A.M. Links: Navy Sending Underwater Drones to Persian Gulf, Pyramid Destruction Buzz a Hoax, Sort of, Fifth Moon For Pluto


  • see them while they last? sounds like a pitch!

    The United States Navy is sending unmanned underwater craft (underwater drones?) to boost its capability to prevent Iran from closing the Strait of Hormuz as negotiations over its nuclear program continue.

  • The House voted to repeal ObamaCare last night, the 33rd vote the body's taken on the law. Maybe they're doing it now so they don't have to next year?
  • Elizabeth Warren is outraising Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. By Obama-logic that makes her the bad guy in that race right?
  • The tweet that apparently got the recent story that Islamists wanted to destroy the pyramids in Egypt going was actually a hoax. But the story's not. It probably got as much play as it did because Islamists were very recently seen wrecking historical sites in Timbuktu. And the nose of the Sphinx was actually most likely destroyed by a Sufi Muslim fanatic in 1378 after he caught local peasants praying to the Sphinx as a God. And, of course, the suggestion to destroy the pyramids has come up in Egypt before, with some sharia law backing it.
  • An Israeli company is developing a medicinal form of marijuana that can relieve certain symptoms but won't get you high. Buzz kill.
  • New York City wants to convert public pay phones into free WiFi hotspots. It will start with ten in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
  • NASA's Hubble Telescope found a fifth moon for Pluto, but if it's not technically a planet, can it have moons? Apparently.
  • Publish something awesome between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012? Learn more about the Bastiat Prize for Journalism.

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  1. if it's not technically a planet, can it have moons?


    1. That's not a moon.

      1. FYI: This new moon is somewhere around 10-25 km. The smaller Death Star was 160km.

        1. You gotta' start somewhere.

          1. A Super Star Destroyer is 19km.

            1. Unless you're playing with West End Games materials. Then it's 8km long.

    2. Asteroids can have moons, too.

      1. Although they really should have named them Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.

    1. :::shakes Fist of Etiquette at Rich:::

      1. :::flashes Moon of Pluto at JW:::

        1. Now I'm dizzy and repulsed. And maybe a little titillated.

    1. Secundy ...

  2. Elizabeth Warren is outraising Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. By Obama-logic that makes her the bad guy in that race right?

    She arguably has the bigger dick, and most certainly has the bigger set of balls. She get her wampum and will scalp 'um paleface.

    1. She's the relative bad guy in the race for several reasons completely separate from Obamalogic.

    2. anytime Obama-logic is employed for anything, the outcome is guaranteed to be the opposite of what normal people would want.

      1. So Obama is bizarro-Superman?


        1. and much like Bizarro world, Obama's actions are producing the intended outcomes. It's not bad policy or inexperience or even incompetence. It is done on purpose. Yesterday, the man extended the ban on offshore drilling. Energy costs won't go up by themselves.

          1. Yesterday, the man extended the ban on offshore drilling. Energy costs won't go up by themselves.

            I missed that. I wonder if that federal judge that ruled differently is planning on holding him in contempt of a court order?

            This man is a dictator in waiting. Thanks a lot, Team Red (post-9/11). Handing over blanket authority to a president can have unintended consequences once your party is out of office, you know.

            1. I missed it as well. What "reasoning" did he use?

              1. I missed it as well. What "reasoning" did he use?

                I missed it to, but I assume it apes Alec Baldwin at the end of Team America.

                "uh...uh...Global Warming!!!...errr.. mmmm...Corporations!!!"

            2. They know that they'll be back in one or 2 election cycles, so it all comes out in the wash.

              Never attribute to incompetence, to what can easily be explained by malice.

            3. I saw it on the Lou Dobbs program. Looking for a link...the extension was buried in a longer Interior Dept document, not a stand-alone announcement.

              1. Re, extension of offshore drilling moratorium: The Washington Times has a short article on it.


                Under the new Obama plan, those numbers will only get worse. The 2012-17 plan leaves out the entire Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the vast majority of OCS areas off Alaska. It cuts in half the average number of lease sales per year, requires higher minimum bids and shorter lease periods and dramatically reduces lease terms.

            4. This man is a dictator in waiting.


              (He's not bad as dictators go, historically, but he's operating well outside of the bounds of his legal authority).

  3. The Millennium Falcon has been found in the Baltic!


    1. I wish the Daily Fail would employ some reporters who have a sense of coherent writing, the ability to ask questions of a source, and can recognize internal inconsistencies on their own stories. That story reads like an ADHD patient dictated it over the course of several days to a six-year-old.

      1. You actually read those articles?

        1. He also finds Playboy to be very insightful.

        2. Clever new handle, Sparky.

          1. What's the $park? to Euro exchange rate?

            1. "40 rods to the hogshead"

              1. Gold-pressed hogshead?

                1. That's a Simpsons joke, which you would have gotten if you were an insightful commenter like joe.

                  1. That's a Simpsons joke, which you would have gotten if you were an insightful commenter like joe.


                    I have to say, I didn't read the license plate-scanner thread until way after the fact yesterday, but SF, it was awesome. Thank you for that.

            2. You can't exchange directly, first you have to convert to ?, then you can't exchange for ?.

              1. Er, then you CAN exchange for ?.

                1. Er, then you CAN exchange for ?.

                  For a little while longer, anyway.

          2. I changed it in deference to Mo who sometimes posts comments right next to mine.

    2. HAN SOLO WAS A NAZI! I thought he hated those guys.

      1. Maybe this happened while he was frozen in Carbonite?

        1. Han was frozen in Carbonite so long he came out as Indiana Jones? That explains the archaeology fetish.

          1. Well, Star Wars was a long time ago.

            1. Far away, too.

      2. He did shoot first

  4. I usually feel a bit sorry for Dunphy and all the flak he catches here just for defending the police system. He will call out the bad apples too from time to time. But all of my sympathy went out the window yesterday when he claimed he was entitled to compensation for unpaid sick leave.

