How Washington Learned to Love Video Games


The Smithsonian American Art Museum's exhibit, The Art of Video Games, is the latest sign that official Washington has finally learned to love Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, and their digital spawn. A mere two decades ago, members of the nascent gaming industry were hauled before Congress and publicly scolded for promoting violence, sexism, racism, and even crimes against humanity. As Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) stated in his opening remarks at a 1993 hearing, "Instead of enriching a child's mind, these games teach a child to enjoy inflicting torture."

But then a funny thing happened: As video games became ever more popular, brutal, and artistic, violent crime in America was declining precipitously. As parental and legislative panic over violence—both real and imagined—subsided, the gaming industry blossomed into the multibillion dollar business it is today.

The video game hysteria of the 1990s followed a predictable cycle, explains University of Southern California sociologist Karen Sternheimer: "Ever since the first nickelodeon [movie theater] opened there are people who were afraid of the impact of popular culture and tried to regulate them right away."

And just like film, rock music, and comic books before them, video games are no longer merely tolerated, but embraced by Washington, from the formation of a new congressional caucus to the placement of campaign ads on XBox games to the entombing of a Commodore 64 behind plexiglass at the Smithsonian.

"This exhibition could not have happened at any other point in history than right now," declares Smithsonian curator Chris Melissinos. "For the first time we have gamers raising gamers. I believe, from this point forward, you are going to see a greater more rapid appropriation and acceptance of video games as anything from art to a worthwhile pursuit."

Roughly 5:30 minutes.

Produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie, who narrates. Camera by Paul Detrick, Tracy Oppenheimer, and Bragg.

The Art of Video Games exhibition is on display from March 16, 2012 through September 30, 2012.

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  1. For the first time we have gamers tokers raising gamers tokers. I believe, from this point forward, you are going to see a greater more rapid appropriation and acceptance of video games weed as anything from art medicine to a worthwhile pursuit.”

    Oh, wait….

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    1. I thought I was the only one who remembered that particular game, along with Telengard.

    2. I prefer Space Taxi, or the original Wolfenstein, but Jumpman is quality stuff.

      How about Beach Head? And Zork, obviously.

        1. You know what, I really didn’t get into that one. I played feudal economy games and later on BBS sci-fi economy games, but never MULE.

          1. I still regard it as one of the most entertaining and playable games ever. Especially if you have four people.

            1. ^This. MULE was only meh when played solo, but if you got 4 people in it was great.

              Jumpman was kickass too, the best part was seeing how fast we could set the speed and still complete the levels.

        2. ah, I loved that game!

      1. My granddad taught me how to play Wolfenstein when I was 6. Somehow I didn’t turn into a rampaging violent lunatic.

        1. Jesus Christ I feel old. Actually that’s about the age I was when I first played Wolfenstein.

          1. This Wolfenstein?


            I was about seven or eight when I tried this version.

            1. Yup, that one.

              With full on crappy digital German “Scweinhund!”

              1. Good times. Good times.

            2. Ah yes, I was referring to Wolfenstein 3D

      2. What? Colossal Cave Adventure!


  2. This merely reminds me that I’ve barely had enough time to make it to Act IV in Normal mode in Diablo, let alone in one of the higher levels. Thanks for bringing me down, reason.

    1. Some Korean kid just died after playing it for 40 hours straight. After getting bored going through Act IV on Nightmare and just giving up, I’m mystified.

      1. So basically, Scott, you’re just rubbing it that you have enough time to play through to Nightmare level. Man, I had no idea you were so vicious.

        1. I have three level 60s, haven’t touched it in three weeks. No end game, massive inflation. I am disappoint.

          Torchlight II and Guild Wars 2 please.

          1. No. Borderlands II is what I am truly waiting for. I found Torchlight to be incredibly boring the more I played.

            1. That’s going to be outstanding.

            2. Scheduled for 09/18. Its on my list, too.

            3. I’m waiting for all three. And Dishonored.

              But since I’m on budget lockdown and TL2 and GW2 are preordered, I guess I’m looking forward to them more.

          2. I started The Secret World on the early access weekend, went on a vacation to the middle of nowhere the following week, then came back to a summer semester class that’s 3 nights a week for a month. Needless to say, my weekends are just 18 hour TSM marathons.

