Joe Scarborough Finds a New Scapegoat for the Aurora Shootings


Here's a little number I call "Long Distance Diagnosis."

When I heard about the Batman massacre, I expected the usual arguments about gun control, pop culture, and the violence allegedly at the core of the Tea Party movement and/or Occupy. But I didn't expect this:

"You don't want to generalize," MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said today before saying that James Holmes, the suspected Aurora, Colo., shooter, was "on the autism scale."

"As soon as I hear about this shooting, I knew who it was. I knew it was a young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society—it happens time and time again. Most of it has to do with mental health; you have these people that are somewhere, I believe, on the autism scale," said Scarborough, whose son has Asperger's syndrome. "I don't know if that's the case here, but it happens more often than not. People that can walk around in society, they can function on college campuses—they can even excel on college campuses—but are socially disconnected."

Joe Scarborough: bringing you scoops straight from his ass.

[Via Landon Bryce.]

Update: Maybe I should have expected it. Apparently the same baseless speculation has happened before.

NEXT: Blood Money? Entreprenuers Create Market For Blood.

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  1. I still haven’t heard enough “This is the result of the breakdown in the family unit.” excuses yet.

    1. It’s the war on Christmas!

    2. Apparently his mom was not surprised. Doesn’t that make her guilty for not bringing her son’s apparently mental issues to the proper authorities?

  2. Holy shit! Is he trying to get fired? Why not just label an entire segment of the population with a disability as being more likely to commit a terrorist attack.

    Oh, nevermind. That’s exactly what he just did.

    1. population with a disability

      How neurotypical of you.

      1. How cispychic of him.

        1. How cognormative of him.

          1. Did you just make up a new word? How marvelous.

            1. I’d better trademark it before Gawker gets wind.

              1. Gawker has wind already, in the British euphemistic sense of the word.

        2. I just realized that your portmanteau would have been equally impressive if you hadn’t forgotten the s in psychic.

          1. Don’t you dare oppress us transspellers. Tramp.

            1. Uh oh. Dyslexia may be next on the list of differentabilities to go on the no-fly list. Look at you and Sug alone. Or don’t, if you value your corneas.

  3. This means… wait for it… VACCINES! Vaccines caused the shootings!

    1. bachman wasnt far fm that sorta nonsense

    2. “Fricking mercury!”

      1. “Curse you, thiomersal! How did they know my one weakness?!?”

        1. Or spelling…your other weakness!

    3. Jenny McCarthy is now going to use this to vindicate herself…

  4. “…Most of it has to do with mental health; you have these people that are somewhere, I believe, on the autism scale,” said Scarborough, whose son has Asperger’s syndrome.

    So we should lock up Joe’s son before he has the chance to strike?

    1. Yes. It’s only a matter of time before he starts subjecting us to his inane twaddle, just like his father.

  5. I’m sorry, but this statement is just too convenient. He wants out of his MSNBC contract, and the only way that will happen is if he offends an entire group of disabled people or he calls the NAACP a bunch of niggers on the air.

    No sane person makes a statement like this unless it’s a calculated move. And as much as I think Scarborough is an idiot, I’m not going to question his sanity.

    1. No sane person makes a statement like this unless it’s a calculated move.

      I think you give him way too much credit.

    2. What if a pundit made some speculation, but no one was around to hear it, would it still be fantastically stupid?

      1. You just described every MSNBC telecast.

        1. threadwin

  6. The lights are growing dim, Otto. I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry fate, and yet, I blame society. Society made me what I am.

    1. That’s bullshit. You’re a white suburban punk just like me.

      1. Yeah, but it still hurts.

        1. You’re gonna be ok, man.

      2. It’s from Repo Man

        1. And of course I just realize that Warty’s quote is from Repo man, after I click submit:(

          1. I’ll give you another instance. You know the way everybody’s into weirdness right now. Books in all the supermarkets about Bermuda triangles, UFOs, how the Mayans invented television. That kind of thing.

          2. Your mistake is an easy one to make. All Warty does is quote from movies because of his condition.

            Please respect his neurodiversity.

            1. John Wayne was a fag. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood, and he came to the door in a dress.

              1. Strange, but all of the sudden, Repo Man makes all kinds of sense to me.

              2. The hell he was!

            2. So, how soon untill Warty shoots up a room full of people, because of his neurodiversity?

              1. Depends on the room, I guess.

              2. He won’t use a gun and what he’ll be shoot won’t be bullets.

                1. plate o’ shrimp!

  7. Re-ban EXTENDED MAGS (not guns)

    The AZ, Norway, and CO mass shootings all had EXTENDED MAGS

    1. I see your point! They also all had footwear!

      1. oh and air! they all used air!

        ban air!…or something, mumble mumble

      2. these killers are stopped when they reload fool

        1. Only when there is someone around to stop them. Like someone with a concealed carry weapon.

          1. Since he was wearing body armor you’d probably need a few extra rounds in your gun to successfully take him down. Hope some fool doesn’t go and ban high capacity magazines again.

            1. I think this tragedy is a perfect example of why civilians should have access to armor-piercing ammunition.

              1. I think this tragedy is a perfect example of why civilians should have access to armor-piercing ammunition.

                I fail to see a reason why they shouldn’t.

