Brickbat: An Unhealthy Development


An employee of South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services has been accused of transferring the personal information of more than 228,000 Medicaid beneficiaries to his personal email. Christopher Lykes allegedly transferred the names, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates and Medicaid ID numbers of those individuals.

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  1. Maybe he just wanted to send them all cards on their birthdays.

  2. How the hell can one person access so many records at the same time. A properly designed information system would never allow that, but then again, we’re talking government here.

  3. transferred some personal information of more than 228,000 beneficiaries to his personal email.

    Anyone know what this means? The article doesn’t go into more detailed technical information than this. Did he send like a zip file with the information to his personal email address? Did he import them all as contacts?

    1. Apparently you’ve never seen Tron. Right now there are thousands of Medicaid users fighting for their lives in martial games inside his Outlook Express. Luckily their identity discs are HIPAA-protected.

      1. Excellent.

      2. Sweet

  4. Why not just buy an $8 stick drive, dude?

  5. Serves the Medicaid recipients right for not listening to Anonbot.

    1. Wow dude that jsut might work LOL

  6. It’s for the Childrenz.
    He was probably going to sell their addresses to a mass marketer for a few hundred bucks.

    1. No, the Medicaid ID numbers tell me he was planning on doing some fraudin’.

  7. Punishment for stuff like this should involve permanent loss of Social Security number.

  8. Can someone tell me why ID theft on medicaid recipients would be profitable? Stealing the ID of someone poor enough for medicaid seems like it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

    1. You can use the info to scam serious, serious money out of the Medicaid program.

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