A.M. Links: Navy Sending Underwater Drones to Persian Gulf, Pyramid Destruction Buzz a Hoax, Sort of, Fifth Moon For Pluto


  • see them while they last? sounds like a pitch!

    The United States Navy is sending unmanned underwater craft (underwater drones?) to boost its capability to prevent Iran from closing the Strait of Hormuz as negotiations over its nuclear program continue.

  • The House voted to repeal ObamaCare last night, the 33rd vote the body's taken on the law. Maybe they're doing it now so they don't have to next year?
  • Elizabeth Warren is outraising Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. By Obama-logic that makes her the bad guy in that race right?
  • The tweet that apparently got the recent story that Islamists wanted to destroy the pyramids in Egypt going was actually a hoax. But the story's not. It probably got as much play as it did because Islamists were very recently seen wrecking historical sites in Timbuktu. And the nose of the Sphinx was actually most likely destroyed by a Sufi Muslim fanatic in 1378 after he caught local peasants praying to the Sphinx as a God. And, of course, the suggestion to destroy the pyramids has come up in Egypt before, with some sharia law backing it.
  • An Israeli company is developing a medicinal form of marijuana that can relieve certain symptoms but won't get you high. Buzz kill.
  • New York City wants to convert public pay phones into free WiFi hotspots. It will start with ten in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
  • NASA's Hubble Telescope found a fifth moon for Pluto, but if it's not technically a planet, can it have moons? Apparently.
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