            2. Was he wearing body armor on his face?

              1. Just a gas mask, which, last I checked, is not bullet proof.

          2. nope – the AZ shooter fumbled around reloading and was tackled

            1. yeah and this guy didn’t know immediate actions for a jam with his AR-15, so he had to switch to a pistol long before he got through his extended magazine. you could also argue that if everyone had rushed him rather than panic and try to escape, he would have killed far fewer before he was overwhelmed, but that’s not really human nature for 98% of people, which is why less restricted gun laws work even if it’s easier for criminals to get guns. Even if you are armed, nobody wants to be the one who gets shot.

            2. Hey idiot boy he had 30 round extended mags that tend to jam more frequently than middle capacity magazines. Loughner probably had a feed failure and this is what slowed him down (anyone more familiar with the details please feel free to tell me I’m full of shit…not you anal cubed you’re “Double-Stuft”)

              1. Loughner didn’t have a FTF. He got tackled while trying to reload.

              2. He only had 30 round mags and (unfortunately) hit with almost every round, which is very unusual for these types of shooters.

        2. these killers are stopped when they reload fool

          These killers are stopped when someone else with a gun shows up and demonstrates the will to use it.

          1. “Shows up” is correct because these incidents tend to happen in gun-free zones where law abiding people are unarmed.

            1. great plan sar – smoke, teargas, a dark theater, and a dozen armed amped-up civilans doing the killers job.

              1. You would prefer that people die rather than defend themselves.

                That’s fucked up.

            2. Colorado is a conceal/carry state.

              1. Colorado is a conceal/carry state.

                The theater franchise does not allow law abiding citizens to carry on their property.

                1. so i guess they wouldve arrested anyone trying to shoot the killer then?!?

                  1. so i guess they wouldve arrested anyone trying to shoot the killer then?!?

                    You really see no difference between initiating and reacting, do you?

                    1. i can count 12 dead and 50 wounded

                      question is – how much higher are the wingnuts willing to count?

                    2. Hey urine, mis-use of a pickup truck caused even more deaths in Texas (13), so I guess you think we should ban pickup trucks, amirite?

              2. and the theater banned concealed carry. i’ve never (at least noticed) any movie theatre i’ve gone to here in WA that “banned” such, nor would it affect me IF i was carrying.

                granted, i very very rarely carry offduty, but i have carried at movies before

                1. nor would it affect me IF i was carrying.

                  Must be nice not being encumbered by that which you enforce on little people.

                  1. please show the last time i have enforced this on anybody

                    if a place had a no guns thang and somebody was caught with a gun, they would be asked to leave

                    if i was caught, i would (likely) be asked to leave

                    no disparate treatment

                    but i don’t carry on a CCW. i carry on a badge, and many businesses that band carry on a CCW don’t ban on a badge. depends on how the sign reads

                    regardless, i’d rather be kicked out of the business. big deal

                    which is the same treatment somebody else would get.

                    in grad school,i told the dean i might choose to carry contrary to campus rules. he said he thought the rule was stupid and could not care less, but we both agreed IF i was caught, it could result in expulsion

                    iow, you take calculated risks as part of daily life, whether cop or ‘civilian’…. no need for double standards alleged

                    1. as usual, sarcasmic makes a bogus double standard claim. btw, the one place i never carry is COURT unless on duty. that’s because it’s AGAINST THE LAW.

                    2. no disparate treatment

                      but i don’t carry on a CCW. i carry on a badge, and many businesses that band carry on a CCW don’t ban on a badge.


              3. doesnt fit the wingnut screeds

                1. You’re a good dog….almost as affectionate as T o n y.

                2. Didn’t know about the theater rule. Are there stats to support the idea that these things happen more often in gun-free zones? While I respect gun rights, I have a hard time believing that guns would have deterred a nutjob like this guy any more than the death penalty would.

                  1. I have a hard time believing that guns would have deterred a nutjob like this guy

                    I agree, however I am quite certain that the body count would have been a lot smaller had someone in the front row been armed.

                    1. oh so now it’s “front row” huh?

                      rethought armed civilans shooting from back rows eh?

                      what could possibly go wrong?

                      goalposts – move it!

                    2. if things COULD go wrong with CCW’s, they would have.

                      the stats have proven CCW’ers to be about the most law abiding demographic that exists, short of mormon grandmothers.


                      these are stats, not conjecture

                      i’d rather look at empirical evidence as to what DOES go wrong, not what COULD

                      i know the stats, and i have responded to several shootings as well where “armed civilians” were present.

                      they have shown immense restraint and i have yet to read of one shooting wildly into a crowd.

                      stats matter. reality matters

                      conjecture means jackshit when stats refute conjecture

                    3. rethought armed civilans shooting from back rows eh?

                      I never even considered it because I don’t think anyone, well anyone other than you that is, is that stupid.

                    4. it’s pretty clear considering that the shootings NEARLY always happen IN gun free zones that the shooters CHOOSE gun free zones

                      also, in several interrogations of spree shooters, the shooters have admitted they CHOSE their location based on several criteria, to include minimal to no likelihood of armed people around – iow gun free zone

                      gun free zones are very effective at creating victims.

                      at least in court, a gun free zone (except for on duty law enforcement on official business e.g. testifying), ALL are screened so no gunz, MEANS no gunz

                      gun free zone, just means no LAWFUL carriers of gunz

                      fwiw, when i was a cop in hawaii, even the cops couldn’t carry in court. only the bailiffs (and i presume a judge or two) could carry

                    5. And Dunphy, I’m looking for stats, not anecdotes. I’m familiar with all the talking points, but those don’t seem to be very effective in convincing others to support gun rights. Actual, hard numbers might be.

                    6. I’m looking for stats, not anecdotes.

                      Columbine, VT, Ft Hood, and the theater were all gun free zones.
                      Only the AZ parking lot was not.