  3. How Washington Learned to Love Video Games

    I’m betting this story has something to do with campaign contributions from the video game industry.

    1. As Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) stated in his opening remarks at a 1993 hearing, “Instead of enriching a child’s mind, these games teach a child to enjoy inflicting torture.”

      No wonder he backed away from banning them.

  4. Nearly done with Witcher II (Xbox, yes, yes, I’m a console philistine).

    Not terribly impressed. A mediocre port, I guess.

    Recommendations for my next game? I’m holding off on replaying Skyrim until all the DLC are out. Tempted by FONV, and drawing a blank on what else I might like.

    1. Diablo III, obviously. Oh wait, you’re a consoletard. Never mind.

      P.S. I have Witcher II for my PC and was able to max out all the graphics settings, so it looked fucking amazing. Of course, I never play it, so there’s that.

    2. Fallout:NV was excellent. I’ve currently become addicted to Crusader Kings II.

      1. Seconded. NV is Skyrim with guns. And a few of the DLCs are great. (Old World Blues, esp.)


        1. NV was a broken, unfinished piece of garbage. If you weren’t freezing, crashing behind a loading screen, or being teleported around when you try to enter a room with no actual floor, then you were stumbling over a conversation loop that would let you level to max with nothing but a little patience.

    3. The Steam summer sale is going on.

      Oh wait, as Epi said, consoletard.

      I just got my powerful gaming computer since highschool so I have an abundance of options that I couldn’t previously plat. Of course now I have no time to play them.

      1. Or type properly either apparently.

      2. Yes, it’s quite irritating having a retardedly powerful gaming rig…and having no time to play various games on said rig. I have about ten games I bought from Steam that I have no time to play, but would look amazing on my nVidia GeForce 560 Ti.

        1. Ship it to me, retard. I’ll gladly drop my real-world hobbies and quit my job so I can tell you how awesome your gaming machine is.

          1. Stop lying. You don’t have a job.

            1. Sure I do. What else would you call living off the insurance settlement from that one time I was mauled by my neighbor’s chimpanzees when I was a kid?

              1. First time I’ve heard a rapist describe the rape as being mauled.

              2. I’d call it racist. Oh wait, that would be joe. Note that “Apparently a ‘statist'” hasn’t shown since we outed it as joe.


                What a fucking pussy douche.

                1. Minstrel humor, Epi? DISGRACEFUL.

                2. I’m thinking he wrote that condescending and scornful response from Tim, too. For one, it was condescending and scornful and two, why would Tim keep three year old correspondence from joe justifying why he left?

    4. Played DE: Human Revolution yet? I love the Shang Hai sections. Beautifully done.

      And, a movie is in production. Story should translate well, but Hollywood will simplify it, assuredly.

      I like its take on the Illuminati better than the first. It is treated as merely a means of extracting funding through vain dupes who dream of being part of a shadow world elite instead of an age old conspiracy. That’s the smart way to approach it.

      1. DE: Human Revolution

        Yep. Liked it, haven’t traded it in, thought I might replay it as a stealth/no kill character (as opposed to my bionic killing machine the first time), but just haven’t found the enthusiasm.

        1. The DLC, Missing Link, is pretty good. My biggest complaint with the original game was the limits on how you dealt with the bosses. There is a good deal of variety of doing so in this one. Also a few more music tracks to go with the outstanding ones produced for the original.

    5. Yeah, yeah, you’re all old-school PC gamers.

      Probably like those fancy “craft” beers, too, with your artisanal mayonnaise and your urban honey.

      And get off my lawn!

      1. Hai I like thoze

      2. There’s a new Halo coming out soon!

    6. I am playing the first one, when I have time(not much lately), and own II.

      Xbox? I have one that hasn’t been touched since I finished Fallout 3. Most games are just far superior on PC.

    7. I liked FONV much better than Fallout 3. Highly recommended.

      I got the Gods and Kings expansion to Civ 5. Very good.

      1. Well, Warty recommends FONV, so its off the list.

        I keed, I keed! Looks like its next up (Ultimate Edition, with all the DLC, natch).

        I freakin’ hate the videogame release schedule of loading every big-name release in the late fall.

        1. If you weren’t a console moron, I’d recommend you play it with J.E. Sawyer’s difficulty mod installed. But, well…too bad.