    As Fluffy succinctly put it (paraphrase): "It's like being paid for unused maternity leave because I didn't get pregnant."

    Sorry, Dunphy, your bullshit contract be damned, cashing out on unused sick leave is immoral.

    1. What I'm more upset is the fact that he's a cop to begin with. Why did he deprive the world of his:
      Big-wave surfing
      Rock n Roll musical greatness
      Olympic training methods
      Firefighting ability
      Physics tutoring ability
      Acting skills
      Super-human strength
      Time Masheen
      Cure for baldness
      Hollywood-esque anecdote imagining

      I'm sufre the list could go on. That's why I think we should stop referring to his made up "dunphy" moniker and call him by his God-given name, Buckaroo Banzai.

    2. Since when are PubSec Union Employees concerned with moral behavior?

    3. The man is entitled to any taxpayer money he wants, just based on his contributions to the worlds of big-wave surfing, rock and roll music, Olympic training methods, firefighting, Physics tutoring, anecdote-creating and Margan Fairchild-fucking (I'm sure I left a few off).

      Who are you to deny him his bounty, Mr Brand?

      And BTW, I move we refer to him as Buckaroo Banzai going forward. After all, he's the real-life version of the character. Why shouldn't we afford him the title?

      1. Seconded.

      2. I like dunphy, but I second that motion. The fact that Buckaroo is also Robocop makes it even better.

        BTW, can we get someone going to get the pre/sequels to that movie? My old man's been bitching about it for 25 years. I demand satisfaction!

    4. But it's in his CONTRACT. He's EARNED it. And they can't let the sick leave expire or people will "abuse" it by taking it when they don't need it before it expires. Yes, you can abuse something that you've EARNED and are ENTITLED to take by taking it (unless you're taking it at the end of your career at your highest pay rate).

    5. Why? Cap it, and healthy people will use it when they aren't sick and be unavailable for work. Don't cap it, and people will save it and use it when they retire and are already unavailable for work.

      On the other hand, saving it up also encourages people to work sick, which is both good and bad. So maybe the answer is to have the boss tell them go home when they are sick, and fine them an extra sick day for working sick.

      1. Cap it, and healthy people will use it when they aren't sick and be unavailable for work.

        Police it. Require a doctor's note, at a minimum. You can even require that their alleged illness be confirmed by a doctor hired by the department. It ain't brain science; private industry seems to manage reasonably well.

        1. Private police officers seems to be the solution.

          1. It also seems to be a peaceful solution to me, no one would fight anymore over this nonsense.

    6. what if it's all PTO and no effort is made to distinguish between regular time off and sick time off?

      Is it moral then?

      I don't see how tweaking the definition of "sick time" in the contract can make it immoral. Maybe the contract is just "too good" and it's immoral all by itself. But if getting 20 hrs of PTO per month isn't immoral, then getting 10hrs of regular PTO and 10 hours of sick-only PTO that are both convertable to cash and end of employment isn't immoral either.

  5. Prediction: Iranians' personal pleasure boats will soon become terrorist-producing madrassas that needs them some sinkin'.

    1. Operation Preying Mantis Part II would probably be restricted to IGRC speedboats. Allah knows who they would get to crew those..."hey, see that US carrier group? I want you to fire up the twin outboards and go try to ram!"

    2. Guess that will depend on whether their (re)purpose is to turn the strait into a minefield.

  6. Its a dwarf planet ... do I detect bigotry against differential sized astral bodies?!11!?!?

    1. They prefer to be called Little People Planets.

      Not to be confused with Planet Little People.

        1. Differently spheroided.

          1. Elliptically curved.

  7. Christina Hendricks still has a huge chest.

    1. Must...get.... to....fap.....bunk....

    2. Isn't she a little too big for you?

    3. Meh. Seen better.

      1. Unclothed? Oh lucky man!

      2. Chuck Schumer doesn't count.

        1. He said "better"... besides, doesn't barney Frank have bigger moobs?

    4. Here's the thing:

      Christina Hendricks is undeniably a large woman.

      She just is.

      But she has discovered (and the Mad Men production staff probably made it real easy for her to discover this) that classic, post-war feminine styling makes the "large woman" thing work. It's much more forgiving of a little weight on a woman than post-70's styles. So even when she's not in character, she tends to choose styles that are either very classic or a little retro, and she makes it work.

      But if we put her in People of Wal-Mart clothes, she wouldn't be "Christina Hendricks" any more. She'd be "Look at that gross fat chick spilling out of those sweatpants".

      So large women of America, let this be a lesson to you. Find yourself a 50 year old copy of Life magazine, and be the ball.

      1. "Find yourself a 50 year old copy of Life magazine, and be the ball."

        That is just about suitable for framing, that is! Nicely done.

      2. Yeah - I watch plenty of shows/movies from the 1960-1970s and what was considered beautiful was definitely different than today. Some of the 'sexay' women back then were just bigger/curvier and the clothing styles definitely helped to carry the look off.

        1. if Marilyn Monroe were around today, some studio exec would be insisting she drop some weight and Jenny Craig might think it had a potential new spokeswoman.

          Curves rule...it's how women are supposed to look.

          1. No.You're falling for the fat chick fallacy. Marilyn and other classic stars were actually tiny. I'd link to my tumblr on the matter but since it is blocked for many of you. Here is the greatest Reason editor of all time Virginia Postrel.