                      Seems to me that 80% of the last high profile shooting were in gun free zones.

                    7. i have no problems with stats and anecdotes.

                      if i am talking about emergency medicine, i will accept anecdotes from an ER doc with 20 yrs experience.

                      i think a cop, in busy districts with 20 yrs experience in (mostly) shall issue jurisdictions has useful anecdotes.

                      i really don’t care if some people think otherwise.

                      i deal with shooting, and FAR more often people with CCW’s using their guns to DETER violence than the rest of the reason blogerati combined. experience can yield useful info

                      and what i have found is that my experience MATCHES the overwhelming statistical data that has been cited here ad nauseum

                      1) ccw’er are very law abiding on average
                      2) misuse of CCW gunz is extremely rare
                      3) spree shooters TEND to choose gun free zones

                      those are facts, not opinion

                    8. And lets not forget that in the AZ parking lot, a guy was running around the corner prepared to stop the attacker. Because he was trained, he knew not to shoot the guy that stopped the shooter and happened to be holding the gun.

                      Also, it was a Democratic Party rally. Doubt too many CCWs in that crowd.

                    9. Because he was trained, he knew not to shoot the guy that stopped the shooter and happened to be holding the gun.

                      Probably because the guy who happened to be holding the gun wasn’t holding it in a shooting position.

                      If you walk in to crazy psychopath original shooter vs fine upstanding CCW citizen in the midst of a gun battle, how the fuck are you going to tell the difference?

                    10. My point is that it seems unlikely Loughner could have gotten off 100 shots like Holmes did because it wasn’t in a restricted area and people could carry guns legally in and around the premises.

                      And if I am a CCW holder trapped in a theater with a mad gunman firing randomly into the crowd, I’m going to take my chances that somebody might mistake me for the shooter on accident to potentially save lives, including my own.

                    11. Columbine, VA Tech, and Ft Hood were chosen for reasons that had nothing to do with CCW or lack thereof. It’s where the shooters worked/went to school.

                      From the incidents you cite, only the theater and the Safeway were places the shooter chose from multiple possibilities.

                    12. . . . I am quite certain that the body count would have been a lot smaller had someone in the front row been armed.

                      I think that’s a compelling argument in favor of gun rights. I was referring to your earlier statement that “these incidents tend to happen in gun-free zones where law abiding people are unarmed.”

                  2. Think about where these things happen: Movie theatre with “no guns” signs posted, schools, army base with restricted guns, sweden.

                    Pretty much looks like if you are in a gun-free zone you are more likely to get caught in a rampage.

            3. The Loughner/Giffords incident happened in an Arizona Safeway; AZ is a totally unlicensed CCW state and the Safeway had no ban on firearms.

              I’m totally for CCW but it really isn’t a cure-all.

              1. It’s a helluva better cure-all than saying “Ah, well. We can afford to surely wait five minutes until the cops get here.”

    2. That’s a stupid perk anyway and no one uses it. Besides, if you ban that perk, they’ll just equip scavenger or just take their fallen enemies guns and use those.

      1. To choose that perk over more movement points or greater accuracy, you would have to be an idiot. Even ultra-violence which has no useful in game function is a better perk.

    3. Fucking tape, how does it work?

      What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

      1. show me where ewxtended mags are mentioned in the constitution wingnut

        1. make that “extended”

          1. They’re mentioned by another name: arms.

            Your argument is bullshit, as pistols, revolvers, rifles, tazers and myriad other “arms” are not mentioned specifically.

            By your fucked up definition, blogging, television, radio, movies, and a whole host of other speech isn’t mentioned either, and should be censored at the government’s discretion.

            1. And the 4A does not apply to a computer, phone or PDA, and the government should be free to confiscate those things at any time without a warrant to check and see what’s on them. And ATF, CIA or FBI agents can be quartered in your house since they’re not specifically mentioned in the 3A.

              Christ on a cracker. You’re fucking stupid.

            2. By your fucked up definition, blogging, television, radio, movies, and a whole host of other speech isn’t mentioned either, and should be censored at the government’s discretion

              Well, duh!! As long as the right people are censoring!!! Amiright?!?!?

            3. extended mags =/ tv, movies, or footware

              1. intertoobz, laser jet printers etc. are at least as much modern technology as extended mags.

                none existed when the constitution was signed

                so i guess we need to get special govt. permission before posting on the internet. clearly, it’s not covered by the 1st, since it’s radical new technology!

                1. the only purpose for extended mags is to kill people. no-one ive ever seen, in the military or out, uses extended mags for target shooting and state divisions of wildlife ban excess ammo capacity to hunt with.

                  extended mags were used in the last 3 mass shootings which aint random.

                  extended mags were previously banned and the republic survived.

                  1. No, guns and bullets are for killing people…extended mags are for reducing the need to reload. And the military doesn’t need to use extended magazines on its assault rifles; it has access to fully automatic, belt fed machine guns capable of firing 3,500 rounds a minute. Wake the fuck up.

                    1. fortunately the state divisions of wildlife protect animals better than that by limiting ammo capacity

                    2. fortunately the state divisions of wildlife protect animals better than that by limiting ammo capacity

                      Jesus, how many shots does it take for you to drop a deer?!

                    3. Earlier, you stated that high capacity magazines were only used for killing people; I agree btw. No one hunts with such weapons. So your argument that park rangers and such are somehow protecting animals by limiting ammo capacity is laughable.