          1. Is Gods and Kings worth 30 bucks? I seem to enjoy the core game plenty, though Utopia Project victories seem a little too fast/easy. Does GaK balance victory conditions better?

      2. Really? Vegas over DC?

        1. Yup. It was an equally fun sandbox, and the story felt like it was written by adults, unlike F3’s laughably retarded story.

          1. Fighting super mutants in a ravaged National Mall is too much to overlook for me.

          2. Yeah, but with 3, you got to find really cool stuff, like books named ‘lying congressional style’. Great stuff, along with flying body parts and gore.

            1. Um, what would you call shooting Roman legionaries with .50-cal rifles, if not fun?

              1. Incendiary ammo FTW

          3. And at least you could play through FO3 and count the number of times you had to reload due to bad code on one hand. (I’m looking at you, Getting-Stuck-Between-Some-Bullshit-Rocks)

            I made it just outside of Vegas proper for the first time in FONV before running into a game-breaking conversation loop that, compounded with the constant crashes and other crap, rendered the game totally unplayable.

      3. I liked FONV much better than Fallout 3. Highly recommended.

        I will give it a try. I have been thinking about New Vegas, but I haven’t had much gaming time in a while, unfortunately…

    8. Their next game is going to be a translation of the pen and paper game Cyberpunk to video game. Pretty nice rule system, six well developed cybernetic future cultures, weapon and equipment choices out the yang yang, could be a winner. Troubled by the visuals they have out as they are quite cyberpunk retro, however. No more late 70’s spiked Mohawks and goofy sunglasses, please. The mulatto girl assassin from DE:HR is the right way to do a Mohawk without looking dated, at least for 2012.

      1. Very, very yummy. Shame she ain’t real. Who would you cast for the movie?

        1. Rhona Mitra maybe?

        2. She looks almost exactly like Noomi Rapace in the Dragon Tattoo movies (Swedish versions).

          1. Rapace, mmmm. I would like that choice.


  5. Who could have ever foreseen that a technology that took young restless males off the street and put them in their bedrooms and basements taking out their frustrations would have helped not hurt the crime rate?

    God “experts” are stupid.

    1. tipper gore??

    2. I know. Nothing takes the edge off life better than killing a virtual hooker while drinking a real beer.

      1. If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing? Probably out getting into fights and tearing shit up because that is what most young males do.

        1. I’m agreeing with you here. Violent games are incredibly theraputic, whether you recognize them as such or not. I don’t play games that much any more, but they helped me through some tough times… times when I had too much energy and not enough ambition.

          1. Sorry I missed the sarcasm font. And I agree with you. I played them a lot when my mother was ill. They were the one thing that shut my mind off and got me thinking about something else. I am quite sure they have helped other people through grief and unemployment and such.

          2. If I have a pissy day, doing some virtual killing definitely takes my mind off my troubles.

            Playing video games also helps if I’m home sick. I get so wrapped up in the experience that I often forget that I’m ill.

            But yeah, they are major time suckers which is my biggest complaint. I wonder how many relationships have ended because the guy (or gal) has their eyes glued to the screen.

  6. Because of video games, our newly enlisted can hit the ground running when training for that trip to Syria.

    1. The America’s Army series is still stuck in Bosnia.

      1. The Euro is collapsing…

        We will be back in Europe before 2020.

        This time I say we just conquer it and set up an empire. It is what Europe really wants anyway.

    2. Military systems are moving more and more towards video game style controls. As drone technology improves war is becoming increasingly like video games. I’m glad our guys are being kept out of harms way… but I’m worried this will make war even more appealing to the political elite.

      1. Even 9 years ago during the initial invasion of Iraq, the Division and Corps TOCs, with their blue force tracking and live drone feeds, looked like a video game.

        1. True. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Right now drone tech is focused on airborne, with limited uses on the ground (mainly EOD). I just read that the Navy is really getting into the game too. Within a generation, though, we’ll have armed drones on the ground replacing boots with wheels.

          This could cause more conflict because our leaders will be more willing to send robots to fight than voters. Or it could cause less conflict because no freedom fighter will want to risk his life to disable a machine. Thoughts on what happens when only one side sees the war as a video game?

          1. Making it a video game makes it easier to go to war. Easier to kill a person by pushing a button. Easier to go to war if it is not a fair fight. No one wants a fair fight.

