A.M. Links: Chris Christie: You Can't Lead by Being an Enigma, Police Shootings From Alaska to Virginia, Google to Pay $22.5 Million FTC Fine


  • but what's his stance on abortion?

    Speaking at the Brookings Institute, Chris Christie had some advice for politicians in Washington (and maybe those looking to get there?): "We shouldn't be listening to political consultants whispering in our ears, 'Say as little as possible,' we shouldn't be listening to those voices that say, 'Just use the party doctrine and don't stray.' We should be telling people how we think and how we feel and let them judge us up or down. You can't lead by being a mystery. You can't lead by being an enigma. You can't lead by being aloof. You can't lead by being programmed. I think you have to lead by being yourself and who you are and then people will trust you."

  • A young Detroit woman died after a cop's holstered gun accidentally went off while she was hugging him at a house party, according to police. In Saginaw, Michigan the police shooting of a homeless man wielding a knife is being questioned by a local councilman. A local community coalition in Virginia is asking why a bat-wielding man was shot dead by cops. A Houston man was shot and killed after allegedly twirling towards officers with his hands in his shirt; he was unarmed. Two police shootings in the last month in Anchorage have yielded protests from the Polynesian community. Cops in New Hampshire say they shot an armed man after a confrontation; neighbors say at least ten state trooper cars came in to the neighborhood and some say they were evacuated from their homes. In Oregon, deputy sheriffs shot a man a neighbor says was pointing an assault rifle at passing cars, nearby areas, and finally at the cops who showed up.  Meanwhile in New York City, the police department has put out a $10,000 reward for a 20 year old accused of shooting a police officer last week.
  • Chicago's mayor Rahm Emanuel is defending the new police chief's strategy of increasing cops on beat patrol rather than relying on specialized military-style units that drop into crime-ridden areas; some of the alderman in those areas want those units back as the homicide rate is up 38 percent so far this year; the overall crime rate, the police chief notes, is down 10 percent. 
  • Egypt's newly elected president, a Muslim Brother, plans on reconvening Egypt's parliament, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, despite a ruling by the country's highest court upholding the military's dissolution of the legislative body.
  • Floods caused by record-breaking rain in several mountain cities in Russia are spurring conspiracy theories on the internet revolving around an intentional discharge of the natural water basin in the mountains, which the government says actually collected massive amounts of water and prevented an even more severe flood.
  • Google will pay the Federal Trade Commission $22.5 million to settle charges of invading the privacy of Safari users by using cookies to bypass certain tracking safeguards. Google maintains it was inadvertent, but will pay what is the largest FTC penalty in history.
  • Prince Fielder became the second player (after Ken Griffey Jr) to win multiple homerun derbies, winning yesterday's in Kansas City. Matt Cain will start for the NL in today's game, joining three other Giants on the line-up.

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  1. Speaking of Rahm Emmanuel, I’ve got a good place in Illinois for him to go take a swim.

    1. Testicle-eating cousin

      Nice band name.

      1. Who doesn’t have a testicle eating cousin?

        1. I do. He’s Canadian, too.

        2. All my cousins have me.

    2. FTA: “The locals told me that this thing was like a human in the water, biting at the testicles of fishermen,” Wade said.

      Yeah, I don’t know what “humans” those locals are hanging around, but I’m pretty sure they’re the wrong ones.

      1. Or exactly the right ones…depending on your tastes.

        1. It is in the San Francisco Chronicle.

      2. The EPA’s gonna come down on those fishermen like a ton of bricks for t-bagging fish.

        1. How else can you demonstrate you totally pwn’d a fish expect by t-bagging it? Huh, smart guy? Got an answer for that? I didn’t fucking think so.

          1. Maybe these fish are just striking back for their cousins the catfish that have been the victims of noodling for generations.

            1. Maybe they just like balls.

            2. I sort of see the appeal of noodling (gosling juggling and all that) but having caught hundreds of catfish as a kid, I’m not sticking my hands in the mouth of one of those nasty fucking things.

              1. You do it with your hands?

                That’s not how Warty told me to do it.

                1. See? This is how you end up getting your testicles bit off. Put your pants on when you go fishing, you are about to be a father again for fuck’s sake.