              1. Double html fail but the links work.

            1. yes she was... tiny and curvy

            2. False dichotomy. A woman can have a nice, curvy body (and while not being super thin) and not be fat

      3. I agree with your assessment, overall.

      4. "Look at that gross fat chick with the fantastic rack spilling out of those sweatpants".


        I agree and while there's nothing wrong with a woman built for comfort, Hendricks does push the envelope. Still that's an envelope that I'm enjoying watching being pushed.

      5. I agree. She is a big woman. But she isn't a fucking morbidly obese land whale that you see at your typical wal-mart. Her gut doesn't stick out further than her tits... though that would take some work in her case.

        I think she is the max I could go and still find attractive.

      6. Yeah, you can totally tell that Mad Man is produced and created by normal guys. This notion that anorexic women are attractive is something that the gay men who took over Hollywood and Madison Avenue in the last generation came up with.

      7. I dress in retro style (I shop at ModCloth and Bettie Page, FCOL), I just don't have the boobage to make it work quite like Ms. Hendricks. When they bring silicone implants back, I'll consider remedying that.

    5. She's hot, but why in the hell were they mixing Johnny Walker Blue Label? Heresy! You're ruining it!

    6. She seriously does herself no favors when she wears those dresses that squish her boobs up like that. There are ways to display ample cleavage w/o squashing them into looking like they're fakes. Call me, Christina! I can help!

      1. You will give her a hand(s)?

      2. I dated a woman with a very large top shelf once, and she loved to put them on display. The first time I helped her put her bra back on, I hooked it on the loosest setting, and was corrected almost immediately to tighten it up.

        1. Only once? What a shame.

          The first girl I ever got to second base with had an amazing rack; they were easily DD's at 14. It's all been downhill since.

          1. It's all been downhill since.

            What you did, I see it. Well piled, err, played.

            1. Yep. It's all about the ankles now.

            2. I have a medical question. Is Chavez' cancer definitely a death sentence? From what's publicly known, of course.

          2. My first 3 home runs were all DD+. All downhill since. On the other hand, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, they all spat so there's that.

            1. When you're a teenager, there is no such thing as a bad BJ.

              1. "Here's something you'll never hear a man say: Stop sucking my dick or I'll call the police!"
                -George Carlin

              2. I didn't realize what I was missing out on for quite a while.

              3. When you're married, there's no such thing as a BJ.

                1. at least not from the person you are married to...for you

                2. When you're married, there's no such thing as a BJ.

                  Well don't tell my wife that, apparently she hasn't heard.

    7. That could be such a great rack if only she didn't have them pushed up so high.

      Sorry, but pushing your tits up to your shoulder blades as opposed to leaving them in their normal position doesn't turn me on. And I should know about big tits as well as anyone. Banjos' are enormous!

      1. Pics or GTFO.

        1. I thought we had some wedding pics on our blog.

          1. I wish I'd known about the Armstrong thing before I bought the wedding present. Because I would've sent an Armstrong-autographed mailbox instead.

            1. Does such a glorious thing exist? That would beat the hell out of a stress-ball.

              BTW, have you forgiven Armstrong for Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon yet?

                1. You tricked me.

              1. Yes. He has a whole line of mailboxes, which look like little moons, with the Eagle as the handle. Armstrong's smiling face is on each side. Along with the slogan, "We mail in peace for all mankind."

        2. Far be it for me to talk about another man's wife, but I can confirm Sloop's claim.

      2. We are all awaiting evidence of your claims.

    8. More importantly she has red hair.

    9. She's also got an ass that's bigger than Christmas.

  8. Elizabeth Warren is outraising Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race.

    Just wait till the people who gave her money ask for it back. The irony will be delicious.

    1. I see what you did there...

    2. LOL. +100

    3. I have serious reservations that that would happen.

  9. Kate Moss is still hot!

    1. Definitely seen much better.

    2. Good grief, sarcasmic!

      One more like that and I'm going to stop clicking your links.

      1. What's the matter? You don't like seeing pictures of her husband wearing her pants?

    3. Doesn't she need to be put down or something, Sarc, for that little speck of cellulite in the photo with the stiped-shirt dude?

      1. Smoking cellulite!

    4. NO. Dina Meyer is still hot. Kate Moss looks like an aging junkie.

      1. Kate Moss looks like IS an aging junkie.


    5. Not many women can look that good at 38. The best I've seen, though, are former college athletes: exercise does wonders for a body, even in the long term.

    6. Kate Moss is still hot to gay fashion designers and no one else!

    7. Is her husband some kind of pussy? First, the swim trunks, then she has to coax him into jumping? Fuckin-a.

  10. Boeing receives first 10 fuselages from South Korea for AH-64 helicopters for the US Army


    So the US spends more then 4% GDP on 'defense' part of which is for the defense of South Korea. South Korea spends 2% GDP on defense and so with the money saved they can then become the low cost supplier of AH-64 fuselages that the US taxpayer buys so they can then watch them sent to defend South Korea.

    Sounds like a bad deal to me. How about if the South Koreas are really worried about their defense they should pay more for it and the US should get out of the business of subsidizing other countries defenses. That would lower the cost of doing business in the US which would improve the competitiveness
    of US business and workers.

    1. Exactly. As important as ending our Middle East endeavors is, this is the big blight upon our foreign policy as I see it. We will never shake off the "Police of the World" stigma (although clearly not everyone wants to) unless we remove ourselves from defending countries that are more than capable of taking care of themselves. SoKo is really that worried about NoKo still? Then maybe you shouldn't have drawn the DMZ up less than 40 miles from your capital!