            1. That’s what I’m afraid of. But I think it might also be possible to have a military so advanced that no opposition will dare face it. Because of that, war may become more common, but end up killing fewer people. Just look at the difference in death toll between Afghanistan and Vietnam. A lot of that is due to technology.

              1. Some of the boneheaded tactics have been beyond belief. The station that was plagued by snipers and then eventually overran several years ago was at the bottom of a valley. Seriously, when the Taliban has no air support, why you would not have a pillbox at the plateau of every locale is kind of hard to fathom. They had snipers because we let them.

                Another factor, I think the Taliban is willing to kill only so many soldiers per day. If there was a Lebanon like bombing that took out a few hundred soldiers at one setting the likely response would be an escalation not a retreat. Sit back, patiently, hunker down and wait for the US to leave.

            2. It’ll eventually be like the Star Trek TOS episode A Taste of Armegeddon.

  7. OT: Hipster music festival at sea.. Here’s hoping the ship sinks.

    1. Who the fuck are those people

      1. By “people” do you mean “bands”? Of the ones I’ve listened to, here’s some reference songs:

        Pulp – Trees
        Hot Chip – I Feel Better

          1. It always freaks me out to hear Girl Talk songs, since I knew Gregg in college. Fun guy to party with.

      2. They’re from Ironica. Similar to the Land of Misfit Toys but they went on purpose.

    2. I don’t know who any of those bands are

    3. To be fair, I’m not familiar with any of these bands either.

  8. The new Assassin’s Creed looks incredible. Running around killing Redcoats in colonial Boston and New York? Oh yes!

    1. Its on my list, no question. May even pre-order if the bonusses look worthwhile.

      1. Yeah same here. Throwing a tomahawk at a redcoat is not going to get boring quickly.

        AC and AC II (plus DLC) are super cheap on Steam (at least until tonight I think).

        1. I wanna get excited for AC3, particularly as I live near Boston and have an interest in the Rev. War history, but playing through the Subject Whatever’s puzzles in Brotherhood wherein the developers tried to pass Mao and Lenin off as Assassins and beenefactors to humanity just sickened me and killed all enthusiasm for this series(oh, and they pulled that, “Stalin was really a Capitalist” crap, too).

          It was like playing through Super Mario Bros. and then watching him goosestep around in a brownshirt after saving the Princess.

  9. Cuthbert in Space

  10. The ultimate game would be some combination of Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Risen, but with the enemy being congress critters. Someone please, please give us congress critters for the bad guys. Yes, I know they play the bad guys in real life, but…

    1. If you made a RPG shooter game where the goal was to kill the President or political figures, the Secret Service would be all over you.

      1. Well, you would have to be a little more stealth than that John. You would just create a fictional government in a fictional world, with fictional names, and imagination would fill in.

      2. If you made a RPG shooter game where the goal was to kill the President or political figures, the Secret Service would be all over you.

        What if you turned them into zombie vampires first? Then would it be ok?

        1. You mean they’re not already zombie vampires?

        2. In real life they already play zombie vampires, sucking the life out of everything they touch, with zombie like oblivion.

      3. “If you made a RPG shooter game where the goal was to kill the President or political figures, the Secret Service would be all over you.”

        Not an RPG, but in Hitman: Blood Money you get to assasinate the Vice President in the White House.

        Course, they get away with it because it’s not the elected Veep, but the puppet politician of some shadow conspiracy group/rival contract agency they installed through a series of murders, and whom they plan to use to assasinate the president in order to legalize human cloning for weaponry use. Or something.

    2. Wading into the ruins of the Capitol Building with a fistful of mini-nukes to vaporize supermutants was always the high point of Fallout 3.

      Never got old.

  11. Is this a good thread to mention the new game I want developed, Nirvana: The Legend of the Buddha? You can play good or evil, with the good path resulting in a boss battle that gets you total enlightenment and the evil path resulting in you becoming the chief god of all creation.

    The latter has more guns and violence, including a gun derived from something BP said (the Transcendenator).

    1. You’re going to incorporate a lot of elements from the Leisure Suit Larry series, right?

      1. As needed. Definitely a mature game, as Siddhartha struggles through his sexual desires–or succumbs to them completely on the evil path. Also, think Grand Theft Religion for the evil path.