                  1. I can still leave my pants off, I’ll just have to stay on the bank from now on. Right?


                    1. Just watch out for the testicrodile.

                    2. Why would you laugh about something like that?

                      Mr Maturure, a father of four, had removed all his clothes save for his knickers and placed them atop the box of tomatoes he was carrying on his head. And then:
                      “It grabbed a chunk of my buttocks before attacking my manhood – tearing my testicles into shreds. The skin covering my penis was partly torn, but I quickly put my thumb in its mouth to try and choke it, but it grabbed my hand and I could hear my bones crushing with every squeeze. Realising that I was losing the battle, I let go of the box of tomatoes that I was carrying on my head and it fell into the river causing a splash. At that instant, the crocodile released its grip on my hand and ran towards the noise. I used the opportunity to walk to the other bank with blood flowing down my legs from the wounds.”
                      Can anyone be blamed?
                      Maturure says the February 6 attack was not the first in the area, and claims crocodiles were released into Nyazvidzi Dam by white farmers who wanted to stop local communities from fishing.

                    3. Who said I was laughing? It’s a real danger. You should fish with an armored codpiece.

                    4. I usually go out with a leather holster, but according to the Detroit Police Department, it won’t prevent accidental discharges. I may have to take your suggestion seriously.

                    5. Doesn’t it seem he dropped the box of tomatoes rather late in that narrative?

                    6. Exactly CN – those tomatoes are toast as soon as it “grab(s) a chunk of my buttocks,” and a LONG time before it “attack(s) my manhood.”

                      Jesus Christ, he even tried to stop it with one hand before he dropped what I must assume were tomatoes imbued with the power to make Kate Upton jump in bed with you.

  2. Cops!

  3. Oh, shit! It’s on!

    Here comes a real religious war. At least I hope so.

    1. Has a mobilization order gone out to the Knights of Columbus?!

    2. Wow, from one collection of violent scam artists to another.

    3. As a former Catholic, I can state that when it is by far a saner church than another, you know the other is just batshit crazy.

    4. “The church, located on 16th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, is known for inclusive thinking and its welcoming of many gay and lesbian Catholics….

      “The New York parish is no stranger to celebrity faces: Nancy Pelosi was seen worshipping there while serving as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

      1. Soooooo, she joined a catholic church that isn’t really catholic?

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot better than the Xenu cult founded by a pederast.

        1. I hope Holmes doesn’t “switch teams” if you know what I mean, just because she had a disappointing experience with one man. Pelosi might be a bad influence in that regard.

          1. From American Papist:

            Color me skeptical.

            For one thing, the only “source” for this exclusive is an unnamed choir member of St. Francis Xavier in New York City, a notoriously pro-gay parish…

            Second, this unnamed source apparently has access to the parish registration roll. How does a choir member have access to such information, which is normally kept private? No explanation is provided.

            Third, the reporter for this exclusive is a celebrity blogger for Huffington Post who goes by the name “Naughty But Nice Rob”. None of this sounds very reliable to me.

            …if/when Katie Holmes where to [return to the Church], I doubt she would do it through a parish like St. Francis Xavier.

            In the meantime, I’m chalking up this “news” story that Katie Holmes has joined St. Francis Xavier as pure self-promotion by a member of a parish that has very little experience with truth in advertising.


  4. There’s a Polynesian community in Anchorage?

    1. That’s what I was wondering.

      1. You’d think they’d avoid an area with a tradition of whaling.

        1. What’s a brother gonna do, he’s Polynesian?

    2. There have been a bunch of Polynesians on Deadliest Catch.

      1. Freddie Mugatai. That dude makes Chuck Norris look like a girl scout.

  5. Denise Rich, big Dem donor, outsources herself

    What kind of people, I often hear Democrats say, would leave California because of the state’s very progressive tax rates? The answer, it would seem, is Democrats, even a big donor to Bill Clinton. Indeed, some are willing to give up, not only their state identity, but also their precious U.S. citizenship.

    As other news outlets have reported, Denise Rich, ex-wife of gazzilloinaire fugitive Marc Rich ? who, after being advised by now Attorney General Eric Holder was pardoned by Clinton ? has renounced her U.S. citizenship. A lawyer who represented her said that Rich wanted to spend more time near her family. Two daughters live in London. He did not talk about the likely tax savings.

    1. California has a confiscatory capital gains tax rate?

      On purely tax reasons she should stay in the US over London.

      1. Not really, since it’s much much easier to avoid paying British taxes by not living there. Unlike the US where no matter where you live, Uncle Sugar is gonna get his piece.

        1. Aren’t we the only country that requires taxes from citizens abroad?

          1. Only western world one, yes. Im sure there is some 3rd world hell hole that technically does it to.

            1. I think the list is the United States, North Korea and Cuba.


              1. Doesn’t China require it too if you plan on staying there? I do recall Yao Ming having to pay ~90% of his salary to the PRC when he initially came to the NBA.