    2. The ROKs have been fairly resistant to our drawdown over there - I wish we would take a harder line with them. They can pony up more for their own defense. I like to see us halve again what we still have there.

      1. I like to see us halve again what we still have there.

        Call me a mean old poopy-head, but I'd like to see us out entirely. South Korea needs to be responsible for its own defense.

    3. alternatively, SK can pay us for the blanket of protection the US provides, not to mention the economic benefit of tens of thousands of Americans in country.

      1. Lets just get out of there all together and let the South Koreans take care of their own defense. After all they have twice the population and more then ten times the economy of North Korea.

  11. Syrian rebels destroying tanks caught on video.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwcDlsiNf1o

      This one is better. It looks like dudes on fire are tryign to get out of the tankk

      1. I watched both videos and all I could think the whole time was....shut the fuck up.
        The instant they get even a little excited they start yelling and screaming incessantly.
        Just shut the fuck up.

        1. God help you if you ever went on a patrol with the Iraqi Army! Which is louder, the firing or the shouting is up to debate.

          1. Hell, he wouldn't do well in any Mediterranean country for that matter. Turkey, Greece, Italy - all yelling, all the time.

    2. Wow - sending in tanks without an Infantry screen is the height of stupidity. Those tankers have no idea where the shots are coming from.

      The first tank hit definitely threw a tread from the land mine, so it wasn't going anywhere.

      Those shitty Russian tanks are terrifying up close (believe me), but once they get hit or start to burn, they are death-traps for the crew. Instead of a separate sealed compartment for ammo like a western tank, the walls of the crew compartment are lined with main gun rounds. If one of them is hit or ignites... the crew is going exit the tank via the pencil sized hole made by the hit - as a jet of vapor.

      1. Those shitty Russian tanks are terrifying up close

        What always amazed me was the overall fit and finish. A 1930s Ford tractor is put together with more care and attention to detail.

        That and the complete lack of any safety considerations. Want to stick your arm in the turret pinion gear? It's right there, uncovered. Go for it! Russian tankers must be some hard, albeit short, bastards.

        1. Russian tankers must be some hard, albeit short, bastards.

          You just nailed it.

        2. I meant that when a 50-ton machine built for the single purpose of killing is coming at you, it's fucking scary. Then we realized how pathetically easy it is to destroy them...

  12. New York City wants to convert public pay phones into free Wi-Fi hotspots

    Yeah, but will my wireless adapter come down with a virus after using it?

    1. But then people will only have the subways as the last bastion of public bathrooms

  13. The Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV)

    1. Can you drive a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?

      1. Not right now.

      2. I never use the spike.

      3. Only after I ponder the last of words of Socrates

      4. What were you doing with that bowl of jello, naked?

        1. It was hot and I was hungry!

    2. "By your actions, sir, you are risking the future of the human race!"

      "To guarantee the American way of life, I'm willing to take that risk."

  14. You want to go to Mars in that?

    1. I don't understand the single-vehicle approach.

      Look at the size of that fucking thing. What kind of lifter do you need for that?

      And it's still too damn small.

      Why not have the Mars vehicle be modular?

      1. I agree. And why not send things ahead to be waiting for the crew on Mars?

      2. The videos of the crew murdering each other, after being cooped up in that phone booth for 6 weeks, would be legendary.

        1. Minimum energy round-trip in-space time is closer to 60 weeks than 6.

          1. Oh, I know it will take much longer than 6 weeks to get to Mars. 6 weeks is all I'm giving the crew before the killin' starts.

            1. I'm too lazy to look it up, but I recall the Ruskies doing an experiment where they put several people together in a capsule for like a year or something to observe what may happen on a trip to Mars.

              Nobody died.

              1. An all male crew is obviously out. I think we'll need 4 married couples for the trip, if we can find people with the right skill sets in that configuration.

                1. "I think we'll need 4 married couples for the trip, if we can find people with the right skill sets in that configuration."

                  Let's just make sure the doctor's wife isn't the hottie who gets around this time.

                  1. Meh, water ritual doesn't sound that bad.

              2. And you believed the Rooskies? I bet you believe that they actually landed on the moon too.

        2. Sounds like a little space madness.

          1. "The jolly, CANdy-like button!"

      3. Build it in orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

        1. Yup. Why bother building the next Saturn V when you have plenty of EELVs and Falcons, etc to get into LEO?

          1. You can't expect a gummint contractor to get by on just that, now can you?

            Why do you hate the employees of Boeing?

      4. Seriously. You can get there on a much faster trajectory if you don't have to carry everyast fucking thing with you on one trip. Send your forward base and fuel depot, food etc. ahead of you on the slow boat and then once everything is safely at mars or in parking orbit, light a hot torch and get the people there fast. Leave an orbital cache at Mars in case you have to bug out before landing.

        1. But then the government types don't get to have a gigantic blast off to videotape.

          1. ...themselves in front of.

    2. Mars Direct, bitches. I used to be a Luna (again)-first kinda guy, but Robert Zubrin has sold me.

  15. "The cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, can be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes," she said, adding there are no side effects.

    "It's a huge advantage," said one 35-year-old patient who asked not to be identified, "I can smoke during the day, function with a lot less pain and still be focused, work and drive. It is a great gift."

    Not seeing the problem here, if people want choice in their form of pharma. Just sayin', Ed. It certainly sounds better than Marinol, which has some side effects of its own, and not all of them are pleasant.

  16. Rove: Obama's Shrinking Majority
    He won 9.5 million more votes than McCain. That won't happen again.

    1. Intrade has O up by 14, and they were pretty accurate in '08. I wish I had faith that O would lose, but I just don't.

      1. If Obama does win it will break a number of previous historical "predictors" (unemployment rate, approval rating, etc) - but hey, such things are generally meaningful until they aren't.

