. I totally have to shave, like, all the time!

              1. Vermont women. Ugh.

          2. Aren’t you a Masshole now anyway?

            1. Who me? Never.

              1. No, Auric. You’re a New Hampshireite, right?

                1. Yes.

                2. Speaking as a New Hampshire native and current resident, I believe that the proper term for a New Hampshire resident is “pigfucker”.

            2. Yup. That’s why I said 22/24. I’ve officially been a Mass resident for about 2 weeks now. Though maybe I should have kept doing the tax evading route.

      2. There’s also degrees of Vermontiness, too. Bennington is not as VT as Burlington, which is not as VT as St. Albans, which is nowhere near as VT as St. Johnsbury.

        Then there’s Rutvegas and Ed Tulliper.

        1. I grew up on a French Canadian farm in the NEK in the shadow of Jay Peak. Bam. So much Vermontiness.

          1. The Kingdom is an enclave within Vermont. Hopefully this story teaches the rest of the country that guns alone will not restore the republic, the tractor attack must take place first!

            In other VT news, the outhouse!

    2. This looks more like a Lew Rockwell reader’s deed.

      1. Nah, he was arrested for marijuana not for following the paleo diet while ordering some new Vibrams from Amazon.

    3. and I own a tractor.

      1. Ever use it in a tractor pull?

        1. I have been to a tractor pull, though not as a participant.

        2. to pull other tractors that got stuck, yes. At the Fair, no.
          Not exactly truck-o-saurus:

          1. SF’ed.

            1. Google image Ford 4000 tractor.

  7. What??? No multiple hat-tips?

  8. Wish I was on that jury.

  9. The only man with guts in this country to stand up against law enforcement without hurting a soul (which I approve of as a Nonviolent). He deserves a metal from the liberty community and I’ll be happy to pay toward his damage costs. The authoritarian plutocracy running this country could learn a thing or two from this gentleman. Law enforcement has been allowed far too much leeway to fuck with adult liberties one of which should be the freedom to toke an organic.

    I could never be a cop. I’m just not going to charge someone for chalking sidewalks or smoking a joint. Christ, where do they find miserable creatures willing to do so?

    1. Apparently he was arrested in Newport Vermont by the town police but thanks to marijuana induced hysteria retaliated against the Sheriff.

      1. For the most part it’s a safe bet that if you get arrested in that county it’s due to the Sheriffs. Newport is about the only exception.

        1. Tim will never get this, ‘cles.

  10. If you’ve been smashing and destroying cop cars with a tractor, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was angry and had a tractor. There are a lot of angry people with tractors out there. It must be because I was more brazen or determined than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of brazen and/or determined people out there.

    “If you were smashing cars with a tractor, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that allowed you to obtain that tractor. Somebody invested in the roads you used to get to the police station. If you’ve got a tractor for smashing cars, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” he said. “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

    1. The gift that keeps on giving.

      1. The whole election season.

  11. I also live in the Green Mountain People’s Republic.

    It’s not so bad if you can ignore the SNAFUs that are Burlington and Montpelier.

    1. Dammit, that was supposed to be a reply to Scarcity.

      I’m gonna get out a gun and shoot a squirrel this afternoon.

    2. Don’t forget Bennington.

      1. I make it a point to.

      2. Must I?

        1. Dammit again!

  12. That’s how you play in the pigpen. Smash pigcarts, flip deputies the bird, drive off while smoking a fattie.

  13. Well you know, when the boys get that syrup in’em, they gets a little rowdy.

  14. That story and the pic of the obliterated cop cars really made my day, I was lmao. The guy smoked some of the devils weed and then hallucinated little Libertarian demons flying around his head saying ‘hey dude, see them fuzz mobiles over there? Sure would be cool to get in the tractor and run over all of em, bwhhahhhahaaaaa’.

    But to be serious now, this new reefer madness tractor menace has to be stopped. We can start by banning tractors. But in case there are still some black market tractors around, we should give the DEA new funding to get some tanks and attack copters as a defense against pot smoking tractor driving extremists. I bet this guy turns out to be a tea partier and that there was a Ron Paul sticker on the tractor.

    1. I bet this guy turns out to be a tea partier and that there was a Ron Paul sticker on the tractor.

      You’ve clearly never been to Lowell (which is where I assume the farmer is from based on his name).

    2. I was almost raped by a black market tractor on a dark country night. Clearly, we need to put these bitches on a drone kill list.

  15. I nominate this man for folk hero status. Who wants to write the drinking song?

    1. I could write it but it would bomb on Youtube because the truth is a searing iron to the hearts of blind citizens… However, I WILL fucking drink to the song, count me in on this!

  16. On July 3, Roger Pion was arrested for marijuana possession and resisting arrest. Just days before his arraignment, the 34-year-old drove what one cop described as “pretty much the biggest tractor you can find” over several police vehicles owned by the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, crushing multiple cruisers.

    “It’s more than half our fleet. We have 11 cars,” said Chief Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks

    Roger Pion…. This Bud’s For You!@! MY HERO

  17. In real life, actions have consequences.
    Looks like the sheriff [and all his underlings]just earned a time out.
    They can be glad it wasn’t somebody from Mendocino County, they would have just blown up the whole place.

    1. Back in the 80s, I knew a guy who got REALLY pissed off about being wrongfully arrested…

  18. “Don’t Tread on Me”… has got a new strapline =

    “Or I Will Crush Your Shit With My Tractor”

    I note that @ the Burlington Free Press, the main story is now about how he was “carrying a gun at the time”.

    Well, that settles it – he’s a Tea Party Terrorist and Bloomberg was right

    Also, the #3 most popular story there? =
    “”Bath salts’ a triple killer in Vermont, Shumlin says

    Tripple Killah!! Moral Panic!!

  19. Reason needs to add a “Hero of Liberty of the Month” in addition to their “Nanny of the Month.” This guy gets the first nomination.

    … Hobbit

    1. A defense fund should be set up to help this guy out.

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