                  2. “the only purpose for extended mags is to kill people”

                    The purpose of a militia (explicitly mentioned in the second amendment) is for killing people. The second amendment exists so that communities can protect themselves from violence through violence, not to protect hunting and recreational shooting.

                    1. no – the first “purpose” is to *DETER*.

                      as sun tsu wrote the best victory is the won you did NOT have to fight

                    2. Hi cap mags seem like a pretty good deterrent to me…

                2. Well, interestingly enough, we need to get special government permission before broadcasting on the AM, FM, TV or short-wave bands, even though broadcasting is no less a means of publication than a printing press, precisely because electromagnetic communication also didn’t exist when the constitution was signed. We are very lucky that the internet 1) doesn’t REQUIRE the use of wireless spectrum space; and 2) came about in a political climate, which was very different than the one that spawned the FCC and the federal takeover of the radio spectrum (under “interstate commerce” justification, of course).

                  1. no-one ive ever seen, in the military or out, uses extended mags for target shooting

                    This is fucking retarded. I’ve bought large magazines SPECIFICALLY for target shooting. That way I can spend more time shooting and less time reloading.

        2. show me where ewxtended (sic) mags are mentioned in the constitution wingnut

          Careful your ignorance is showing. The Constitution was not intended to spell out all of the rights of US Citizens or their limitations. It was meant to limit the government. You should read it sometime.

          1. tell me how the republic fell when extended mags were previously banned.

            1. That’s the point jack ass… the right to bear arms was established in the Constitution in order to ensure that this republic could fall at the hands of it’s people should it become too oppressive. Banning extended magazines helps ensure that the state will always outgun those it seeks to oppress. The 2nd amendment was intended to allow people to protect themselves from government should that need arise.

              1. even the military doesnt use extended mags

                1. even the military doesnt use extended mags

                  No, they typically use 30+ round magazines that were made illegal under the assault weapons ban along with high capacity drums. I notice you can’t actually refute any of my arguments….do the world a favor and go read a book.

                  1. 12 dead and 50 wounded aint an argument

                    1. You’re delusional if you think that those people wouldn’t have been shot if not for his ability to use “Extended Magazines”. Just because one man decides to do evil doesn’t mean you should disarm the American public and leave them vulnerable to the state you love so very much and so very blindly. And you’re right, 12 dead and 50 wounded is not an argument…so why are you arguing that it should be the reason why we ban extended mags?

                    2. The military doesn’t use extended mags, like the 100 round drum because they jam a lot. We use 30 round mags in our M4/M16A4s and usually keep a few rounds our so as not to over tension the spring in the magazine. A lot of people were saved 1) because he used an unreliable extended magazine, and 2) because he didn’t know the immediate action for a jam.

            2. You should open a strawman factory.

              Should we ban cars? The republic was fine without them.

              Should we ban computers? The republic was fine without them.

              Should we ban electricity? The republic was fine without them.

              The list could go on and on.

              1. You should open a strawman factory.

                He already has. We’re all soaking in it now.

              2. oh let me play too sloopy!

                if we ban crew-serviced, heavy weapons w 1000 round belts…we may as well ban *EVERYTHING*

        3. some arms need magazines. The size of them vary. It would be an infringement to limit the size of your magazines because that would limit the extent to which you bear arms. So the “shall not be infringed” part of the constitution is what breaks your argument.

          1. and yet the republic survived the previous ban

            1. the republic survived the alien and sedition act, too!

              i guess we shoudl reinstate it

              the republic survived laws against interacial marriage!!

              let’s bring ’em back!!

              jesus christ

            2. by that logic, we could take away your freedom of speech, and as long as the USA is still here after 10 years, who cares. the Republic survived.

            3. extended mags =/ interracial marrage, nor free speech, or the internet.


              1. extended mags =/ interracial marrage, nor free speech, or the internet.

                Maybe to gun owners they do = each other. Who the fuck are you to tell me which rights are important and which ones aren’t? Fuck you, asshole.

                1. again, where’s the wingnut outrage over the crew-serviced, heavy waepons ban?

                2. To money launderers, money laundering is like interracial marriage too.

          2. Extended magazines are by definition not necessary for the operation of the arms for which they are designed. Otherwise they wouldn’t be extended, they’d be standard.

            So restricting the size of magazines to some reasonable amount (10 is waaaay too low for sporting or even self-defense purposes) is not going to prevent anyone from bearing arms for lawful purposes.

            You absolutely do NOT need a 100 round magazine for anything lawful.

      2. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

        The whole thing, apparently.

        1. Lefttards only understand the correct definitions of terms like those – and if the words don’t fit in leftiverse then they are ignored.

          Kinda like Newspeak.

    4. Of course in this case his 100 round drum jammed and he had to switch to another weapon. Your mag ban will be about as useful as the banning of Tec-9s. Those weapons were very prone to jam, banning them just meant the thugs would have to use more reliable weapons.

      1. the normal mag wouldve had 20 rounds. how many rounds did he use before the jam?

        1. the previous assault weapons ban limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

          1. I’m pretty sure he didn’t give a crap about your limited magazine capacity laws.

            1. he wouldve had to reload sooner and couldve been tackled like in AZ

              1. Unfortunately, that’s not human nature. By that logic, they could have stopped him right off the bat with far fewer casualties if they had all just rushed him when he started shooting. Noone wants to be the one to get shot so everyone tried to escape. That meant he was able to switch weapons a couple times before the ordeal ended. BTW, i’m a Marine. It takes a lot longer to switch from a rifle to a shotgun than it does to reload a magazine.