        1. That is what I don't get with intrade, why the hell is he up? Nothing makes sense to me as to why he should be, the economy should be killing him.

      2. InTrade isn't an infallalible oracle. Right before the Obamacare ruling it was like 75% that the mandate would be ruled unconstitutional.

        1. That's an understatement. Prediction markets only "work" when the players actually know something.

          1. To be fair, nobody saw the Roberts penaltax shuffle coming. That's what the 25% was for; it was the odds that SCOTUS would do some crazy shit. Sometimes the long odds come in for you.

    2. Next time, he'll win around 70 million more votes than McCain!

      It'll be a massacre!

      1. and considering how well he's done thus far, a re-election would basically serve to speed up the necessary crash that would trigger a revolution that might lead to some sanity.

        1. or not. Historically revolutions are tricky things with unintended consequences.

        2. Do you really think that liberty will rise out of the ashes of the fiscal train-wreck that is on the horizon?

          Does no one remember the last Great Depression we had?

          Libertarians are like the faithful battered wife or something - "This time he'll change!"

          1. the path we are on leads to a total erosion of liberty. Interesting that you seem to be in support of that.

            Yes, we remember the Depression. All that govt spending and meddling did nothing but extend it. The only thing that really ended was the end of WWII; the US was the only place that had factories standing and abundant labor to man them. That's why damn near everything built for the world was made here; after Japan and Germany were rebuilt, US dominance began to slide.

            1. Interesting that you seem to be in support of that.

              You cannot possibly have the slightest clue as to what I support.

  17. The Politics of Cognitive Dissonance
    Why closed-mindedness is an imperative for the left.

    "Don't repeat conservative language or ideas, even when arguing against them."

    That bit of advice, No. 1 on a list titled "The 10 Most Important Things Democrats Should Know," comes from the promotional material for "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic" by George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling.

    1. They really think Newspeak is a positive. What is most disturbing about Lakoff is that he seems to believe that if you call an object by another name, the object itself not just the name changes.

      1. Haven't the crippled handicapped differently abled handicapable citizens shown this to be true?

      2. He has taken the Rules for Radicals to a level that I don't think even Alinsky himself would have approved of.

      3. "...if you call an object by another name, the object itself not just the name changes."
        fortunately justice roberts doesnt believe that.

        1. that explains why he ruled that the mandate was not really a mandate, but a tax. A mandate does not equal a tax.

        2. Fuck PoMo deconstructionism right in the ass with a rusty chainsaw.

      4. Lakoff makes me sad. I studied linguistics, and he was like, a real person. Even some of his earlier work on the subject of framing political discourse was genuinely interesting. But a "little blue book"? Come on.

    2. Ignoring arguments. See Tony/Shriek and other lefty trolls.

    3. Holy hell that's a good read. Every time one of the statist trolls shows up the first response should be this link.

    4. I'll read the WSJ post later, but someone here recently posted an analysis of the little Blue Book by Zombie at PJ Media. Definitely worth a google.

      1. The WSJ post is basically an analysis and commentary on the Zombie post.

  18. New reporter? Call him Al, for algorithm

    The new reporter on the US media scene takes no coffee breaks, churns out articles at lightning speed, and has no pension plan.

    That's because the reporter is not a person, but a computer algorithm, honed to translate raw data such as corporate earnings reports and previews or sports statistics into readable prose.

    Algorithms are producing a growing number of articles for newspapers and websites, such as this one produced by Narrative Science:

    "Wall Street is high on Wells Fargo, expecting it to report earnings that are up 15.7 percent from a year ago when it reports its second quarter earnings on Friday, July 13, 2012," said the article on Forbes.com.

    1. Just don't let the AP pukes near it - or it'll be churning out TEAM BLUE talking points.

      1. But can it link to anonymity sites hosted on the Christmas Islands?

        1. "I totally can see that, dude."

          --insert site link here

  19. NASA's Hubble Telescope found a fifth moon for Pluto, but if it's not technically a planet, can it have moons?

    Didn't Big Planet lobby NASA to reclassify it as a planet?

  20. whatever casts a shadow is not allowed

    Shaaaaaaaria, baby!

  21. An Israeli company is developing a medicinal form of marijuana that can relieve certain symptoms but won't get you high.

    It will still be the hemp of pharmaceuticals here in the States.

  22. Rielle Hunter's book tour about affair with John Edwards comes to an end after just 6,000 copies are sold

    1. Who? 😉

      1. The guy who talks to ghosts.

        1. Well, he is the biggest douche in the universe.

  23. NRA draws red line on UN arms treaty

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) warned the United Nations on Wednesday that the effort to craft international rules for weapons sales will go nowhere in Congress if it includes civilian arms.

    Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the powerful lobby group, said 58 senators have pledged to oppose the treaty if it covers civilian weapons, fearing an infringement of America's gun rights.

    1. OTOH, it might be amusing to see the blue-helmeted enforcers take on, say, the hunters of Pennsylvania.

      1. Heh - I'd like to see them in some of the Sout or Westside neighborhoods in Chicago.

        1. As a parole officer once mentioned "yeah, they'll kill ya on the Sout' side - but on the West side, they'll kill you and do shit to your body afterward."

      2. Haha. Those Fudds are perfectly happy to allow gun control as long as the over-and-unders, bolt actions, and revolvers are allowed under a hunting exemption. Although the face of the modern civilian shooter is changing...people are starting to love the more modern stuff more.

  24. Americans Revolt Billions of Times a Day

    I bet you can think of a few dozen more examples, and increasingly we're all in business and in personal life thinking of more and more ways to game a system which we have less and less faith in.

