Mitt Denies "Anglo-Saxon" Advantage, Gun Sales Surge, Greenland Melt Just the Same-Old: P.M. Links


  • UK police providing Olympic security.

    Mitt Romney's campaign denies reports that an aide pointed to the candidate's "Anglo-Saxon heritage" as an advantage in U.S.-British relations. Such an advantage seems unlikely unless Mitt can acquire a taste for gin.

  • Firearms sales surge in the United States as people seek the means to defend themselves—and to stockpile weapons before control freaks like Michael Bloomberg have a chance to exploit the Aurora shooting to impose draconian laws.
  • While early reports called the current melting of Greenland's ice sheet "unprecedented," the data shows it happens every 150 years. Such bad science reporting is, of course, unprecedented.
  • Welcome to London! Now, spread 'em! Security efforts for the Olympics have militarized British streets with armed troops, missiles, razor wire and electric fences. Sounds like a great time to suppress that craving for fish and chips.
  • A total of $840,000 was awarded to 96 victims of Minnesota's now-disbanded multi-jurisdiction Metro Gang Strike Force, which illegally broke into people's homes, stole property and injured innocent people. No officer has yet been charged with a crime.
  • Up to 900 medical-marijuana dispensaries may be forced to close after the Los Angeles city council banned them pending guidance from California's highest court.
  • The FBI will review police shootings in Anaheim, California, including one of an unarmed man. The incidents sparked violent protests.

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