            2. I hate limited magazine capacity regulations. It serves only to reduce the effectiveness of the American people to fight a tyrannical government should the need arise.

              1. and so we suffer monsterous mass killings while waiting, and waiting for (the inevitable?) black choppers in the nite?!?

                1. even when there WAS a ban, preban mags were grandfathered in.

                  iow, they were fucking everywhere

                  1. so do nothing because we cant do everything?!

                    1. no. allow law abiding citizens more access to guns. People like Holmes are looking for a target rich environment. They don’t want a room full of threats. They want to go to a place like a school or a movie theater where everyone is unarmed and helpless. If there was a chance that people in that audience had been armed, he likely would not have attempted his massacre there.

                    2. No one is saying “do nothing.” We’re arguing that the answer to this tragedy is not restricting the freedom of law abiding citizens.

                2. No, we suffer monstrous mass killings because some people are monsters. Should be lock down the entire country and track every single individual simply to save lives? Does freedom have no value to you? People who want to kill people will continue to do so no matter how many laws you throw in their way.

                  1. ^this

                    and the best protection is an armed citzenry

                    we use intelligence where we get it (terry stops btw are an excellent source of intel. heck, even parking tickets can be … see Son of Sam) but realistically speaking, spree killers are going to slip through craacks occasionally. we don’t lock people up in the US even if they are “crazy”. they need to be determined imminent danger, and i say that as somebody who has involuntarily committed many dozens of people.

                    armed citizenry is the first and best defense

                    we are ALL responsible for public safety

                    1. we are ALL responsible for public safety

                      I think you’ve revealed o3’s deficiency. He hates responsibility. He wants someone to take free will and personal choice out of the equation and just tell him how to live his life. That way his failures are the fault of someone else. He is the perfect drone.

                    2. yup. the ignorati like epi claim i am an authoritarian statist (i believe in legalization of drugs and prostitution, stronger restrictions on both search and seizure, far less state power in general to include police power, abolition of the IRS, absolutely no immigration enforcement by locals, RKBA universally, bla bla so he’s full of shit) but ultimately, the worst statists are those who would reserve the role of self protection and the protection of our loved ones to those who CANNOT do so – the cops. we cannot be at the scenes of most crimes and in many, if not most cases, we respond after the violence is mostly done. do we save lives? fuck yea. and due to selection bias, etc. we won’t get that cred. but what is LESS statist than believing that ALL people (with rare exceptions – convicted violent felons, etc.) are tasked with the responsibility of protecting themselves and their loved ones

                      CITiZENS not subjects!

                    3. CO allows CC

                      how do you know there werent armed citizens in the audience?

                    4. Most likely there were not since the theater did not allow guns and law abiding citizens wanting to see TDKR probably followed the rules. That notwithstanding, how do you know there were?

      2. Those weapons were very prone to jam

        There was a time when all semiauto firearms were prone to jam regardless of magazine size. The technology, design, and fabrication methods improved and now there are cheap semiautos that are extremely reliable.

        What happens when this becomes so for the large magazines?

    5. “Well, I was going to go all ape shit and shoot a bunch of people at the local movie theater, but extended mags are illegal. Oh well, I guess I’ll go learn needlepoint instead.”

      -Jim Holmes, in an alternate universe where extended mags are still illegal.

      1. nope – like in AZ, he wouldve been forced to reload sooner and folks couldve tackled him…like in AZ

        1. nope, he would have still used a 100 round drum. Do you honestly think a guy who meticulously plans to murder a movie theater full of people and set booby traps to kill cops when they come to investigate his apartment gives a damn about magazine laws?

          1. This is the point I was trying to make. Should have known lefty douche-nozzle wouldn’t get it.

          2. he couldnt have purchased extended mags if they were banned like previously.

            1. Drugs are illegal. Can you purchase those?

              1. Don’t bother, Rhino; he’s a fucking troll. You’d be better off arguing with a brick wall. At least brick walls don’t spew insipid bullshit all over the fucking thread.

                1. yeah. all i can hope for is to teach him to think things through. Like to think that there are plenty of examples of things that are illegal, yet that doesn’t stop people from acquiring them.

            2. fake IDs are illegal. So obviously nobody can get those.

              1. “hard drugs” are illegal, too.

                and prices have been dropping for a few decades

                cocaine is cheaper now, inflation adjusted, than it was when i was in college.

                but it’s ILLEGAL!!! (well, except when used in surgery but i digress)

                1. unlike criminal gangs, extended mag manufactures can be sued.

                  i hope the victims families sue these merchants-of-death outta existence!

        2. Nope. He may instead have brought all the fucking bombs he booby trapped his apartment with and blew the entire fucking theater up. Pretty sure THAT would have lead to a higher body count than the fact that he had extended magazines, you fucking numbnuts.

          1. Oh, and guess what? Making and possessing bombs is FUCKING ILLEGAL. Somehow, that didn’t stop him.

  8. Does it look like Scarborough is giving the white power salute here?

    I blame Joe Scarborough for the possible increase in white supremacy groups in America with his irresponsible salute that could be easily confused for a neo-Nazi’s.

    1. That’s not a white power salute, that’s the Penn State tower of power fist.

      Note: Do not google “tower of power fist”

      1. **Googles “tower of power fist”**

        Nothing there. However, if you were to google image search “human fudgesicle,” you may be surprised with the results…

        1. What? Those bastards took down all my art!

          1. You couldn’t pay me enough money to click that link.

  9. Don Imus likes to refer to Scarborough as “Banjo Boy”. It’s one of my favorite monikers, and pretty appropriate in his case.