    It's not civil disobedience that I'm talking about. It's the opposite: Civil disobedience is meant to be noticed. It is a price paid in the hope of creating social change. What I'm talking about is not based on hope; in fact, it has given up much hope on social change. It thinks the government is a colossal amoeba twitching mindlessly in response to tiny pinpricks of pain from an endless army of micro-brained interest groups. The point is not to teach the amoeba nor to guide it, but simply to stay away from the lethal stupidity of its pseudopods.

    1. I'm sure there's some appropriate Firefly quote for this.

  25. Aha! I was looking for a good and pithy definition of libertarian beavior...

    "simply to stay away from the lethal stupidity of its pseudopods."

    1. beavior? Ahem, "behavior"

      1. I would like a good and pithy definition of libertarian beaver, myself. Or beavor. Or even beavour.

      2. Do you have beavers on the mind, sir?

  26. Woman's boyfriend dies, she keeps him around for 18 onths anyway so they can watch NASCAR together. Naturally, she still cashed his Social Security checks.

    1. that's pretty much how I feel 'bout NASCAR. er, wut?

      1. You would never catch a Formula 1 fan doing this.

        1. It certainly went downhill when Jackie Stewart retired.

          1. It certainly went downhill when Jackie Stewart retired.

            I don't really follow auto racing of any kind, but when I actually sat and watched (on TV) the Monaco Grand Prix one day a couple years ago and saw what these cars and their drivers are capable of, I realized I could never respect NASCAR as an actual sport.

            1. "Did you SEE that? He turned right!"

            2. NASCAR is harder than it looks. Those cars basically have no breaks. And their handling is general at best. The drivers just wrestle them around the track. The car constantly wants to turn left. So even on the straights they are fighting the car.

              It is a totally different skill set than F1 or road racing. But it is a skill set. And a pretty respectable one. I am not a NASCAR fan. But I do respect anyone who can go 200 mph five inches off another car's bumper with no breaks and a car with the size and handling qualities of a family truckster.

              1. Driving a dump truck and flying an F-22 Raptor are both skill sets . . .

                But for me, it's smaller, faster, more powerful cars, using cutting-edge technology, on actual road courses . . . versus '50s-era pushrod V-8s and steel-tube frames, being driven by guys who'd have to stop and think for a minute before attempting to turn the wheel to the right.

                Forumla One is the one area where European snobbery is somewhat justified.

                1. Karl,

                  A NASCAR V8 is not 1950s technology. It is an amazing technical accomplishment to build an engine that will run close to 200 MPH for 500+ miles. The engineers in NASCAR are just as smart as the ones in F1. They are just tackling a different problem.

                2. F1 is more boring to watch than soccer.

                  1. I've seen plays that were more exciting than this. Honest to God, plays!

              2. But I do respect anyone who can go 200 mph five inches off another car's bumper with no breaks and a car with the size and handling qualities of a family truckster.

                Without disagreeing with any of this, it's still boring as fuck to watch on tee-vee.

              3. John--If you've never seen it, I recommend watching Australian V8 Supercar racing. It's what NASCAR should be.

        2. Exactly. We'd find a way to apply some decent aero to it and go racing.

    2. You wanted her to pay the whole cable bill herself?

      1. You wanted her to pay the whole cable bill herself?

        Well yeah, I do! I don't know what the going rate for cadavers is, but I bet she could've just sold him off to the closest medical college and walked off with enough money to pay for a year's worth of cable and a Dale Jr. ballcap.

        So yeah, I expect her to exercise a little ingenuity rather than making me pay for her entertainment.

        1. "...so they can watch NASCAR together"
          It was a joke, man. NM.

          1. It was a joke, man. NM.

            I knew that, silly goose!

            1. Fooled me, you ol' goofball!

        2. But she kept him clean! and so on. I heard this on the radio this morning. the announcer started it with a "this may be disturbing to some listeners." eww.

          1. Well, yea-uh; if she hadn't he might have started smelling.

          2. Can someone explain to me how in the hell you keep rotting meat clean?

  27. http://abovethelaw.com/2012/07.....-too-hard/

    Accountant claims wrongful termination because her job was too hard.

    1. I'm willing to bet she wasn't covered under the executive exception any more than I am. If I had to guess, she's covered under the professional exemption if she's actually a degreed accountant.

      1. I know of NO accountants who are paid by the hour. She should have known that going into the profession. Some weeks are gravy, some are a bitch, but it works out pretty well in the end.

      2. She's definitely exempt. You don't have to be degreed, just work in an exempt position. As the article says, if filling out your company's tax forms isn't enough responsibility to make you exempt, pretty much every other junior professional position that doesn't require a certification (engineers without PE/FE certifications for example) are also non-exempt. It will never fly.

        1. Well, yes, but reading the complaint, it sounds like she's using the standards for an executive exempt position in the complaint. My guess is her lawyer picked the only classification she can legitimately be said not to meet and used that as basis.

          They're going to get their ass handed to them in court when the company lays out the appropriate class.

  28. Elizabeth Warren is outraising Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. By Obama-logic that makes her the bad guy in that race right?

    Learjet Lizzy, the Limousine Liberal, is raising a lot of money, but a lot of it's coming from out of state. A ton of that money is coming from her frequent fundraisers in Hollywood.

    Some of these Hollywood people, who are giving Lie-awatha a ton of money now, are undoubtedly the same people who criticized out of state Mormons for giving money to California's successful Proposition 8 campaign, which banned gay marriage.

    I'd be interested to see whether Scott Brown is raising more money in Massachusetts.