                1. I thought that had to do with him still being an officer in the PRC Army. I may be wrong, as that was a decade (and at least ten serious injuries) ago.

                2. Could be. I remember the list was the US, and a few countries that had still not renounced communism.

                  1. Notice shrike doesn’t say confiscatory tax rates are a *bad* thing.

    2. Eric Holder’s name comes up in the company of scumbags remarkably often. Even for a politician.

    3. “Denise Rich, big Dem donor, outsources herself”

      At least she doesn’t keep her money in Swiss banks.

    1. So, an A-? Meh, at least it’s not the worst grade imaginable.

      1. You have officially lost your Tiger Mom status

        1. An A- is bad, but it’s no A–, the worst grade imaginable.

    1. “Somebody put their finger on that trigger and gave it pressure.”

      1. That’s pretty much how a gun works.
        Jealous wife?

      2. Yeah. Somehow, someone drew the cop’s weapon and shot this woman. But not him, he’s a cop.

      3. “Somebody put their finger on that trigger and gave it pressure.”

        Triggers were pressured. Bullets were projected.

        1. Procedures followed?

  6. I can’t wait for the truth to come out here.

    Note to cops: don’t arrest someone for stand alone “resisting arrest” when there are a lot of witnesses around to contradict your bullshit story. Especially when you do it to someone with the resources and a reason to fight you.

    1. upside here is that Peterson does NOT have a history of thuggish or stupid behavior.

      1. Another upside here is that it took three cops to take him down, which means his knee will probably be good to go before the season starts.

        Seriously, though, Peterson has a clean image and immediately went on the offensive. This thing stinks, and the HPD will be begging for it to go away by the end of the week.

        1. Well, a clean image once you ignore the stuff he did at OU.

          1. What did he do at OU?

        2. amazing how one “issue” becomes Peterson’s choice of attorney. Really? And nothing like a dose of Skip Bayless wisdom – let’s blame a young, single man for doing what millions of young, single men do every week.

          1. He’s the Nancy Grace of the sports world.

    2. Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith are the very worst thing about ESPN. Their mindless bloviating and constant yelling are a pox on everything sports.

      1. ESPN Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith are is the very worst thing about ESPN. The mindless bloviating and constant yelling are a pox on everything sports.

        There..now isn’t that what you really wanted to say. Other than actual game telecasts, the rest of ESPN is the sports equivalent of the cable news programs – no actual news, lotsa opinion.

        1. Hey I actually think Mike and Mike are pretty good.

      2. Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith are the very worst thing about ESPN.

        Obviously you’re not familiar with the works of Jemele Hill or Rick Reilly.

        1. That’s true. The only non-sporting event shows I watch on ESPN are the occasional ATH or PTI.

        2. 4 awful names mentioned and no one has hit the worst of the lot: Colin Cowherd.

          1. My God they are all awful.

            Their website is at least ok, television is done.

  7. “Virginia is asking why a bat-wielding man was shot dead by cops”

    They shot Batman?

    1. They shot Ozzy?

      1. They shot Alex Rodriguez?

          1. You SF’d the link.

          2. They shot Zombie Babe Ruth?

            1. You killed Kenny. You bastards.

    2. “Virginia is asking why…”

      Okay, all together now…..

      1. Yes, Virginia, there is a Fuck You That’s Why.

    3. Well now we know how Prince Fielder won his second derby…

  8. Off the Tax Cliff He Goes
    President Obama wants lower rates for GE and J.P. Morgan than for small business.

    So the 2013 tax cliff is a big enough economic problem that President Obama now wants to postpone it for some taxpayers. But it isn’t so big that he’s willing to curb his desire to raise taxes on tens of thousands of job-creating businesses.

    That’s the essence of Mr. Obama’s announcement Monday that he wants Congress to extend current tax rates for a year, but only for those making less than $200,000 a year. This is a political gambit designed to protect Democrats who are starting to feel queasy about opposing GOP plans to extend all of the Bush rates as the economy weakens again. The ploy could help Democrats if Republicans fall for it, but it won’t reduce the economic damage to the country.

    1. it’s only step one. Even a class warrior know-nothing like The Obama knows there is not enough money to be confiscated from the greedy evil filthy rich. Next stop? 200 0r 250K gradually becomes 150, then 100, then it’s everyone in the pool.

      1. It’s easier than that. You just hold the line at 200K (or whatever) and inflation takes care of the rest.

  9. Google will pay the Federal Trade Commission $22.5 million to settle charges of invading the privacy of Safari users by using cookies to bypass certain tracking safeguards.