    1. Tread lightly when you mock Banjos.

      1. Ban Jews? You racist!

    2. Baaaaaaanjoooooooooo!!!!

    3. Baannjjoo!!!!

  10. It’s statements like Scarborough’s that make me question whether liberals have an actual sense of morality. They seem to prefer one of several alternatives to actually condemning a person’s actions. Pop psychology is one. I imagine what went through his head when he said it was something like, “I hope this is weighty and relevant enough”. Words that sometimes accompany morality, while never actually believing that the guy DID anything wrong.

    1. Are you only now figuring this out?

    2. Scarborough is the token “conservative” of MSNBC.

      1. no – he’s suddenly converted to a commie traitor…plus vaccines!

        1. he’s first and foremost a JOURNALIST before his ideology counts. there is a reason why journalists constantly rank so low on polling data, in terms of respect and trust

          the media sees a vacuum, the “WHY”. and they WILL fill it, whether or not they have the evidence to do so rationally

          they see it as their job

    3. No, Lisa, the village did something wrong. They’re really painting themselves into a corner with their hatred of the individual. If individuals can’t do good things (like invent the Model T automobile) on their own, then surely individuals can’t be held responsible for bad things they do.

      1. For some reason, I got “No, Lisa . .” and the rest of the message played out in Homer Simpson’s voice.

        1. You are not alone in that.

        2. “Lisa needs braces”

    4. Liberals fundamentally do not believe in free will. We’re born blank slates and shaped by (mostly) our environments, thus every person’s actions has to have an external explanation. Even if it’s an internal explanation, like a brain disorder, it’s still not our fault because our brains made us do it.

      Not to say this position doesn’t have some basic merit to it, but the total neglect of individual agency makes one wonder – if you don’t think any human being has free will, what makes you think that? Did your environment or your genes make you a liberal or was it a personal choice. And if it wasn’t a personal choice, why take any credit for it. You were just born that way and there’s nothing you can do about it. OR society made you think that.

  11. On this show they fawn over Bloomburg{jOe included}I doubt this will cause to much problem for him,The theme there from Mika Z and most of the guest is people are stupid or mentally incapable of runng their lives ,except the’rich’,who need to pay far more in taxes cause their evil.One commentator on Sat said taxes need to be far higher for fairness.He didn’t care if the money was just burned.Of course if he wanted to say someting truthful,he could mention that in a free country there is risk someone can do such a thing and yet it is still rare.

  12. I knew it was a young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society — it happens time and time again.

    Seung-Hui Cho, of Seoul, South Korea, murdered 32, wounded 25, Blacksburg, VA, April 16, 2007.

    1. There was something that VT, Columbine, Ft Hood, and this last shooting had in common.

      All were gun-free zones.

      1. (My point of course was that Cho wasn’t white.)

        But, yes those have all been declared Your Victims Can’t Defend Themselves zones.

      2. Obviously, they didn’t have enough Gun Free Zone signs. Probably underfunded. Tax the rich.

        1. Probably that was why it wasn’t on the list. No one has claimed that such things can’t happen where guns are allowed.

          1. so the gun-free zone argument is a strawman

            1. false. it’s clear that spree killing happen DISPROPORTIONATELY in such locations. nobody claimed they happened EXCLUSIVELY in same.

              1. again a strawman

                1. again a strawman

                  Again, no it isn’t.

              2. it’s clear that spree killing happen DISPROPORTIONATELY in such locations.

                No, it’s not. And even if it did, that’s correlation, not causation. Every school or university shooting in recent history has been committed by a student there. It’s extremely unlikely they chose to do it there because of the gun free nature of the place, it’s because there were people they knew and were pissed at there. Ditto for Ft Hood.

                1. I should say, mass shooting. There was the guy at Western Psych but he only got one victim.

        2. And a guy with a gun was coming around the corner ready to stop Loughner, but was luckily trained enough not to shoot the guy restraining him.

          That would have been a “nice option to have” in these other situations.

    2. These guys certainly match Scarborough’s description.

        1. Hell, this guy too.

          1. He’s ruined a lot of lives.

    3. Let’s not let your facts get in the way of the NARRATIVE. Only white social retards are serial killers or mass murderes. Also, RACIST!!!!!!

      1. Also, RACIST!!!!!!

        To quote an old friend of mine, “Yes, I am! And the back of the line is still over there.”

  13. Are you going to Scarborough Fair?


      1. I’m a good driver. I can go to and from Berkeley on the same level of the Bay Bridge. Definitely. Definitely.

  14. Forget Batman’s nemesis. Could Holmes be channeling Eric Cartman ?

    Aurora is just downhill from where South Park’s leading dork machine gunned a theater audience in episode II last year.

    1. I believe that was Funnybot.

      1. Or was it episode III?

        Who wants to argue with toons with guns?

        1. Damn straight, they usually heal by the next scene, and -always- by the next skit!

      2. Awkward.

    2. I feel like I am losing it, why don’t I remember this episode? What else happened in it?

    3. Maybe he was channeling Inglorious Basterds.

  15. Joe Scarborough, most slap-worthy face ever. Oh, wait, is that violent?

    1. Oh, wait, is that violent?

      Kinda, but that’s OK. Besides, it’s incorrect.

      I present to you…E.J. Dionne.

      1. Slapping and punching are 2 separate things sloppy. So, can’t Joe just be the most slap-worthy, while EJ’s the most punchable.