    It should be perfectly legal to give money to out of state candidates, but I hope the people of Massachusetts know that Warren's warpath runs mostly through Hollywood.

    Apparently, Lying Lizzy, the poor little Indian girl, didn't take it to heart when when Tip O'Neal said that, "All politics is local". 'cause there ain't nothin' local about her campaign, that's "fer sure".

    1. Learjet Lizzy, the Limousine Liberal
      Warren's warpath
      Lying Lizzy, the poor little Indian girl

      For crying out loud Ken, just call her a cunt and get it over with.

      1. My words are much more effective, and as an added benefit?

        My words create no sympathy for Warren whatsoever--unlike your suggestion.

        1. You know what, Ken? Just fuck you, you condescending shitbag. You're so SOD-damned worried about one teensy word, that you are absolute no better than any Greenie, fart-smelling, holier than thou, No True Scotsman, disingenuous proggie lib. Your arrogance, hubris, and "I'm morally superior to anyone to whom I deign to speak" isn't exactly winning friends and influencing people either. So you just keep on keeping on there, Ken, looking down on anyone who doesn't rise to your level of Libertarian Perfection, as obviously you are the only one fit to do so. You might have even single-handedly kept Shit Flopney as a viable candidate (scoff). You're just as bad as Tony, you moralizing...dare I say...CUNT!

          Choke on your elitism, Ken.

          1. Wow. That was awe-inspiring. I'm stealing it, GM.

          2. That was a pretty awesome rant, GM. And Ken's post did kind of read like a Sean Hannity monologue.

          3. I think Ken has been rather sporting playing along with this.
            In other words, don't be such a cunt, GM.

          4. Great rant Groovus. Medical question for you. I went to the dentist and took gas this week. That stuff is unbelievable. Why is NOX not an illicit drug?

            1. Hahaha. Well, it is, if your dentist doesn't give it to you.

              1. I am sure. Where can I get a tank installed in my bedroom. That was the best high I have had in years.

                1. Go down to the local party store and buy a case of it in cartridges. (I think they still sell it there.) Or from a restaurant supply house, they use it to whip cream.

                  1. You can also get industrial quantities from welding supply places. (Unless they cracked down on that.)

                    1. What am I missing here? The stuff must be deadly or something. No way is a high that good and not illegal or has the effect of sniffing glue.

                    2. True fact: the phrase "It's a gas!" originates from 18th century nitrous oxide parties.

                      It's a gas!

                    3. I think one of those partiers is Abortofreak Crisparkle.

                    4. Well you're the one who said it was a Dickens character!

                    5. I've heard (not sure how accurate it is) that a lot of industrial NOX has had additives put in that will make you very ill if you try to inhale it to get high.

                      Either way, you're probably safest to stick to whipped cream bottles. It's used as the propellant (as well as for a lot of other "foods in a can" such as cheeze whiz).

          5. Condescending?

            Sure I'm condescending. Especially to people beneath me.

            And everyone who can't see that using certain language pointlessly alienates people away from libertarianism--to the point that they'll actually defend the use of the c-word in public? Is far, far beneath me.

            I guess in your social strata, people talk like that to each other all the time? Maybe people talk liek that in your family! But out here in non-tramp stamp America, people find alienating language... um ...alienating.

            So next time you're at Thanksgiving, looking across the table at your mother, try to remember that somewhere I'm out there, I'm looking at my mom, too? And she raised a son that far, far superior to you.

            Tell us, what kind of mother raises a son to use that kind of language about women in public? Does she have a drug problem?


              Are you for real, Shultz, or are you fucking with us? "people beneath me"


            2. Ken, you're the stupidest commenter ever.

              1. Epi, there's no way, after yesterday's tulphritude, you could mean that.

                1. At least Tulpy-poo amuses me, nicole. Ken is just a stupendous cunt.

              2. I know, right? Maybe he can write a guest column on Tulpa's gay little blog.

            3. And I thought I'd never see the day when someone would out-smug George Clooney's oscar acceptance speech.

              Bravo, well done sir. Tell us this though, what kind of mother raises a son to be a condescending wholier than though douche noxxle?

              1. Ken, Ken, Ken. Oh, well. I withdraw my support. (I still oppose kitten-juggling, though.)

            4. did somebody say "cunt" and I missed it?

  29. "New Homeland Security Laser Scanner Reads People At Molecular Level"


    Hey if the founding fathers had wanted people to be secure in their molecules, they should've added that to language to the 4th amendment, right? Living document, racist old white guys, etc.

    Peace through strength. Freedom through laserz!

    1. This laser-based scanner ? which can be used 164-feet away

      "164", huh? I'm calling bullshit right there.

      1. 164 ft is almost exactly equal to 50 m, so the overly precise number is probably not an indication of lack of veracity.

    2. "New Homeland Security Laser Scanner Reads People At Molecular Level"

      So, it can now see John's penis?

    3. No word on the false positive rate I see.

  30. Virtual Girlfriend, and you can slap her and she just takes it.

    Oh, Japan...

    1. Special discount for police officers, I hope.

      1. Virtual Girlfriend, and you can slap her and she just takes it.

        Police officer's special.

        1. Will there be a virtual dog expansion available as a download?

          1. Yes, but it's just Duck Hunt in reverse.

      2. Shit, Karl! Whom do you think does the destructive testing? Not the Manga FanBoys. They're too busy marrying pillows and being more Jezehellions than, well, Jezehellions.

    2. Archer is now an effective prognosticator of Japanese culture. And Krieger is pissed.

    3. "Oh, Krieger-san. Soon we will be married, yes?"

      1. "Oh, Krieger-san. Soon we will be married, yes?"

        "There's not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that. I touched my mother's dildo."