    The six people who use Safari are going to be rich!

  10. “You can’t lead by being a mystery. You can’t lead by being an enigma.”

    You can sure get elected by being a mystery and an enigma though!

    1. He’s not talking about Mitt “Meh” Romney is he?

      1. Probably, though he could be talking about either Romney or Obama. I’m not sure you can call what Obama is doing “leading”, but he’s been the president for three and a half years and he’s still a fucking mystery and an enigma to a lot of people.

    2. what if you’re a riddle? Can you get elected by being a riddle?

    3. “enigma”


      1. Especially if it’s rapped in a riddle.

        1. In a riddle set of Chinese finger cuffs you mean.

          1. lacist!

  11. Testicle-Eating Fish Found in Illinois Lake

    Swimmers and fishermen have something to be afraid of when they are in Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois as a testicle-eating fish was reportedly found in the lake.

    KSDK reported that a fish with teeth was found in the lake. Initially, it was thought to be piranha. However, Jim Cadwell, the lake superintendent, consulted with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and learned that the said fish with teeth was actually a Pacu.

    Cadwell says a fisherman caught one back on June 7th and there were claims another was hooked ten days ago. Although Pacus pose no real threat to humans as they reportedly feed on aquatic vegetation and snails, Metro.co.uk reported two local men died in the river, bleeding to death, after their testicles were eaten by a fish while swimming.

    1. Goddamn it, sloopy.

  12. Michael Gerson: Obama in denial

    One would think, given so much practice, that the Obama White House would have been better prepared for last week’s wretched jobs report.

    Instead, we witnessed the five stages of bad public relations. Delusion: It was a “step in the right direction.” Dismissiveness: Don’t “read too much into any one monthly report.” Grudging acceptance: “It’s still tough out there.” Cliche: “There are no quick fixes.” Self-pity: “I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard.”

    1. He’d better hope for a miracle that’s probably not coming, because two or three more jobs reports as dismal as the last one and he’s finished.

      1. Luckily he is running against Romney though – a weaker candidate than McCain.

        Obama does get lucky – Alan Keyes and Sarah Palin get big assists in his electoral success.

        1. the Evil Party will often beat the Stupid Party.

          1. Too bad there are no ball biting fish in the Potomac.

            1. Oh, there might have been at one time, but with our elected officials already having been emasculated by their cronies and harpie wives, those fish starved to death three years ago.

              1. shrike left out “Christ-fags” and calling Herman Cain a house n….r.

                He must be off his game today.

        2. I don’t think Palin helped Obama, most of the dump on her came after the election. But yeah, drawing Romney pretty much sealed the win for Obama.

        3. I couldn’t agree with you more, Shrike. The Repubs invested what little assets they have into one of the weakest candidates ever.

          1. Yes, but look at it this way, outside of Johnson and Paul who we all would have loved but were never going to get the Republican nod because of their stances on Foreign Police and Social Issues which of the other candidates would have actually been better?

            I mean is there an electable conservative in existance?

    2. Yes, your swing and stance have noticeably improved over the last three and a half years. When you started out, you looked like you likely would lose to a pi?ata, Mr. President, but now, looking at your practice swings from a month or two back, I think you might hang with a mid range bunch of amateur players without embarrassing yourself and your company. Good job!

  13. You can’t lead by being a mystery. You can’t lead by being an enigma. You can’t lead by being aloof.

    Careful with the parallelism, Chris.

    1. I wouldn’t exactly call Christie mysterious or enigmatic; he’s one of the most blunt and straightforward politicians on the national scene today. I think I know what he believes on most issues, which is a lot more than I can say for Romney, someone who I don’t know what he really believes about anything.

      1. Romney, someone who I don’t know what he really believes about anything.

        Hint: if you want to know what Romney believes, just stick your finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing.

      2. He believes in Mitt Romney being President.

        1. Yeah he’s clearly a socialist. I bet he wouldn’t be whining as much if Romney were in charge and agreed to the most minimal cuts.

          These people are war hungry, and want to spend money in other ways.


    “We’ve got two gangbangers, one standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid. Take your stuff away to the alley. Don’t touch the children of the city of Chicago. Don’t get near them,” Emanuel — President Obama’s former chief of staff — told anchor Scott Pelley.