        1. Klein is the most junkpunchable.

          1. Are you implying that Ezra Klein has junk to punch? That’s a bridge too far, man.

            1. Find, then just punch him in the junkular area and hope for the best.

              1. ‘Just because your testicles haven’t descended, doesn’t mean they’re ovaries.’

              2. What happens when you hit mangina?

                1. I’ve seen a girl get kicked in the junk. It ain’t pretty, mon.

        2. I take back my earlier statement, Chloe, but will eye you with mild suspicion after calling me “sloppy”. :-O

          1. I am so sorry:( I blame my neurodiveristy for that one.

        3. The noob saw through the trick; she gets your rations for the day Sug and “Sloppy”.

  16. What a bitter, twisted little man. To throw his son under the bus in a fact-challenged attempt to score political points… sickening.

  17. I’m socially disconnected because people fucking suck. People like – I dunno – JOE FUCKING SCARBOROUGH.

    I hate the equivocation of dislike of society with murderous rampaging. “You’ll be a willing and happy participant in society, or else!”

    1. ^^This^^

      1. i;m socially connected, i love society and i think people are wicked awesome

        vive la difference!

    2. Looks like we’ve identified the next theater shooter.

      *Preps padded cell for Kristen’s upcoming involuntary commitment*

      1. Sounds like friggin paradise…will they give me good drugs? I like sedatives and hallucinogens.

  18. You know who else falls on the Autism spectrum?

    1. Einstein

    2. libertarians?

    3. Boo Radley?

    4. Satoshi Tajiri?

    5. The fucker that invented Pokemon.

      1. ;p

      2. The fucker that invented Pokemon. Japanese People


  19. This idiot has a bean bag for a brain.

  20. It will be interesting to find out if Holmes was on any psych drugs.

    1. He took Vicodin before going to the theater, so obviously it was the evil pharmaceutical companies’ fault, because they force us sheep minded Americans to take their medication.

      1. If you have access to Vicodin, you really have to be fucked up to want to kill people.

        1. vicodin is like fucking pez on the scale of effective opioids

  21. Scarborough is despicable, but I’ve yet to see anything worse than this in a non-fringed-completely-out part of the web:

    In the Aurora Theater the Men Protected the Women. What Does that Mean?

    “Your patriarchal shielding of me with your own body is OK because you work at Target.”

    1. See, this is why I only date 500-pounders. When the madman starts shooting up the place, I’ll just dive behind my very own liposhield.

      1. If the madman is on a downward slope from you, you can push your date over and take him out Raiders of the Lost Ark style.

        1. Exactly, and that’s why I prefer quadruple amputees as well.

          1. I’m sick of you talking about my sister like this. Do you know how hurt she’d be if she ever rolled over to the computer?

            1. I’ll just smooth things over like I always do, with a Twinkie pizza.

        2. This is why this is my favorite place. Out of an awful situation, an apt Indy joke.

          And does she even have a point?

    2. I am shock that this wasn’t on Jezebel.

      1. I was a little disappointed in that too.

      2. They settle for a little culture-blaming and navel-gazing.

        And the comments of both their stories jumps up to blame the 2A.

        1. How disappointing. I was ready for some heteronormative patriarchy.

    3. They are often not the breadwinners because in that slice of America, women are often financially better off than the men.

      Wait…what? I thought taking the bullet was what the extra $.21 an hour was for?

      1. Or 21 cents per dollar per hour.

      2. That was one of the stupider attempts at a tenuous connection that I’ve read in a while.

    4. Sugar Free. Rosin may be a disgusting, sexist pig of a human being. But she makes up for it by getting every single fact wrong in the article. Check out this comment

      Where is the fact checking on this slap-dash piece? The woman who took her 6 year old to the movies was not living with her father–he had recently died of leukemia. The woman who had just finished her “veterinarian degree, becoming the latest in the onslaught of women taking over that lucrative profession,” had, actually, gotten her “vet tech” degree, a profession whose median salary is around $28K, and that’s probably not for people just starting out. Moreover, about 80% of vet techs are women. Come on, Slate–protect us from writers who start out with a thesis that they are hell-bent on proving, even if it means bending the facts.

  22. I hate to say it, but most perpetrators of such crimes are indeed “young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society”.

    Linking them to autism is wrong however, as they are only autistic after you dumb down that word to a ridiculous degree.

    1. Except for Virginia Tech and Fort Hood.

      1. And the beltway sniper.

        1. Oh, and the Aurora church shooter. But he got shot before he could kill a lot of people.

          1. And the Binghamton shootings. An immigrant. Blame immigration?

        2. beltway sniper doesn’t really fit.

          we are talking mass spree killers here. beltway was a serial killer

    2. Isn’t that all people who have been vaccinated?

  23. Why didn’t he just come right out and say libertarians?

    1. Be patient. Our turn will come.

  24. You don’t want to generalize,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said today before saying that James Holmes, the suspected Aurora, Colo., shooter, was “on the autism scale

    In fairness, being obviously autistic and border line retarded himself, Scarborough does speak with some authority here.

    What do other successful retards like Matt Yglesias have to say about this?

    1. +100 internets

      Also, anytime I read or hear someone say “You don’t want to generalize”, I alway brace myself for some sweeping half-assed generalization.

      1. I really hope the Autism people fucking destroy him. He is basically saying that we need watch out because we all know those retards will sometimes get violent on you. Understand he has no scientific background and gave no scientific justification to link autistic people to violence. He might as well have said

        You don’t want to generalize, but I wonder if this guy was on the racial scale.