      2. I’m also thinking the look and feel should be totally Bollywood, with Bollywood voice and model talent, as a nod to the Buddha’s Indian roots.

        1. Yes. And it will have plenty of Sunny Leone and equivalent.

          1. Sure. Got to appeal to the teens. And the men. And the lesbians.

            1. Fun fact: her breakout non-porn Bollywood movie is called Jism 2.

                1. It’s a tragedy.

                  1. What does the title mean, then, if it’s not porn?

                    1. That is a mystery.

                    2. What does the title mean, then, if it’s not porn?

                      That its the second Jism movie?

    2. Would the game involve golfing?

      1. As a side challenge, yes. Why the hell not? And, of course, Bill Murray caddies.

        1. A friend of mine did some work for Bill Murry when she was at Sony Pictures. She swears that Murry liked to walk up behind total strangers and put his hands over their eyes and say “guess who”. Then when the surprised person turned around he would say “no one will ever believe you”.

          1. I’ve heard this before. Perhaps it’s true. The ways of Murray are mysterious.

            1. He used to call her up at odd hours of the night just to talk. She said he was very nice. But really lonely.

          2. You know, they could make this game as an MMO, with an actual winner at some point (just on the good path) who would, in the act of winning, be named the successor to the Dalai Lama and worshiped as a living Buddha.

    3. There was a great old game I have had trouble finding again where you play a hippie protecting his stash from the fuzz and the DEA while standing on his VW van with a bazooka.

      1. Uh oh, Comrade Leonhart has just found her new Tommy Chong.

    4. Kickstarter it.

      1. If it has a golf minigame and hot Indian chicks, I’ve got $15 on it.

        1. Ancient Indian golf–probably using heads instead of golf balls.

          1. I think the reference is to dots, not feathers?

            1. Um, yes, the Buddha I’m talking about was on the Indian subcontinent, not North America.

              1. Ok – wasn’t aware that India in the time of Siddharta was famous for beheadings but I guess it really wouldn’t surprise me. People being people and all.

                1. Didn’t polo originally involve heads? I know it’s Persian, but that’s close enough to have started or been adopted by Indians.

                  Can we get a ruling here? Did the Indians cut off heads or not? I’ve got wired developers waiting on this one!

      2. Speaking of Kickstarter, has anyone seen this?

        Oculus Rift

        I want my virtual reality! And my flying car, where the fuck is it?

        1. Not to minimize the totally special place in my heart for that fully customizable fembot 3000 android.

        2. SF’d link, dude. Or maybe just the 3pm squirrel smoke break.

  12. How Cliffy would translate that show so many regulars here are fond of:…

  13. for hardcore FPS, I can recommend Red Orchestra 2.

    It’s not a hugely popular game, and because of the very nature of the gameplay, not too many immature shits play it.

    It’s your standard WW2 Russian vs the Germans type, set on the Eastern Front. No health-packs, real bullet physics (bullet drop), no ammo counters, shell shock, and iron sights (no magic aiming cross-hairs). However, your “character” can gain experience, becoming more of a combat veteran which reduces shell-shock and getting scared during close calls.

    The firefights get pretty intense and actual teamwork is required to win. Running and gunning will get you killed. So yeah, it’s not for everyone, but it’s a game that I still play 3-4 times a week.

    1. This sounds awesome. Why do I get the sense it is probably good preparation for life in the Wasteland?

    2. FPS generally just bores me. Fallout 3 being an FPS/RPG hybrid was enjoyable. Take away the RPG factor, and meh…

      1. To Hyperion, about FPS’s with RPG elements;

        I recommend looking into Dust 514; So far as I know, it’s the first FPS (or possibly game of any genre) that interacts in realtime with an entirely separate game (the free-market based Scifi MMORPG EVE Online)

        I am very excited about it. From what I’ve gleaned so far, it seems that it will have heavy RPG elements with skill specializations whose total length to train is measured in years – so the idea is to pick one area and get good at it, not to do everything – and DUSTbunnies will be fighting over battlefields that exist in the EVE universe, ones which starship pilots use to generate value, some of which is used to outfit the DUST mercenaries who work for them.

        There’s a video out on Youtube where they show a DUST player calling in an orbital strike from an EVE player in real time. This could change everything.