    1. You have that right – my county had a bit of a gang war 15 years ago and everyone was smiling – why? The bangers were walking up to their rivals and shooting them in the head from point blank range – no little kids getting hit by stray shots, no grandmas on the porch getting hit during a wild drive by… the cops used to joke that they were going to have an ammo fundraiser for the Lating Kings and the Gangster Disciples.

      1. That’s some quality bangin’. I wonder if gangs are into propagating best practices?

    1. Women who initiate physical fights with men are (with few exceptions) largley relying on years of chivalrous conditioning to prevent their own beatdowns.

      1. Or they enjoy visiting the ER and women’s shelters.

      2. Or they watched and internalized way too much Joss Whedon.

        1. Well, it’s not specifically Firefly, but close enough.

          1. DOWN GIRL!!!

      3. Yeah. It’s not a smart strategy.

    2. Also, lookit that enormous schnozz.

      1. I like it. The web-cam pic looks like she’s surfacing from a watery grave to destroy your cissexist rape culture male patriarchal power structure. Gurl power!

      2. Who hooks a webcam up the the peephole on their front door? No way is that nose real.

          1. When did Rocky Dennis get a sex change?

          2. That’s not human, they just put one of these guys in a bikini and a bad wig.

    3. Due to continuing threats and comments, this account will no longer be active.

      I have spoken to the police about the whole ordeal and all involved have agreed that this was the best action to take.

      Edit: I did tell the police the entire story. I turned myself in and understand the possible legal consequences.

    4. Yeah, I don’t really have a problem with the woman in the story, but the comments get ridiculous very quickly.

  15. Well, if that’s the topic of the day, here’s some local flavor: random bystander shot (non-fatally, apparently) when police fire at drunk driver.

    1. Is this a training issue? Is this ? something that was gross negligence?

      Why can’t it be both?

      1. I dunno, it sure looks like they have plenty of training in gross negligence to me.

        1. It takes a New Professional to be grossly negligent. Your ordinary civilian just can’t reach that level of misfeasance.

  16. Clint Bolick: The Supreme Court Stakes in 2012
    The replacement of a single conservative justice by President Obama in a second term would turn the court sharply to the left.

    yeah, it’s been real dandy so far… anyhoo:

    A Republican president may spend like a drunken sailor or destroy capitalism in order to save it, and a Democrat may bail out Wall Street and fail to bring the troops home. But they will never disappoint their respective bases on Supreme Court nominations.

    All of this underscores that in terms of lasting importance, the power to control Supreme Court nominations is the grand prize in the coming presidential election. Long after Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fade in our memories, the Supreme Court justices one of them appoints will still be rendering the rulings that determine the future course of our nation.

    1. “ut they will never disappoint their respective bases on Supreme Court nominations.”

      Um. This was written before the PPACA decision, I hope?

    2. But they will never disappoint their respective bases on Supreme Court nominations.

      Cheif Justice John Roberts. Nuff said.

  17. Who was the one who used to sometimes use “Citation needed” as an entire argument? MNG? joe? I think I found him again.

    1. You don’t have to look for joe, he’s around under a new handle. See if you can figure out which one. (Hint: It will be a really insecure and defense handle.)

      1. I haven’t seen any truly epic goal-post moving lately, so I hadn’t noticed his presence.

      2. Really? Did I miss the massive beating he took for his return, or did no one call him out?

        1. Most people haven’t figured out who he is yet, so the beatings have been minimal and oblique. So get to work.

        2. He’s not back as joe. That would expose him to legitimate criticism. He’s one of the new afternoon trolls and will be along shortly. (Shortly. Get it?)

          1. I have seen any defenses of Chavez, so I havent connected him to one yet.

            1. Very nice, robc.

            2. Just look for the posters who are condescending, argumentative, unpleasant shitheels, and then filter that down to the one who sounds really short. You’ll figure it out in no time.

              1. Holy shit, I just realized I’ve been here for 6 years.

                1. It ocurred to me lately I’m pushing a decade hanging out here. I’d say I need a life but since I do this at work, maybe I just need better jobs.

                  1. No, if you do this at work, I would say you have an excellent job.

                  2. Hey T, remember when ML used to be like 45 comments long? Yeah, those were the days. Remember when LoneDipshit provided much needed levity? And of course Max. You damn east coaster ruin ML for me…By the time I wake up we are 200 deep…WTF?

              2. ‘Just look for the posters who are condescending, argumentative, unpleasant shitheels”

                That describes like 99% of the repeat posters on here, you’ll have to a lot better job filtering.

            3. “I am just as nice and decent a person as the average libertarian. Perhaps even nicer. I love my country and I am a great asset to it.”