        1. it shouldn’t be exceptionally hard to look up whether people on the “autism” scale are more prone to violence

          did scarborough?

          i doubt it

          people on lots of demographic “scales” are more prone to violence

          men, moreso than women

          men aged 18-34 moreso than 34-50

          etc. etc.

          you can make distinctions based on race, religion, whatever.

          but at least make a statistics based one, joe, not a WAG (wild assed guess)

          either way, even *IF* (big IF) autistic people were more prone to violence, so what?

          so are men

          1. That is the whole point. Without any scientific evidence, he is just slandering autistic people.

            And can you please write in paragraphs? You posts are an assault on the eyes. Are you Autistic?

            1. Are you generalizing that autistic people can’t write in paragraphs (or use proper capitalization)? Stop othering Aspies.

              1. i t co ul d be wor


                co unt



                1. Then don’t bitch when people consider you a troll. If you want to shit on the furniture, that is your choice. But understand that you will be treated accordingly. Why can’t you just write a coherent paragraph like everyone else with an 8th grade education?

                  1. “Fuck you, that’s why” or something like that.

                    1. That is what they taught him at the police academy.

                      Sorry Dumphy but you deserved that.

                    2. john, i don’t give a flying fuck if people bitch. and people’s bitching about my noncaps style is at least fact based.

                      it’s the morons like epi who try to claim i’m not a libertarian when by their purity tests, neither would ron paul be one

                      if people don’t like my posting style, don’t read it. so fucking what?

                      and if they want to bitch, bitch!

                      i’m here because i enjoy posting truth, and truth that sometimes runs contrary to very selective anti-police reporting.

                      good for me.

                      i wouldn’t go to a KKK website expecting luv and kisses and i don’t expect it here either

                      i merely think the truth has dignity, so i am here

                      and watching poker videos and posting here is fun


                    3. You can type anything you want. I don’t care. Just stop doing it in a way that screws up the threads. Why do you feel the need to post like that?

                  2. Why can’t you just write a coherent paragraph like everyone else with an 8th grade education?


                    1. i CAN.

                      i choose not to.

                      or in one person’s immortal words

                      “i prefer not to”

                      if you find the style unreadable, DON’T READ it.


                    2. You prefer not to because you are an annoying troll who just wants to cause problems. I don’t see any other explanation.

                    3. you are an annoying troll who just wants to cause problems

                      Like I said, “Fuck you, that’s why”.

  25. Fuck Joe Scarborough! If Asperger’s ever causes me to go on a murderous rampage, I hope it’s in his immediate vicinity.

    1. My son (9 years old) was just diagnosed with Aspergers. Any tips you might share?

      1. My son (age 13) is an Aspie. We have had a lot of success with a speech therapist (language therapy) going over non-verbal social cues, specific social situations, role-playing, figurative language, etc. The Hidden Curriculum is great.

        1. Just ordered it from Amazon. Thank you.

          We’re switching to homeschool for a bit. He’s horribly distracted by noise in class and attributes his classmates’ noisy behavior to malice. Otherwise, he’s highly intelligent (frighteningly so in some areas) and he gets bored relatively easily.

          1. Same with our son! We’ve thought about home-schooling, too, but so far our public school has been very accommodating and helpful and he’s in several gifted classes, so he feels challenged and not terribly bored. He reads voraciously. Thankfully, his sensitivity to noise (and textures) has improved greatly in the past 2 years.

            1. You know what, ignore what I wrote below. Listen to Charlotte. What you two are describing sounds like the things I’m still having trouble with, so maybe actual therapy is a good thing.

              1. I like what you wrote, Mensan. I think the therapy has just helped our son start to learn some of the things you’ve learned perhaps a little sooner in life, that’s all 🙂 And we love his different take on things–he is constantly challenging us to view things from a different angle. He’s one of the best critical thinkers I’ve ever met; he questions everything. We’ve come to think of his Asperger’s as a gift.

      2. I would say, just treat him the same as any other person. The experts may disagree with me on that, but I wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult, and I think the expectation that I operate like everyone else forced me to develop methods of compensation. I may not actually percieve things the same as other people, and I don’t really feel most emotions, but I’ve learned to fake it, and more importantly, when to fake it.

        1. So Vulcans are a race of Aspies?

  26. I guess it’s time for a War on Autism. Or should that be a “War” on Autism? War on “Autism”? “War on Autism?” Damn! Where should those “scare quotes” go?

  27. I heard the shooter ran cross country in high school. Sounds like a sport for loners, who might someday become dangerous. Shouldn’t we be talking about a cross-country ban, or at least some sensible regulations on it?

    1. actually, “the loneliness of the long distance runner” etc. that point has been made ad nauseum

      i prefer sam mussabini’s distinction, since the SCIENCE backs it up

      in general, sprinters are born, distance runners are made (fiber differentials notwithstanding)

      distance runners PUSH nerves

      sprinters HOLD guts

      thus, sprinting is custom made for neurotics

      and distance running is made for driven loners

  28. Why is everyone, columnist and commenter listing off mass shootings leaving out Amy Bishop?

    Particularly the feminist ones.

    1. That doesn’t fit the narrative, you ignorant wingneck.

    2. She was another fucking “brilliant neuroscience scholar” too.

    3. Well you know she was a huge Tea Party supporter!…..k-attempt/

  29. Again:

    It’s really simple, leftists:

    Blaming talk radio, “cross-hairs” and non-leftists in general, does not absolve murderers and other freaks who can stop themselves from committing heinous acts by simply not committing them in the first fucking place.

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