  14. My (somewhat) recent favorites: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood; and Ace Combat 4. I know, I know, a bit behind the times but time has been lacking lately.

    My 10 year-old son occasionally goads me into deathmatch in Call of Duty or Halo. Ridiculously fun.

    I am actually going to try and find time for the new Assassin’s Creed.

    Also, anyone now where I can find Sid Meier? I want all the time back that I spent playing Civilization.

    1. Also, anyone now where I can find Sid Meier?

      I’d try his private island.

      1. Probably protected by Pirates!

        1. Speaking of pirates, I am really disppointed with Risen II, a game I anticpated more than Skyrim. It’s just ok. But it IS a pirate game if you haven’t checked it out.

        2. No problem. I’ll just dance his ass off.

        3. Nicely done.

          (and awesome game)

      2. I bet if I tried to sail to his private island the space around it would remain black.

  15. The best game I ever played was Military Madness on the old (and short-lived) NEC TurboGrafx box. Sort of like chess, but with fighter bombers and artillery, and your pieces got better the more fire fights they lived through.

    1. That was a totally awesome game! On the moon. I had a turbografx and that was hands down the best game, very addicting. There is a release of it for PC if you are interested.

    2. My favorite was the very first Dune game from back in the 1990s. It pretty much wrote the book for games like Command and Conquer and Starcraft that followed.

  16. some of my faves for playability

    the PC version of Battlezone (not the arcade one)

    the original zork (groundbreaking for when it came out)

    the original 2d warcraft

    air-sea battle on the old atari. hey, i must have played several hundred hours of that

    Doom and Quake(s) especially because of the metric assloads of mods. loved the capture the flag ones

    1. Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

      The orginal Max Payne

      Heroes of Might and Magic 1, 2, and 3

      All of the Gothic series, except 4


      Fallout 3


      Eclectic mix, evolving to pure RPG mania

      1. I should have made honorable mention to Dragon Age, the first one…

        1. DragonAge was pretty fun…. then DragonAge II comes along… I was so disappointed. They took a really decent game and made it shit. but I sorta blame EA on that. DA2 felt really rushed. Reusing the same dungeons over and over… poor textures, very little to explore. It pissed me off!

          1. I am seriously worried that Bioware is “more machine now, than man. Twisted and evil”

            I loved Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, Kotor, DA1 and ME1. Each successive game since then fills up my sadness XP meter.

            I second the shout outs to HoMM 1-3. Lotta nights completely skipping sleep over them, mostly HoMM2.

            1. Me too, I can’t even contemplate the number of hours I have spent and beers consumed playing that game. Barbarian class with some wizards in my party,chain lightning, and hydras, hydras kick ass in HoMM 2.

    2. Elite

      Everything else is crap.

    3. Homeworld (NOT Homeworld 2 or Cataclysm) is my favorite game, ever. Try it, I could never do it justice explaining its merits on a forum.

      then in no particular order, some of my other top recommendations;

      Portal (both were fantastic)

      Halo: Combat Evolved

      XGIII Racing

      Twisted Metal 2

      Heavy Rain

  17. Unfortunately, my beast of a PC gets my room too hot and it is the middle of summer, so I don’t do much PC gaming. I haven’t even fired up my consoles in a while. I do game on my Macbookpro, but mostly just Civ5. I do enjoy the new expansion pack. Just wish more games were Mac compatible. Though I do run parallels on my Mac. Haven’t tried playing a PC game through it…

  18. I did not watch the video or read the article or any comments, but Hillary Clinton is a douchebag because of the game nonsense a few years ago (aside from all her other shit that makes her more of a skank). What a fucking lesbo cunt with a mullet.

    1. Hitlary is just a douche bag, period.

  19. Looking at video games lately and getting hints at falling sales i think we are in for a video collapse similar to 1982.

    Anyone else notice all the layoff at Bioware?


    Government is abut to change its mind.

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  25. AS the game industry grow in the 90s and early 2000 years the violence is the main agenda in this industry but now things seems to turn into the fantasy and action sides.

  26. Smithsonian curator Chris Melissinos. “For the first time we have gamers…..-c-18.html raising gamers. I believe, from this point forward, you are going to see a greater more rapid appropriation and acceptance of video games as anything from art to a worthwhile pursuit.”

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