      3. But keep on repeating republican talking points like a little stormtrooper…

    2. Hundreds of comments supporting the bill, a few in opposition. First “Citation needed” request when someone in opposition says the bill:

      -was thousands of pages long
      -has even more thousands of pages of regulations
      -has a bunch of different taxes/fees
      -involves large cuts to Medicare
      -mandates the states spend more on Medicaid
      -involved a ton of effort to get the CBO to score it as deficit neutral, eg:
      -has 10 years of taxes but only 6 years of benefits

      Sure sounds like a completely nonpartisan citation request, huh?

      1. Wouldn’t a link to the text of the bill be a sufficient citation? Maybe he should have said [executive summary needed].

        1. I’m pretty sure they weren’t really interested in a citation.

  18. More Frank Gorshin pics please!

    1. Pervert!

  19. Floods caused by record-breaking rain in several mountain cities in Russia are spurring conspiracy theories on the internet revolving around an intentional discharge of the natural water basin in the mountains…

    We should have water basins that we can explode to flood cities when we need to stimulate the construction economy.

    1. What? I thought we were going with the alien invasion plan? Man, I seem to be out of the loop.

      1. I thought we were going to pay the homeless to vandalize stuff?

        1. OK, so we go with homeless aliens who vandalize water basins!

          1. Needs moar explosions to break moar windows.

            1. It’s a real invasion, not a Michael Bay movie. Jeez!

      2. This is the “aquaman” option, so-called.

      3. So have you both received your diploma from the Paul Krugman school of economics yet?

        1. I was hoping that Kruggie would nominate me as Supreme Marshal of Earth to beat back the alien hordes.

          1. Have you won a Nobel Peace Prize? Can’t start a groovy war that Krugman supports without one of those.

            1. Damn…looks like I will have to simply be a footslogger. I haven’t droned anyone to death or kept Gitmo open, so no peace prize for me!

  20. Note: the guy who won the Home Run Derby last night is not the son of Prince Fielder. He’s Prince Fielder, the son of Cecil Fielder, and neither of Prince’s sons are named Prince.

    1. You are a real prince for pointing that out.

    2. Maybe Ed got him confused with Freddie Prinze, Jr. He was in a baseball movie once. Er, uh, so I’m told.

  21. Shock as Boston rep arrested in domestic assault

    Rep. Carlos “Tony” Henriquez of Dorchester, a rising star with deep local political roots, is due to be arraigned today on domestic kidnapping and assault charges stemming after a woman told police the Democratic legislator held her against her will in his car early yesterday and punched her when she tried to get away ? charges that have shaken Boston’s political leadership.

    “I know Rep. Henriquez to be a good person. It caught me very much off-guard,” said state Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston). “Not only was I surprised by it, I was disappointed. I know of nothing violent with Rep. Henriquez. That’s why it seems very much out of character.”

    1. A domestic assault in Dorchester? That’s dog bites man.

    2. I know Rep. Henriquez to be a good person.

      The fact that Rep. Holmes still regards somebody who (Allegedtly!) kidnaps and assaults people as a good person is a little disturbing, no?

  22. Money was a wonderful thing in 2008, when Barack Obama had so much of it that he became the first major party presidential candidate to turn down federal financing of his campaign. But the worm has turned in 2012. Dismayed by Obama’s lousy record in office, contributors are abandoning his campaign and swinging their support to Mitt Romney. The campaigns have released their June fundraising numbers, and Romney has scored another solid victory.

    Romney raised a remarkable $106.1 million, exceeding his May total by $29 million, and now has $160 million on hand. Romney clobbered Obama, who raised only $71 million. That prompted this mournful email from Patrick Gaspard, Executive Director of the DNC.


  23. So apparently this video from the newsroom is making the rounds with lefties. Brace yourself for a dose of stupid:


    1. You owe me 90 seconds.

      1. So, he’s still playing the Harry Dunn character?

      2. What’s the ten second take away?

        1. Derp

        2. yeah, I don’t want to watch it either.

        3. Imagine obsessing over national comparison statistics instead of having actual principles. It’s Do Something! bullshit.

    2. Is the newsroom anything other than a fictitious backroom MSNBC?

    3. Oh my god, that was hilarious.

    4. And the US is definitely not 178th in infant mortality rate. The source he is using is the CIA which ranks it from worst to best. We’re 174th out of 222; Monaco being #222 and #1 is Afganistan with 121 deaths per 1000 births.

      1. We also count a lot of deaths that other western countries don’t.

        1. I wonder where we fall on the list when abortion is factored in.*

          *Serious question not meant to set off a pro-abortion/anti-abortion flamewar.