    4. That girl has some nice polygons.

  31. Penn State probe findings released - school leaders including Joe Paterno "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade."


    1. God Paterno was a dirt bag. He deserves all of the scorn he gets. Too bad he died before he had to live with the consequences of what he did.

      1. We (students at PSU) knew Spanier was a smarmy fuck. Paterno had the respect of many people. I was never much of a sports fan so I didn't buy into the hero worship. I think it's still worth reading the whole report rather than reacting to the news stories and leaks. Obviously there were serious transgressions in the PSU administration, and as an alumnus, I demand they are exposed and addressed.

        1. Yeah, Spanier is scum. I was impressed with his holding the University presidency for so long, but now I wonder if he held it because he knew about some skeletons.

      2. His estate can be named in a civil suit, no?

        1. Only if there's an estate left. Once the estate is disbursed to the heirs, you can't really sue the estate.

          1. He transfered ownership of the house to his wife, though that might not protect the estate:


    2. I'm waiting for charges to be filed

    3. It's worse than I thought it would be. But, hey, at least nobody traded any trophies for tattoos, right?

      Fucking kill PSU football already.

    4. We never had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Paterno, but he did say what he told McQueary on February 10, 2011 when McQueary reported what he saw Sandusky doing in the shower the night before: "You did what you had to do. It is my job now to figure out what we want to do." Why would anyone have to figure out what had to be done in these circumstances? We also know that he delayed reporting Sandusky's sexual conduct because Mr. Paterno did not "want to interfere" with people's weekend. To his credit, Mr. Paterno stated on November 9, 2011, "With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.


      1. My only conclusion is that Paterno must have liked ass fucking little boys too and didn't want Sandusky to rat him out. Why else protect that monster?

        1. Well, Paterno's degree was in classics, so presumably he was acquainted with the prevalence of pederasty in Greek and Roman cultures.

  32. SQIRLS

    "This is why you have no friends from pre-school."

    1. So I can put any audio track from a show or movie to random video and call it art or funny or a movie?

      1. Yes. Load all comments from a Morning Links in a text-to-speech and run it over a time-lapse of a fox carcass rotting and you have art.

        "Your husband's work is what we call 'outsider art.' It could be by a mental patient, a hillbilly or a chimpanzee."

        1. Already been done, but with stills of parrots.

            1. Now THAT's comedy.

    2. It's better than the actual show.

    3. I'm a fan of the handsome little red squirrels. So tiny!

    4. I could only take about 15 seconds. Does this episode show the server squirrels from HnR taking their smoke break and lounging around at 3pm sharp every day?

  33. Anyone else wonder if Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s disappearance might be due to Blogo releasing something damning about the sale of the senate seat?

    1. I'm just enjoying his absence

      1. But he voted to keep Obamacare yesterday, didn't he? What's the fun of a Congressman being absent if he still casts absentee ballots?

        1. He voted and no one checked his ID.

    2. Speaking of JJJ, I just learned that he was named People magazine's "Sexiest Politician" in 1997. I find this baffling.

  34. Marc Rich's ex-wife, the songwriter, democratic party fundraiser, and limousine liberal extraordinaire Denise Rich renounces her American citizenship in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

    I'm sure that Shrieking Idiot and Krugnuts will really give her what for over this.

    1. Well, it should have been obvious that her old method of getting what she wanted from a Dem executive branch no longer worked once Obama got elected.

      1. What, Marc can't take one for the team?

  35. Two members of Congress introduce the Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act. This would protect religious institutions from crippling Obamacare taxes for following their religious beliefs. Specifically, they won't be taxed for failing to provide birth control, abortifacients and sterilization to their employees.

    "Never before in our nation's history has there been a mandate forcing individuals to violate their deeply held religious beliefs or pay a tax," [Rep. Diane] Black said today. On the religious-liberty front, nothing has changed since the Supreme Court's health-care ruling, because that decision "leaves intact a serious assault on our religious freedoms ? the controversial HHS mandate that requires employers to provide drugs and services in their employee health-care plans regardless of religious objections to those services," she said.


    1. If I tell them I am Amish, but sometimes fail to live up to the ideals, they have to believe me, right?

      1. Amish already have an exemption -to this law and to the Social Security tax. As far as I know, there hasn't been a serious fraud problem with people claiming to be Amish.

        The real-world harms of this law are worse than the hypothetical harms of protecting religious freedom.

      2. I want to be a Hutterite. They can at least drink and have some fine lookin' womens.

    1. In part II, the dog goes to look for some booze in which to put the lemon.

      1. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life gave them Vodka...

  36. Funniest thing I've seen in a while: Is This Feminist? http://isthisfeminist.tumblr.com/

    1. Just hastening the demise of the higher education system as we know it.

      1. Great. Dumbing down engineering is going to make my job so much easier.

  37. President Obama celebrated the fact that 25 percent fewer men than women graduate from college, calling it a "great accomplishment" for America. Ironically, he lamented the fact that a smaller gender disparity ? 17 percent fewer women attending college than men ? had once existed before Title IX was implemented.

    So can we get a Title IX.2?

    The arts and humanities have well over 60 percent female students, yet no one seems to view that gender disparity as a sign of sexism against men. Deep down, the Obama administration knows this, since it is planning to impose its gender-proportionality rules only on the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), not other fields that have similarly large gender disparities in the opposite direction.

    Yes, let's improve the country by lowing the standards for female engineers. They've already got it so hard with only affirmative action and special scholarships available to them.

    1. Damn threaded comments and replying to the last comment. Should be responding to Your Old TV.

  38. Old documentary on Vasily Alexeev. The bit about Gorbachev is interesting, too.

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