Third Parties

Obama Campaign Thinks Johnson Votes Will Help Re-election

Democrats believe third-party votes in swing states will give them majority.


President Barack Obama's re-election effort is paying close attention to two candidates mounting third-party campaigns for the presidency, believing they could draw votes from Republican rival Mitt Romney and help Obama win a few tightly contested states.

One candidate is Virgil Goode, a former conservative Virginia congressman who is running as a member of the Constitution Party. The other is Gary Johnson, a former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico who is the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee.

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  1. Does anyone else see a “Mitt Romney For President” ad at the bottom of this article?

    How about people just not vote at all? I mean, by this point we should be old enough to realize that the next guy to grab the golden gun is not going to bring us rainbow-farting unicorn puppies. Never going to happen.

  2. I really disagree. I think Johnson will get votes that went to Obama in 2008 from people disillusioned with Obama’s continuation with Bush-era policies such as waging unconstitutional wars and trampling the Bill of Rights.

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