          1. Last I looked we were dead even with Western Europe. That was like 2007 though.

          2. Its not counted as a live birth, which is how different countries manipulate these statistics. The US has a very broad definition of live birth and are very aggressive about neonatal resuscitation. But you could figure it out if you had good numbers on abortions and wanted to count them as deaths.

            This is probably useless from any statistical point of view since the infant mortality figures are mostly used to see whether practices and procedures can lower the number of infants who get out of the womb alive and die within the first (IIRC) several months.

            1. After reading your second paragraph, I realized my question doesn’t have an answer that proves or disproves anything.

              Adding abortion stats does create an apples/oranges argument that is useless.

        2. Yes, there are several reasons why comparing statistics amongst nations is fruitless as I’m sure you know but if you’re going to do it at least have a clue was my point.

          And of course it’s only a matter of time before we get clubbed over the head with “The US is 178th in infant mortality” by our intellectual and morally superior liberal friends regardless of the actual statistics. If you say it’s we aren’t 178th then you are cleary funded by the Kock Brothers and not to be trusted.

          1. *Koch

            1. Jeez, lay off the cocaine.

              1. ka-ka-ka ya baby!

    5. It’s not bad with the sound off.

  24. “An Israeli parliamentary committee on Monday denounced a ruling in Germany banning ritual circumcision, saying the decision infringes upon religious freedom and evokes memories of the worst chapter in German history, the legalization of watery American beer.”


    (OK, I changed the last few words to avoid a Godwin violation)

    1. Maybe we here in Illinois could give some of our ball chomping fish to the Kinesset, and they could fling them into the Rhine, the Oder and the Main rivers? “Howz about a little piscatine circumcision, Hans?!

      1. To be fair, I suspect that if Germans actually voted on the right to circumcision, circumcision would win. It’s the civil servants who are trying to roll the steamroller over religious freedom in this situation.

        1. Surely there are enough guilt-addled Germans who, in the case of a direct vote on circumcision rights, would say WTF and overrule their idiot bureaucrats.

  25. Unleashing the North American Energy Colossus: Hydrocarbons Can Fuel Growth and Prosperity

    The United States, Canada, and Mexico are awash in hydrocarbon resources: oil, natural gas, and coal. The total North American hydrocarbon resource base is more than four times greater than all the resources extant in the Middle East. And the United States alone is now the fastest-growing producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

    1. Don’t you know it. I bathe in heavy crude every day, followed by my coal scrub, and gas spritz.

    2. That oil production “estimate” in Figure 6 is a riot. Take 2 years of rising production, and extrapolate it for 20 years.

      Hey, I added 10 pounds to my deadlift last month. I guess I’ll be lifting well over a ton in 2030. LOL

  26. I made it through the 3rd episode of The Newsroom last night. Who knew I loved to punish myself to that extent? It was like reading every post on Jezebel plus all the comments for a month in 60 minutes.

    See the main character is a Republican, but the sane sort of Republican who hatess the nasty evil TEA Party and the evil Kochtopus. Hatess!

    It’s HuffPost: The TV Series and is full of more Mary Sues, magical thinking and projection than anything else that’s ever been on TV. Every episode should have a “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRATS REALLY BELIEVE” blinking at the bottom of the screen the entire time, because anymore with two synapses to rub together probably thinks they are watching a fantasy show and is just wondering when the leprechauns and unicorns are going to show up.

    1. Does it actually mention the Kochs by name?

      1. Repeatedly. And issues apoligia for Soros while doing so. And the plot has the Koch brothers pressuring the news network to stop unfavorable coverage of them. And makes the astroturf accusation by saying the entire TEAP is a Koch plot.

        1. Oh for fuck’s sake, the Koch obsession is getting ridiculous. Whatever happened to the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs?

          1. the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs

            Not liberteriany enough.

            1. The Illuminati aren’t libertariany enough? Even after RA Wilson?

        2. And issues apoligia for Soros while doing so.


    2. I always see the trailers at the end of True Blood. Then the recording ends, so I’m spared having to actually watch it.

    3. thanks for taking the bullet for the rest of us.

    4. Based on the clip up above, I would need a fifth of JD to get through a whole episode. SF, my hat is off to you, you venture into the Valley of Stupid and return to avail us with your stories of morons and idiots.

