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Obama visits the library.


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  1. Obama is content to do some light reading while being swallowed by that giant black unicorn eel.

    1. This comment made looking at this FF worth it. If only the actual cartoons would pass the Marmaduke test?

  2. For a guy who sought out Marxist professors and joined the New Party, I would say this is right on the money. What a scumbag.

  3. Henry, Henry, the cover is actually yellow…..=class+war

    1. Yeah, I don’t think even Obama will want to read Gaddafi’s Green Book.

    1. Why is there a Library sign IN the library?

      1. Why does it even matter that he’s in a library? Mr. Payne just likes to label things.

        1. He is ISO 9003 compliant!

      2. Because the average politician wouldn’t realize what all the shelves and shelves of books were for without a warning label?

  4. Learning how to make spitballs, huh? Boehner will never see it coming.

  5. 1. Why is Obama checking out the Clinton Ass War, also known as the White House Intern Program?

    2. Since the last button on his shirt is larger than the other two, are we to assume he’s wearing a cardigan? The subtle, subconscious hate in this piece is interesting.

    3. Are we sure that isn’t Anthony Davis? Would much prefer him for president.

    1. WHIP is an interesting acronym for such a program. And is part of what contributes to the overall RACIST!!11! nature of your comment. Not all black people wear cardigans, for starters, Broseph.

      1. BOTH ALL my black friends wear cardigans. They’re vintage, from our prep school days. But I’m glad you picked up on my impression of a FAUX News commenter with all that racism.

        *Changes sweat-soaked cardigan; listens to TV On the Radio as pennance and pretends to like it; cries a little*

        1. Going to prep school and having the correct level of respect for the 2012 Wildcats champ team? Bro.
          Self-hating hipster? So un-bro.

  6. If Payne wanted to be subversive, he’d have Obama check out a copy of Brian Doherty’s book on Ron Paul.

    1. Brian Doherty wrote a book!? When did this happen?!

      1. No, he’s kidding. None of the Reason writers have written a book, ever.

      2. He did write a worthwhile book a few years ago, “Radicals for Capitalism”. I just started reading it and “freewheeling history” is an understatement. It is indeed the definitive history book for the libertarian movement.

  7. Well, he sure hasn’t been reading “How To Win Friends and Influence People.”

    1. Governing for Dummies


    1. ^FTW!^

  9. Death to the Kulats!

    or is it kulaks? I get those two mixed up.

    1. And the Hoarders and Wreckers!

    2. Culottes suck.

  10. ahahahahaa! It’s so funny because it’s TRUE!!! ahahahaha!

  11. Wow, it took ’em this long?…..f=politics

    Four comments as of this moment, and they’re all vapid and full of shit. Just like the leftist tools that post here.

    1. Dammit, that just lowered my daily IQ by ten points. NEVER READ THE COMMENTS AT HUFFPO.

      1. Shit, you can lose more IQ points reading comments by Tony and shrike, Scruff.

        1. Conservatives are effectively the same as Communists. They just want to choose their masters differently.

          Communists got rid of property rights in order to seize assets for Communist party leaders.

          Conservatives elevate property rights above all else, thus allowing a few wealthy owners to seize the remaining assets. Communists or Wealthy , you end up in the same place.

          1. Ugh, the stupid… It burns!!!!

            1. Like Harry Reid bitching about the Chinese-made Olympic duds (shouldn’t he be proud to support their government, given his political affiliation?), it is a laugh to hear leftists compare libertarians or conservatives to communists (again, like Reid, a political model they admire).

            2. “but why did we not hear anything about what Liberals and Progressives believe?”

              Ezra Klein summed that up already.

              Besides, the Constitution was written by rich old white guys who owned brown people, and it just gets in the way of leftist progression anyway.

          2. Yes, they are confusing National Socialism with political/economic Conservativism as if National Socialism differs from International Socialism by anything more measurable than deeds and titles of property.

            In moments they will have social conservatives confused with political Conservatives too.

            1. They already conflate social cons with fiscal cons, so why not add to the confusion?

          3. So conservatives are exactly like commies because their views on property are diametrically opposed to those of the commies?

            I’m trying to understand here.

          4. So conservatives are exactly like commies because their views on property are diametrically opposed to those of the commies?

            I’m trying to understand here.

        2. I give shrike more credit than I do Tony.

          1. That can’t be much more, though. shrike is so fucking punchable, what with his “I’m the greatest Barry Goldwater fan EVAR, but I’m still going to vote for Obama” schtick.

          2. I don’t know why. He’s purely partisan and probably doesn’t believe half of what he says, he just tows the party lion.

            1. Oh, he believes it. He’s got the brain damage, too.

    2. Those comments are as coherent as a white man’s dialogue in a Spike Lee movie.

  12. Huh

  13. Too many labels.

    1. If His Majesty says there ae too many notes, there are too many notes!

      1. Sir, I knew Mozart, and Payne is no communist.

    2. This guy is a model of restraint compared to one Chip Bok. He probably would’ve labelled the giant black unicorn eel “puffed up chest” or something, and thereby eliminated FoE’s confusion above.

  14. I find it odd that all of the war books on the shelves are exactly the same length. And that the Civil War book was written by National Geographic.

    1. I know – doesn’t Time-Life write those things?

  15. The shelves are missing:

    Terror War
    Drug War
    On Women, War
    On Religion, War
    Robot War
    Star War
    G WAR

  16. The shelves are missing:

    Terror War
    Drug War
    On Women, War
    On Religion, War
    Robot War
    Star War

  17. You’d think he’d be able to get someone to at least put the books in chronological order if not alphabetical.

    1. They are in chronological order. We’ve always been at war with Iraq.

      1. No, that would be Eastasia.

  18. The shelves are missing some titles.

    Terror War
    Drug War
    On Women, War
    On Religion, War
    Robot War
    Star War

  19. The shelves are missing:

    Terror War
    Drug War
    On Women, War
    On Religion, War
    Robot War
    Star War

  20. They would have to choose between extending a decade-old lower tax rate that everyone is accustomed to in defiance of the president and holding out to institute an effective rate hike in a terrible economy.

    1. Wrong thread Skynet.

  21. I’m sad that anyone finds this at all funny.

    Obama is talking about rates returning to the Clinton era rates.

    I remember, quite distinctly, how the Republicans **attempted to bamboozle** the American public, and claimed, with a certainty similar to the religious (with which they are so familiar) that the Clinton tax cuts would destroy the economy.

    ThinkProgress has collected some of the quotes that turned out to be ass-backwards.

    1. What makes the Clinton-era rates sacrosanct?

      /paraphrasing Tony from another thread on why we don’t need higher taxes

      Oh, and fuck ThinkProgress.

      1. In fact, fuck everyone who wages wealth-envy tactics.

    2. how the Republicans **attempted to bamboozle** the American public

      It’s a good thing Democrats don’t engage in hyperbole or exagerration to make political points. /s

  22. Hopefully the only thing that Obama will be reading after November is the want ads.

  23. My favorite part was when the building fell down.

  24. r planet will be inhabited by 2 billion more humans. If income and body mass continue their current upward trends, those billions will be richer and fatter than we are. That means they’ll want meat, not grain. They’ll also want seconds. But will 2050’s…..c-3_5.html

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