      1. It’s all been bad, but the 3rd episode dialed the stupid up to 11. The Sorkin mouthpiece actually apologizes on air to a 10 term Republican congressman for getting ousted in a primary to a TEAP candidate and (damn near tearfully) thanks him for his service to America. And all the TEAP people they have on are written as either sub-grade morons, venal bastards or sub-grade venal moron bastard. BALANCED!

        1. I imagine Sorkin will getting his invites to all of the best DC cocktail parties this year now.

    5. It’s HuffPost: The TV Series and is full of more Mary Sues, magical thinking and projection than anything else that’s ever been on TV.

      Anything else? I just watched the double episode of ST:DS9 where they were sent back in time to the 2020s when rioting poor people caused people to realize there was a problem so the government enacted legislation to give everyone a job which magically made everything great.

      1. It doesn’t even play at being an allegory.

  27. HuffPost: The TV Series

    That is kind of you to pre-write the show’s epitath.

    1. Already been renewed for a 2nd season.

      1. Oh, it will get cancelled sooner rather than later – give yourself a bit of credit, man!

  28. Politician pulls gun on critic on TV show. Jordan has some crazy motherfuckers.

  29. Please tell me I’m not the only one who watched Al Sharpton make a complete fool out of himself yesterday by taking republican criticisms of Obama being “out of this world” literally. I was really hoping this would be a morning link.


    1. Is he high, drunk, stupid, or all three?



    1. You play with the bull, you get the horns.

      I feel bad for Terry’s family, but as I’ve noted before, he was an active and willing volunteer in the American Drug War. I feel much more sympathy for the hundreds, if not thousands, of poor and innocent Mexican people that have been killed by gangs we have supplied arms to via FyF and have kept in business by keeping drugs illegal.

    2. Getting shot with assault rifles supplied by the same people who ordered you to use a bean bag shooter? That’s some serious irony there.

  31. Yanks ban Mr. October over A-Fraud criticism? I miss the old days when Billy Martin would just have a drunken fist-fight with one or both and it would all be water under the bridge.

    1. The Steinbrothers run a much tighter ship than their old man, but they’re just as thin skinned. George would have gotten into a verbal pissing match in the NY tabloids with Reggie over this ten years ago.

  32. Pure. Ugly.


    1. You leave Carrot Top alone. That man is a comic genius.

  33. Isn’t this ironic.

    A wannabe cop was allegedly fleeing police Sunday when he struck a cop car, killing a Millville police officer and injuring his partner.

    1. Well, shit – he’ll fit right in!

  34. I have an acquaintance on the Chicago PD who was in one of the specialized units – calling them military-style is a bit of a misnomer as they wore regular blue uniforms.

    Anyway, I think a lot of the recent change has to do with the fact that these units were not very effective. From what my acquaintance told me, nobody in the neighborhoods (there were essentially two neighborhoods that got 90% of the attention of these special teams) cooperated with these teams. Most of the time was spent chasing suspects on foot, and the officers would usually wind up getting dispensation for injuries (whether or not they were sustained on the job). Gangs never feared these units, this is just aldermen blabbing for votes.

    Now that they’ve stopped these teams and the officers are assigned to regular beats, they get better cooperation from the residents – it’s not massive cooperation, but it’s but from close to 0% cooperation to something like 5%.

    Violence is up because of the weather. Every cop knows it but the force will never admit it.

    1. Funny you should say that. Coming from Newark I know heat is a huge factor in the homicide rate but didn’t want to get a [citation needed] for the comment. I think Chicago’s trying to go in the right direction, and its sad, but not surprising, that the crime-ridden areas have aldermen who use crime as a political attack.

    2. Makes sense to me. Police can’t do their job without the trust of a community, and most of the recent trends in policing (both in policy and culture) seem aimed exactly at undermining that trust. When police seem like an occupying force, you get omerta. Police seem comfortable with viewing society as “us vs them”, but seem to think that “them” aren’t smart enough to realize that’s the police’s angle and take a reciprocal stance.

    3. Seems cheaper to just air condition the projects, no?

  35. OK, now riddle me your Jack Benny.

  36. diehipster’s resident troll, Stevie, suggested the commentariat over there might find our commentariat to be kindred spirits and provided a helpful link.

    Makes me wonder which of our trolls is diehipster’s Stevie?

  37. The Riddler = Edward Nigma = E. Nigma!

    I see what you did there! Oddly enough, for the first time in many years, we landed on 1960s Batman last night, while channel-flipping. And who should be the special guest villain? That’s right! The guy in the picture: Frank Gorshin. Now, if I flip into the old Star Trek episode where he is half-black, half-white tonight, I’ll know something is up.

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